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    • It's been a long time...

      4 years ago


      ...since I use this site for other than stream announcements. How are you guys doing?

      Quite a lot has happened since the last time I wrote an actual entry here; I've streamed quite regularly, I cut my hair (to let it grow again), I've met some great people (including someone really special), and just a lot in general. But tonight's journal I want to make about today, a lot happened in the last 24 hours.

      I started the day reflecting about the future, just wondering about options and paths, since as of now, I have a year or two remaining until I move to a whole different country. Ever since I was 12 I've pictured myself living in Austin, Texas, doing something to get a shot at working with Roosfer Teeth (as thousand in this site have). But lately I've found myself considering other alternatives, completely different settings, and truth is I get excited of just thinking of those possibilities. There is still a lot to plan, but I am restless to see what the future holds.

      In the early morning nothing much happened, classes as usual, except for a bit of a surprise. My high school prepared a 'water day', there were a bunch of water-themed carnival attractions, got to hang out with my friends while enjoying an old-school summer day. I know it is spring, but trust me, here we get one season and one season alone, which is summer.

      In the past week I accepted a job offer to work crunching some numbers for a database company owned by the father of a friend, I figured it wouldn't be bad to have a couple extra bucks to spend. After quite a bit of thinking, I came to the conclusion that it wasn't the best time for me to get a job like that. I worked a couple days and just didn't find myself motivated enough to go through with this. I will be paid a grand total of $280MXN (roughly $20 USD), so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

      After taking a long nap, I woke up to the news that @Ray was leaving Rooster Teeth. Now, this piece of news specifically was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for myself. I have been a huge fan af him since the day he joined the company, so naturally I was bound to feel sadness from this at first. But it wasn't until I realized that it was on the best of terms, Ray pursuing his dreams rather than friction happening, everyone wishing the best for him, and just seeing how they show he still has a special place with them, that I became quite happy for him. As I said, I'm a big enthusiast for the future, and Ray Narvaez Jr. has a bright one. If you're reading this, buddy, I really hope everything goes as planned, I know it will.

      This huge shift of emotions left me wanting to just lay down and relax for a while, so I decided to finish watching White Collar; series that in my opinion is one of the greatest of our time. The last episode, and I'm going to keep this as spoiler-free as I can, just triggered something in me. Just all the emotions packed in this finale that carried the spirit of the show up to the very last second, I don't know why, but it really hit me hard. It was such a beautiful, yet nostalgic moment. If you guys haven't seen that series, I would recommend you correct that as soon as possible, you won't regret it.

      So, once I typed all this novel, what is the point that I want to make? I don't have that quite figured out yet myself. I just needed to write this up to clear my mind for a while. If anyone read this, thank you. I know most of what is written here is irrelevant, but the fact you read the entire thing really does mean something to me.

      And well, without further rambling, have a wonderful night/day/evening.

      - Carlos

    • Stream Week! (March 30th)

      4 years ago


      It has definitively been a long time, we are due a good of' Stream Week, and what better time to do so than Spring Break? Stream Week is essentially a special on my Twitch Channel where I stream every day in a given week, every day having a different theme and finishing with a surprise on the Weekend.

      The schedule for this Stream Week is the following:
      Multiplayer Monday - Halo, Call of Duty, PvZ Garden Warfar
      Terror Tuesday - CoD Zombies, FNaF Series
      Wacky Wednesday - Rayman Legends
      Throwback Thursday - Mario Power Tennis
      Freaking Friday - Mario Party 4, I Am Bread (Zero G)
      Special Saturday - TBA

      Streams will tentatively last 4 hours each, starting on the early afternoon around 2PM Central Time, so you can show up at any time you'd like.

      I'm very excited for these, hope to see you guys there. See you on Monday!

      - Carlos

    • Laser Team

      4 years ago


      The teaser for the movie has left me speechless. I must have watched it like 50 times already! It truly shows how much Rooster Teeth has matured as a company, how much quality they are willing to put into their content, and how can one forget, how dedicated their audience is.

      I am honored to have been a part of this film, both as a backer and as an extra, and I am so proud of how long of a way Rooster Teeth has come even from the moment I started watching in the middle of Red Vs Blue Season 8.

      Laser Team is now become the thing that I am most excited for in this year, and I will keep my eyes peeled for any sort of news or information about the movie that becomes available in the following days. Heck, I even marked in my calendar the release of the actual trailer just to be able to watch it as it comes out.

      Rooster Teeth, the only thing that I can say is Well Done. I have to admit I used to have my doubts about this movie, but whith this one teaser I am proud to scream as loud as I can that my favorite company has produced the movie of the year in a fraction of time than the big Hollywood blockbusters. Keep up the incredible work!

    • #BreakTheBarrier / #FuckTheBarrier !

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      The scene of when we completely ran over the barrier is in the trailer (second 0:45)! Of course, since that was not intended, they used the legitimate take. lol I really hope to see #BreakTheBarrier as some sort of outtake or something!

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    • Big Hero 6 Tucker

      4 years ago


      I can't be the only one who thinks the teal/aquamarine guy in Big Hero 6 was at least inspired by Tucker from RvB. There are way too many similarities!

    • 4 years ago


      I wonder what ever happened to the Lazer Team Loot Crates...

    • So I just got Rocksmith for Xbox One...

      4 years ago


      ...big mistake if you don't have anything that runs optical audio, the sound delay makes it impossible to play faster songs while listening to the in-game audio. I've spent all night researching and apparently it will cost me another $50-$100 USD in cables and adapters to play this game comfortably... I hate technology.

      On other unrelated news: I saw The Interview today. It wasn't half bad, but I can't believe all the terrorist threats originated from this movie. It was decent, not a freaking masterpiece or a piece of crap, just decent. Certainly it isn't reason to threat on bombing theaters and stuff over it. Chill the hell up, Kim!

    • Where Is My Code?

      4 years ago


      Way is it taking so much to get the early acces code for Halo 5's Beta? So many people on Twitter posting pictures and all that fun stuff while I'm here constantly refreshing my Xbox inbox in Smartglass. smiley2.gif

    • Ten Little Roosters - And Then There Were Three... Theories!

      4 years ago


      Here are all the possibilities I have for the final showdown in this great series.

      HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD smiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gif

      ...One died of a pun...

      '¢You just got Mad Kinged. (king's crown)

      '¢He tried to run for miles. (treadmill)

      '¢*While talking about red herrings* Bludgeoned to death with a fish. (literal red herring)

      ...The killer was killed...

      '¢Ryan was underground when the killer stabbed Gus with a pitchfork.
      '¢Miles was in the adjacent room while Adam was being choked by the murderer.

      ...And then there was one.

      '¢His innocence might be what spares his life in the end, maybe the beacon in Monty's office finally sending the signal to the police department, or any other reason could let him live past the horrific night.

      '¢Playing tricks to the death might be his salvation or his doom. The portrait falling from the wall might indicate his survival or his downfall.


      What do you guys think? Any other theories you'd like to add to the list?

    • 4 years ago


      Honestly, not a fan of today... Today has just sucked way too much. Easily the worst day of the year.

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