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    • 6 years ago

    • The work is never done

      6 years ago


      You may recall that in episode 94 of RvB, Tucker gives his alien offspring some sage advice on life.
      One of these pearls of wisdom was "all the girls on the internet are actually dudes."

      Now, this statement has fascinated me since the first time I heard it. Since that time, I have devoted countless man-hours to investigating this proposition.

      HEY! IT'S RESEARCH! It's valid research! Okay? Okay.

      After many exhaustive investigations, I have concluded that there is nothing to back this statement up. The corroborating evidence doesn't lie. But, that doesn't mean I just stop now. After all, science is an ongoing process. New insight leads to new data.

      Where would we be if Da Vinci had just stopped? Or Tesla? Or Thomas Edison?

      Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to conduct another round of tests. But first, I'm gonna get a snack.

    • My favourite historical quote:

      6 years ago


      "I just don't feel like doing anything"
      Soren Kierkegaard

      Kinda says it all, don't ya think?

    • Damn it!

      6 years ago


      It finally happened.

      I knew it would eventually, and I'm not all that surprised, but still, damn it! It's finally happened!

      I've started to lose my hair. Thanks to my mom's wonderful gene pool, my hair's started to thin right on the crown. I've got the very beginnings of a bald spot there.

      Both my grandfather and great-grandfather when bald in their thirties, and I'm in my twenties, so I've only got about ten years left to enjoy my brown locks.

      I guess I'd better make the most of the time I've got left.

    • What to say

      6 years ago


      I'm sitting here at my computer, trying to come up with something to write about this week's tragedy. Any attempt to write something moving or touching will probably end very badly. I'll just say that I remember Knuckles Dawson when I first started visiting Rooster Teeth at 17. He struck me a cool guy who was just there. Just always there. I never met him in person, but I wish I had.

      RT has always brought me a lot of joy, and this doesn't seem real. It feels like some very strange dream. I guess I'll finish this by giving my condolences to his family, friends, and everyone who knew and loved him. That's all. I usually try to keep things light and humourous, but I ain't feeling it today.

    • E3

      6 years ago


      Well, E3 officially ended yesterday, and I'm sorry to say that for me, it was a bit of a bust. Xbox One looks cool, but I'm not at all impressed with their stance on backwards compatibility and used games. That being said, I probably will get one, but not until it comes down in price.

      There were only a few games that caught my eye this year. The new Thief looks cool, the new Call of Duty looks cool, Destiny looks amazing. If you have the opportunity to watch the trailer for Ryse: Son of Rome, do it. It's pretty much Saving Private Maximus.

      I was disappointed because I was really hoping to hear about the next Fallout game. I am a huge fan of that franchise, and I've only been getting bits and pieces of info about it. There have been rumours, but I take internet rumours not with a grain of salt but with the whole shaker. I trust them about as much as I trust that kid back in primary school who used to steal my shoes.

      Honestly, the game I am most excited about was not at E3. It's Notch's new game 0x10c (pronouned ten to the see). I won't go into a lengthy description right now, but suffice it to say, this game lets you do pretty much everything I wanted to do in Mass Effect but couldn't.

      Finally, to cap off my little rant, I was excited to hear about Fable: Anniversary, a 360 remake of Fable: The Lost Chapters. Fable was the game that make me fall in love with original Xbox, so I am looking forward big time.

      That it for now. Peace.

      Edit: Good news: Minecraft coming to Xbox One. Bad news: not compatible with 360 saved games. AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!

    • I'm a believer

      6 years ago


      When it come to extraterrestrials, I've usually thought of myself as pretty open minded. I've always thought that alien life might exist somewhere, but I never been sure. How could I? How could anyone?

      There's never been any concrete proof, unless you're dumb to believe stories of abduction and government conspiracy. To quote Mr. Carl Sagan, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

      While I still believe that, I am now pretty much completely convinced that alien species of some kind are, in fact, out there. Why? Math.

      I saw a documentary on TV that really put it in perspective. There are approximately one hundred billion galaxies in the known universe. And each of these has about one hundred billion stars, most of which have their own solar systems. One hundred billion times itself is one sextillion. That's twenty two zeros with a one at the beginning. And that's only the ones that we know about!

      Think about it: with all those planets, it would be weirder for alien lifeforms to not exist.

      Even if it was only microbes buried under alien dirt, that would be something.

      Of course, this is just speculation, just what I think. Here what I know for sure: we have a better chance of finding a technologically advanced, multi-planetary alien civilization than of me finding a committed relationship.

      I think I've said too much.

    • Slenderman lives?

      6 years ago


      The story I am about to tell is strange, but very true.

      A day or so before Halloween, my mother was driving me to work. At one point, we saw someone walking in the margin of the road. He was wearing suit pants, a collared shirt, and a tie, and appeared to have some sort of fabric pulled over his head. With no eyeholes.

      We drove past him. We each had our eyes of him for literally a second. We looked in the rear view mirror, and he was on the other side of the road!

      I am not bullshiting you. This really happened. And unless this guy was Usain Bolt, I don't see any way he could have crossed the road so quickly. And of course, what would Usain Bolt be doing walking down a suburban road in the Halifax Regional Municipality with a white burlap sack on his head!?

      I've been going over this in my head a lot, and you know what? A real, genuine Slenderman is the least crazy possibility.

      Plenty of forests near my home. And I guess he lost his coat somewhere.

      So, that's my weird story. One of them, anyway.

    • Strange Dreams

      6 years ago


      Good afternoon..

      I had a strange dream last night. It's not quite as bizarre as the ones I usually experience, but I'll share it anyway.

      In my dream, I was walking through a public park near where I live in Nova Scotia, and for some reason, I was traveling with Ray and Michael.

      It was neither a good nor a bad dream, kind of uneventful. Ray seems like a pretty cool guy, but I'm glad I woke up before Michael tried to rage quit the park.

      Remember, he's from New Jersey, a place where, I believe, they have successfully abolished nature.
      He might not have known what to make of his surroundings.

    • Metal!!!

      6 years ago


      Are you watching the Golden Gods right now? You'd better be.

      Here what I've learned so far: Dillinger Escape Plan is a tough act to follow.

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