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      8 years ago


      Hi a am new to this diary thing. so i just write what ever i want here and people will read it? Arn't journals or diaries supposed to be privet things people keep of their thoughts and experiences? and your only supposed to read them after the person died so you can try to figure out where they hid the fortune and who might of had a motive to kill them. Any ways...were to begin...

      Well i didn't know this part of the website existed until today. mostly because i only came to the site to read the comics and watch new episodes of red vs blue and that's it. but apparently my friend James. or Jameskryack as you probably know him had been posting stuff about me on this site making me look like a fool. I don't need him to make me look like a fool i do that plenty well on my own. then it turned out people thought i was James cool friend that they wish they had and well who could blame them. so i am now here to set the record straight and just be awesome and maybe get some pancakes.mmmmmhhh While i am at it i am probably going to need to get some syrup also. any ways that's about it i think. i am making my self hungry

    • 2019 years ago

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