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    • Valentine's Bummer

      5 years ago


      Ahh, Valentine's Day. The annual ceremonial exchange of cheap sentiment and expensive chocolate. But while everyone else celebrates love, I shall be lamenting the loss of mine.

      The only thing I'll say on the subject is this: I thought I had everything I wanted. A woman who was strong, smart, and independent. A woman who was sunny and optimistic, and never let the world get her down. And a woman who was a really goddamn good cook.

      I had it all. All I wanted. But I didn't have who I really needed, which was someone to make sure the first three never met each other.

      Oh well. Buck up, old sport. Que sera sera, and all that.

      Seriously, I do wish you all a happy Valentine's Day. No matter what happens, we've always got each other. Make of that what you will.

    • My pet peeve

      5 years ago


      There are many movies, TV shows, and such that I don't like, but there are very few that actually drive crazy. It takes a lot to drive me crazy. What usually does the trick is when I see a movie title or some such that makes absolutely no sense. The example I am presently thinking of is The Last Exorcism 2.

      I'll repeat that: The Last Exorcism.....2!

      The mind reels. The head spins. They really couldn't come up with anything else? This was the only title that occurred to them? If they were always planning to make a sequel, then maybe "The Penultimate Exorcism" might have worked better as the name of the first one? Some sort of retroactive series title, perhaps? Just throwing it out there.

      If you're doing another exorcism, then I guess the first wasn't the LAST ONE! It was the FIRST ONE!
      I saw that movie title in the Xbox Live Marketplace, and I had to slap myself across the face to confirm that I was still in reality. I would really have preferred it if I was in some elaborate and enigmatic dreamworld, but at least in my dreams, I can be a pirate!

      There really should be some kind of unspoken rule, one that says: if a movie has last in the title, no sequels! The movie's called The Last Exorcism? NO MORE EXORCISMS! Over! Done with! Finito!

      See? Crazy. I think I need to go lay down for a while.

    • Got my ticket!

      5 years ago


      It's official.

      Austin, here I come. Finally, I'm going to RTX.

    • RTX Tickets

      5 years ago


      To buy, or not to buy.

      Last year, I wanted more than anything to go to RTX, but a number of circumstances conspired against me. I won't go into details, except to say that a lack of funds was part of the problem, as it usually is. It's been a while since I've had a full-time paying job, and a very long time indeed since I've a job I actually like.

      I'm hoping to remedy this soon, and start to bring in an income again. But that is neither here nor there. The point is that I now have been a member of the Rooster Teeth community for over a full year, and I've come to think of it as an online home. I want to meet my fellow community members, the ones who accepted my friend request, and vice versa.

      And, of course, I'd love to meet the people who actually work to create the content we all know and love. Especially the ones who took pity on me, and added me to their friends lists; namely Jack, Michael, Kerry, Brandon, and the lovely Lindsay.

      And I'd really love to meet Miles Luna; he's not in my friends list, but I have a lot of respect for.him. The idea that someone my age (indeed someone younger than me) experienced such success doing something fun and creative is very encouraging. On top of that, he just seems to be an eminently likeable person. The kind of guy I'd love to have a beer with.

      I've made up my mind. I'm gonna get a ticket as soon as I can. That way, no matter what happens, at least I've got one. And you know what? I'm gonna go. Even if I don't get a job, I'm gonna go. Even if it breaks my back account, I'm gonna go. No more waiting. No more excuses.

      See you there, folks!

    • How about that?

      5 years ago


      I signed in to my account today, and happened to notice that the one and only Michael Jones (okay, probably not the only Michael Jones, but the only one at Achievement Hunter) had accepted my friend request. Was not expecting that.

      He was the first person I ever sent a friend request to, and believe me, that took a lot of nerve on my part. Even on the tubes of the internet, I am the most shy, socially awkward bastard on planet Earth. All that was a year ago, and I'd completely forgotten about it. So this was an unexpected treat.

      So, I guess I'll take this opportunity to say the following:

      Happy New Year, Michael, thank you for making me your friend, and congratulations on having the best job in the world, and having someone in your life as great as Lindsay.

      Take care (and thanks again)

    • Vacation over

      5 years ago


      Back to the grind.


    • DEP

      5 years ago


      I'm not sure not sure how many people are familiar with Revolver Magazine. They are a publication devoted entirely to hard rock and heavy metal music, and for a few years now, they have held an annual awards show. The Revolver Golden God Awards.

      In 2013, it was streamed over Xbox Live, and, being the metalhead I am, I stayed up until 4:00 AM to watch the whole thing. A lot of great bands performed that night, Metallica and Anthrax to name a couple. But for me, the show-stopper was Dillinger Escape Plan.

      If you are unfamiliar with their music, understand that it is very hard to find words to describe them. To me, they sound like the Red Hot Chili Peppers being attacked by sharks. As with most bands I listen to, they have material I like and dislike (my favourite album of theirs is Option Paralysis). But what floored me about their performance was the energy.

      Whether or not you like the music, their energy was spectacular. Thrashing and smashing into one another, throwing things into the audience, the lead singer cutting his forehead, and performing the whole set with his face dripping with blood. No interaction with the crowd at all, apart from the singer declaring "This is real shit, motherfuckers!" They performed second, and had I been playing that night, I would not wanna follow them.

      Looking back over this journal, I'm starting to think I should have been a music reporter. Is it too late for a change of career?

      The reason I'm writing this now is because I went back and watched some performances videos last night.
      I recommend you check them out.

      If you watch DEP's performance, start with "Prancer", and you'll see what I'm talking about.

    • Should auld acquaintance

      5 years ago


      Happy New Year, my friends!

      Here's to the fun that lays ahead.

    • T'is still the season

      5 years ago


      In spite of the hassle and inherent crappiness of preparation (or ill-preparation) for this time of year, in the end, it's still pretty awesome. And for many reasons, not the least of which is that it is the longest possible time before more Christmas shopping.

      Anyway, have a good one, y'all.

      And a happy New Year.

    • Whaaaa!?

      5 years ago


      Back during E3, I wrote a journal entry detailing my thoughts about some of the games and consoles that were being shown.

      One of those games was Ryse: Son of Rome. I saw the gameplay footage, and I said that the game should be called "Saving Private Maximus."

      May I suggest you head to the Achievement Hunter "just released games" section, and look at the achievements for Ryse: Son of Rome? You may or may not find one call "Saving Private Marius".

      Is this a coincidence, friends? Do I merely have a good knowledge of movies and an excellent grasp of irony? Or did one of the game designers happen to see my journal entry, and added that particular achievement later? They thought that they were being clever by by changing the name; they thought it would fool me.

      Well, it didn't! And you know what? I think I'm entitled to some royalties over here! Unless the game turns out to be a dud. In which case, I'd like to publicly disassociate myself from it.

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