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    • See Ya Later Monty

      4 years ago


      It's not really sinking in that he's gone. I feel like there's a hole in my chest and I've lost a childhood hero. Monty Oum was creativity incarnate. He could always storyboard, concept, and animate these elaborate fight scenes that made head explodes from sheer awesome and he inspired me to choreograph and create just as epic and badass fight scenes of my own.

      Then RWBY came along and I felt like a kid watching his first real animated series light up both my computer screen and my eyes with each episode. Infectiously fun character, crazy weapons, and an inspiration to create my own character for the series and team up with my best friend Isaiah to bring the beauty of RWBY Original Characters that was Team BRKE.

      Monty I really wish I could've heard your thoughts on BRKE just once. But I'm promise in honor of your memory Isaiah and I will keeping working on and improving BRKE everyday...because those girls are our pride and joy that you inspired us to create.

      Isaiah and I really want to show how much Monty inspired the two of us :) We're going to keep drawing our RWBY Original Character's Team BRKE and constantly improve on them and develop them more and more. Draw them in new outfits, make animations with them, one day make trailers for them. And currently make an opposing Villain Team for them. But more than anything one day down the road we want to compile everything we've done that Monty inspired in us to create and publish an Artbook of it for ourselves and I'd like to send one to RoosterTeeth and Sheena just really truly show in full detail how much of an impression Monty left on even just on a couple of peoples lives :)

      Monty Oum you were a hero and forever a legend. You gave me confidence that maybe one day I could inspire someone to follow their creative muse like you did for mine and they will do the same for someone else and so on and so on so that this world will continue seeing for generations to come. You were a one-of-a-kind inspiration for many artists worldwide. Thank you for all the wonders and creativity you brought into the world Monty Oum.

      I'm not saying goodbye because goodbyes always feel like I'll never see you again. I always prefer "See Ya Later's" because then in some weird personal its always like I'll have the chance to see you again. Maybe in the afterlife...maybe in a next life. I really wish I could've met you even just once in this life. So thank you again Monty Oum for everything you've done and See You Later.

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    • Signal boost

      4 years ago


      Hey everyone just posting a Gofundme I'm doing for myself and really wanting to get a lot of signal boost for this LGBT friendly worldwide tournament I want to go participate in with my team. Thanks again everyone :)


    • RWBY Weaponry Team BRKE Weapons Part 1 of 4

      5 years ago




      Weapon Classification:
      CMDT (Crystal Magnum Dust Tonfas)

      Video Demonstration

      Brooke's specialty within combat is a balanced mixed of close range with long range and mid range alternatives. Brooke functions as the most balanced teammate of Team BRKE being adept for various situations but not excelling highly over any compared to her teammates.

      Riptide's functions to compliment Brooke's overall balanced capabilities through its versatility as a well balanced offensive and defensive weapon.

      Tonfa's in their basic design are close combat weapons designed to adapt and alternate between offensive and defensive fighting styles at the literal flick of a wrist. Designed mainly to induce blunt force trauma and debilitating hard hitting strike the weapon itself is a force to be reckoned with given the added compliment of a long range function with the magnum half of the weapon able to fire energy projectiles when loaded with the proper ammunition.

      The ammunition stored within the chambers of each tonfa are specialized dust crystals and what she calls, "Dust Magnums."

      Riptide's dust magnums function to augment Brooke's physical abilities, as well as give support effects. Brooke has 6 different dust magnums. A total of 12 with one of each type on both Riptides. The magnum types and effects are as follows:

      The Assault Magnums increases Brooke's attack power, dealing powerful damage in each blow.

      The Mystic Magnum unlocks Riptide's functions of firing energy based projectiles.

      The Aegis Magnum increases Brooke's and Riptide's defenses to attacks. Also has potential to repel powerful hits.

      The Resistance Magnum grants Brooke the support effect of immunity to status ailments. In actuality, it doesn't. When Brooke is afflicted with an effect that could hinder her abilities, the magnum absorbs the ailment into itself. Once absorbed, Brooke can focus the absorbed ailment into an energy projectile, and afflict a target with the same affliction that once hindered her.

      The Dexterity Magnum increases Brooke's overall speed, allowing her to move quickly around the battlefield, dodging attacks and striking her opponents with lightning fast hits.

      The Restore Magnum grants Brooke healing support when loaded, steadily healing her wounds. Its healing properties may also be focused into a projectile to heal her allies. Unfortunately, its strength is limited, thus it exhausts itself quickly.

      As mentioned earlier, The Riptides have one of each magnum in both their magnum chambers, meaning not only can one magnum type be loaded in both weapons, but they can be mixed and matched for different battle situations. Thus with Riptide, Brooke becomes a very well rounded fighter.

      Furthermore when one magnum type is loaded in both Riptides, the magnum's effect doubles in power, increasing the augmentation further.

      With this amount of versatility at Brooke's disposal Brooke literally has a staggering 21 different dust crystal combinations, resulting in 21 different fighting stances she describes as "Tide Turns' when alternating her ammunition within the magnum's chamber.


      Riptide's functions were heavily inspired by Final Fantasy XIII's Paradigm System.

      Riptide is the result of two water currents colliding.

      Named for how the combination of two magnums results in either a unique dual augmentation, or a single more powerful augmentation. Similar to how two colliding currents create a riptide, and how a current become more powerful when another current follows it's direction, respectively.

    • Character Creating 101 with YinToYang. RWBY OC's Part 2

      5 years ago


      So continuing where we left off in the first Journal. We'll continue the understanding of the process with Kaneli and Emerald of Team BRKE and finish it off with some fun trivia about Team BRKE

      So here's the beautiful Kaneli Amala


      Kaneli's color theme is a unique shade of Yellow called "Kournikova" represented primarily through her hair alone.

      Kournikova's overall a very pale yellow and Kaneli general color theme is treated as Yellow while Kournikova is the specific one shown through her hairs color and the K to represent her acronym in BRKE.

      The Kornikova Hex Color code is #FFDD6D

      Kaneli's first name also falls into the color theme of yellow as well. Her name is a Tongan name that means "Canary" and Canary birds are yellow feathered birds.

      Amala is a name of Arabic and Muslim origins with two separate meanings that means "Beloved; Bird" in Arabic and in Muslim it means "Wishes; Aspirations; Hope"

      So Kaneli's full name means "Beloved Canary Bird of Wishes"

      Finally we have Emerald Locke


      Emerald's color theme is Green. Specifically and obviously...Emerald Green.

      Like Kaneli her color theme is mostly shown through her hair as well but also in her individual symbol/insignia like Ruby's "Scatter" on her belt that Emerald wears on her armband. Her color is also shown on her weapon aka her shoes.

      Emerald's first name simply means and represents the Emerald Gemstone. Emerald's have a lot of symbolism with Hope and Renewal. Its also a strong symbol of Love due to it being a gemstone that represents the fourth chakra aka The Heart.

      Her last name Locke means "Woods; Fortified Place"

      Emerald's full name will mean "The Emerald Woods of Fortification"

      And now some fun trivia with Team BRKE


      -Team BRKE's inspiration stem from being each based around the Disney Incarnation's of popular female protagonists

      -Brooke Ariella is based on Ariel from The Little Mermaid
      -Rekka Zhu Que is based on Mulan from Disney's Mulan
      -Kaneli Amala is based on Pocahontas from Disney's Pocahontas
      -Emerald Locke is based on Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

      -Similar to how Team RWBY has a fairy tale theme, JNPR has a legendary warrior who disguised themselves as the opposite gender theme, and CRDL have bird theme. BRKE have a personalized theme as well

      -Team BRKE's unique individual theme is each one represents the four primal elements.

      -Brooke represents Water
      -Rekka represents Fire
      -Kaneli represent Wind
      -Emerald represents Earth

      Hope you enjoyed this Journal peeps. Next Journal I do will be centered on RWBY weapons

    • Character Creating 101 with YinToYang. A Basic Guide Designing Your Own RWBY Ori

      5 years ago


      With the recent popularity of the RWBY fanbase and the hustle and bustle of never ending Original Characters being created.

      Designing Original Characters is an ever evolving process. Characters start off with a base, get fleshed, and what you started with finally gets finished. But it never stops there. The character you have designed will constantly be evolving going through revision after revision. Team BRKE belonging to me and Isaiah are no exception from this either. We keep working constantly and changing and revising and updating things with Brooke, Rekka, Kaneli, and Emerald as both new things within the RWBY lore and myths are revealed or when discussing our characters together personally.

      But how do you start with designing a character for RWBY we'll follow the rules Monty has so far established with designing your character and Team BRKE will be used as examples for further explanation and then further examples from within the series will help with the design process to help all fans get themselves started on making the RWBY OC of their dreams. I'll be splitting this into several separate journals because otherwise you'll be reading a freaking novel by the time I'm done with this lol

      So first order of business are

      The Rules of Monty Oum

      As stated by Monty in a facebook post of his...

      "The RWBY Color Naming Rule"

      1.) Characters in RWBY must be:

      -A color
      -Something that sounds like a color
      -Something that means a color
      -Something that makes you think of a color

      and 2.) If that character is on a team, then the first letter of their name must fit in a 4 letter acronym that spells a team name that also must be:

      -A color
      -Something that sounds like a color
      -Something that means a color
      -Something that makes you think of a color

      Now remember if we're going for a Hunter/Huntress team this take a lot of careful consideration because the four letters you choose must...

      -Make an acronym word that either is, sounds like, means, or makes the viewer think of a color
      -And each letter is a separate color that represents each individual on the team represents for themselves.

      Using Team BRKE as the OC example

      Team BRKE is the acronym for "Brooke" named after the groups Team leader Brooke Ariella similar to Team RWBY named after Ruby Rose.

      The word "Brooke" has several meanings but the most common name meaning is a "Small Stream of Water" now while water is naturally colorless. Larger quantities or bodies of water like ocean's, lakes, and streams causes water to tint to a blueish hue caused by selective absorption and scattering of white light. (Granted the body of water isn't polluted or has some secondary cause in the change of color)

      So for the team name here we have something that follows the rule - "Makes you think of a color"

      Brooke = Blue

      So therefore the team's name color theme is Blue

      Now the teammates.

      The basic color theme for Team BRKE is Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green but further derived into their respective shades and names of each color.

      We'll take this step by step with each teammate individually

      Brooke Ariella

      Brooke Ariella's the leader of Team BRKE and her color theme is specifically Blue.

      As specified earlier with the team name Brooke's first name means "Small Stream of Water" which represents her color theme of Blue

      Brooke's last name however is a derivative of her base theme(those will be explained fully at the end of the journal) of the name "Ariel" from The Little Mermaid. The name Ariella however does mean, "Lion of God" signifying as a last name of unyielding courage and strength.

      Brooke's outfit and weapons are also predominantly Blue as well in color scheme.

      Brooke's Full Name means "Lion God of Small Streams"

      Next up is Rekka Zhu Que


      Rekka Zhu Que's the partner of Brooke on Team BRKE and her Color theme is specifically Red

      Rekka's first name is a Japanese name meaning, "Raging Fire" a very fitting name for both her color theme and her character's personality as a hot headed and impulsive girl.

      Her last name however is Chinese for, "Vermillion Bird". Vermillion is a specific shade of Red as well and the Vermillion Bird is known to represent the element of fire as well but don't mistake it for the Phoenix. Both of these are completely different myths.

      Rekka's Full Name means, "Red Vermillion of Raging Fire"

      Rekka's outfit is also predominantly a dark shade of red in color scheme choices :)

      That is all for Part 1 for now. Part 2 will have Kaneli and Emerald of Team BRKE and be posted soon :)

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    • fireheart47

      5 years ago

      Lol, I mentioned this on Isiahs deviant but I gotta ask,
      During episode 2 when Ruby is swooning over the other students weapons,
      did you guys intend to match them exactly with your OCs??
      Ruby: "Oh, that kid has a collapsible staff! *Gasp* And she has a fire sword!!"

      • YinToYang

        5 years ago

        Honestly...not really. At first Rekka's Sword didn't have any fire properties. I only got inspired for the flame covered sword when I was rewatching Pirates of The Carribean Dead Man's Chest when Will Turner soaks his blade in Oil and then slams it into a lamp and I was like...damn...Rekka should do that. With Kaneli though I'm not sure really. I'm sure its already been mentioned but both me and Isaiah own and created two members of Team BRKE respectively mine were Rekka and Emerald and his were Brooke and Kaneli :)

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