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    • Net Neutrality

      1 year ago


      So I'm curious, is there anyone here who actually agrees that net neutrality should be repealed? Even if you're for net neutrality, do you know anyone who's against it? I'm just super curious about hearing the other sides argument, and the thought process behind it, because I can't for the life of me see how this is a good thing.   

    • Merry Thanksgivingmas!

      1 year ago


      So, it's been a month since I posted anything... Whoops! Still alive, and doing well! Just writing, watching anime, doing my best to maintain friendships but failing miserably, the usual! I recently started a new medication, so now instead of shoving an injector pin into my leg every week, I now only have to go in for infusions every 8 weeks! My leg is certainly happy about that x3 I had a pretty good day yesterday~ Went over to my cousins house and shot a pellet rifle, then went to my aunts house and played a few games of chess. (lost one, won two) Anyways, how is everyone doing? If you celebrate thanksgiving, how did that go?

      I really wish I had more to tell you guys about, but my life is pretty stagnant. Aside from writing, nothings really happened xD I hope you all have a lovely day x3

    • Jianju asked YoiteShimizu a question

      Just checking in on you, you doing alright?

      Answered: Nov 24, 2017

      Yes! Super sorry for not updating in awhile! Got really preoccupied with life x3 I'll be making a post later today though!

    • Tokyo Ghoul Movie (Amateur) Review (SPOILERS)

      1 year ago


      Alrighty, I'm gonna do a review of sorts of the Tokyo Ghoul movie, so if you plan on seeing it, and don't want it spoiled, then don't read it passed the next sentence. Over all it was pretty good, a solid 7 out of 10, there was some weird direction given to some of the actors and they had to cut or add some pretty important stuff that was cut, although most were necessary to fit the time limit.

      Alright, now on to spoilers! For starters, unlike the anime, the opening scene takes place with Kaneki and Hide in Anteiku, rather than the the fight between Rize and Yamori, which felt disappointing, but understandable considering Yamori was cut out of the movie all together. Everything goes like it did in the anime though, however, when it gets to the point where Rize tries to eat Kaneki, that's when one of my minor problems with the movie show up. There is so much face licking in this movie, like, to an uncomfortable level xD A lot of stuff with tongues in general. Like when Kaneki is walking around the streets starving he has his fingers in his mouth and his tongue swirling around them, and it kinda makes it creepy that he's almost only staring at girls x3

      That brings us to Nishiki, who was primarily there just for a little action in the middle of the movie. The fight between Kaneki and Nishiki doesn't take place in a parking structure either, it takes place in Nishiki's apartment, which was an odd choice, because it doesn't really make sense for Touka to be there in order to stop Kaneki from eating Hide, and it's never explained either xD They also say that Nishiki escaped, and that he could be back for revenge, but that's pretty much where his character ends in the movie, since Tsukiyama's character was also cut. Because of this cut however, the scene where Touka's friend brings her human food too eat at Anteiku, and the following scene where she forces her food down in the bathroom pretty much pointless. Her friend in general is kinda pointless too, considering she never plays into any of Touka's decisions, and no other character mentions her. It's not even established in the movie that she's human xP

      Anyways, I forgot to mention that Ryouko and Hinami Fueguchi are already at Anteiku before Kaneki starts working there xP Anyways, the movie continues like the anime, the only difference being that Kaneki takes coffee beans to Dr. Fueguchi's grave so Hinami doesn't have to risk going outside, where he's spotted by the dorky inspector who ends up getting killed by Touka after Amon and Mado kill Ryouko. Oh yeah, they're in the movie and pretty much serve as the main antagonist's. They show up sparingly until after Nishiki is gone. Anyways, after Touka returns to Anteiku injured she and Kaneki have a training montage, after which is the final fight scenes between Touka and Mado, as well as Kaneki and Amon.

      The fight scene between Touka and Mado goes pretty much like it did in the anime, with a couple of tweaks in order to fit the location. However, the fight between Kaneki and Amon was waaaayyyy different. They made Kaneki more bad ass in the movie instead of the sniveling wimp he was in the anime x3 For starters, when Amon is driving to help Mado, Kaneki runs at his car and jumps on the hood, crushing it, causing it to flip over, and slide into what I'm guessing is some kind of theater? Anyways, the fact that Kaneki is now nothing like he was in the anime kinda undercuts his entire character in general, which is sad. But at least we get a badass fight scene out of it xD Anyways, after the fight is pretty much over, and Kaneki has Amon pinned and is overwhelmed with hunger, he does this weird thing where he shakes his head back and forth laughing manically that made literally the entire audience laugh, I have no clue what the director was thinking xD Anyways, after that Kaneki goes to get Touka and Hinami and the movie ends with the gang all doing their thing at Anteiku x3

      Like I said, the movie was pretty good. Questionable decisions were made, but over all I think it was worth the 2 hour drive x3

    • Quick RWBY Question...

      1 year ago


      Why didn't RNJR just take the train to Mistral that Oscar took instead of walking? I guess you could say that they wanted to help all the towns along the way with their Grimm problems or something, but time was kinda of the essence, and if Haven fell in the time it took to get there, even more people would have died. If I remember correctly weren't they only going to Haven to warn them, or am I remembering this wrong? If that was the case they could have taken the train to warn Haven, and just walked back making sure to help the towns along the way with their Grimm problems.

    • Hyyyyype!

      1 year ago


      Woot woot! Four more days until the Tokyo Ghoul movie! Super hyped~ I really hope it's good, otherwise I'd feel kinda bad about driving 2 hours away to go see it xD I also just realized that the new pokemon game is coming out on the same day as the justice league movie. The area around Walmart is gonna be super busy during the midnight release (assuming anyone goes to the Justice league one in my area) x3 but that also means that the In-N-Out in that area is gonna be packed xP


      1 year ago


      Didn't know what to title this shit storm so I just mashed the key board. If you don't want to hear me vent about personal BS, then by all means, avoid this post. Firstly, let me preface this post by saying that this weekend has been on of the worst in my life..

      So basically, I had to drive all the way to LA, then I had to prep for the procedure that I had to have the very next day. However, during that time, I'm just chatting with some friends on discord, and one of them, Alex, admits he has feelings for me. Which would be fine if he wasn't engaged to one of my best friends, Sam. (those aren't their names, I just changed them to protect identities, not that that matters) Even though he admitted to having feelings for me, he still felt bad about them, but he felt even worse after I tried turning his feelings down gently. I mean, I'm Bi and single, but I don't love Alex romantically, he's more like a brother, and I couldn't even think about hurting Sam like that. So now Alex feels super bad now, and he ends up admitting to Sam what he told me, and Sam wasn't really mad at me, but I still feel horrible about everything that's happening. I continue talking to Alex and he says that he's breaking his engagement with Sam, the two of them end up fighting a lot and now their entire relationship is on rocky waters because of me.

      So I end up going in for my procedure for the next day, they knock me out, then when I wake up they tell me that they couldn't get the biopsy because there was too much inflammation, so now I have to go back in another 6 months to get the procedure again. So we get back to the hotel room and I load up discord again and things have gotten even worse than they were before. The two of them ended up arguing even more than before, and I have no clue how to diffuse the situation. No matter what I said to Alex he still felt horrible and I couldn't do anything to help Sam because I couldn't help Alex. All that stress caused my condition to the flare up and I ended up in the ER, where they kept me over night for observation.

      In the time that I was in the hospital, I had no wifi, so I couldn't get on discord, and then immediately after I got discharged my family and I began the drive home. we didn't end up getting home until about 4 or 5 in the afternoon, and when I got there I just crashed, woke up to eat dinner, then fell asleep again. I get up this morning, load up discord, and my inbox is flooded with messages about how much worse things have gotten...

      I just feel so horrible and useless right now, ya know? I have no clue what to do and I'm feeling really alone right now..

    • Jianju asked YoiteShimizu a question

      How you doing?

      Answered: Sep 25, 2017

      I'm doing fairly well! The charger for my laptop broke so I've been without a way to get on the internet, which sucks, but at the same time I got so much writing done, so that's a plus, haha. Not super excited for this week though xP 

    • *screams for five minutes straight* Ahem.. update time!

      2 years ago


      Sorry guys for not being online much.. I've had a rough couple of days. Had a friend who had a really bad break up so I devoted most of my time to comforting them, then I had a friend go through some pretty painful health problems, so I divided my time to helping both of them, then one of my friends came to me saying that they were going to kill themselves, so I tried dividing my time even more to help them, and that's when I snapped and had a panic attack/nervous break down, so as you could imagine, didn't exactly have a lot time for the site. Things have settled down a bit though, so that's good. Anyways, I hope that everyone is doing well, or at least better than I've been.

    • zeitgeistzest asked YoiteShimizu a question

      Do you like chocolate? x3 If yes, what kind? If not, what is putting you off from it? (I'm eating dark chocolate soy pudding right now myself, hence this silly question haha)

      Answered: Sep 5, 2017

      I used too love chocolate! Specifically dark chocolate. So good~ Can't eat most sweets these days though. There's actually a laundry list of things that I can't eat these days, haha. Don't want to risk flaring up my condition. I can still eat it, just in very small quantities, but what's the point in teasing myself by only eating a chunk or two? I'll just end up wanting more, haha. So I try to avoid it as much as possible, so I'm not tempted x3

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