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    • Oh My God I Just Realized...

      2 years ago


      Michael and Lindsay's baby will be born in the year of the rooster xD

    • SURPRISE!!! Another OC x3

      2 years ago


      Hey guys, it's been awhile! I still need to finish Team LARL, but my friends and I decided to make a fanfic of sorts and I decided that I'd share the bio for my character here~

      Name: Rezar Alten 


      Gender: Male 

      Age: 17 

      Ht: 5'5" Wt: 130

      Appearance: Has wavy slicked back brown hair, green eyes, and lightly tanned skin. Wears a dark red shoulder cape, dark grey dress shirt, a dark brown vest with dark red pinstripes with matching pants, and a pair of dark red loafers.

      History: Rez was born into a wealthy family, as such his needs were always taken care of. Not a day in his life went by that he had to worry about food on the table or a roof over his head, and as such, he took all of it for granted. His father on the other hand had a much different upbringing, having to work for everything he wanted. He saw how ungrateful his son was for his pampered life, and decided he needed to learn a valuable lesson about what it's like to be on the other side of the fence. So he was shipped to Vaccuo to attend Shade academy in order to get some discipline in his life.

      Personality: Being that Rez was a fairly sheltered child, only ever really talking to other of his status, he finds the world fascinating. Every day outside of the mansion is a new experience as her learns more and more about what it's like to live in the lower classes. However, because of his sheltered life, he doesn't know how to speak to people beneath his social status, often coming off as pompous or rude, and it certainly doesn't help that he's adopted his fathers vocally-anti Faunus mind set, simply because that's all he knows. Despite that though, he is a fairly well mannered young man.

      Weapon: Volcanex- Rez weapon is a unique Jian sword with a hollowed out hilt. The pommel of the sword unscrews revealing 3 dust vials in a triple helix. Those dust vials contain fire, wind, and earth dust. Using buttons on the hilt he can charge the blade with one of the 3 kinds of dust, or he can press 2 of the buttons at once, combining the dust for different effects. When combining fire and wind, he is capable of projecting fire slashes from his sword, when combining fire and earth, he can make lava, and by combining earth and wind, he can create mini dust storms.

      Semblance: Nova armor- Rez is capable of super heating his aura, giving it a sort of radiant glow. This glow is hot enough to melt projectiles before even coming in contact with him, and blades that come in contact with him become super heated, and if the opponents aura isn't strong enough it will melt the blade. Even the floor beneath his feat is turned to glass as he walks. If he believes he can not win a fight before his aura runs out, he can activate what he calls nova burst, which causes his aura to project from his body, dispelling the armor in all directions causing massive destruction to anything in 6 meters. However, this drains all of his aura, leaving him defenseless.

      Physicality: Rezar has never worked a day in his life, the only thing he really did in terms of exercise was cardio.

      Fighting Style: Despite his less than impressive physique, Rez more than makes up for it in speed and technique with his blade, due to years studying with a sword. He excels at one on one combat, but can be easily overwhelmed by multiple opponents, which is when his semblance comes in handy. He prefers to let his teammates do the heavy lifting, waiting for a good opening to jump in for a surprise attack, but isn't afraid to jump head first into combat if need be.

    • So, Update Time, I Suppose x3

      2 years ago


      First of all, sincerest apologies for not being very active on the site as of late. I fell down the rabbit hole that is Pokemon Sun. Then I got the remaining two volumes of My Hero Academia that I was missing, as well as the first volume of A Certain Scientific Accelerator, so I spent a day or two reading and re-reading those. 

      With all the excuses out of the way, I might as well let the people who are actually interested know how my OC/fan fiction stuff for RWBY is going. I've pretty much filled out the entire roster of characters I need for it, and compiled some notes on all of the events of the story/first arc. (I say first arc because It's kinda up in the air about whether or not it will continue passed what I've already made.) All I need to do is just right up those rosters and I can begin. I kinda want to commission an artist to draw some pics of what they look like but sadly that's not in the cards for me, seeing as I'm flat broke xP Oh, the story also has a working title; "Remnants of the Soul," or ROTS for short x3

      Once again, sorry for not being online, I know I'm typically bad about keeping in touch with people, but I've been extra bad as of late. Feel free to shoot me a message or whatever and I promise I'll respond. I hope you all had an excellent past two weeks, and I wish you the best in these final weeks of 2016 ^-^

    • Another Member in Need!

      2 years ago


      Hey guys, just wanted to make you guy's aware that there's another site member in need! Help out Improbablewhale raise money to get her a service dog! Here's a link to her journal entry and one to her Go Fund Me page. Any help is appreciated, even if you don't have the money, you can still help by spreading the message!

    • Random DBZ Thought

      2 years ago


      So Nappa punched Tien's arm off before he was killed, and when he was revived with the dragon balls, he got his arm back. So Shenron regrew his arm, which leaves the question, why didn't Goku come back with his tail? It seems strange that Shenron would bring him back incomplete. Thoughts?

    • Blech...

      2 years ago


      I never really noticed this until today, but I've developed a serious disconnection with my own name. I say it, and it just feels like a strangers. I guess it's because I hear my username more often than I hear my actual name, considering no one actually calls me Casey in those rare instances when I'm having a conversation IRL. Even typing my name just now felt wrong. *sigh*

    • Random Thought of the Day

      2 years ago


      Why do Namekians have teeth when their diet consists completely of water?  

    • Team BLNC (Team Blanch)

      2 years ago


      I know that no one reads anything I post, but hey, I went to the trouble of writing them up, so I might as well post them! (sadly not an artist, so I don't have any pictures to post with them) 


      Now that Nagisa is done, that wraps up team BLNC. I'll certainly be adding more about personalities and such. I also changed Christians name to Cypress. 

      EDIT 2: 

      Added miscellaneous information section on all of the characters and touched up on everyone's personalities.

      Edit 3: 

      Made everything neater by making categories bold, changed Nagisa's last name from Namikaze to Mizutani, put a little more into Cypress's personality, and gave all of their weapons names (my Japanese isn't the best, but Nagisa's weapons name is supposed to mean, "just revenge.") Now that that is done, time to work on team LARL (Laurel)

      Name: Blossom Blackheart  

      Emblem: (working on it) 

      Gender: female 


      Ht:5'7" Wt: 136

      Hair: Short, pink with two braids draping over her shoulders  Eyes: Pink

      Appearance: Blossom has very soft and cute features, from her wide eyes to her button nose. Two bat ears protrude from the sides of her head, the exterior covered in pink fur, and the interior bares a fleshy color. She has a well built frame. (Haven't determined what she wears yet any help would be appreciated) 

      Intro: Blossom Blackheart is a 4th year student at Beacon Academy, and the leader of team BLNC. Growing up, Blossom was primarily home schooled, her parents believed that the outside world was to dangerous for her. But that didn't stop Blossom from sneaking out whenever there parents had to leave for, "work." While exploring the outside world she met a kid, and the two of them became the closest of friends who did everything together. The two would meet up at the same place every day to play, until one day, her friend didn't show up. Upset, Blossom ran back home, lied down on the couch, and turned on the news. To her horror, she saw that an attack by the White Fang had lead to multiple casualties, and among those casualties was her friend. She rushed to her parents, tears streaming down her face, but as shes about to open the door, she hears something that leaves her in shock. Her parents were behind the attack. Furious, she runs as fast as she could out the door, and just kept running. With no destination in mind, Blossom eventually runs herself into unconsciousness. When she wakes up, she sees that she is in someones house, with a girl standing over her. The two began talking and slowly became friends, despite that Blossoms hatred for her parents never faded, and the girls soon learned they both shared similar stories, so they made a vow to become huntresses in order to help each other get their revenge.       

      Personality: Blossom is an extremely chipper girl out side of combat, when she acts as the leader of team BLNC, she becomes a completely different, more serious person. (almost like a split personality) She'll often try to inspire her teammates by spouting platitudes, but those attempts are usually derailed by Cypress who gave her the nickname, "fortune cookie." Normally Blossom and Cypress get along extremely well, but when shes in leader mode, she absolutely loathes him, most likely do to the fact that he's made a game out of getting her as riled up as possible. But outside of combat, she's a bubbly, energetic girl, which makes her pretty popular around kids. Shes extremely compassionate, and cares deeply about how her teammates feel,

      Physicality: Blossom is fairly nimble fighter when she has to be, but she prefers to fight from a distance. She isn't the strongest person, but her weapon easily makes up for that. She has incredibly high stamina, no doubt due to her willpower, that allows her to keep fighting until the battle is over, no matter how long it takes. When her vision is impaired, she is capable of locating enemies via echolocation.

      Martial Skill: Blossom studies boxing with Lucius, but prefers to focus on a one handed boxing style, due to her weapons transformation. While unarmed, she is capable performing quick strikes and take downs.  

      Aura & Semblance: Blossoms aura has a pink shine to it (shocker, I know) and her semblance is visual auditory synesthesia (gonna need help coming up with a less literal name.) This allows her to see sound waves. On her own, she can use it to track peoples where about's by seeing the sound waves created by peoples heart beats, or breathing, then taking them out using he sonic sniper rifle. Each member of team BLNC wears a mini speaker that produces a high pitched sonic frequency, allowing her to map out what ever area they are in, and when infiltrating a building, the team will also set up speakers on the roof, allowing her to get a clear view of enemy positions, allowing her to give sniper support while the rest of the team attacks. (think of it like the batman radar vision from the dark knight, and both toph and dare devils "sight") 

      Weaponry: Blossom is a long range fighter, using her super sonic sniper rifle, Baron Boom. This weapon is extremely versatile, allowing her to modify it by altering the volume for damage, the base for weapon spread, and treble to focus. When at close range, the baron boom transforms into a boxing glove, allowing her to punch with the force of a sonic boom. When in this mode, blossom can up the base, and shoot at the floor like a rocket jump, allowing her to move quickly through the battle field.  

      Misc Info: Blossom is in love with insects. The only time she's usually ever separated from her team is when she's hunting down an insects to add to her collection. Most of the space on the walls in the teams room is filled with displays for her taxidermy insect collection.

      Name: Lucius Cromwell 

      Emblem: Star sigil 

      Gender: Male 

      Age: 19

      Ht: 6'6" Wt: Unknown 

      Hair: Messy, dark brown 

      Eyes: Dark Green

      Appearance: Lucius is an extremely imposing individual. Muscular build with broad shoulders. Two fuzzy bear ears protrude from the top of his head. Despite his size and build his face has surprisingly soft features. He has a similar jacket to his brothers, but his is dark orange, with a dark grey shirt, shorts and boots. 

      Intro: Lucius was an orphan who would always get picked on for not only being a faunus, but for his unusual height, until one day a strange kid showed up and stood up for him, a boy who would later become his brother. They've been by each others side ever since, from the time Christian punched his father, to the tireless years of training in order to get into a good combat school. 

      Personality: Lucius is a well mannered guy, he's typically quick to apologize when his brother starts to run his mouth. He's the kinda guy who's reluctant to be there, but will favor plans that put him on the front lines as opposed to his teammates. He's typically very focused during a fight, but will fly off the hinges if his brother is hurt. Lucius often turns down duel requests out of fear of hurting someone who's not quite on his level, which some people view as the over confidence of a fourth year, but in reality he just has a keen eye for gauging peoples abilities. But even so, he usually has his brother use his semblance just to make sure. Do to the fact that he was picked on as a child, he's formed a zero tolerance policy for bullying, stepping in whenever he he can, the typical nice guy disappearing, replaced with an absolutely furious hard-ass. 

      Physicality: Lucius is an incredibly fit individual, and incredibly strong. Hes not the fastest, but if a punch connects, its devastating, considering that he has to be strong enough to move his body when he increases his mass, so around a 1 ton

      Martial Skill: Lucius focuses on techniques that allow him to overwhelm his opponents with his size, sticking primarily to wrestling and boxing, preferring to get up close and personal to grapple and perform take downs. Using his semblance combined with gravity dust, Lucius will often begin a fight by making himself as light as possible in order to jump as high as he can, then at the apex of the jump he makes himself as heavy as possible, then activating the gravity dust to increase the speed of descent allowing him to strike the ground with the force of a meteor. 

      Aura & Semblance: Lucius has an extremely powerful aura, which appears as a green shimmer whenever he uses his semblance; mass alteration. This allows him to make himself as heavy as  1.5 tons or as light as light as .01 pounds. The heavier he is, the more dense his body becomes, allowing him to shrug off physical damage, but this also means he moves slower. The lighter he is, the faster he moves, but he's more susceptible to physical attacks. 

      Weaponry: Lucius is equipped with back pack with 4 rotating cylinders filled with 8 vials of dust each called technicolor terror. (water, ice, fire, lightning, wind, explosive, earth and gravity) each cylinder is connected to a tube which snakes along his clothes, each leading to his hands and feet respectively. This allows him to not only add elemental effects to his punches and kicks when hes on offense, but also augment his teammates weapons with elemental effects as a support. He is also cable using mid ranged attacks by doubling the intake speed of dust, causing it to violently shoot out.

      Misc. Info: Lucius spends most of every waking moment training, but he always makes time to help some of the first years with their training. Whether it be through sparring or offering advice, Lucius takes great pride in seeing the people under his tutelage improve. He sees it as his duty as an uperclassman. 

      Name: Nagisa Mizutani 

      Emblem: (working on it) 

      Gender: female 

      Age: 21 

      Ht: 5'3" Wt: 130 

      Hair: Black, tied up in two buns 

      Eyes: purple

      Appearance: Nagisa typically has a cold, serious look on her face. She wears a blue and black Chinese dress, with black shorts underneath, a matching midriff jacket, and a long, blue scarf wrapped around her neck, covering her mouth. Also wears black and blue knee high boots.

      Intro: Nagisa  is a fourth year student at beacon, and is the third member of team BLNC. Nagisa was born into a highly influential family of prestigious huntsmen and huntresses. A family with a deep rooted sense of tradition, and honor. From the moment she was able to stand she was training with her uncle in their families sword style. Her and her uncle did everything, from playing make believe to forging her sword, but that all changed when he disappeared after murdering her grandfather, the head of the Namikaze family. Heart broken by betrayal, Nagisa swore that her blade would not see blood for a long time, for her blades first honorable act would be to bring her uncle to justice.       

      Personality: Nagisa is serious, very reserved, and a bit of a loner. Do to the betrayal of her uncle, shes extremely slow to trust. Her emotions are extremely difficult to read, primarily because of her  typical calm tone of voice, and the fact that her scarf is always hiding her mouth. The only one on team BLNC who can actually tell what shes feeling is blossom, who's been her friend since they were kids. Nagisa lives her life by an extremely strict code of honor, if someone she sees violates that code, you can certainly expect that she's gonna do something about it. This was a big problem when she first arrived at beacon, challenging cowardly/manipulative upperclassmen (especially bullies) with way more experience than her to duels, caring very little about the difference in skill and consequences. 

      Physicality: Despite her small stature, she is not to be underestimated. She is deceivingly well built, easily the second strongest member of team BLNC. In addition to that, shes incredibly fast, which makes her an extremely dangerous close range fighter.  

      Martial Skill: Nagisa's fighting style is reaction based. She moves with the flow of combat allowing her to easily dodge, then using the momentum of her dodges to counter attack. She will never be the one to make the first move, typically goading her opponents by staring blankly at them until they finally lose their cool and attack.  

      Aura & Semblance: Nagisa's semblance is a hereditary one. She is capable of condensing and manipulating the water particles in the air. To increase movement, she can take the water, and put it below her feet, allowing her to gracefully glide along the floor. In combination with her weapon, she can create shock waves of water on contact, either increasing the impact of a successful blow, or turning a missed attack into a knock back, allowing her to regain her composure.    

      Weaponry: Incorporating the sword she and her uncle forged as a base, Nagisa's primary weapon is a club that has a secondary use as a mortar this weapon is called tadafukushu(the hilt of the sword being the handle of the club, and the club/mortar being a sheath for the blade) Despite the Clubs size and weight, Nagisa's years of practice and strength allows her to swing it much more effectively than a normal person could. By jabbing the base of the hilt in the ground causes an adjustable bipod to drop, allowing her to easily aim her shots after loading a shell into a hole on top of the club.

      Misc. Info: There are few things in the world that Nagisa care's more about than birds, often sneaking away from the others to scale the roof tops to go bird watching. Even though she knows it doesn't have a soul, Nagisa gets a little teary eyed when she has to take down a nevermore, so much so that she needs a second after the battle to recompose herself.

      Name: Cypress Cromwell 

      Emblem: (working on it) 

      Gender: male 

      Age: 20 

      Ht: 5'8" Wt: 120lbs 

      Hair: Haphazardly slicked back sandy blonde Eyes: Brown 

      Appearance: Cypress has a very fair complexion, with a scar going up from his lower jaw to where his earlobe used to be. Wears a brown midriff baring jacket. (kind of a mix between an aviator jacket and the jackets from attack on titan) He also wears a black shirt underneath, tan pants and black boots. 

      Intro: Cypress is a 4th year student at Beacon Academy and the fourth member of team Blanch. (BLNC) Christian was born into a rich family, which would be great under normal circumstances, unfortunately for him, his parents wanted a girl. Instead of having another child, they just treated him the same way they would have treated a daughter, signing him up for things like ballet, gymnastics, and ice skating, because of this, Cypress slowly developed a loathing for his parents. It seemed things would stay this way forever, until he met his soon to be adopted brother Lucius after standing up for him during an encounter with a group of bullies. It wasn't until years later that Cypresses pent up frustrations towards his parents finally boiled over, causing him to punch his father and run off with Lucius to become huntsmen. 

      Personality: Cypress is a bit of a smart ass. He's certainly the person on the team making wise cracks, which typically stems from an over confidence in his own abilities. Christian will almost always get flustered when someone makes a comment on the graceful nature of his fighting style, which involves blushing and gritting his teeth. He very rarely takes things seriously, except when it comes to his brother, often going out of his way to shield him, even if it means leaving himself open for attack. He spends most of what ever money he gets trying to keep his brothers dust supply full. Cypress is an extremely sore loser, his extremely competitive nature combined with an over confidence in his own abilities playing a massive part in it. He'll sulk for a few days, then snap out of it, and redouble his efforts into making himself ten times better than he was. Cypress deeply misses the life style he had when he lived with his parents, because of that, he's developed a bit of a money hungry side, often trying various sneaky ways to make money in the hopes of one day living the easy lifestyle he once had. 

      Physicality: Cypress has a very light, and well built frame from years of gymnastics and dance. What he lacks in strength he makes up with speed and agility, dodging both close an long range attacks with graceful movements, and closing distances with a series of jumps. 

      Martial Skill: Cypress utilizes his own fighting style he developed by combining various aspects of the activities his parents signed him up for as a child. (ballet, gymnastics, ice skating) He's capable of maneuvering through the battle field with ease and grace that his style has been given the moniker, "the dance of death." This style focuses on never attacking an opponent from the same angle for long, instead focusing on using quick strikes on one angle, then using superior agility to maneuver himself around the target and attack, or bounce between multiple targets. 

      Aura & Semblance: Cypresses aura has more of a sky blue color, which shows in a brief flash in his eyes when he uses his semblance, combat insight. This semblance makes him able to determine multiple aspects of his opponents by looking at them. Things like weapon specs including ammo types, clip size, fire rate, etc. In addition to that, he can see their aura, allowing him to learn just how much damage they can take, and even gain an understanding of their semblance. 

      Weaponry: Cypresses weapon's are two buzz saw shields attached to wire spools on each of his wrists called the aspis of ages. Hes capable of using pressurized air to launch them up to 6 meters, and then retract them using the wire spool. When not in use, his weapons are separated into two parts; the gauntlet connected to the wire spool and center shield, then the metal frame running along his spine with extendable arms that hold the buzz saw edge and the steam powered air compressors that run to his gauntlets in order to launch the shields.

      Misc. Info: Unbeknownst to most, Cypress has a very strange hobby. He'll often rove the halls of beacon with his semblance active, gathering intel on every student he see's, then documents them in his journal, and then creates strategies on how he or the members of his team can take them out. It's kinda like a strategy guide in a sense. The only other person who knows about this journal is his brother, who constantly reminds him how creepy his hobby is. 

    • Team FRHI (Fahrenheit)

      2 years ago


      So I decided to make another team, because why not? I haven't written half of them up yet, so I'll be updating it over time. Oh, and I'll still be adding updates to team BLNC, they'll all be connected to a fan-fic I'll be writing in between writing for the web comic I want to make, and copious amounts of video games. EDIT 1: 

      Made an edit to Flannery's history where I wrote the old team acronym FRHT instead of FRHI. Also made two fractionally finished entries for Hector and Iantha. 

      EDIT 2: 

      Finally got around to writing Hector. I've already started work on Iantha, so the team should be complete soon, and from there I'll update their bio's from time to time like team BLNC.

      EDIT 3:

      I finally got around to writing up Iantha, and with that, team FRHI is complete~ I also made all of the categories bold just to make it look neater, and added a little bit more about Hectors weapon. Like I said, I'll continue to update them just like team BLNC, but it wont be very often, because I still have another team to write up, and another half of a team to create before I start up my fan fic, so new bios will take priority over updates to old ones.

      Name: Flannery Picante  

      Emblem: (working on it) 

      Gender: Female 

      Age: 18 

      Ht:5'10" Wt: 145

      Appearance: Flannery has always had a pretty active lifestyle. Years of rough housing and playing sports with her older brothers has honed her body into a finely tuned machine, her well toned frame only accentuated by her sun kissed skin. Long chocolate brown hair runs down the length of her back, and her irises are a dark shade of red. Her typical attire consists of an old dark red baseball cap, a red sports jacket with brown tank top, dark brown shorts and brown hiking boots. 

      History: Flannery was raised in Mistral by a single father in a house with 5 older brothers. Having no female role-models in her life, she essentially just became one of the boys. Despite her ability to keep up with them, her brothers would still constantly belittle her for being a girl, which only fueled her desire to prove them wrong, causing her to spend day and night training and exercising. After winning multiple trophies and medals for various sports, she finally felt as though she gained the respect she deserved. But eventually, she began to feel empty. Having decimated all of her competition, she grew bored. She wanted adventure in her life, but was unsure as to what path she should take. When her father eventually told her that her mother was a huntress, her mind had finally been made up. Shortly after joining Sanctum academy she became one of the top students, as such she decided to test her skills by joining the Mistral regional tournament. Completely crushing most of her opponents, she got incredibly close to claiming victory, that is until a certain red headed girl absolutely mopped the floor with her. This loss only proved that she'd chosen the right path, and instead of demoralizing her, it motivated her to become the absolute best she could be. She is now a second year at Haven Academy, and is the leader of team FRHI. (Fahrenheit)     

      Personality: Flannery is an extremely competitive person, taking every opportunity she can to turn something into a competition. She's a very strong willed individual, willing to go to great lengths to prove herself the victor. She never takes her losses sitting down, often putting herself through intensive training until she determines that she's strong enough for a rematch. She's also brash, bold, and doesn't think twice about saying whats on her mind, which causes people to see her as a little rude. In reality, she's actually a very friendly, often expressing her affection through physical means, this includes noogies, shoulder punches, and bear hugs. However due to her strength she ends up hurting the person, which she quickly apologizes for.   

      Weapon: Flannery's weapons are a pair of chainsaw tonfa's that she calls, "The Radiant Rippers." Combining efficient defensive and offensive capabilities of both the tonfa and the chainsaw, the Radiant Rippers are devastating at close range. The chainsaw blades are often augmented by some sort of elemental effect by using dust. (typically fire dust.)

      Semblance: Fire Drive- Flannery's semblance allows her to turn her thrill for the fight into physical strength. The more fired up she gets, the stronger she gets. This ability is a bit of a double-edged sword though, because the more her strength increases, the more her aura decreases. If she gets over excited, she risks depleting her aura, leaving her helpless. (a candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long) However, if she can't get fired up for a fight, her semblance is essentially useless. (typically when she's fighting an opponent that she see's as weak)    

      Physicality: Flannery is an extremely fit individual, choosing to spend a good portion of her free time either training or exercising. 

      Fighting Style: Flannery is typically fighting on the front line dealing damage. During a fight she likes to play defensively at first, tiring out her enemies and allowing her excitement to grow. Once she feels as though her opponent(s) are worn down enough, she activates semblance allowing her to dispatch them with quick and efficient ease. When fighting an opponent she perceives to be weak, her fighting style becomes a lot more aggressive, preferring to finish the fight quickly, as opposed to doing her typical stall tactic. Flannery's primary weakness makes itself apparent when she fights defensive opponents, typically ones who use shields. These opponents typically render her typical strategy pointless, forcing her to rely on offensive tactics mixed with her semblance in an attempt to break through their defenses. This is very risky due to the nature of her semblance constantly draining more and more aura as her excitement builds. A skilled opponent with a shield can easily withstand her onslaught until her aura is low enough to finish her off with a single counter attack.  


      Name: Ricotta Tavoletta  

      Emblem: (working on it) 

      Gender: Female 

      Age: 18 

      Ht:5'2" Wt: 116lbs

      Appearance: Rico has a deceptively dainty frame with a yellowish skin complexion and lavender eyes. Her small size hides her surprisingly fit physique. Her long violet hair has streaks of blonde, and is typically put up into twin tails. She wears a frilly light pink and cream colored skirt, with a buttery yellow tank top, and a cream colored midriff jacket.    

      History: Rico was born in Mistral and raised in a pretty well off house hold. As such, she grew up fairly pampered, spoiling her as a result. She was the perfect little princess when her parents or other adults were around, but she had a secret mischievous side, often playing various tricks and pranks on the other kids of the neighborhood. Eventually her facade was broken when she got caught by her parents. Feeling as though their precious Ricotta needed more discipline in her life, her parents sent her off to Sanctum Academy, setting her on the path to becoming a huntress. Ricotta eventually decided that she wanted to continue pursuing the path to becoming a huntress, and is now a second year at Haven Academy, and the second member of team FRHI. (Fahrenheit)    

      Personality: Despite her parents intentions of bringing discipline to her life by sending her to combat school, this didn't have the affect they intended. Ricotta saw this as an opportunity to  start up her old habits, once again adopting her, "perfect princess" persona, becoming the perfect student as a ruse to distract faculty members from the tricks and pranks she'd pull on the other students. She is a very playful and mischievous person, and is prone to temper tantrums when things don't go her way. She can be a bit spoiled and bratty at times. She can also be a relentless flirt when it comes to boys she finds attractive.

      Weapon: Ricotta's weapons are a pair of pink ribbons with iron balls at the end connected to wrist mounted re-tractors which she simply calls, "The regal ribbons." She can either dance around with the ribbons, bludgeoning her enemies from various distances by extending and retracting the length of the ribbon, or she can channel her aura through them, causing them to straighten and stiffen, turning them hard as steel, and then using them like maces. She can also wrap them around enemies, either causing them to lose their footing, or restrain them.   

      Semblance: Ricotta's semblance is called Illusion Glare. This allows her to alter her appearance by using her aura to create a field around her that can reflect light in order to fool peoples sense of sight. She can take the appearance of another person, animal, or even scenery. She can even extend her aura field to create illusions. For example, she can take her teammates drone, imbue it with her aura, and make it look like a swarm of rapier wasps. (one of her favorite tricks.)   

      Physicality: Rico is pretty dainty in general, but years of handling her weapon have given her at least some arm strength. She's pretty nimble, able to dodge attacks with ease, but she lacks stamina, making it difficult for her to fight for prolonged periods of time.

      Fighting Style: Ricotta isn't the type of person to attack directly, due to her low stamina. When she can't sneak up on an opponent for surprise attacks, she sticks to dodging and counter attacking. Most of team FRHI's strategies involve Ricotta using her semblance to set up on a certain part of the battlefield, then having the rest of the team attack, drawing the enemy ahead of her position so she can attack from behind. 

      Name: Hector Adama 

      Emblem: (working on it) 

      Gender: Male 

      Age: 19 

      Ht:5'8" Wt: 150lbs

      Appearance: Years spent running with the low life's and thugs in the area west of Mistral caused him to strengthen his body, giving him a muscular, tank like frame. His fair skin is marked by various scars, the most prominent being the three claw marks on his cheek. His primarily black hair with blue tips is put up in a mohawk and his eyes are a deep blue. He wears an old, tattered dark green duster with a missing left sleeve, a black tank top, tan cargo pants and black boots.

      History: Hector spent most of his childhood taking care of himself, with his father typically being out on missions, and his mother left because his father was never around. Despite his father never being around though, he always appreciated and admired him for his work as a huntsmen. Whenever his father was around, he'd always regale Hector with tales of his exploits. Eventually, Hector wanted to see his father in action, so he decided to follow his father on a particularly dangerous mission. Things of course went south when Hector caught the attention of a rather large group of grimm. His father defended him to the best of his abilities, but quickly became overwhelmed once a group of criminals took advantage of the situation, cutting off his left arm, forcing Hectors father to flee with his son. Seeing no other option, Hectors father activated his sons aura, and told him to run as fast as he could while he held them off. So Hector ran until he eventually collapsed in exhaustion in what appeared to be a swamp. He was eventually picked up by a gang of thieves and marauders, from which he learned everything he knew about fighting and surviving. Eventually he was picked up by the police, who then contacted one of his fathers old teammates, who gave him two options; either go to jail, or become a huntsmen, like his father before him. Hector is now a second year at Haven Academy, and the third member of team FRHI. 

      Personality: Hector is a very confrontational person. Looking for any opportunity he can to prove his strength, and get even stronger. He's incredibly hardheaded, and looks down on any sign of weakness. His desire to gain more strength stems from the guilt he feels for causing his fathers death. He's incredibly hot headed as well, and there for, extremely easy to manipulate, a fact that two of his teammates take full advantage of, either as a prank, or to tease him into a fight. He can also be a bit sexist at times, a trait that gets him into a lot of trouble considering all of his teammates are girls.

      Weapon: Hectors weapon is called Magnax; a double headed ax that also acts as a magnet. This magnet has two settings, attract and repel. When set to repel, the ax can easily disarm an unsuspecting or severely stagger an opponent. Attract allows him to hold enemies in blade locks, allowing his teammates to attack while the opponents weapon is stuck. He can also use these two settings together, using attract to pull metal objects from a distance, then fire those objects by switching to repel.

      Semblance: Hectors semblance is called Guardian Aspect. It allows him to physically manifest and extend his aura into a larger, hard light projection. (think of it like the susanoo from Naruto, a Stand from JoJo, and the light constructs from green lantern.) He is capable of extending this projection to protect his allies, or filtering it through his fist or his weapon to increase his attack range.

      Physicality: Hector is an incredibly well built individual, spending all of his free time in his pursuit to be the absolute strongest he can be. He has a very well chiseled musculature allowing him to not only wield his massive weapon, but use it proficiently.

      Fighting Style: Hector doesn't really have a fighting style, preferring to charge head first into conflict, with little thought given to any aspect of the fight aside from the single minded drive to utterly demolish his enemies. His attacks really have no pattern to them, preferring to lose himself in combat, wildly swinging in whichever way feels right with an animalistic ferocity.

      Name: Iantha Oblige
      Emblem: (working on it)
      Gender: Female
      Age: 17
      Ht: 5'5" Wt: 124lbs

      Appearance: Iantha has a rather light build, not the tallest, the shortest or the most well built of the members of team FRHI. She has short, dark brown hair, ebony skin, and emerald green eyes. Iantha wears a magenta and black body suit with a navy blue cheongsam (Chinese dress) with flowers embroidered with gold colored thread. She wears stirrup leggings, an prefers to go everywhere barefoot, her toe nails typically sporting purple nail polish.

      History: Iantha was born into an incredibly wealthy and influential family in one of the larger settlements outside of the main capital of Mistral. Ianthas parents were very protective of her, keeping her confined to the families mansion. Because of this, she never really had any opportunities to even talk to people her own age, let alone make friends, so she would often seclude herself in her room with her pet tiger Citrus, and just read for hours on end, her favorite books being the ones depicting huntsmen and huntresses exploits.

          It was discovered at a young age that Iantha was a genius, easily comprehending even the most complex of concepts and applying them in her day to day life. She preferred studying things like dust application, weapons, combat strategy, fighting styles, all in the hope of one day becoming a huntress. When she told her parents about her dream, they forbade her from ever thinking about doing something like that. When she argued, her parents took away every book that wasn't necessary to her primary education, and locked her in her room, making her feel like a prisoner.

          Long story cut short, there was a young huntsmen in training who saw her through her window, he'd sneak her out to have some fun in the town, her parents found out and had him dealt with, Iantha found out and then learned her families wealth was earned through less than legitimate means, she built her own weapon with spare parts, escaped with Citrus, changed her last name to Porter, and was accepted into Haven due to her intellect and abilities. She is now a second year at Haven academy and the fourth member of team FRHI.    

      Personality: Iantha is a pretty serious girl. She never really had friends growing up, so she doesn't really see the need to make any now. She's quick to irritate and to start verbal confrontations, often questioning her team leaders orders, and berate her teammates for not taking things serious enough. This happens a lot considering the rag tag team she was stuck with. She's also very evasive when it comes to answering questions about her past.  

      Weapon: Iantha's weapon is a bo staff charged with gravity dust called graviton tumbler. This weapon has two functions correlated to both ends of the staff, one side increases gravity, which has a purple glow to it. The other side decreases gravity, which has more of a blue glow to it. By striking an enemy with one of the two ends she can create a field around them that either increases or decreases the gravity. She can also slam one of the ends on the ground, creating a circular field that can either slam enemies into the ground or lift them off their feet as soon as they step into it.  

      Semblance: Iantha's semblance is called network, a form of technokinesis that allows her to take control over simple machines. She can remotely access things like appliances, remotes, radios, etc. She can't take control of things as advanced as an Atlesian knight, but she is capable of screwing up certain signals in order to make them less effective. Iantha typically uses her semblance to control the miniature drones she keeps with her, and see things through their cameras in order to scout ahead for the rest of the team.    

      Physicality: Iantha isn't the most physically fit person. She prefers to work her brain as opposed to her body. She counters her lack of physical strength with her weapon to inflict heavy hits with little physical effort.

      Fighting Style: Iantha is more of an adaptive fighter, never one to charge at an opponent without intel, unlike her teammates. She typically waits for her opponent to attack first, so she can dodge and study their fighting style. Once she believes she has all of the information she needs, she forms a strategy, then executes it.  She'll typically decrease the gravity in an opponent who relies on heavier attacks, weakening the strength of their blows, or increase gravity while fighting quick opponents in order to slow them down to get a solid hit in. However Iantha prefers not to be on the front lines, staying in a safe location and providing aerial recon being her preferred way of assisting the team. 

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