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      7 years ago


      My friend invited me to a Minecraft server for Rooster Speak. Here's my deadly journey for civilization:

      Spawned near a glass staircase that lead to a flooded bridge. At the end of the bridge was a door. I tried to open it, but couldn't.
      Hmm, the door won't open. Well, better let them know I'm here.
      I gathered wood from the nearby forest and made myself a shovel a little later. I started digging my name into the ground until night came. A skeleton came from nowhere and shot me. I ran to the lake with the flooded bridge and went under water. Then I stumbled upon an air pit and stayed there for the night. When day came, I saw someone log in: VSPY. But just as fast he logged out. After that, I just went loitering around. I went into Billy Maye's house and accidentally griefed one block of glass. That's when it all went down hill. Well, it was me who went downhill. I survived with one heart left, and one Hunger level. I went about looking for sand and coal.
      On my search for the Glass Block, it took three days. But I finally got it and fixed the house.
      Then more people came: GontArk and VSPY. They told me I had to join the group first. Oops. Then they told me I needed TeamSpeak. Whoopsie. But I didn't really care about that yet. I spent one night in VSPY's castle, I saw GontArk explode about 5 times, and I found my future abode. And now, I'm stuck at getting TeamSpeak to work. :(

    • Son of a

      8 years ago


      bloody-annoying-evil-creature-of-the-sea-BITCH! I'm so FRIGGIN'

      happy! :D

      Yeah, that's right! I completed my second weekly challenge on Halo: Reach (do 24 daily challenges) over the weekend and it was one close call. I really hated that Tip of the Spear level, especially the Spire. I could've ended the whole thing in one go if I knew how easy it was to kill the Elite with the Tilt skull on. <---- I will explain that for those who don't know (if any who read others' journals... creepers)

      So as a result of my Dedication and Time, I was given 20k credits after I finished killing 400 Covvies in Firefight. I almost reached a new rank too.

      Now, for that little tip for the Spire:First, get the Jetpack. Then go to the Spire. Kill the first group of Grunts, kill the FRG Grunt behind the Elite. The Elite will charge at you. Go outside and Jetpack to go to the top and wait at the hole. The Elite might be waiting there. Go around the hole until you're at his back, then just simply drop down, walk up and ass him. go and kill the last FRG Grunt. done.

    • Hello me and other people

      8 years ago


      Well, it's my first day here. I was kinda worried about the age requirement, but there was nothing to worry about. I'd thought it would be 18, but it's actually 16! What a lucky day. Not to mention that I beat "Long Night of Solace" on Legendary difficulty a few hours before, too. That level was a pain in the ass.

      I'm looking forward to meeting Jack, Geoff, and Michael online, if I can; I'm not sure how to join their party.

    • 2019 years ago

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