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    • Remnants of the Soul: Synopsis

      2 years ago


      The life of a huntsmen: That is what the children who attend the prestigious academies of the four great kingdoms crave. A life that is filled with adventure and excitement, but also a life that is fraught with perils that is not for the faint of heart, a lesson that shall be learned soon enough. Join four teams of young up and coming huntsmen and huntresses from the four great kingdoms as their resolves are tested when they uncover a conspiracy that will shake the world of Remnant to its very core. Will their strength be enough to turn back the calamity to come, or will they be just another foot note in the new world order? 

      (Probably gonna be a flaming dumpster fire of crappy character writing, unintelligible fight scenes and crap tons of plot holes. Regardless I'm eager to see the reception x3) 

    • So...

      2 years ago


      I had this dream where I was playing this Rwby Chibi platforming game (that I kinda wish was a thing now) then a giant javelin came through my roof and absolutely skewered my dog. I dropped to my knees and cried then the ceiling started to crack and the whole roof was torn off and started floating away, then everything in my room started going with it, so I looked up and saw a space ship of some kind, then I started floating away and the next thing I knew I was in this glass tube in some laboratory. I looked around and saw my dog strapped to an operating table, but it wasn't dead, it was a cyborg. I began to panic when the doors to the lab slid open, releasing a torrent of steam, and a tall silhouetted figure started walking forward, until it reached my pod. The steam slowly cleared and the figure began to take shape: it was non-other than David Bowie. He stared at me for a little while, then we sang a duet version of space oddity for whatever reason. That's when my cyborg dog broke out of their restraints and used their robot eye to laser David Bowie  vertically in half, and freed me from my tube. I then hopped on my dogs back, who then proceeded to cut a hole in the ship and fly us both out into space. Unfortunately there was no air in space, and I began suffocating, then I woke up face down in my own pillow, struggling to breath, so I pulled back and gasped for air x3

      Anyways, how did you sleep?      

    • The Many Names of YoiteShimizu

      2 years ago


      So, for some people, my name is easy to pronounce, for others though, its an uphill battle, and as such, I've gained a list of nicknames over the years to make things easier or shorter. That list includes:












      12.Bob (yes, someone just called me bob because they couldn't pronounce my name x3)

    • Team CCST (Celeste)

      2 years ago


      Alrighty, this will be the last student team I'll be making bios for, anyone who wants to see the antagonists bios, and doesn't mind spoilers to the fan fiction I'm currently writing, can message me about them. So, with out further adieu, Team CCST. (I will be updating this over time, so if some or most bios are missing, you know why) UPDATE: Finally got around to writing up Chloe's Bio! Hopefully there wont be too long of a wait for the next two, not that anyone cares x3 UPDATE 2: Skylar Harris is finally up! Though the paragraph structure is kinda funky, because my lap top doesn't have any writing programs aside from note pad, and it sucks, and I don't feel like fixing it x3 UPDATE 3: Boom! Bet you didn't expect another update so soon after the other, but here we are with Thulian's bio! This completes the bios for team CCST, which means I can finally start writing for them~! (sorry for the weird paragraph spacing on his bio, I once again had to use notepad, and I have not idea how to fix it)


      Name: Crystal Chevalier 
      Emblem: (working on it)

      Gender: Female

      Age: 17 

      Ht: 5'10" Wt: 135lbs

      Appearance: Crystal is a very fit individual, her well built frame covered in fair and lightly freckled skin. She has fiery red hair with highlights of yellow that extends all the way down to her lower thighs, with dark orange eyes. She typically wears a black and red choker, a red saree blouse with yellow accents, a primarily black corset with red accents, two elbow length fingerless gloves, a red and yellow frilled skirt, black stockings, and primarily red dress boots with black accents and yellow laces.   

      History: At the age of 3, Crystals mother was murdered in a white fang attack, leaving her now depressed and widower husband to take care of their daughter. In order to cope with the loss, the father began drinking excessively at casinos until one day he made a bet that got he couldn't pay with the wrong people, and was killed. With both parents dead, Crystal was placed in the care of her uncle, who also happened to be the head of a major corporation based out of Atlas: The Chevalier Company. Growing up, Crystal lived a very disciplined life style, with very strict rules and a regimented schedule. The last thing her uncle wanted her to be was spoiled, making sure only to reward after she's worked for it, whether it be doing well in her academics or completing her chores. Over the years she developed a strong moral code, which got her interested in becoming a huntress, and once she told her uncle about this, he hired a team of retired huntsmen and huntresses to train her in addition to her other studies until she was finally old enough to attend Atlas Academy. She is now a student at Atlas, and is the leader of team CCST.

      Personality: Crystal is a fairly serious individual, putting her moral code above all else. Things like never attacking an unarmed opponent, and defending those incapable of defending themselves, etc. However, because of her seclusion for most of her life, she doesn't really know how to talk to people, let alone make friends. She'll attempt to act like a normal girl, or at least what's considered normal from the books she's read, but usually ends up failing. Typically when she'll try to shower people in gifts in order to earn their friendship.  

      Weapon: Fates Thread: (read semblance section first) Crystal utilizes a wire spool/winch on her back that she threads her hair through using her semblance, those strands of hair are then routed in a system underneath her clothes to her gloves, using them like razor wire. In addition, she uses a shampoo laced with inactive fire dust, a Chevalier product, which only actives once threaded through metal she's put her aura into, specifically the metal caps at the end of her finger tips where the hair comes out.

      Semblance: Follicle Fortification: Crystals semblance allows her to use her aura to augment her hair follicles, both stimulating them to grow, and making her hair as tough as steel. This ability also allows her to control her hair, using it as a shield, or forming it into a weapon, but it is most commonly used in her weapon as razor wire 

      Physicality: Crystal has never been one to slack off when it comes to exercise. She is very fit, primarily focusing on her core, and legs.  

      Fighting Style: Crystal is typically a close range fighter, preferring to get up close and personal with her enemies. She's a very fast and agile combatant, dodging and reacting to attacks, tangling them in her hair until there's enough of it for her to pull and tear them apart. When an opponent is too big or too strong for that strategy, she'll form weapons out of her hair through quick hand movements. 

      Name: Chloe Dehart

      Emblem: (working on it)

      Gender: Female

      Age: 17

      Ht: 5'4" Wt: 162lbs

      Appearance: Over all Chloe has more of a thickset body type with a very fair skin tone. She's never been terribly fond of intense exercise, and do to her aura and particular role in combat she doesn't really have a reason too. She has green eyes, and brown hair with forest green tips that she wears in an over the shoulder ponytail. She wears a dark green cropped cardigan, a white blouse, a beige prairie skirt with a floral design on it, white frilly socks and brown stacked block heel peep toe booties.

      History: Chloe originally grew up in a small village somewhere near the outskirts of Vale, where her family ran a small, and semi-successful flower shop. That is, until Grimm ravaged her village. A group of huntsmen and huntresses were able to repel the Grimm before anyone was severely injured, but by the time they did the damage had already been done. The town slowly began to rebuild, but Chloe's parent's didn't have the money in order to reopen their shop, causing them like many others to go homeless. Inspired by the brave huntsmen and huntresses that saved her village, Chloe decided that she would also become a huntress, figuring that she could save the money that she earned so that one day in the future her parents could reopen their shop. Since Chloe didn't train at a primary combat school, she got in contact with her grandmother who was a teacher over at Atlas, and moved in with her. Once there her grandmother spent a year teaching her everything she needed to know and helped her construct her weapon. Once she was ready her grandmother put in a recommendation and got her in. She is now a student at Atlas and is the second member of team CCST. 

      Personality: Chloe is extremely shy around people she's unfamiliar with, but becomes a lot more cheery the closer she gets to someone. Chloe is incredibly kind, and does whatever she can to make sure that her friends are happy. She also has a bit of a problem with saying no, out of fear of disappointing someone. If there's someone in need of cheering up, she'll be there in a flash. She's also fond of dishing out compliments, hoping that her words will encourage someone, primarily to her teammates during battles. However, she is kinda bad at receiving compliments, often getting flustered and disputes them. She's also very sensitive about her weight. 

      Weapon: Mother Natures Wrath- Chloe's weapon is a dust-thrower, shaped like a watering can. The weapon is made of a light metal and painted dark green. There is dial on the side with multiple colors that signify the different kinds of dust it can project. This weapon has two different ways of delivering dust; one way, small portions of the dust leak from their vials, and are then compressed into a small sphere, then launched in an ark, exploding on impact, kinda like a mortar. This particular setting is used for mid to long range attack. Its other setting allows it to spew out a selected element, more along the lines of a traditional flamethrower. This setting is used for close range encounters.  

      Semblance: Solar Powered- Chloe is capable of filtering the suns rays through her aura, absorbing it through her skin, using it as a form of sustenance. She can store the energy collected from the sun for a later date, or she can use it immediately, allowing her to continuously fight so long as she's in the sunlight. She can also substitute sunbathing for a meal, but she rarely does that considering both modesty and the fact that Atlas is freezing. In a clothed state, the suns rays are more like a snack, one that allows her to keep going, allowing her aura to regenerate at a much faster pace, and gives her slight boosts to speed and strength.  

      Physicality: Chloe isn't the most physically fit individual. She primarily relies on her aura and the boosts from her semblance in order to keep up with the others. She's never been one for physical exercise, so she's a bit out of shape when her semblance isn't active.

      Fighting Style: Chloe is a mid range fighter, preferring to keep her distance, but close enough to lend support to close range or long range fighters. Seeing as she's mid range, she typically uses her weapon as a mortar, but will switch it to the flamethrower type setting and rushes in to lend a hand in case her teammates get overwhelmed. 

      Name: Skylar Harris
      Emblem: (working on it)
      Gender: Female
      Age: 18
      Ht: 5'6" Wt: 126lbs

      Appearance: Skylar has a bit of a light frame, and is fairly lanky. She has pale skin, blue eyes and messy black hair,partially tied in a ponytail. She has a button nose, light freckles, and a diagonal scar on her cheek. She wears a pair of dark blue rectangular framed glasses, a dark grey blazer, a white button up shirt, a loose dark blue tie, dark grey cargo shorts, dark grey thigh high socks with dark blue stars, and white tennis shoes. 

      History: Skylar never really had any interest in becoming a huntress. Shortly after she was born, her huntsmen parents viewed her as a hindrance to their adventurous life style, so instead of raising her themselves, they gave Skylar to their aunt, who was rendered incapable of having kids after an incident while training to become a huntress. The only contact Skylar would ever have with her biological parents was when they would send video messages on her birthday.

      However, due to their decision Skylar slowly began to resent her parents, and the thought of becoming a huntress in general, eventually just deleting those messages all together. In order to deal with her abandonment, Skylar became obsessed with video games, spending most her time playing instead of studying, hoping to one day become a pro gamer. Concerned with her future, her aunt attempted to get her interested in other things. This back fired a bit, causing a gap to form between the two. In an attempt to bridge that gap, Skylars aunt asked if Skylar could teach her how to play. As soon as the lessons started, her aunt realized just how skilled at FPS games her niece was, specifically with a sniper rifle, which was her weapon of choice when she was training to become a huntress. That's when she began planning. One day Skylar's aunt took her to a firing range, and once there set up a custom sniper rifle on a motorized tripod, and handed Skylar a controller with  a special pair of glasses. She claimed that she wanted Skylars help to test out a weapon that she made for a friends kid who wanted to join Atlas academy as a gift. Skylar was a bit suspicious at first, but eventually agreed. Not knowing that her aunt was filming her, she put on the glasses and began hitting targets left and right, regardless of the distance,she always hit her target. Ground targets, hanging targets, flying targets, not a single miss. Afterwards, Skylar's aunt sent the video she took to a couple of contacts at Atlas academy, pulling a few strings to get her accepted. Skylar felt betrayed and hurt when her aunt told her about it, but she was eventually convinced, and forgave her, knowing that her aunt only wanted what was best for her. Her aunt spent the rest of the year training her to fight and to control aura, as well as help her study for all the academic subjects shes neglected over the years. Skylar is now a first year at Atlas academy, and is the third member of team CCST.

      Personality: Skylar is kind of aloof. She doesn't really care about most things, like making friends. She can be kinda self centered, but will jump in to stand up for someone if they get bullied. She's also incredibly lazy, when she isn't napping, she's playing video games. She also takes slight pleasure in watching people squirm, often teasing her teammates in order to get a reaction.   

      Weapon: The Camper Deluxe- Skylar uses her aunts old sniper rifle with a few added modifications. The scope now has a camera in it, which is streamed live to her glasses. The rifles tripod is on a motorized ball joint that is synced to a controller, allowing a free range of motion. It uses a chain fed ammo box so Skylar doesn't have to get out of cover in order to reload. The barrel of the gun is long and thick, and has four bayonets around it that are capable of coming together to create a spear tip when the gun is in melee mode. The rifle is a metallic grey, with a glowing blue trim. (kinda looks like the elephant gun from BL2) 

      Semblance: Psychometry- Skylar has the ability to learn about a place or person simply by touching an object that belongs to them. She can use this ability in order to copy an opponents fighting style, or to solve mysteries, but instead she typically uses it to dig up dirt on people so she can tease or blackmail them into doing something for her. However she has used it on her aunts sniper rifle, so she doesn't really need the controller and glasses any more, but uses them 

      anyways because it feels more comfortable. She's fairly adept with the sniper rifles spear mode though.

      Physicality: Skylar is pretty out of shape, despite her aunts best efforts. Skylar has hardly any stamina do to years of pretty much doing nothing but playing video games, and she doesn't really have much in terms of physical strength.

      Fighting Style: Skylar is exclusively a long range fighter, though she is capable of defending herself for a small amount of time if an enemy gets too close, but she will need assistance if she gets overwhelmed. Because of this, she tends to set up far away from the battlefield, picking off enemies from afar.

      Name: Thulian Sinclair
      Emblem: (working on it)
      Gender: Male
      Age: 18
      Ht: 6'3" Wt: 152lbs

      Appearance: Thulian is a fairly tall, and well built individual, with a fairly slim frame. He has a fair comlpexion, with orange eyes, and three scars; one on his
      jawline, one on his chin, and one on his left eye brow. His hair is dark brown, and typically slicked back. His battle outfit typically consists of a long dark red
      military trench coat with a white faux fur lining, usually buttoned up all the way. In addition to that he wears dark beige slacks, dark red dress shoes, and beige 
      leather gloves.  

      History: Growing up was difficult for Thulian. When they were born, both Thulian and his twin sister were given up for adoption, so they spent most of their 
      childhoods in an orphanage. Most people who came into the orphanages were only looking for one child, and no one felt right separating the two, due to this the twins had to watch a lot of friends come and go, until eventually they were both adopted by a fairly well off individual. This person was apparently working Rubin Chevalier,the owner of the Chevalier Company. Rubin knew that her daughter wanted to be a huntress, and that her body guards wouldn't be able to protect her there, so he had the idea to adopt children that he could have trained to accompany her as her retainer. For years the twins were both trained together, until their training was eventually complete, and due to Thulian's skills he was selected to attend Atlas academy with her, and his sister was left behind as security for the estate, and to assist her brother from the side lines, due to their shared semblance. Thulian is now a first year at Atlas Academy, and is the fourth member of team CCST.

      Personality: Thulian is a very well behaved and well mannered young man. Very posh, and very polite, and is considered among many to be a renaissance man. He is extremely rule oriented, due to his fairly disciplined training. He also cannot stand tardiness, due to his slight obsession with punctuality. Slackers and lazy people really get under his skin, and will often be found lecturing others.

      Weapon: Chaos Quartet- Thulian utilizes four specially modified revolvers with cleaver like bayonets. All the revolvers have a thick bull barrel, with a larger
      cylinder which houses 3 expanding and fragmenting shot gun slugs, typically modified with some form of dust or another. Due to the small ammo capacity, he typically only uses the blade mode.

      Semblance: Two-Way Transit- Thulian's semblance Two-way transit allows him to create a two way invisible portal between him and his sister using their aura fields.It is primarily used to make it appear as though his semblance is limb duplication, allowing his sister to literally cover his back by extending her aura field and sticking her hands through it, and grabbing the unused, holstered pair of guns. It can be used for other things, like allowing bullets to pass through them 
      harmlessly, or transporting allies to his sisters location, but this is usually never used at school. In his registry form, his semblance is listed as phantom limbs,
      in order to use it during practice matches without having to be hassled for outside interference.

      Physicality: Thulian is very fit. His training from the veteran huntsmen and huntresses was incredibly thorough, spending just as much time molding his body to the peak of physical fitness as they did teaching him how to fight. He has an unbelievably large reserve of stamina, allowing him to fight for good chunks of time without breaking a sweat.

      Fighting Style: Thulian is much more of a close range heavy hitter, typically assisting his charge Crystal in close quarters combat. However, due to his immense level of skill, he'll often be ordered to take on large groups by himself, which he does happily. When surrounded by enemies, he'll activate his semblance, signalling to his sister that he needs help, causing her to push her arms and eyes through her aura, arms coming out Thulian's shoulder blades, and eyes coming out the back of his head.He's an incredibly agile fighter, dashing around the battle field with impressive speed, preferring not to stay in one place for too long. 

    • Well, This Should Be Fun x3

      2 years ago


      Friend: I wants to break an egg over your head and photograph it.

      Me: Why? 

      Friend: because it would look interesting

      Me: No, I mean why just one? Do a whole fucking carton. Bukkake me in not quite chicken goo.

      Friend: OH FUCK YEAH!

      Long story short, getting a cartons worth of eggs crushed on my head, why? Because if I'm gonna do something, I will do it to the extreme. I regret nothing x3

    • Conditioned for Internal Bleeding: An Autobiography by YoiteShimizu

      2 years ago


      My body sucks.

      THE END

      (donate $1,000,000 to my Patreon and get the leather bound cover, shipping not included)

    • Team LARL (Laurel)

      2 years ago


      Alright, time for my Vacuo team! Only have two members written up for now, but I'll be adding characters just like with team FRHI. 

      EDIT 1: 12/5/16- Added Lazuli Sterling's bio! Also made Rhys and Aster faunus. 

      EDIT 2: 2/20/17- Finished writing Lapis Sterling's Bio, thus concluding the bio's for team LARL~!

      Name: Lazuli Sterling 


      Gender: Male 

      Age: 17 

      Ht: 5'8" Wt: 135lbs

      Appearance: Lazuli has a pretty well built frame. He has incredibly well defined musculature, but he's not nearly as imposing as his brother. He has sandy blonde hair cut into an angular fringe with a grey highlight, olive skin and brown eyes. He wears a camel toggle coat with the left arm missing in order to fit his metallic blue and chrome cybernetic arm. He also wears forest green cargo shorts and brown boots.

      History: Lazuli was born in a town not terribly far from the main capital of Vacuo. His father was a professor at Shade Academy, and would rarely come home while Lazuli or Lapis (Lazuli's older brother) were still awake, meaning that they were typically watched by their mother. When Lapis and Lazuli were still kids, they were both attacked by Grimm while playing too close to the desert, only narrowly escaping with the assistance of a nearby huntsman, but not without cost. Before the huntsman arrived the Grimm removed Lazuli's arm, and left claw marks going down Lapis' back. After this incident, Lazuli's father quit his job as a teacher in order to raise his kids, and train them to become huntsmen. After his father saved a young boy, the two brothers were then joined by a young Rhys Aftan and Aster Marleigh, and together they would later go on to form team LARL, (Laurel) with Lazuli as the leader.

      Personality: Lazuli certainly got the brains between him and his brother, his natural knack for strategy has certainly come in handy. Unfortunately, Lazuli has a bit of a pension for coming up with extremely convoluted plans, thinking of conventional strategies as "boring," and "no fun." He can be pretty serious, but he's a relentless tease, often taking advantage of Aster's boy craziness in order to get a comedic response.

      Weapon: Doom's Eye- Lazuli uses a modified scutum shield combined with his cybernetic arm, which doubles as a 30 millimeter cannon. The hand of the arm is removed, then slipped into a hole from behind the shield in order to create cover while firing. The shield itself is capable of taking images from behind the shield, and projecting them in front of the shield, allowing for a form of active camouflage.

      Semblance: Amplifier- Lazuli has the ability to amplify and/or project electricity. However, he is incapable of producing electricity, (which is his brothers semblance) so he has to rely on outside sources in order to make full use of semblance.

      Physicality: Lazuli is incredibly fit, with extremely well defined muscle tone. He works out just about every day with his brother, and even those days when he skips a workout, he still get's enough exercise carrying his shield.

      Fighting Style: Lazuli typically takes a supporting role, either on the front lines giving support to the close range fighters, or peppering the enemy with his cannon from afar. Lazuli will often be paired up with his brother, due to the fact that they can combine their semblances. Lazuli will use the electricity his brother produces to augment the ammunition of his cannon, turning it into what is essentially an exploding lightning bolt.

      Name: Aster Marleigh 

      Emblem: (working on it) 

      Gender: Female 

      Age: 17 

      Ht: 5'5" Wt: 119lbs

      Appearance: Aster has a very dainty frame. She has strawberry blonde hair, cut (for lack of better words) like Ramona Flowers hair,  fairly pale skin and lavender eyes. She wears a frilly powder blue skirt, a white cotton top with a small powder blue dress jacket, with a lavender sash around her waist as well as a lavender ribbon on the side of her head. She also has a pair of floppy blonde bunny ears.

      History: Aster was raised in the harsh kingdom of Vacuo in a family that just barely fits into the definition of middle class. Aster has always been a shy girl, so shy that she didn't really have any friends. That is until one day her mother arranged a play date for between her and one of her friends kids, that kid being a young Rhys Aftan, who would one day become her teammate. From that day he became her one and only friend, and as such they played together on a daily basis. Once Rhyses mother became ill and Rhys no longer had the time to play with her, she would instead follow him from a distance and make sure he was safe. One day, Rhys was accosted  by a group of thugs in an alleyway, and Aster could only sit there and shake as she watched her friend get bullied, an event that would weigh on her for the rest of her life. Fortunately a huntsmen showed up and quickly dispatched the group. When she went to check on her friend after the dust settled, she was surprised to find not a look of fear, but a wide starry eyed smile across his face. After that the only thing he'd talk about was becoming a huntsmen, and despite her attempts to dissuade him, it was still all he could think about. Realizing that her attempts  to protect her friend were futile, she decided that if she couldn't keep him from becoming a huntsmen, then she would protect him as a huntress. Although that was her intention, the result was quite the opposite, as Aster isn't the best at fighting, meaning that Rhys is the one that typically has to protect her. She is now a first year at Shade academy, and the second member of team LARL (Laurel)      

      Personality: Aster is a shy, and typically polite girl. She has difficulties talking with people she doesn't quite know, preferring to avoid social interactions all together. However, she also has a side she keeps secret from most, that being that she's pretty boy crazy. She'll often spy on her other classmates working out, and will get distracted if she sees a cute boy. It certainly doesn't help that all of her teammates are guys in extremely good shape, which leads her to get distracted in less than opportune times, like in combat for example. She's incredibly ashamed of this aspect of herself, but she can't help it, so she does her best to hide it.   

      Weapon: Heavy Showers: Asters weapon is a parasol combined with an ArmaLite AR-15. The umbrella part is white, and made of a light weight carbon fiber nano weave strong enough to deflect bullets. The gun portion itself fires light weight, high velocity, custom dust rounds. This weapon is primarily mid to long range, so she relies on her teammates to keep enemies away from her. 

      Semblance: Visual Inhibition: Aster's semblance allows her to lessen her own presence by altering an opponents senses, causing them to over look her. However, this wont work on an opponent with highly tuned senses.  Her semblance is fairly useful for recon in grimm infested areas, but typically not good if there is a well trained huntsmen or huntress who would be able to resist her semblance.  

      Physicality: Aster isn't really the strongest of the group, in fact she's fairly weak in just about all areas. She is fairly flexible though.   

      Fighting Style: Due to Asters lack of physical strength, she prefers to avoid conflict all together and give recon data to her team by using her semblance to scout the battlefield. She'll occasionally take a potshot here and there, but jumping into the thick of things would likely end in a lot of pain. When she's discovered, she'll often panic, firing wildly until one of her teammates can back her up.

      Name: Rhys Aftan 

      Emblem: (working on it) 

      Gender: Male 

      Age: 17 

      Ht: 5'4" Wt: 112lbs

      Appearance: Rhys has an overall light build, pretty small, and pretty light. He has black poofy/curly hair, with pretty tan skin, brown eyes and freckles across his face. He wears a loose fitting tan cotton shirt with a black and yellow vest with a brown and yellow shemagh (desert scarf) wrapped loosely around his neck. He wears brown finger-less gloves, loose tan pants with leg braces over them.

      History: Rhys has always had it rough. From the day he was born, he's never really been able to walk without crutches since his Faunus trait happened to be the hollow bones of a bird, which makes it difficult to move in the sands of Vacuo. He spent most of his time playing with his childhood friend and future teammate Aster Marleigh, but the other portion of his free time was spent tinkering with machinery. However when Rhys was only 12 years old, his mother fell ill, so he had to take up her job of selling her aura infused water on the streets. Everything was going well, until a few months in, when Rhys was on his typical route, he got cornered by a group of thugs in an ally. It seemed like the end, but then a huntsmen showed up and quickly dispatched them as Rhys watched in wonder and amazement. From that day on, his dream was to follow that mans example, and become the best huntsmen he could be. All of his spare time was now spent creating his future weapon, an exoskeleton that would allow him to both move and fight. He is now a first year at shade academy, and the third member of team LARL (Laurel)

      Personality: Rhys is a very chipper guy. Super positive and super supportive to all of his teammates. He's a nice guy, who's always full of energy. He never really holds a grudge, preferring to look for the best in people. He can take any insult people throw at him, however, if someone makes fun of Aster, that's when he gets mad, often challenging them to duels. After wiping the floor with them though, he quickly forgives them. He also has a pension for losing his cool when people hold back against him, often causing him to make simple mistakes during combat that skilled opponents can take advantage of.

      Weapon: Kindred Kavacha: Rhys needed a weapon that was both strong, and make up for his lack of mobility, so he ended up creating an exoskeleton with modular components that he can choose from to better fit the situation. This exoskeleton runs off of steam created by combining both water and fire dust. The suits basic model comes with hydraulic piston fists, similar piston powered boots that can be used to increases the power of kicks, jump higher or boost forward. In addition to that, the exoskeleton also provides increased defense. Because the exoskeleton is so large however, he can't carry it on his person. He works around this by having a special rocket powered locker that also acts as a station in order to switch out the modular components. So all he has to do is enter the configuration he want's, then press a button to have it dropped to his location.

      Semblance: Vacuum Force: Rhyses semblance allows him to create a localized vacuum field, typically around his body. With this ability, he can suck people or objects close to him, like for example if one of his friends was in danger, or if he dropped something while outside of his exoskeleton. He can also use this semblance to suck the air out of a room, or even a persons lungs. What keeps him from just suffocating an opponent by taking the air out of their lungs is an opponents aura. The stronger an opponents aura is the more difficult it becomes to pierce it in order to draw the air out. He'd probably be able to knock out a petty thug, but most opponents would just get the wind knocked out of them or light headed, and someone with significant power (like Cinder) would resist it entirely. 

      Physicality: Due to his disability, he is incapable of exercising his legs, not that he needs too with his exoskeleton. This doesn't stop him from working out his upper body though, which her does on a regular basis. You couldn't tell by first glance due to his loose fitting clothes, but he  actually has a fairly fit physique.

      Fighting Style: Rhys is an up close and personal kind of guy, preferring to catch his opponents off guard by quickly overwhelming them with a series of punches. When ever an opponent tries to back pedal to get some distance, Rhys will often use his semblance to suck them back in range followed by a swift piston punch to the face. His main priority in combat though, is to keep Aster safe.

      Name: Lapis Sterling
      Emblem: (working on it)
      Gender: Male
      Age: 17
      Ht: 5'9" Wt: 144lbs

      Appearance: Lapis has an extremely well built frame boarding on thick set due to the sheer mass of his musculature. Years of intense and rigorous physical training have turned him into a bit of a muscular juggernaut, his tight olive tinted skin has extremely well defined musculature, making even some seasoned huntsmen insecure. His hair is darker than his brothers, more like a chestnut brown, and is a lot more unkempt. He wears a primarily tan duster with blue highlights with the sleeves torn off. He has a tan tank top with his blue symbol on the front, he wears light brown cargo shorts with a metallic grey belt buckles, and brown knee high boots with blue laces.   

      History: Lapis, like his younger brother Lazuli, were both rasied in the harsh kingdom of Vaccuo in a town just outside the main capital, raised primarily by his mother, due to his father putting in long hours at his job as a professor at Shade Academy. Lapis was never the brightest of children growing up. He relied mostly on his brother to be the brains, so when his arm was lost in a grimm attack, Lapis decided that he needed to be stronger in order to compensate for his brothers loss. So, he began a rigorous training regiment to build muscle, which continued for years, alongside the training both Lapis and Lazuli were already receiving from their recently retired father. The two brothers were soon joined by their future teammates Rhys Aftan and Aster Marleigh, where they trained together until they were finally deemed ready by their teacher, who put in a recommendation for them at Shade Academy, as well as a video tape of the group in action. Lapis is now a student of Shade Academy, and the final member of team LARL (Laurel)    

      Personality: Lapis is typically a nice guy, but he can be a bit meat-headed and clumsy at times. He'll often forget about his own strength, shattering jars, ripping bags of chips, holding onto people too tightly, etc. He will often unintentionally use over excessive force both in sparring matches and in actual combat, causing most classmates matched against him to worry. As stated previously, he was never the brightest of individuals, relying mostly on his brother. His academic skills are sub-par, the only reason he's even barely passing is due to the support of his teammates through group study sessions. But despite this, Lapis is still a nice guy, and typically never shy's away when someone asks him to help them get in shape, like Rhys for example, who's sort of become Lapis's work out buddy. However he often forgets that Rhys has hollow bones, so Lazuli typically joins the two of them to make sure Lapis doesn't push him too hard.   

      Weapon: Twin Magne-Thunder: Lapis uses a pair of twin bladed gauntlets with a rotating ring of ball barrings that doubles as a rail gun. Using his semblance of generating electricity, he charges the metallic blades, creating a magnetic field, then the ring spins, and loads up one of the ball barrings until he's ready to fire. Both blades are roughly ten inches long, and each ring has a total of twenty ball barrings, for a total of forty shots. The effective range of the projectile is about twelve meters, however the closer the target, the stronger the force, at point blank it will rip a grimm in half, and at the tail end of it's range, it's still enough to knock most things off of their feet.

      Semblance: Generator: Lapis is capable of generating large amounts of electricity, and although he is incapable of projecting it, he is still capable of passing it on to another person, or object. Whether it's charging his bladed gauntlets to either fire his projectile or shock a blade locked opponent, or using himself as a human taser. He'll often use his semblance in tandem with his brothers, causing Lazulis cannon arm to fire electrified projectiles. He can also jump start deactivated machines. 

      Physicality: As stated prior, Lapis is extremely well built. Due to his years of vigorous training, he has large amounts of stamina, allowing him to fight for long periods of time. However, he is not the fastest of individuals due to his size. 

      Fighting Style: Lapis is purely an offensive fighter, sticking to the front lines with Rhys, the only time he isn't is when he's giving his brother some charge. There is hardly any finesse to his movements, preferring to bash through opponents with brute force rather than skill. Whether it's impaling a grimm then firing his projectiles straight through them, or shoulder charging a group of combatants, he still manages to get the job done, even if it is done very sloppily.  

    • And So It Begins~

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      I'm proud to say that I've officially started writing my Rwby fanfic that I've come to call: Remnants of the Soul. Still need to write up the last bio for team LARL, and then write all of the bios for team CCST, but I figured I could write for the teams I've already written out and just do the bios in between scenes~ This will either end horribly, or end well x3 

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      The bot problem in the community feed is getting ridiculous. There are literal pages where 90% are filled with nothing but spam T_T 

    • Well, I'm Back Again

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      My most sincere apologies for not being on as of late. I needed to take a mini-break from all forms of social media. The anniversary of Monty's passing hit me just as hard as it did last year, and as a result spurred me forward to continue my writing. I've also been playing a crap ton of Grimm Eclipse on the PS4, so if anyone has that, we should play some time~ Any ways I'm back, so expect more OC bios to be posted in the near future~ 

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