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    • work.. work..... work

      3 years ago

      YAAYGAMES Strange and Confused

      That moment when its the second day in the work week.

      You've already clocked in 30 hours of time...

      then you're boss walks up to you and says.

      "Stop working your ass off and take the next 2 days off!.. damn dude you're making us look bad"

      .....I definitely got hired with the right company hahaha

    • hot HOT HOOOOT!

      4 years ago

      YAAYGAMES Strange and Confused

      So I went to buy an A/C today, of course when it's already fuckin 32 degrees out there, CELSIUS OF COURSE!! (fuck you Imperial scum!). Of course all the A/C's are sold out except one it's an open box. so no one fuckin wants it, but I'm desperate. So i buy it, bring it home, my roommate and I are setting it up, it's one of the window mounted ones. and we start to notice that its missing pieces. SO after an hour of trying to jerry rig this piece of shit i take it back for a refund

      Now this is the messed up part!
      I don't get my full refund back.
      For all you people who don't know canada has a shitty hardware store called canadian tire, and every time you buy something they give you "canadian tire money" which you can use for your next purchase or donate it in this box they have near the exit. So i donate it right away. It's 60 fucking cents. But to get a full refund you have to hand the canadian tire money back with your item! So they deducted 60 cents from my refund! So it just costed me 60 cents to:
      a) buy and A/C
      b) spend an hour trying to mount it
      c) bring it back to them
      And I'm still sitting here with a pool of sweat underneath my nut sack.

    • Memory issues, is it just me?

      5 years ago

      YAAYGAMES Strange and Confused

      Ok I've never been a person who has the best of memories. Forgetting names regularly, birthdays, where I put my keys, a few times where i put my car.
      BUT!! the other day I was at school eating my lunch, the rest of the day proceeded as normal and when I got home I could not remember eating my lunch. I knew that I did eat it, I knew that I was digesting it as I thought about it. But the actual act of eating my lunch I could not remember.
      Does this happen to anyone else?

    • Children!! AHHH!!

      5 years ago

      YAAYGAMES Strange and Confused

      Ok I've always been back and forth about whether if i want to eventually have kids or not. But watching other peoples kids don't help my decision. I have the worst possible upstairs neighbors ALL BECAUSE OF THEIR DAMN KIDS!!.. You know what i hear every day when i get home from university?! heres a hint...
      when i was a kid and lived in an apartment my parents drilled into my head to watch how i walk so i don't disturb my downstairs neighbors. BUT NOOO not my neighbors.
      Anyone else have any doubts about children?

    • Just wanna have fun!

      5 years ago

      YAAYGAMES Strange and Confused

      Ok so today was a celebration for me and my university class, we survived a very tough first 2 months of our program and we're getting drinks. But in all group of people theres that one dude that just can't stop drinking, a bunch of us were hanging out having fun chattin, before long we notice that this one guy has had more drinks then the rest of us combined, he was just being a complete fool but a couple of us thought it would be hilarious if we could see just how drunk he can get, so we..... encourage him to buy more drinks over the course of about 2 hours. as we're leaving his bill comes to almost $150 and he can barely walk straight. keeps saying over and over "my bus takes me right to the F***** CHICKS!" he tries to put his school bag on but has it on sideways and backwards. needless to say we can't stop laughing. but we has some decency. so we take him to the bus stop wait for his bus push him on and let him go. Heres hoping I see him again on monday. LOL

    • 5 years ago

      YAAYGAMES Strange and Confused
    • NEW HERE!!... well not really

      5 years ago

      YAAYGAMES Strange and Confused

      Hi everyone! I've always been a fan of RT since RVB season 4, never signed up though. I've never really been a big people person. But I've heard all ya'll are pretty cool so i thought HEY! why not see if this is jsut as awesome as I've come to expect... soooo.... HI! how ya peoples doin?

    • 2019 years ago

      YAAYGAMES Strange and Confused
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