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    • I really love MythBusters

      12 years ago


      It turns out I have seen all but 2 episodes of MythBusters: Episode 55 (Steam Cannon/Breakfast Cereal), and Episode 60 (Earthquake Machine).

    • Episode 86

      12 years ago


      Wow...that was bad...I didn't laugh once, not even a chuckle. All they needed to do to save me four minutes of my life was to just say "enter Tex".

      In fact, now that I think about, what they should have done to save me from wasting my time watching season 4 is said "everyone is back in future Blood Gulch, Tex is gone for a while, Bow chicka bow wow, there's a big ship, and Tucker had a kid", cause Season 4 was absolutely useless to the current plot line (except Tucker's alien baby, and there is a big hole).

    • I Love The Wii

      12 years ago


      I am posting this from my Wii right now. Holy crap. smiley1.gif

    • Um, guys...?

      12 years ago


      Where are all the good holiday release games?

      Seriously, there's like, 2 games I want that came out in November/December.

    • Yea, I win.

      12 years ago


      I just got my PSAT results back. 1900 out of 2400. But that not why I win. This is the conversation I had with my sister (who is in her last year of college) when she saw my score.

      Sister: So what is your score?

      Me: 1900

      Sister: How do you know that?

      Me: Add a 0 to the end of 190 at the top right.

      Sister: What's it out of?

      Me: 2400

      Sister: *looks at paper* So 1900 out of 2500...?

      Me: It's 2400.

      Sister: Whatever, 2400....so 1900 out of 2400 is 600 off-

      Me: 500 off.

      Sister: What?

      Me: It's 500 off.

      Sister: So 500 off of 2400...so that's 1100 out of 1600.

      Me: No it isn't. That doesn't make any sense.

      Sister: Yes it does, 500 off 1600 is an 1100.

      Me: If you did that, you could say you got 800 out of 2400 and then have a 0 out of 1600.

      Sister: Wait, you don't make any sense.

      Me: Yea, I know, that's because I using your arguement.

      Sister: Just shut up.

      That "shup me" means I won.


      12 years ago


      I was just watching the last 3 Survivor episodes On Demand because I missed them, and they were having an auction for reward. So Jeff puts a covered plate on the table. This is how it goes from there.

      Jeff: First Item. *leaves cover on plate, so it's a mystery item*

      Johnthan:...20 dollars.

      Poverti (basically the defination of a dumb blonde without blonde hair): Oh, we don't know what it is!!

      I paused it, and fell on the floor laughing. God, I love life.

    • Aw Man!!

      12 years ago


      It's a Friday afternoon, and I have no plans....What to do....?

    • I have a Wii!!!!@!!

      12 years ago


      It's so sexy!!!

      And, I only had to wait 45 minutes inside my Walmart for it!!!

    • I learned stuff today

      12 years ago


      1. I'm addicted to Flash Flash Revolution.

      2. Magic: The Gathering cards do not burn.

      3. Humans do burn.

    • Guess who?

      12 years ago


      Guess who just bought Gears of War and only spent $3 on it?

      EDIT: OMG, this game is perfection!!!!

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    • Charles627

      13 years ago

      what about cupcakes? how can you forget the cupcakes?

    • flbird1020

      13 years ago

      i like cookies.....*arms outstretched*

    • mattiecore

      14 years ago

      1. You are friends with Avalo
      2. the theme from Carmina Burana
      3. strawberry
      4. I don't have anything like that
      5. I think it was in one of the many RvB Trivia threads
      6. billy goat
      7. Do you really like Simple Plan?
      8. If I do this for you, you must post this in your journal. You MUST. It is written.

    • Kagome04

      14 years ago

      Rush Hour 2 is awesome so is Alien vs. Predator ^_^
      I like the bloopers in Rush Hour 2 they're funny well
      anyways HI!!!!

    • DeVusDreamer

      14 years ago

      You stole my cookies...

    • Avalo

      14 years ago


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