Back to episode 2 of this sesason, Some details beatted me about Jacques. In this familly he seems out of place, mainly for two reasons.

Both Withley, Weiss and Winter have first names with anglo-saxon origins (Winter being both german and english), but the way Jacques is written (and pronouced) is obviously the french way (and it could have very easy to name Jacques, Jack or even Jacob). French name are not foreigners in Atlas (Ciel Soleil) but it seems out of place among the Schnees. We have to wait to know the first name of Weiss' mother but if it follows her children pattern it will be definitivly a thing.

White hair seem to be a genetical stuff in the family. On the portrait all the Schnee family members have it, all but Jacques who has peper and salt hair, so, much younger he used to have brown or black hair. I'm not sure but the painting of the black haired young man in his office could be him in his prime (the man has a birthing mustache).

So this two elements could point Jacques as a stranger. But there's more. In the Grimm brothers version of the tale (and in the Disney version) the evil queen is the stepmother of Snow-white and she has problems with her (understatement of the year). As RT presents Klein as a shout out of the seven dwarf with several single-word-personnalies, I assume that the base version used by RT is the Disney version (dwarves are unnamed in the Grimm brothers version). So, the woman on the painting being obviously Weiss mother, Jacques could be a shout out of Snow-White stepmother, genderbended. 

If Weiss real dad passed away when Whitley was very young, it could explain why the two girls are unconfortable with him and Whitley has less problems (and could also partly explain the alcoolism of the mother). 

Well, if all of this is true I bet for this story : the Schnee family holds a dust business but has financial difficulties as the husband dies. Then a cunning businessman named Jacques offers to marry the widow and take her name then restarts the compagny. But it's a loveless marriage and everyone became depressed by this situation (or runned out like Weiss and Winter), only maintening public apperances.

Sorry for the english, obviously it will need corrections after some rest...

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