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    • Why Do We Forget Our Age?

      2 years ago

      WriteWilde WriteWilde

      When I meet someone new, I try to guess how old they are. Not solely by their look, but by their entire personality.

      What tone do they speak in?

      How put-together are they?

      What do they know about me?

      Many of these questions stem from your standard observational routines. As a consultant, you learn a lot from merely looking at someone. Your consulting ability stems from your tactical observations of your client's needs. If you can't figure out someone's needs, you shouldn't be in the relationship- business or pleasure.

      My mind races through gestures, tweaks and quirks of the person I meet, trying to understand them. All of a sudden, they make an off-hand comment about my experience. I reply with a comment along the lines of 'at my age', and there it is.

      "How old are you?"

      I stammer, "23-uh-22-I think" I uncomfortably chuckle. They smile back at me, maybe a laugh escapes their lips as their expression mirrors mine.

      Why do we forget our age?

      It's not like we don't celebrate it every year. It's not like we don't write it on every important and unimportant document in our lives. It's not like we use it for necessary things like alcohol.

      I believe it's because we don't need it. It doesn't stop me from getting a job, writing a book, performing in bed, or writing this post. Age can add another person's impression of you, but anything else can outweigh it, if it's heavy enough.

      However you stumbled across this post, thank you for reading it.

      If you didn't read it, then just know I'll be posting things like this more than 3 times a week, in this exact spot.

      I would tell you to like and subscribe, but that never really works does it?

      Accepting any invites, so send away!

      Dorian Chatarpaul, @WriteWilde

    • Looking for Critiques and Support for my YouTube Channel!

      in Forums > Looking for Critiques and Support for my YouTube Channel! | Follow this topic

      WriteWilde WriteWilde

      Hey all,

      This seemed to be the best place to put this, and if not, I'm sure I'll be scorned post-posting. I've spent the last two weeks making YouTube videos and earning a steady climb in viewership and subscribers. As we all are content absorbent, I was looking for criticism and suggestions based on your internet experiences. This isn't necessarily to help me gain more subscribers or more views, I just want to understand how my channel is perceived.

      I'll state now that I'm not looking for additional views, in fact, DON'T watch them, if you don't believe me.

      The main purpose of this posting is because I don't get much feedback from close friends and family, while other YouTubers of my caliber, are just not friendly enough. Seeing how I appreciate this community, I look forward to hearing from you guys.

      This post is inspired by the YouTube Meet-Up that Gavin and Burnie went to in New York and how those things are seemingly offered for the larger channels, and not the ones that COULD get better. I have spent a lot of time googling, watching other videos, and analyzing other channels. So please refrain from offering my the base level, possibly sarcastic responses.

      For the sake of observation, I'm going to link my channel here.

      If you find yourself liking the videos, and/or wanting to collaborate. I'm also very available to do so.

      Thanks for whatever help I can get!

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    • 3 years ago

      WriteWilde WriteWilde
    • When do I join the community?

      3 years ago

      WriteWilde WriteWilde

      About a week ago I started doing something with my life. I spent an entire day creating a Youtube Channel. Before I consider the thought, "that's not really doing something with your life", I remember why I hold Rooster Teeth in such high regard.

      This company, this channel, this brand, this group of friends, was created under the sole purpose of making videos. They (whomever feels they are) were justified in their decisions because they believed in it. You hear them discuss it all the time in their videos, from podcasts to gameplays. They left behind who they were, what they did every day, to do something new.

      Now, I'm fresh out of university, with a Bachelors Degree in English. Something that, only recently, was scoffed at by the beloved Burnie Burns. This degree wasn't respected, and I knew that going in. But what it prepared me for, was going out. I'm not respected in the real world, from political opinions, to internet values. I'm considered 'not ready' to some points I may agree, but others I will fight through tooth and nail.

      I started a YouTube channel because I believed in myself. I believed that I was ready to make a difference in the lives that flavoured the internet. I'm here to tell you guys because I feel like you're the best community I've experienced. You're positive, and when you're not, it's constructive. We stand together, through every laugh and every tear. I want to be involved, way beyond the shirts and the views. I want to represent Rooster Teeth, as they represent me, freely and through it all.

      To anyone reading this,

      Thank you.

      Please watch my videos, subscribe to my channel, and help me make a difference.

    • 3 years ago

      WriteWilde WriteWilde
    • First

      7 years ago

      WriteWilde WriteWilde

      I guess it seems right that I finally make an account. I've been watching RvB for quite some time and the RoosterTeeth staff is too hilarious not to follow. I find myself re-listening to podcasts, and rewatching old shorts when I'm looking for a good laugh.

      It's gotten to the point now where they've inspired me with Achievement Hunter, and the Machinima style footage of gaming. I think it's about time I start to join the community and pay more attention to what actually goes on.

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