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    • You Put One Foot In Front Of The Other...

      1 year ago

      Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi

      So I started storyboarding my first animated short today. Was inspired to do something Mega Man Legends-esque after seeing that Robot Day is coming back to Newgrounds. I don't expect it to be done by then, considering its on the 10th and a week from now but at least the motivation is there for me.  I might post an animiatic of the storyboards here when it is done, or maybe just wait for the short itself.

    • New Avatar Who Dis

      1 year ago

      Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi

      I made a new Avatar/Self-Portrait for 2018 made in Hexels.  The old one really did not reflect what I looked like, and I wanted to make it more similar to my pixel art portrait on my other social media sites.


    • Free/Open Source Art Tools To Get You Started

      in Forums > Free/Open Source Art Tools To Get You Started | Follow this topic

      Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi

      Just making this thread to show off all the available digital art tools you can get, some of which are very professional grade.

      GIMP - Free Open Source Equivalent to Photoshop

      Inkscape - Free Open Source Equivalent to Illustrator, mainly for vector art

      Krita - Free Open Source Equivalent to Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai, has frame by frame animation tools in it as well

      Fire Alpaca - Free, Equivalent to Paint Tool Sai

      Storyboarder - Free Open Source tool to create Story Boards for Animation projects or thumbnails for other projects.  Can export to Adobe Suite.

      Blender - Free Open Source 3D animation tool, can do many more things like make video games, edit video, etc.

      Audacity - Free Open Source Audio editing tool.  Probably the steal of the century, it has more features than some of its expensive closed source equivalents.

      These are the ones I know of, and there are many more.  If I have forgotten any or if you wish to add on to the list, please post away.

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    • New Software

      1 year ago

      Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi

      So I got Storyboarder to coincide with the Pixar Storytelling course and holy crap is it a great tool.  Shin on the Community Discord recommended it to me after I talked about taking the course and holy crap is it great.  Storyboarder has various features that help with workflow like a sprint timer, a stroke counter that keeps you on track for how many lines should be on the panel, allows exports to photoshop and other adobe suite apps, and a shot generator if you want a specific shot.  On top of all of that, its free.

    • Learning Puppet Animation

      1 year ago

      Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi

      Experimenting with the tweening effects to do puppet animation in Hexels


    • Minimalist RWBY Holiday Card

      1 year ago

      Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi


      Minimalist RWBY Holiday Card Design Idea made in hexels. 

    • Pixar in a Box: The Art of Storytelling - Character

      1 year ago

      Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi

      So back again with the Khan Academy Pixar Story Telling course.  Again, this lesson is more of a review of a basic creative writing, story telling course, just focused on film tropes, stories, and characters.  This was specifically a lesson on character development, and these are the exercises and my responses to their questions and activities.


      Exercise 1: Internal & External Features

      Part A: Return to your three favorite films and identify a main character in each.

      Han Solo


      Inigo Montoya

      Part B: Identify three of their external features.

      Han Solo - Plain clothes for the setting, always grinning

      Nausicaa - bright azure sky blue clothing, practical clothing,

      Inigo Montoya  - Peasant's clothes, but practical for sword fight, fights and moves as a master sword fighter

      Part C: Identify three of their internal features.

      Han Solo - Smuggler with a  heart of gold, shoots first, heavy on the sarcasm would probably blast his way out of an elevator

      Nausicaa - Caring, love of nature, would be calm in the elevator and search for a solution

      Inigo Montoya - Honorable Spaniard, likes to drink, fears the failure of his quest, would probably drink in the elevator

      Part D: Identify three internal and external features of someone that you know.

      My Brother

      External:  Scruffy, messy hair, unshaven, engineer's belly

      Internal:  likes to make rockets and fire, may or may not be a psychopath, would figure out how to fix the elevator and then get the other occupants to pay him to fix it

      Part E: Return to one of your character ideas from the last lesson. Brainstorm some possible answers to the following questions (feel free to work alone or in a group)

      So the Fake Hero Antagonist would externally look like a "true" hero.  Blonde Hair, Blue eyes, dashing smile, and would wear bright colors and white.  Internally his soul would be blacker than a black hole, they would be a coniving, schemeing asshole who would do anything to keep their image intact.  In the elevator, they would take a leadership role while not actually doing anything, and take all the credit once it is fixed


      The dark hero Protagonist would externally look like a brooding anti hero.  Dark, probably raven haired, tan, dark eyes, and would scowl as habit.  However, their smile would be a rare treat, and would be heartwarming to see.  Internally, they would be a kind soul, who just wants to be accepted, and would fear and loathe rejection.  Unfortunately, they have lone wolf tendencies that could impede on their quest for acceptance.  Thanks to their ostracizing, they are an observer of people and their habits. Would probably calmly look for a solution to get out the elevator, but would not work well with anyone else in there, preferring to work on the problem alone

      External features:

      • Is your character a human, animal, object?
      • What kind of clothing do they wear?
      • How does your character move?
      • What's the first thing you'd notice when looking at them from a distance?

      Internal features:

      • What do they like to do?
      • What do they fear?
      • What emotion do they most often feel?
      • How would they respond if trapped in an elevator?


      Exercise 2: Wants vs. Needs

      Part A: Return to the main characters from your three favorite films. Identify a want and a need for each character.

      For example: In Monsters Inc. Sulley wants to be the best scarer but he needs to be a father figure.

      Han Solo:  Wants the reward that comes with rescuing the princess so can pay off his debts but Needs to make companions that will set him on a path to becoming something more than a mere smuggler

      Nausicaa:  Wants to understand how to fix the environmental crisis that has hit earth, Needs to save her people from invaders and needs to understand how to quell the insects

      Inigo Montoya Wants to avenge his father and Needs to find true companions who will support him


      Part B: Try to identify one of your own wants and needs.

      I want to become a storyteller and pursue animation and artistry, but I need to find a descent job so I can pay bills


      Part C: Return to your character idea from the previous exercise. Brainstorm answers to the following questions:

      What do they want most?

      Who do they want to become?

      What might they need in order to succeed?

      Decoy Hero wants the most to be admired and to rule, and wants to be seen as a benevolent dictator of sorts, without anyone realizing they are one.  To do that they must win everybody's adoration without anyone realizing their sinister intent

      The Dark Hero just wants to be accepted and to no longer be an outcast, and to do this must overcome their lone wolf tendencies and make true companions

      Exercise 3: Obstacles

      Part A: Return to your three favorite films. Identify one obstacle the main character you selected faces in each.

      Han Solo:  He faces the fact that the Empire has built a giant space station that captures his ship, stalling his easy payout

      Nausicaa:  Kushana and the Torumekian Empire is intent on capturing and conquering everything, and will destroy the Valley if it comes to it

      Inigo:  His own self-destructive nature with alcohol

      Part B: Identify an obstacle that you've faced in your life. What was it preventing you from getting?

      My insane sugar addiction was keeping me from dieting and losing weight

      Part C: Return to the character that you are developing. Brainstorm a few possible obstacles they might face.

      The Decoy Protagonist would have to overcome and outmaneuver anyone who saw through their heroic façade.  Furthermore, they must learn to control their own ego.

      The Dark Protagonist's main obstacle would be their aloof nature, and muster courage to actually connect with people instead of going lone wolf


      Exercise 4: Character Arc

      Part A: Identify the arc of the main character in your 3 favorite films.

      • What do they want at the beginning?
      • What did they realize they need by the end?

      Han Solo:  He wants money to pay off Jabba the Hutt, but Han realises he is needed for the wider causes of the Rebellion against the Empire

      Nausicaa:  She wants to stop the Tolmekians through force and vengence, but realizes by making peace with the Ohm that she can solve many of the enviromental problems that cause the Tolmekian invasion.

      Inigo Montoya:  Inigo wants to avenge his father and kill the six fingered man, but upon doing so realizes that revenge is hollow, and needs a new hobby, perhaps to becoming a Dread Pirate Roberts

      Part B: How have you changed as a result of overcoming an obstacle?

      Overcoming my sugar addiction has allowed me to lose weight, I have lost so much body fat, that I literally now boast that over the last year I have lost a person.

      Part C: Brainstorm ideas for how your character might change as a result of the obstacles you’ve identified in the previous exercise?

      • What might they want at the beginning?
      • What might they realize they need at the end?

      The Fake hero would want to be genuinely praised and admired, and to be exceptionally popular and well liked.  However, by the end they would be seen for the true evil intent in their hearts, and would be ostracized by the society, leaving him with a sense of vengeance

      The true/dark protagonist would want to make friends, perhaps trying to become friends with the Fake hero, who will lavish hollow and ultimately negging praise on them.  However, after a betrayal or through seeing through the fake hero's façade, the outcast will realize he needs to make true connections with friends who will truly be there for them


      Exercise 5: Stakes

      Part A: Return to the main characters from your three favorite films.

      • What was one important choice they had to make where the stakes were high?
      • What were the stakes?
      • Can you identify them as internal, external or philosophical?


      Han Solo, once he gains his reward, decides to leave before the final battle, to the condemnation of Luke and Leia.  However, he has a change of heart and instead returns in the nick of time to save Luke from Vader's attack wing, which give Luke the opportunity to destroy the Death Star.  If Han had not decided to go back, Vader may have shot Luke down, and the Death Star would have destroyed the Rebellion.  Han's comradery with luke and him falling for the princess caused him to discard his previous internal beliefs of selfishness and chose his friends over his greed and self preservation which ultimately allows for the triumph of good against evil in this battle.  Complex, the stakes of this choice is all three at the same time.


      Nausicaa has to liberate a baby Ohm and gain its trust, so that a charging herd of angered Ohm does not destroy the valley. In the course of this she is killed by the rampaging herd, but this quells their anger and they resurrect her, fulfilling an ancient prophesy.  If she had not done so, the Valley of the Wind would have surely been leveled by the creatures.  This is an external and philosophical stake as the Valley is where the knowledge of the truth about how the earth is poisoned and how it can be cured is located.


      Inigo Montoya he must choose to either sucumb to his wounds and give up against his fight with the six fingered man, or rise up and finally exact his revenge.  Internally he pushes against all his self doubt and externally he gains a second wind and ignores his wounds to finally defeat the six fingered man.


      Part B: Think about a difficult choice you had to make in your own life. What was at stake?

      I love sugary things and have an insatiable sweet tooth.  However, it was severely impacting my health, at 495lbs I was seriously out of shape and would lose breath moving across the house.  If I didn't overcome my sugar addiction I would surely gain more weight and continue to be morbidly obease, leading to health complications and a much shorter, harsher life.


      Part C: Return to one of the obstacles your character might face from the previous exercise. Now think of the choice this obstacle forces them to make. Answer the following:

      • What are the possible stakes of this choice?
      • Can you come up with an internal, external or philosophical stake which applies to this choice?

      For the fake hero, every choice has the stakes of him being eventually found out for the dark intent of his heart.  Making friends with the true protagonist will eventually bring to a head his true nature against a true hero, and will leave him exposed to the world

      The True hero will realize, through a mistake that show off their dark mannerisms that made them ostracized in the first place, that they must make amends and try to make connections to people he may have hurt in order to gain true friends.  If they succeed, they will finally have friends and finally feel fulfilled.


      • External feature: the clothes, design or look of a character.
      • Internal feature: the personality, beliefs or drive of a character.
      • Want: something that drives a character to act.
      • Need: something that a character must do or learn in order to succeed or grow.
      • Obstacle: something that stands in the way of a character obtaining what they want.
      • Character arc: the choices a character makes in order to overcome their obstacles and how they change as a result.
      • Stakes: What is at risk if the character fails to achieve their goal (OR, what are the consequences of their choices?)
        • External: what will physically happen to a character or the world
        • Internal: what will happen to a character emotionally
        • Philosophical: what will happen to the values or belief system of the world

    • We Need YOU to save Net Neutrality

      1 year ago

      Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi

      Guys, this is a very serious issue coming up.  Ignoring 22 MILLION comments and opinion of the American People, Head of the FCC and former Verizon Lawyer Ajit Pai has arbitrarily decided that Net Neutrality has to go. This is unacceptable and we the American people need to do something about it.  

      Here is what, as a lone person, what you can do to help:


      Many businesses, mostly ISPs and Cell Phone Carriers, are in support of appealing Net Neutrality.  Call them up and tell them you are cancelling your plan in favor of companies that support Net Neutrality.  If your area has a local ISP, a CO-OP ISP, or heck maybe you can get Google FIber, switch to it.  Cancel Hulu, support Netflix; Cancel AT&T or Verizon and switch to T-Mobile, [who's CEO is now a supporter of Net Neutrality](https://www.t-mobile.com/landing/binge-on-letter.html).  Make it hurt where it hurts the most, the corporation's bottom line.


      Call your local Representative and your state's Senators offices and tell them about your disapproval of this action being taken by the FCC.  Be polite, but stern.  Do not get into a shouting match with an aide, that solves nothing, stay civil.  Use in plain English why net neutrality is bad for you and potentially bad for your business.  Go to their town hall meetings if they still have them.  Write them a letter, or write that letter as an op ed in your local paper, cause apparently they use that as a barometer for issues still.

      If you need help with this use this site: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative


      While we still have Net Neutrality, we can still use social media to spread the word about the injustices of them trying to repeal it.  On twitter, use the #NetNeutrality to spread the word.  Get your net friends to share their displeasure by retweeting you and makidng their own tweets.  Also, tag your Congress Persons as well as your Senators', bombard their dashboard with your mighty tweets. While your at it, tag Ajit Pai as well, just so he has a clogged up dashboard as well. Snapchat pictures of Net Neutrality support, do the same on instagram.  Go into a long diatribe in a Facebook wall post.  Blot out the front page of Reddit with Pro Net Neutrality posts and articles.  Do not let this go away.


      Two ways to do this one.  The first is low effort but at least is something, sign a petition on the White House petitions page, in support of Net Neutrality.  All it takes is 100,000 responses before the White House has to respond, and considering we got 22 Million comments to support it, I don't think this should be an issue.  Second is the more traditional picketing kind of protest.  Organize a protest with others outside your congress person's office, but be civil about it.  Do not curse, do not insult, just stand there with signs and come up with catchy pro net neutrality jingles.  If you live in the DC Area, directly protest at the FCC.  I am pretty sure there is already a protest being planned, but its still in the early stages, keep an eye out for that on sites like the Net Neutrality subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/KeepOurNetFree/


      Everybody and their mum uses the internet now.  Its Thankisgiving tomorrow, even though the taboo is politics, religion, and sports on family occasions, this is too important for that.  When you bring it up, try to frame it in a way that will affect your relative.  Remind your crazy uncle he still needs an open and fair internet to be allowed to view the president's tweets or read Drudge, or listen to Pandora.

      In conclusion, there is plenty you can do alone to help support the cause.  Real human interaction is the key imo, as apparently just signing a form letter has done nothing so far.  Do not give into despair over this.  Fight for what we all believe in, a fair and open internet.  Protect Net Neutrality people, for us and our posterity.





    • Transfixed in Neon

      1 year ago

      Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi


      Transfixed in Neon made in Hexels while listening to a lot of synthwave.

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