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      14 years ago


      Valentines Day is over.... damn i wish valentines was again this year cause i was soo happy with my valentine :(
      tonight i get to watch i, robot and napoleon dynamite. this is gonna be my second time watching i, robot cause my friends xbox started skipping and stopped playing halfway through, and i hate tryin to look for the spot i was last at so im just gonna play it from the begining.

      but anyways...
      i whent to kfc today for dinner and ordered their popcorn chicken, i got a large and it seemed soo small i was like pffft i havent ate all day im not gonna get full..... boy was i full after i ate it, lol go figure. so my friend orders their MEGA sized drink omg it was HUGE!!! it even has a handle on it! i was *mouth drops* OMG. im still drinkin it. it's half way full and i got it 2 hours ago!!!
      ^^thats the cup. HUGE huh^^

      "I hate when mimes get in your face and don't say anything."
      "Yeah, I usually kick them in the 'nads and they say something. Usually it's ooh...unh...aahh."

      I brought back the WHICH IS WORSE :) sorry just had to do it :P
      1.A. girl with a hairy back
      B. girl with hairy legs

      2.A. Getting stood up by your date
      B. Getting turned down for a date

      3.A. T-shirt pit stains
      B. Underpants skid marks

      4.A. Being burglerized while at home
      B. Being at the bank during a robbery

      5.A. Having your eyes scooped out with a spoon
      B. Having your fingers cut off one by one

      **what would u say was the best thing that has ever happened to you??**

    • Happy Valentines Day!!

      14 years ago


      (so valentines day really isnt today for me but it is for my RvB valentine so thats why i posted early)
      i was up pretty late last night on the good ol' puter, gettin pics and whatnot to post in this journal entry so i hope you like, cause if not i'll be sad :(

      First and for most wanna say Happy Valentines day to my Valentine :)
      Here's a little something for YOU (for i_like_me*)

      and i don't wanna forget bout my friends i got a little something for all of you.
      if you will please click on your name :)
      and i did put alot of effort into getting each and every one, i took from what i know about you so far and got the card i thought fit you best :) yey for effort
      ****what are ur plans for Valentines Day?!?****

    • Title... meh thats all *flails arms*

      14 years ago


      So i whent to eat at this restuarant last night called El Toritos it's my favorite restuarant ever. So we're all eatin then the guy behind me was being a dick to the waitress bitching bout somthething and i thought it was rediculous so i make a comment to my friends sayin "whats that guys prob, how would he like it if i whent to his work and gave him a hard time." next thing i heard was the girl he was with sayin to him to sit and calm down. so i ask my friends was he gonna try and say something to me?? cause i woulda whent off on him if he tried. he made me soo mad, im glad he left shortly after. stupid prick

      on to more happy better things
      valentines day is tomorrow monday yippee, aint my valentine such a cutie?!? :P

      oohh nother thing, lookie i got 3 new friends, and just cause i got new friends doesn't mean that whoever else sends a request im gonna accept it cause i won't most likely:)
      well no one guessed what game i had still. well so u know it was zelda link to the past so in all fairness the first person between paul and barrett to post a comment gets +5 so hurry on boys and comment :P Paul done posted first

      ^^just had to throw this in here^^

      well i have a few more mod points left over so im gonna give some more away :)
      ****whoever tells me what Lilith means gets +3, and i will only except the 2 1 meanings i have!soo have fun****
      bp13iggy guessed one right!!
      Answer #1
      In another version of the myth of Lilith, she was Adam's first with before Eve. Adam married her because he became tired of coupling with animals, a common Middle-Eastern herdsmen practice, though the Old Testament declared it a sin (Deuteronomy 27:21). Adam tried to make Lilith lie beneath him during sexual intercourse. Lilith would not meet this demand of male dominance. She cursed Adam and hurried to her home by the Red Sea. Adam complained to God who then sent three angels, Sanvi, Sansanvi and Semangelaf, to bring Lilith back to Eden. Lilith rebuffed the angels by cursing them. While by the Red Sea Lilith became a lover to demons and producing 100 babies a day. The angels said that God would take these demon children away from her unless she returned to Adam. When she did not return, she was punished accordingly. And, God also gave Adam the docile Eve.
      ***if u could make ur own holiday what would it be and what date would it be?!?!?***

    • LazyNess

      14 years ago


      EDIT!!!!!! i just lost 3 mod's i think someone is neg modding me im sad, if u find who neg modded me +5
      yey i finally got my hair cut!!! it's kinda short now but i like it
      ^^thats it, sorry if it's a little blurry(barretts trigger finger work)^^

      on to more things here's a little drawing thingy i did earlier as a journal comment but it took me quite a bit to do so im throwing it in here :P
      ^^my grave^^

      im too lazy to actually type some stuff so im gonna throw in a a video
      Anti-Flag - turncoat
      ^^it's one of my favy's^^

      and lastly a question hmmmmm.........
      ****still what game do i have in my gameboy?!?+5 for the right answer!****
      barrett and paul still cannot answer this question :P
      but if no one guesses right this entry then whoever answers first between the 2 of you gets the +5, but u have to wait till my next journal entry to answer!!
      ***whats ur favy holiday and why?!?***


      14 years ago


      Charles had a bit of an accident and he broke :(
      poor little guy i'll keep u guys up to date with his recovery :P

      k now with the car accident.
      insurance company called today sayin she reported her claim or what not and stuff. my mom finds it quite rediculous that she's gonna pay a pretty big deductable over little scratches but whatever floats her boat i guess. but now i might get my lisence taken away for a year if the lady decides to be an oober bitch about it. turns out my mom cancelled my insurance when i got fired from my job and was gonna register me again after she got her incom tax check. sooo it's a possibility that i will be. i hope not i can go 2 weeks with out driving but not a year. the lady will have no reason to try and do that cause her cars gonna get fixed, but she looks like the type of person who would do that. me be super sad if she does though:(

      on to more happier stuff!!
      i have 22 numbers on my phone and no one guessed it right :-/ some of u were really close. the closest guess was 24 but i was debating whether or not i should give em' the points anyway. what u guys think should i?!?
      oh and another thing! someone keeps neg mod ReePeR1 in my journal entry's thats not nice!!

      oh and here's a little something for bp13iggy :)
      noticed the gambit pic in ur images thingy mabobber and found this
      enjoy young grasshopper

      *****What would u say are the top 5 things u completely hate?!?*****
      **mine are chocolate(it's just plain nasty and gross), when people scratch on paper(ugh that noise drives me nuts), clowns(there soo scary looken with all that make up and red nose eeeewwwww), when people talk to me like im a kid (my friends do that all the time it pisses me off), and splinters (oh god there a pain in the ass)**
      (sorry for the not so entertaining journal entry)

    • Nanner Nanner Nanner :P

      14 years ago


      soo i get into a car accident the yesturday. my first accident ever i was scared. i was all shaky, so i called my mom and had her come. it was wierd i seen the red light but it didn't register in my head to brake, why i dunno. but so i finally slam on the bakes and hit some lady. i didn't have my license on me either i had left it at home so i was like fuck im gonna get a ticket for not having my license on me. but thankfully i found my old permit and i guess it's just as good. i can tell my mom's kinda mad at me that it happened but doesn't wanna show it cause c'mon it's an accident.not like i did it intentially. so now i have no desire to drive, my friends say come 2 weeks i'll be dying to drive, maybe their right but i can sure say nooo way will i be driving anywhere soon, it was bad enough i had to drive home after the accident i had this tight grip around the steering wheel prob driving so slow if my grandma was in the car she'd be yelling to go faster.


      ****Guess how many phone numbers i have stored in my cell phone and u'll get +2****

      ***if u were stuck on a deserted island what 3 things would u like to have with you?!?***

      **last but not least**

    • WeeeEEEeEEEeeE

      14 years ago


      YEY i finally fixed my puter!!!! no more super mario 3's big world for me :) now the screen looks wierd to me cause im soo used to seeing everything all big. now it's normal size and im squinting to read/see stuff. but i'll get used to it again.

      ***everyone who stayed on my friends list i just want to say you guys are awsome and im glad ur my friend :) yea yea a bit cheesy but hey who doesn't like cheese?!?:P***

      Some WHICH IS WORSE for ya's :)
      *last journal entry with these*
      1.A. Dumped for my best friend
      B. Dumped for my worse enemy

      2.A. Breaking the arm I use the most
      B. Breaking a leg

      3.A. Finding a nude picture of your bf/gf on the Internet
      B. Finding a nude picture of your mom on the Internet

      4.A. Stepping in dog poop
      B. Getting crapped on by a bird

      5.A. Losing a toe in the lawn mower
      B. Losing a finger in the garbage disposal

      *****what do u think is the best movie and the worste movie ever?!?*****
      *i think the best movie i would have to say is nightmare before christmas i love that movie :)
      and worste would be 2 fast 2 furious i seen the first 15 min of that movie and had to turn it off, there was no way i was gonna sit through an hour and a half of that crap*

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