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    • I'm Sad

      14 years ago


      Sometime in the last few days someone stopped watching me. smiley2.gif

    • Stolen from realdeal_55

      14 years ago



      Name: Mitchell G. Mueller
      Birth date: May 23, 1988
      Birth place: Cuero, Texas
      Current Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
      Hair Color: Dark Blonde
      Righty or Lefty: Righty


      Your heritage: German/Polish
      Shoes you wore today: None Yet
      Your weakness: Procrastination
      Your fears: Burning
      Your perfect pizza: Just Cheese
      Goal you'd like to achieve: History Teacher


      Your most overused phrase on AIM/MSN: Don't use then dearly enough to have an overused phrase
      Your thoughts first waking up: "I'm still alive"
      Your best physical feature: my rotundity
      Your bedtime: whenever I fall asleep. between 10 and 3
      Your most missed memory: Whatever I learned in Biology, Chemistry, and the last 4 years of Math

      Pepsi or Coke: Coke
      McDonald's or Burger King: Whataburger
      Single or group dates: I don't date
      Adidas or Nike: Nike
      Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Nestea
      Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
      Cappuccino or coffee: Neither.


      Smoke: No
      Cuss: some
      Single: What?
      Take a shower:Daily
      Have a crush: No
      Think you've been in love: No
      Liked high school: Yes
      Want to get married: Hopefully
      Believe in yourself: Sometimes
      Get motion sickness: No
      Think you're attractive: No
      Think you're a health freak: No
      Get along with your parents: Yes
      Like thunderstorms: Yes


      Drank alcohol: I am right now.
      Gone on a date: No
      Gone to the mall: No
      Been on stage: Yes
      Eaten an entire box of Oreos: No
      Eaten sushi: No
      Been dumped: No
      Gone skating: No
      Gone skinny dipping: No
      Stolen anything: No


      Played a game that required removal of clothing: No
      Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: No
      Been caught "doing something": No
      Been called a tease: Yes
      Gotten beaten up: No


      Age you hope to be married: 30
      Number of Children: 2
      How do you want to die: Hit by Bus
      What do you want to be when you grow up: History Teacher

      Best eye color?: Green
      Best hair color?: Doesn't matter
      Short or long hair: Medium
      Height: Shorter than me (5'11")
      Best first date location: Doesn't matter
      Best first kiss location: Doesn't matter


      Number of people I could trust with my life: 3
      Number of CD's I own: 13
      Number of piercings: 0
      Number of tattoos: 0
      Number of times my name has appeared in the Newspaper?: 0?
      Number of scars on my body: 4

    • One point Five

      14 years ago


      holy Moley. I almost shat myself. What a rush.


      School's out. Finally. I didn't have to take any final exams, but I did have to be at graduation for band, which counted as a final, so I guess i did have to take a final, just not at the scheduled time. whatever.

      I have my classes for my SENIOR year lined out. Band IV, Jazz Band IV, Pre Cal Pre AP(I should be taking Calculus AB AP, but I took a year off), Physics AP, English IV, US Government AP, Speech(shudder, I should have taken it as a freshman, but I didn't want to) and currently have European History AP, but I want to get rid of that.
      Since I should be getting Government as a zero period and Speech is only half a semester and assuming I can get out of European History I will have one period off one semister and two the next semester. Awesome.

      I recieved commendation on all of my TAKS tests. Which is frightening. Not that I did well, but that people failed. I finished the science one in around 15 minutes. I got 4 of a possible 4 on the essay of the writing portion which is also frighting because I insulted the test itself and only used 4 periods for two pages of writing, lots of random phrases, and i even insulted a few major unversities. On the three short answer questions i got ones of possible threes. Those were completely aweful. One of them was about a half negro child who grew up in Nazi Germany. The qestion was about descrimination, I wrote about the child's growing feelings of homosexuality.

      About my marble machine, no pictures. Imagine a wooden pyramid covered with v tracks made of tounge depressors. The time was around 54 seconds untill I developed the testicular fortitude to steal a funnel off one of the other machines and added 7 seconds to our machine.

      That was just about the longest journal entry I've ever made. I'm proud.

    • saturday

      14 years ago


      Friday was the US History AP test. I did pretty good on the multipule choice and the DBQ, the the FRQs totally kicked my ass.

      I have to build a apparatus made of simple machines that moves a marble for 60 seconds. I've had from the begining of march till tuesday, and my group only has 27 seconds. We must work.

      Friday night was the band party thing. I seem to be the only person whos chicken was dry. pissed me off. It still amazes me how people can go from grinding to the cotton eyed joe in seconds.

      EDIT: 61.26 seconds

    • Monday?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

      14 years ago


      Mondays suck.... REAL BAD.

      With that out of the way, I can begin.

      My high school band trip was this weekend. probably the worst trip ever planned. ever. Ever.

      We went to SAN ANTONIO. Like everyone hasn't been there a thousand times. We actually spent 5 HOURS in Rivercenter Mall. The band goes to Rivercenter Mall almost every time it's in San Antonio, which is often, for those of you who don't know, San Antonio is basically the cultural and social Mecca of South Texas, with outposts in Corpus, Laredo, Brownsville, and to a lesser extent Victoria, Harlengen, and Edinberg, but enough of So Texas geography-type stuff that has very little geographic content.

      San Antonio can be very fun, on the first visit. After that, it just becomes a waste of time, yet fun, if that makes sense...

      Saturday we went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, an hour before opening. Fiesta Texas never really gets "full" untill around 1 pm, so we had about 3 hours in the park with reletively low opposition. By that I mean very short lines, and by that I mean that I was on the first ride on The Superman Krypton thingy, after riding the Boomerang and eating. If you ever go to Fiesta Texas, only ride the Superman once, because it just becomes more and more disappointing with each subsiquent ride. If you are going to ride something more than once, make it the Poltergeist, which is by far the best ride in the park. In the picture I look like I am giving head to the person next to me, but I wasn't, or was I...

      The Roadrunner was nice, it goes through the Rattler, which i didn't want to ride because i didn't want to get hurt. Oh well. Of course the Scream was great, how could it not be?
      Fiesta Texas is built in an old quarry, and some of the rides, most notably the Superman and Rattler, ustilize the quarry in their design, like going up on top of the walls or through the walls.

      After Fiesta Texas we went to the SBC Center and participated in the NBA Performance of a Lifetime program, which means we stood outside and played the same songs over and over again for an hour. One of the stupid drummers, 4th bass named joey, forgot to take "official" uniform perscribed pants, so he wore some chicks extra pants. He's a funny guy. a funny guy playing a bass drum wearing chick pants.

      Then the Spurs beat the Grizzles, and we came home.


      Epitome of suck....... pinnacle of suck.... summit of suck......

      EDIT: House Majority Leader Tom Delay graduated from my High School in 1965. FYI

    • Time to update. I just ate.

      14 years ago


      Well, first off, I'm listening to a song. I have no idea what the name of the song is. None. If anyone knows the name of it, please let me know.

      I watched Saw for the first time last night. Awesome movie. No I know whats going on when my Jazz band director(Ewing) says that he feels like he's in the movie when we play Dave Barduhn's (Meet) The Flintstones.

      That's kind of insulting. But not really, because the song is really hard. Actually like 4 measures of the song are hard, for me at least.

      Calallen High School Symphoninc band went to UIL concert and sightreading Wedensday, we got straight 2s on stage, but a 1 1 2 in sightreading, but the stage 2s were close to 1s. Which is some sort of consolation. I guess. But first band got straight ones on stage and a 1 1 2 in sight reading. They rock. I guess.


      Today in school a person left a note explaning the existence of an "explosive American" somewhere in the school. So everyone got to stop what they were doing and walk outside. In the Heat. A dry heat. I actually prefer a humid climate. But that's just me. In response, The Man decided that school hours should be changed to 8:25 to 4:05. It used to be 8:36 to 4:00. That actually means that they cut 10 minutes off of Zero period. I'm Really sure Mrs. Ferguson(My (AP)history teacher) and Mr. James(AP Govt.) were pissed because they had all four Principals in her room for most of seventh period. Yikes!!

      Our comepletely totally awesome Band "trip" is friday and saturday. I use totally and awesome sarcasticly because we are just going from Corpus to San Antonio. We're going to Fiesta Texas and a Spurs game, like no one has ever done that before. The srip sucks so much because therer was no money in the budgit to book something better. Stupid people who don't pay their dues. Damn them.

      Also, there is an Elderly tax cut proposed for the next election. If it is passed, the school will probably lose $800,000 from taxes and $200,000 from the state. The problem is that, knowing our district, fine arts and Ap programs would probably be cut first, and if any money is saved, it will begiven to athletics *cough* *cough* football *cough* Bastards. Fuck. Them. All. Damn. Bastards. Damn.

      That's my life today.


    • what is this?

      14 years ago


      I figured that since this is called a "journal" i might start journalizing it. Maybe. Possibly.

      Yesterday was the TAMUK Jazz festival. And the Calallen High School jazz band, Oof which I am 1st Tenor, recieved a "Superior" rating, which is like a 1, but with more words and less numbers.

      At night The TAMUK 1st and 2nd Jazz Bands played. The 2nd band played Holman's Malaguena, the one with French Horns, Tuba, and bass sax. The bass sax was played by this little girl who looked like she weighed 80 pounds. I was slightly aroused. Just a little. The trombone player fucked up the solo in the begining. What a jerk.

      Then Maynard and his Big Bop Nouveau played. It was great.

      While all this was happening my cousin got married and the pope died.


      Ioannes Paulus PP. II
      Karol Wojtyla
      16.X.1978 - 2.IV.2005

    • 10 days.

      14 years ago


      It has been an entire 10 days since my last journal. That's not that long. oh well. It's spring break for me, which means I have alot of homework and no will to do it. I going to fail english, but I speak english. For physics I have to create a device that will hold an egg and not let it break after it is thrown off of a football stadium, using only popsicle sticks, glue, ballons, rubberbands and no type of cushioning apparatus.

      UAB got into the tournament? WTF? THEY LOST TO TCU!! UAB does not belong in the NCAA Tournament, THe "opening round game" also does not belong in the tournament. I think Alabama A&M should be given UABs spot playing LSU. I think your logo being a cartoon dragon should atomatically prohibit you school from post-season play.

      I think the Independent Team with the best record should get an auto bid as well. Then my Islanders would be dancing.

      The NCAA should do away with the play-in game anyway. Or make the last two at-large teams play for it. NOT CONFRENCE CHAMPS. That's what an autobid is. YOU AUTOMATICALLY GET IN. you don't have to play another game ot get to the real game. You don't have to play a game to prove you should be there. YOU HAVE PROVEN ALREADY. That's what the confrence tourney was for. to see who would get the auto-bid.

      This will be put here until somebody complains. (Maximize listening volume)

    • Nuther Entry

      14 years ago


      First: Last game of the Season

      That had to be posted. It really did.

      Not much happened this week. Nothing to write about.

      This deserves repeating.

    • Today's a good day to post.

      14 years ago


      Sunday, wow.

      Tuesday was the "dreaded" TAKS. ppffttt. What a joke. I don't think I passed, which is what happens when tests are not taken seriously, which is what happens when they are made out to be insanely difficult and are, in fact, not.

      We didn't have school on Friday for reasons I shall never understand.

      My grade in Latin was a 50 by default, which means that it was like a 30 something and the computerized gradebook thingy made it a 50, and it is now an 80. Which is nice.

      Episode 50 is awesome.

      I really think this is my favorite poem, but that is impossible to know for I have yet to read them all.


      Some say the world will end in fire,
      Some say in ice.
      From what I've tasted of desire
      I hold with those who favor fire.
      But if it had to perish twice,
      I think I know enough of hate
      to say that for destruction ice
      Is also great
      And would suffice.

      Robert Frost

      Listen to this shit

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