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    • Happy Natal Day 2018!

      11 months ago


      To all my fellow Scotians on the site. All 5 of you. (:

    • 3, 2, 1...

      1 year ago


      …aaaaaaaand Happy New Year 2018, everybody!

      All the best to you and yours!

    • Remembering Monty

      3 years ago


      This one is a bit…different.

      I have never written a journal entry this personal before, and I don’t know if I ever will again.

      This is a subject that I have given a lot of thought to, and I mean a lot. It’s taken almost a year for me to properly articulate my thoughts, to really express what I want to say.

      I am not a person for whom this kind of thing comes either easily or naturally; this took effort.

      But, I’ll get right to the point. These words were chosen with great care. Because I really want to get this right.

      I was hugely affected by the death of Monty Oum. I have never been hit so hard by the death of someone I didn’t know personally.

      When I saw Burnie’s journal entry, where Monty’s hospitalization was revealed, my very first thought, God help me, was that there was no possible way this could be happening. It couldn’t be real. It just could not.

      When the surrealism wore off and reality sunk in, I was, like everyone else, shocked and confused. I spent the next few days hoping for the best, but in my heart I knew the worst had already happened.

      I found out about Monty’s death through Caiti Ward’s journal. As soon as I saw the title, “Take A Moment”, all the energy just when out of me like a balloon deflating.

      I didn’t cry, but I did spend that entire day in a numb, bleak daze. I could barely function. My only blessing that day was that I didn’t have anywhere to go. The area where I lived was slammed by a huge snow system, and my city was shut down. I could just stay in one place and try to deal with this devastating news.

      But being trapped alone in my home while reeling from this tragedy was a very weird experience. It felt like a dream. One I couldn’t wake up from.

      The only other really clear memory I have of that day is trying to go for a walk in the storm. I remember the cold wind whipping my face, lashing it red and raw, and the big, fat snowflakes that stuck in my hair and my beard. And I barely felt any of it.

      About a year earlier, I had been hit with the deaths of two people I deeply cared about. One was an uncle I was close to, the other was a neighbour I liked. I tried to learn from this to not take people for granted. That just because someone is there one day, is no guarantee that they will be there the next. Obviously, the lesson didn’t stick.

      I was saddened by their passing, but I wasn’t surprised. My uncle and my neighbour were not young, and both had been sick for a long time. Monty’s death hit me in a totally different way. I think I have some understanding of how a fan of the Beatles must have felt after the death of John Lennon.

      Monty Oum was a man who seemed like he could do absolutely anything. His creative spark, dedication to his craft, his endless energy and his ambition were a huge inspiration to me.If there is some kind of creative unconscious that runs through the universe, then Monty was certainly channeling it.

      And then, suddenly, he was gone. The idea that someone so extraordinary, someone I respected so much, could just not be there anymore. That did more that hurt me. It scared me profoundly. Even now, they are days when I feel that strange sense of unreality. When I still feel like I’m in the dream.

      There are people who, in times of sorrow, turn to spiritual comfort. I am sorry to say that I am not one of them. I do not believe in an afterlife. This adds an extra twinge of sorrow to every death. Because I know in my heart that I will never see any of the people I care about again.

      What I do take solace from is the idea that the people we have lost live on through us. They live on in our memories of them, and they live through the works they leave behind. And Monty has left behind a very impressive legacy.

      So to the cast and crew of RWBY, to the writers, the animators, and the actors, and also to all the talented artists of this community: I know I don’t just speak for myself when I say thank you for keeping Monty’s vision going.

      And to the loved ones that Monty has left behind, his friends, his family, everyone who knew him: “sorry” by itself doesn’t feel like enough, but I am. I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what you’ve gone through, and I think I would do it injustice if I even tried. Once again, I don’t speak only for myself when I say that I miss him, too.

      That’s all I have. I hope I wasn’t too incoherent. Goodbye for now.

    • I have returned!

      3 years ago


      So…would you believe that this is the first time that I have posted anything in my profile since the site got updated?

      Because it is.

      Nine months since my last journal entry. Nine..months. Jesus. People have babies in that span of time. That is a long-ass time, considering I’ve stated (more than once) that I think of RT as a kind of second home. So, why did I go away in the first place? Well, I guess I just thought that I needed some time away from home.

      I had been visiting Rooster Teeth pretty much every day for five years, and I thought that I needed a break. When the big update happened, I thought that would be a good time to step away for a while.

      Then, I got distracted. Shit, as shit so often does, began to pile up. Eventually, going back to RT just became an afterthought while I dealt with other things in my life.

      Also, I have a tendency to put things off, anyway; case in point, I had originally planned to write this journal entry on New Year’s Day.

      But I’m back, more or less, and I do plan to start being more active in the future. And since I sort of dropped off the face of the earth, I figured a good first step is to write this to let any concerned parties know that I am neither:

      • Dead
      • Incapacitated
      • Being held for ransom
      • Sucked into a trans-dimensional portal to become a plaything of the Elder Gods for all eternity
      • Transformed into a frog, newt, snake, or any other small, slimy entity by a warlock with a grudge
      • I can’t think of another funny dilemma

      Taking that time away was weird at first, but ultimately, it was something I needed to do. Too much of anything, even a good thing, is bad. Looking back, I can see that I actually was addicted to Rooster Teeth, and it was starting to interfere with my life. The past few months since I dropped out have essentially been a period of withdrawal and recovery.

      So while I do want to be more active, and will post more in the future, I have resolved to not let the things I love control my life. Anything can become habit forming if you let it; the better something is, the more addictive it can be. And that is why it is essential to take everything in moderation.

      That being said, it is good to be back!

      Until next time!

    • Why I am a fan of Rooster Teeth

      4 years ago


      The more I think about Rooster Teeth, the more I come to realize just how astounding it really is.

      How many people are in the RT community? At the time I'm posting this, there are 11092 active users currently on the site. And that's just on site right now! I know that there are a hell of a lot more out there. But what about outside the website?

      How many people follow RT on Facebook and Twitter? Hundreds of thousands. How many people subscribe to RT's YouTube channel? 8 million. How many times have episodes of Red vs. Blue, RWBY, and Achievement Hunter been watched? Millions and millions. What is the accumulative total of all those views? A LOT!!

      And all of these people come from different backgrounds. They are different ages, from different cultures, different religions (or no religion), different economic status, different languages, and different countries. And what unites all these hugely different, unique personalities is their love of Rooster Teeth.

      I think you'd really be pressed to find another community on the net with the level of loyalty, solidarity, and co-operation that we have. Together, we are strong. We give each other a voice. It's that sense of camaraderie that I love. Especially when you consider that so many of us haven't even met face to face. This community has allowed talented artists to shine and cash in on their skills. Not only do we make each other laugh, but we support each other in times of crisis.

      All of us who use this site saw just how strong that support could be at the beginning of February, following the untimely death of one of the people who made Rooster Teeth what it is now. As miserable as that time was, we got through it because of the love and support we gave one another. We are unbreakable.

      Because of Rooster Teeth, lifelong friendships have been formed. People have gotten married. Children have been born, will be born because of what we've got here. And all of this, plus the ever-growing level of content we enjoy, came about because a bunch of dudes in Texas got drunk and played Halo one night. And for whatever reason ( the booze, probably ), they decided it would be a great idea to make videos out of it.

      They had an idea they were passionate about, the ambition and determination to carry it out, and a refusal to compromise. And you know what? That was more than enough.

      I've been following RT for a long time, but I only became a community member fairly recently. I have watched this company grow from a handful of people working out of an apartment with a small, cult following to an online juggernaut. I've seen what started out as basically an extension of Halo fandom evolve into its own unique animal. I've also watched the next generation of content producers come up, as people from the community, people my age or around it, joined the ranks of the company.

      When the torch of writing and directing Red vs. Blue was passed to Miles Luna, I was thrilled. Not just because he is a brilliantly creative person, but because he and I are the same age. Whenever I see someone my own age doing something creative and fun for a living, and doing it very well, it gives me hope.

      The story of RT also taught me that I don't need to live in a place like New York or L.A (or, since I'm Canadian, let's say Toronto or Vancouver) to be successful. You don't need to go where the hype is. Have a good idea, stick to your guns, take some risks, and all the good shit will come to you.

      All of that is pretty special, but not the reason why I am a fan. I have been a fan since I was 17; the night I was first introduced to RvB was the night, I shit you not, of a lunar eclipse. I was watching TV out of one eye, watching the shadow work its way across the face of the moon with the other. My brother, who was thirteen at the time, was using the computer; I wasn't really paying attention to him, or to what he was watching.

      At some point, I heard those now so familiar guitar chords, the ones I now associate with the imminent arrival of something strange and funny. I finally took enough interest to find out what the hell my brother was watching. My life changed just as simply as that. I was reeled in, hook, line, and fucking sinker. That was the summer I graduated from high school. It was also the summer that I got the first three seasons of RvB on DVD. My discovery of Rooster Teeth happened concurrently with my becoming an adult.

      In that time, Rooster Teeth has been one of the few constants in my life, and through all of my experiences, it has been the only thing that has consistently made me laugh, and made me feel good.

      But most importantly, it gave me something I didn't realize I needed until I found it. It gave me a community. It gave me a group of people I completely, and without reservation, say are my people.

      That's why I'm a fan of Rooster Teeth.


    • Ten Little Roosters

      4 years ago


      So... Chris is dead.

      Welp, so much for my theory! smiley4.gif

    • Slender: No Fucking Way!

      4 years ago


      Yesterday, Slender:The Arrival was released on XBLA, and I downloaded the demo for it. I have made three attempts to get through it. All three were dismal failures.

      Attempt#1: I made it to the front doorstep of the house before I had to stop.

      Attempt#2: I managed to explore the lower level of the house , but I couldn't bring myself to go upstairs .

      Attempt#3: Ten minutes ago. I got all the way to investigating the source of a mysterious scream behind the house , only to find myself stranded in the dark . That's it for me!

      You notice how in any of these attempts, nothing really scary has actually happened. But the atmosphere is so intense! You feel it it clawing at you.

      I am not touching that fucking game again until Achievement Hunt does. I wanna see a Let's Play or a Play Pals, or something. I wanna know what's coming!

      This is hands down the most terrifying game I've touched in a very long time!

    • 4 years ago


      Yesterday, I watched No Country For Old Men for the first time. Before I went to sleep, I checked under my bed and in my closet for Javier Bardem.

    • I hate when this happens

      4 years ago


      About ten minutes ago, I dropped everything I was doing and came running to my computer. I logged on to the site to do something. And now, I have no idea what that "something" was. I sure it was something good, or else I wouldn't have arrived so quickly. But the thought has passed, and I have no idea what it was. Bummer.

    • Buried Treasure

      4 years ago


      In Assassin's Creed III, there is a side mission that the player can undertake. It involves collecting various trinkets for a crazy old bastard named Peg Leg (I doubt that was the name his mother gave him, but you never know.) Anyway, if you give him enough, he gives you pieces of a map. If you've gotten 100% on the game, you would be familiar with this. But this is one of the reasons why Three holds a special place in my heart, apart from the fact that it was the first AC I've played all the way through.

      The map depicts a place called Oak Island, where, according to legend, the pirate Captain Kidd buried his greatest treasure. I was very happy when I discovered this. Oak Island is a real place. The legend is a real legend.

      The story goes that Kidd supposedly buried part of his treasure on an island "east of Boston." Now, some of you may be thinking "how many islands are there east of Boston?" Well, many. But in 1795, three teenaged boys were exploring and came upon the remains of an excavated pit. This "Money Pit" became a focal point for treasure hunters and debunkers for centuries, all looking for Kidd's treasure. I'm not gonna tell you the whole story, because I wouldn't do it justice.

      I'm from Nova Scotia, which Oak Island is a part of, and that legend is a big part of the folklore we have here. While I have no doubt the Money Pit is real, I don't think it has anything to do with pirates. What those boys found was probably a filled-in well that had once been used by the region's German settlers. Still, it's a good story.

      I've actually been to Oak Island. Well, not really. I've been to Mahone Bay, where the island is located, but couldn't get on the island itself. It's private property now, and I guess the new owners are a little uptight about people coming over and digging the place up, looking for pirate loot. Go figure.

      I'm bringing this up now because, if ever they do a Five Facts on Assassin's Creed III, I hope this is one of them.

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    • Caszie

      4 years ago

      Thank you for the friendship!!!!! smiley0.gif

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        4 years ago

        No problem.

    • deadextra

      5 years ago

      Thanks for the comment, I wouldn't have noticed I was the FU without it!

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        5 years ago

        No problem.

  • Jump Scares of RT

    Screen caps of some of my favourite moments when those fine folks at Rooster Teeth scare the shit out of themselves. Because it amuses me when people are terrified.

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