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      12 years ago


      Holy Boyscouts Batman! 2 in 1 day XD! Like a record for me or something. But ya I found this rapper... I normally don't care for rap... but this guy is AMAZING.

      "DZK - Torcher"

      it's futile for you to do battle with a mutant who chews gravel
      and spews jagged matter back at dudes asking to grapple
      I'm used to abusive battering, and by "used to abusive battering"
      I actually mean, my boot's used to moving through asses, when

      you, bastards attempt to pen raps attackin a cat of my stature
      and it's sad to hafta blast a backpacker so bad that
      they hafta attach flaps of skin grafting and plastic limbs
      after our match, when I win, just to patch him back again

      what matters is, I've mastered every path of my craft so accurate
      every track I spit, rapidly adds to the status I have as "sick"
      which would be the shit, except when I rap a verse, nervous kids
      are grabbing a gas mask, and missing the first half of my shit

      I flatten average men with a pad and pen, I'll fashion a diss
      so immaculate I hafta rap it with a cackle and grin
      I'm past the status of Devils Advocate, attracted to sin
      the baddest, you can't even begin imagine the madness within


      this is your warning, I'm a force to be reckoned with
      my tongue's a torch that scorches when the record spins
      fuck authority, I'd torture the prescedent
      it's surely evident I'm as morbid as war veterans

      I spit that horror-core shit and deliver rhetoric, so sadistic
      Christians switch directions, when I'm headed in the direction
      they're headed in, and I'm better than any competitor,
      ready to sever the head of a meddler, deadly as ever, the shit is inevitable

      I sip liquor, get pissed, disfigure a chick's pretty face with
      a quick flip of my wrist, scraping razors hit, breakin the skin
      and then, I'm lickin the places I slit, to taste what I did
      I'm basically sayin, "mentally insane" is too tame for what I've been

      since the eighty's and I'm saying I'm WAY crazier since then
      I stay in a state of in-tense, meditative hate and stay bent
      from medication meant to replace sedation with concentration and
      make you creative and unafraid to display it in the same sense

      so I'm taping my prey's faces and takin em to a basement in
      a vacant wasteland to participate in strange operations
      like making em trade veins with an AIDS patient and then I'm unchaining em
      and lettin em escape so I can chase em and video tape the mayhem

      I'm playin with prayin victims laying naked, restricted with thick,
      fitted restraints, I'm lifting, painfully bending tense ligament
      tissue, which extends when I inch the six sensitive suspension
      instruments in sixty demented and sequentially different increments


      I'm disenchanted with music industry management so I'm plannin
      to ram a van fulla flammable cans through every damn window I can
      and park in the lobby of every labels office and demand coffee
      from every A&R, I cross, cuz that's what their fuckin job should be

      and if they don't comply with it, I'm flippin my lit cigarette skyward
      and we can all fry in a pile, cuz I'm flying higher than Richard Pryor
      and I'm dying to see if your cheap attire can defy the heat from my lighter
      when I try to light a piece of it on fire, you ready die, sir?

      whoever's in charge of these super-stars, gets a boot to the dome
      for signing rhymers who couldn't find a useful line on the road
      it's time for new talent to rise and re-define how to flow
      and challenge those in power, so now it's time go for the throat

      and then it's game over for the same jokers, in the range rovers
      focus, your reigns over, dope chains is taken and broken,
      ya bones poking, ya brains smokin, it's so hopeless, I'm waiting to open
      your show, so I go can loco and spray ya clothes with a flame thrower

    • Boredom

      12 years ago


      Just chillin in Animation class right now doing some XSI work... sometimes I get so frustrated, this program is pretty annoying to use but can do some great stuff.

      My first REAL attempt with XSI, sadly nerver got to animate it but I will someday!

      I've never really been that great at modeling... so ATM I'm making a very poor version of the Starfox character Slippy and having him walk down a bridge till he reachs the end in which case he grabs something.... Still trying to decide on what... a Coke maybe hmmm.

      Well I'll have that posted once It's done.

    • Much Over do

      12 years ago

      XboxGuru nothin new really.... : /

    • DOTA (Defense of the Ancients)

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      Felt it needed a thread on RvB. Come here discuss strats, builds for characters, share dota stories all that and stuff.

      But ya Stwygr with a Lothars and Mask of madness owns all.


      48 replies


      12 years ago


      I really don't know how long this guys been around... but man he's a funny guy.

    • Vangaurd! Let it begin

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      I felt there needed to be a vangaurd thread considering its release is only 2 weeks away and this WILL be the next MMO. It's already stolen many dedicated WoW Players (including myself) to the Beta and cannot wait for the game. Anyways what Class/Race do you plan to roll if you have 1 planned and well just chat about the game and such :P

      For me Its a Vulmane Berzerker. Gonna be so deadly XD

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    • IM BACK!

      13 years ago


      After my computer dying for the 2nd time this year.. IM BACK and now have over 5000 posts to go through on my watch list O_O well anyways Hey everyone!


      13 years ago


      Wow I haven't posted in my Journal for centuries haha. Well whats new, I got a PsP for Xmas which I have been using to post on RvB when I haven't been able to use the comp which owns. I finally hit 60 on my rogue on WoW.


      Old Godzilla was hoppin around
      Tokyo City like a big Playground
      when suddenly Batman burst from the shade
      and hit Godzilla with a bat grenade
      Godzilla got pissed and Began to Attack
      but didn't expect to get blocked by shaq
      who preceded to open a can of shaq foo
      When Aaron Carter came out of the Blue
      He started beating up Shaquil O'neal
      Then they both got flattened by the Batmobile
      Before he could make it back to the Bat cave
      Abraham Lincoln Popped out of his grave
      and took an AK-47 out from under his hat
      blew batman away with a Rata tat tat
      But he ran out of bullets so he ran away
      Cause Optimus Prime came to save the day

      This is the Ultimate Show Down
      of Ultimate Destiny
      Good guys, Bad guys, and Explosions as far as the eye can see
      And only one will survive I wonder who it will be
      This is the Ultimate Show Down
      Of Ultimate Destiny

      Godzilla took a bite out of Optimus Prime
      Like Scruff Magruff took a bite out of crime
      Then Shaq came back covered in a tire track
      While Jackie Chan Jumped out and landed on his back
      And batman was injured and tried to get steady
      When Abraham came back with a Machete
      but something suddenly caught his leg and he tripped
      Indiana Jones took him out with his whip
      When he saw Godzilla sneaking up from behind
      Then he reached for his gun which he just couldn't find
      Because Batman stole it and he shot and he missed
      Then Jackie Chan Deflected it with his fist
      and he jumped into the air and did a somersault
      While Abraham Lincoln tried to Poll Vault onto Optimus Prime
      But they Collided in the air
      And both got hit by a CareBear Stare

      This is the Ultimate Show Down
      of Ultimate Destiny
      Good guys, Bad guys, and Explosions as far as the eye can see
      And only one will survive I wonder who it will be
      This is the Ultimate Show Down
      Of Ultimate Destiny

      Angels sang out
      In Immaculate Chorus
      Down from the Heavens
      Descended Chuck Noris
      Who Delivered a kick, which could shatter bones
      Into the Croch of Indiana Jones
      Who fell over on the ground, Writhing in pain
      Just as Batman changed back into Bruce Wayne
      But Chuck Saw through His clever Disquise
      And He Crushed Batman's Head In between his thighs

      Then Gandalf the Grey
      And Gandalf the White
      And Monty Python's Holy Grail's Black Knight
      And Buinito Mussolini
      And the Blue Meanie
      And Cowboy Curtis
      And Jambie the Genie
      Robocop, The Terminator, Captain Kirk, and Darth Vader
      Lo pan and Every single Power Ranger
      Bill S. Preston and Theodore Logan
      Spoc, The Rock, Doc Oc, and Hulk Hulgan
      All came out of No Where Lightning Fast
      And they kicked Chuck Noris and His Cowboy Ass
      It was the bloodiest battle that the world ever saw
      With Civilians Looking on in Total Awe

      The Fight Raged on for a Century
      Many Lives were claimed but eventually
      The Champion Stood the Rest saw their better
      Mr. Rogers in a Blood Stained Sweater

      This is the Ultimate Show Down
      of Ultimate Destiny
      Good guys, Bad guys, and Explosions as far as the eye can see
      And only one will survive I wonder who it will be
      This is the Ultimate Show Down
      (Ultimate Showdown)
      This is the Ultimate Show Down
      (Ultimate Showdown)
      This is the Ultimate Show Down
      Of Ultimate Destiny

      Check the Flash for yourself at

      Other then viewing this flash I haven't Been doing much


      13 years ago


      Everything i got from blizzcon is selling for sooooo damn much man its insane mines going up on ebay come on $400!! W00T W00T!!!

    • Time for random song!

      13 years ago


      She BLOCKED ME!

      "Met a girl over the net"
      "Saved our chats on a floppy diskette"
      "It went well for a week or too"
      "then it all came unglued"
      "one night she said BRB"
      "waited up for an hour or 3"
      "Then i started too realize"
      "she wasnt coming back online"
      "she frikin blocked me"
      "she frikin blocked me"
      "LA LA LA"
      "we talked all night then she put my screenname on her block list"
      "and she clicked ok"
      "well she told me she was taking a shower"
      "she'd be back in a half hour"
      "but she pulled one over on me"
      "WTF OMFG"
      "I was ticked but not convinced"
      "Had too be sure before me eggo was minced"
      "good thing im such a wiz"
      "signed on with my other name and yep there she is"
      "she frikin blocked me"
      "she frikin blocked me"
      "LA LA LA"
      "we talked all night then she put my screenname on her block list"
      "and she clicked ok"

      *Guitar solo*

      "thats my story as you see"
      "never trust a woman when she says BRB"
      "Now its overand im torn"
      "but i signed her up for Beastiality Porn"
      "she frikin blocked me"
      "she frikin blocked me"
      "LA LA LA"
      "we talked all night then she put my screenname on her block list"
      "and she clicked ok"
      *then she put my screenname on her block list*

      Had too listen too this 4 times in a row cause i couldnt find lyrics AHHH heres the link if u guys wanna watch....if u havent seen

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      12 years ago

      (Sorry for the randum thing)Read my journal I need any and every ones opinion Plz its kinda serious....

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      12 years ago

      Hey man, i argue with you alot on the WoW forum, it's just me trying to get someone elses perspective out

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      12 years ago

      I bet id pwn you on WoW. :P

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      hey man

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      12 years ago

      Just going to people on my friends list:

      Do not go to the "calling all blue team fans..." thread. It is now retarded, that is all.

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      13 years ago

      You know that song for the Kindom Heart 2 commercial? Is it in the game?

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      I say bring it on punk.

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      Congratulations on being here at RvB for six months!

      I created a banner for you Here, you can download it and post it if you like.,
      OR, just delete this message and go on with your life! smiley0.gif

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      because I'm bored... here you go Nosepicker.jpg

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      13 years ago

      I need some love... please read my journal

      thanks smiley12.gif

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      13 years ago

      In WoW I am Ganker Extroirdinare In Halo 2 Im the One Soloing Ur team and in Conker Live and Reloaded im the Crazy man yelling giberish over my Mic rushing u with either a Handgrenade Or a flash bang.....flash bangs dont work well at all!!!! Or im the kid Who has no idea what hes doing on Mechassault....thats the best way too put it

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