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    • And an addiction is born...

      8 years ago


      As I've noted in the previous journal, I'm a big fan of DT. A crucial part of DT is Geoff's obsession with achievement points, in fact, the first episode mostly revolved around a bet involving the collection of 10k points. At first, I was in the same boat as Gus, it's just an arbitrary number with no real meaning. But listening to Geoff and Burnie recount some of the more excruciating achievements that they've gone through, I've changed my stance on the subject. The revelation consists of a few major points.

      1.) The pissing contest. It's an arbitrary number, but mine's bigger!

      2.) The re-playability that achievements give me, not just for future gaming, but retroactively. Almost every game I have, I've beat to my satisfaction. This leads to needing more games... which means money I wish not to spend. So not only can I revisit some games I previously would have glossed over, I'm also saving money!

      3.) The challenge. It's annoying to go through a game on the hardest setting and get blown away 99 times in a row. But that 100th time where you make it and grab the achievement is a blissful moment. Many people don't have the patients to play the same thing until it's perfected, but once I set my mind to something, I become dedicated to an extreme. It can be a downfall sometimes...

      So, I'm currently a bit behind on my gaming, and have some catch up to do. My current list of games I would like to achievement hunt on are...

      1.) Fable 3 (Going through it for the first time now)
      2.) Portal 2 (Finished single/co-op, but still have a bunch to go over)
      3.) AC2:Brotherhood (Started months ago, never finished, will be going back)
      4.) Halo 3 (Beat single player but undoubtedly need to revisit)
      5.) Halo Reach (Need to go through on legendary mode on a few levels and more I'm sure)
      6.) L4D2 (Embarrassingly, I need to go back and finish a campaign or two)

      Those are just off the top of my head, I'm sure there's a bunch more I need to get to. Any one who needs or wishes to help with some of the multiplayer achievements, feel free to let me know. For anyone who helps me with an achievement, I'd of course be willing to return the favor if I can.

    • Here I am again...

      8 years ago


      Here I am again...

      It's been 6 years since I first signed up to this site, and throughout the years I've always kept tabs on the RT crew. It was always a guaranteed good time when I realized the new season of RvB had been out for a few weeks. Just recently I came across the podcast... it's embarrassing, but I've been listening to it almost non-stop. I listened to #114 a week or so back and got addicted. So I've been listening through them all starting with the first, going through about 5 a day. I won't say which I'm at now in case anyone cares to go back to do the actual math. It's great though, I can listen to it while at one of my part time jobs and it really makes the time fly by. I have definitely found a hidden treasure trove of entertainment in these pod casts. I almost feel bad for not paying a dime for it all, but I justify it by having been a sponsor for a year way back in the day. That sounds cheap as hell, and assuredly I will become a sponsor again in the near future.

      Anyways, I'm glad to see the community has flourished. I remembered when the website switched to this Karma format thing, and I remember it turned me off a bit. I wasn't too thrilled about some kind of 'leveling' system that would be involved as I could see it would be a popularity contest of some sort. They even talk about it in one of the pod casts how at first it was basically a broken system. I'm guessing they've fixed it somehow, and so I thought I'd see if I could pull up my account. After a few searches to remember my user name, and exciting aol with their first user visit this week (yeah, my account is that old that I used an aol email account to set it up) to find the password. Voila! Here I am again...

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    • splint

      14 years ago

      Hey Josh, its your friend a few subdivisions down....still dont know, its steven, my name on here is splint and my aim is omaileA...i would put my cell number down but i down want every dumbass on redvsblue calling me.

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