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      WilliamDiAngelo WilliamDiAngelo

      Ok so I have tried to write this out multiple times now so I'll give y'all the short version last Sunday night my dad found a "dope bowl" ( as he puts it) in my older sister car ( aka his car that she gets to use) and he gets in a confrontation whith my sister boyfriend/ baby daddy and police had to be called this situation resolved by my sister taking her baby daddy to his house. So in most cases that would be the end for now but my sister was on probation and when you are on probation if you have an incident involving cop you must report that to you too she did not so they showed up and had her take a drug test it came back positive for drugs ( I don't remember what exactly but not weed) so she was taken to jail that is when my dad and little sister took her child to be tested because at that time she was being breast feed lucky she was clean and now is in the care of my older brother and his wife they have two other kids so they know what they are doing. This is where y'all are like at least everything is ok now but it is not the baby daddy has threatened to kill my dad if he tries to keep him away from "his" baby and we are actively legally trying to make sure he can't see her.

      I don't need any advice I just wanted to get this off my chest to help move forward.

      ( Also sorry about Grammer)

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      1 year ago

      WilliamDiAngelo WilliamDiAngelo

      i am a 21 year old male and a lot of the RT personalities are 25-35  not to much older then me but they seem to understand the world more then me, weather it is relation ships or life experience, don't have any relationship experience and what i think is very little life experience. i no longer know where i 3was going with this but     i should stop typing and i cant wait till we have a new community site where i can overe share without my data being sold 

      here is to the future or the community site


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      WilliamDiAngelo WilliamDiAngelo
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      WilliamDiAngelo WilliamDiAngelo
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      WilliamDiAngelo WilliamDiAngelo
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