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    • DEATH ANALYSIS: The Tragic Heroine With The Power to Kill a God!

      2 months ago



      1. Name: Noel Vermillion
      2. Birth Name: Mu-12
      3. Age:  5 Years Old (Chronology), Unknown (Physically) 
      4. Height: (Noel) - 157 cm (5'1.8"), (Mu-12) - 157 cm (5'2")
      5. Weight: (Noel) - 48 kg (105.8 lbs), (Mu-12) - 48 kg (106 lbs)
      6. Blood Type: A
      7. B/W/H: 73 cm (29) / 59 cm (23) / 93 cm (36)
      8. Former First Lieutenant of the NOL
      9. Founder of Pretty Detective Team: Remix Heart
      10. Eye of the Azure
      11. Also known as The Origin and Saya
      12. Professional Gunslinger
      13. Early Graduate by 6 months from the Military Academy
      14. Likes Really Cute Things Like Pandas
      15. Has A Fear of Bugs Especially Ones With Lots of Legs
      16. Future Occupation: A nun at Celica A Mercury's Church with Lambda-11


      Born as Dimensional Boundary Contact Medium No. 12 in the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido in The Ikaruga Federation on December 25th 2194 by Sector Seven, Mu-12 was being tested by the scientists in order to access the power of the Azure deep within the Boundary as they couldn't survive on the other side of it and that's why Mu and the Murakumo Units were created because they can only survive in the Boundary.

      But with all scientific discoveries it has backfired horribly as the Takamagahara System, a group of AIs created by man to manage the world, launched a powerful beam that came from the Nox Nyctores, Gigant: Takemikazuchi which destroyed the lab and everyone in it because it was revealed that the experiment was an attempt to create a monster known as The Black Beast and they were planning on using Mu to create the monster to win against the Novus Orbis Librarium during the Ikaruga Civil War. Now normally in some timelines, this act would kill Mu but in the other ones including the one in which the BlazBlue series is set in, Mu survived inside her cocoon in which The Origin basically the Girl who first made contact with the Master Unit, Amaterasu had used the blast cause by Takemikazuchi as a catalyst since she was waiting for an opportunity to recreate herself in Mu but unfortunately, Mu doesn't remember anything that's happened before she was finished being created or The Origin's involvement with her creation. So with no memory of who and what she is, Mu was then later discovered by Edgar and Claire Vermillion who then processed to adopted and renamed her, “Noel Vermillion" to raise as their own child. (Gee she's like Superman and Goku except they're aliens from dying planets and not artificial humans.)

      A few years later after her adoption into the Vermillion household, Noel's parents were being shun out by the NOL, it was then that she joined the Military Academy to help out her parents and keep them within the NOL. (Yeah just sign up for a school being run by the same people who's planning on banishing your family in the first place.) When she arrived at the Military Academy, Noel became best friends with her classmates, Makoto Nanaya, Tsubaki Yayoi and Carl Clover and after graduating 6 months before her fellow classmates, Noel was listed in the NOL as a lieutenant to Major Jin Kisaragi but he didn't like Noel that much or he'd treated her like dirt because she reminded him of his own sister, Saya.

      Not soon after on New Year's Eve in the year 2199, Jin went to go after the “Grim Reaper" (Otherwise known as Ragna The Bloodedge) in the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagatsuchi (Wow what a way to leave your job on New Year's Eve just to chase a criminal in another city.) With her heart heavy with worry, Noel was assigned by the NOL to return Jin back to his post.


      Noel's weapons of choice are twin handguns called the Nox Nyctores, Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk (Translated as Demon Guns: Bolverk) and they've appeared to her when she was attacked by a monster in the forest that she always played in when she was a child. Bolverk is even powerful enough to shoot through a solid wall plus Noel can even transform Bolverk into Thor which is a missile launcher with a shark's face on the missile and even into Fenrir which is a powerful mini gun. (Damn a chick holding a mini gun and a missile launcher. Now that's freaking awesome!)


      Noel is classified as a speed character in the BlazBlue series as she can get around very quickly on the battlefield as she shoots her bullets from Bolverk. (Also she can see into a person's memories just by touching them.) As the “Eye of The Azure", Noel can also see the distant and recent memories of a person just by having someone touch her or if she touches someone else just like she did with Tsubaki, Carl, Hazama and Lambda-11 in BlazBlue Continuum Shift (Wait which version of that game since there's been three versions of the same game put together?) It was all of them. (Ok thanks since Continuum Shift had two more remakes after the original game was released.) 

      Also Noel can create an artificial landscape called The Realm which can take the form of the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi and Noel's managed to do it while she was sleeping plus Noel being a replica of Saya, has shown that she has inherited some of Saya's memories from her childhood, although the memories appear to be far more prominent in her than any of the 11 Murakumo Units known thus far but as it turns out that after regaining her memories after reuniting with Mu-12 during the events of BlazBlue Central Fiction, it was revealed that Noel actually has half of Saya's soul while the other half was inside of Hades Izanami because Noel is also known as the girl who first contacted The Master Unit, Amaterasu aka The Origin herself and because of this, Noel gained the ability to fuse with the other pieces of The Origin's Soul and essentially become reborn as Saya herself once all of the fragments are within Noel which included Mu-12, Hades Izanami and The Girl inside of the Master Unit well except for Lambda-11 and Nu-13 because both of them became their own identities and Noel couldn't fuse with either of them. In other words, it's kinda like in Red vs. Blue and how the AI fragment, Sigma wanted to gather his fellow AI fragments to become a perfect AI but in order to do that, Sigma brainwashed and manipulated Agent Maine which turned him into the cold murdering psychopath known as The Meta and he went to hunt down his fellow Freelancers and stealing their AIs and Armor Enhancements but in Noel's case, it was just recovering her memories.


      Bolverk can use a raw energy source called Seithr (which was the remains of the Black Beast) which Noel can use very powerful attacks like her Distortion Drives, Zero-Gun: Fenrir and Bullet Storm ⇒ Zero-Gun: Thor as well as her Astral Heat, Valkyrie Veil.

      Fighting Style

      Noel's fighting style is a very unique martial art called the Gun Fu which focuses on close-quarters gunplay which is very popular in Hong Kong action films and western films are influenced by this fighting style. Just look at Dante from Devil May Cry since he uses this fighting style as well.

      Move Set

      Noel's a master gunslinger and she is fairly fast plus she has good range when she fights her opponents in the BlazBlue series like her unique Drive, The Chain Revolver aka "The Extremely Spamable Attack In The History of Fighting Games!" which she's capable of pulling extremely high-damaging combos plus her Overdrive, The Chain Quasar can increase the speed of her attacks like her famous Optic Barrel which can shoot though a solid wall. Her Revolver Blast shoots four bullets as she twirls in midair. The Silencer can shoot a downed opponent and can be repeated and the Spring Raid allows her to kick her opponent into the air. She can even cross over her opponents with Assault Though, the Muzzle Filler allows her to flip forward and catch a standing opponent with her legs and she can use a large energy blast from Bolverk with the Bloom Trigger. Plus Bolverk can also turn into a shotgun when she uses her Chamber Shot and it's the closest attack Noel has to Ragna's Hell's Fang plus it's really good for knocking back an opponent. 

      But if Noel wants to kick it up a notch then she can use her Zero-Gun: Sleipnir, an Exceed Accel that after she uses when she's in her Overdrive state which she uses her Zero-Gun: Thor on her opponent before transforming Bolverk into a huge Railgun that she can fire to chase down her foe being rocketed by the recently fired Thor or she can combo it with her Chamber Shot and Zero-Gun: Fenrir along with the moves that I mentioned before to deal massive damage to her foe but only if she's in her Active Flow. Now here's a video that showcases Noel's moveset from Chrono Phantasma.


      Now you all think that I've told you everything that Noel has on the battlefield right? Nope! After Hazama aka Yuki Terumi told her that she wasn't human to begin with as he called her a puppet and a doll, Noel's emotions ran berserk and broke Bolverk since he revealed to her that they were limiters just suppressing her emotions thus allowing Terumi to smelt Noel into the Cauldron or in other words, Terumi pretty much mind-raped Noel as she transformed into her True Form, Mu-12 aka The Sword of the Godslayer, Kusanagi with the simple goal for Terumi to destroy the Master Unit, Amaterasu (which is pretty much the Goddess of the Sun and Universe in Japanese legend.) and end the world.

      This form is deadly on the battlefield and if you're the unlucky fool to face Noel in her true form then you can kiss your life goodbye as she can kill a god single-handedly (Damn I don't think that a young and sweet innocent girl would be able to kill powerful deities and immortals like the Elder Gods from Mortal Kombat) and with the help of Rachel Alucard, she can now control and transform into Mu-12 at her own will during the events of BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma as she wanted to save her best friend Tsubaki from Izanami. (Well you got to do what you got to do to save your friends even resorting to facing your true self in order to accomplish that goal.) Also Mu's armor is made up of a special metal called the Hihirokane which is lighter than gold but harder than diamonds and yet she can move and jump in it despite Mu showing off a lot of her skin when she enters her Battle Mode. Also fun fact this legendary alloy of Japanese folklore was once wielded by Jubei's brother, Tomonori who used it when he fought against Terumi in the manga, BlazBlue Phase Shift 1 and it was used to create the armors during the smeltings for Mu-12 and her successor unit, Nu-13 and the golden crest on Hakumen's chest. Mu also wields the Nox Nyctores, Lux Sanctus: Murakumo (translated as God Bright: Gathering Clouds) which can allow her to summon 8 telepathic swords which she can defend against attacks or just send them out to chase after her foes and is the most common weapon of the Murakumo Units.

      As Noel transforms into her true form, Mu's got some unique abilities that she couldn't normally do when she was originally Noel like her Drive, Steins Gunner which Mu can summon small orbs that she can place anywhere on the battlefield to plan out her strategy. Her Overdrive, Steins Geiser can make the lasers that fire out of her gunners become stronger. In addition Mu's attacks can be deadly if you're not too careful. She can launch a laser at her opponents with Totsuka Blade and if she has her gunners out on the field she use this laser to bounce off them and hits her opponents. Mu can even use a speedy projectile with Arrows of Heaven. Her Origins allows Mu form a powerful barrier and can even knock her opponents back. Not to mention my favorite move that Mu can do is none other than Sword of Decimation which she can do a downward slash on her opponent with all eight of her blades. Mu can use Ikutachi Blade which she does a forward diagonal leap and slashes behind her foe with her eight blades and can even kick them into the air vertically skyward and she can even make her gunners self-destruct with Divine Wrath of the Heavens or she can send her gunners to charge at her opponents with Tokotachi Blade. But that's not the only thing that Mu-12 can do because her Distortion Drives are very powerful like her Blessed Mirror which can draw power from the Totsuka Blade and it can be amplified depending on how many Steins have been placed. Her Wisdom of the Divines can bind her opponent as she gets above then to launch 8 swords to strike down at her foe at once but if Mu wants to get serious, then her Exceed Accel, Pillar of Light, which after entering her Overdrive allows her to slash at her foe before having her blades circling around them before being blasted by a pillar of light right underneath their feet.

      But Mu's ultimate attack is her Astral Heat, Sword of the Godslayer which she can trap her opponent in a barrier as she flies up and transforms her eight blades into eight giant swords as they strike down into the ground and makes a huge explosion that engulfs the opponent or she can transform into a giant sword herself and slash at her opponent. Now just like i did with Noel's move set I'm going to put a video that shows Mu-12's moveset.


      As the Eye of the Azure, Noel has some flaws to her character as she has the smallest breast size out of the starting female cast of the BlazBlue series and she's not that fond of it as in a few scenes in Calamity Trigger as she's been called a young man or a boy by Bang Shishigami and Lacking Lady by previous Death Battle champion, Taokaka. (Well that's just mean just saying that to a girl.)

      Also if Bolverk is taken away from her, Noel will be completely and utterly helpless when striped of her weapons. Plus she's not that good of a cook as seen in her Gag Ending in Continuum Shift as she pretty much kills everyone who tastes her cooking well except Hazama and Mai Natsume in the magna, BlazBlue Remix Heart (Well the first time because Mai's tongue is super sensitive that allowed her to eat Noel's cooking but she couldn't eat normal food.)

      Noel's also the definition of the "shrinking violet" archetype as she is also shy, clumsy and gets worked up over the smallest things like her very small breasts for example and at one time during her time at the Military Academy, Noel accidentally swallowed a watermelon seed as she got Tsubaki, Makoto, Mai and Kajun all lost at the eighth level of the Academy due to her inability to read a map but not soon after, the watermelon seed that Noel swallowed grew out of her belly button after inhaling a large amount of Seithr as the sprout attacked the group and it went looking for the Evolution Grimoire while using Noel as it's host which is strangely weird now that I think about it but it actually happened during Chapter 3 of BlazBlue: Remix Heart. She also apologizes for every thing that she does even if it's not necessary and also Noel has a major bad case of identity crisis as she was told by Terumi that she's a doll before smelting her in the Cauldron to become Mu-12. Plus she does have that habit of being the Damsel in Distress as she gets kidnapped or ambushed by someone a few times, once was when she battled Hazama, who told her that she wasn't human as her emotions went berserk which broke Bolverk, which gave him the opportunity to smelt her into the Cauldron to become Mu in Continuum Shift while in Chrono Phantasma, she was ambushed by Relius Clover and Nu-13 in which she was forcefully synchronized with Nu, an act which transforms Nu into a second Successor of the Azure, albeit in status only and then in Central Fiction, she was kidnapped once again by Terumi, who just reclaimed the Susano'o Unit because it was actually Terumi's original body as the god, Susano'o in Japanese legend as he choked Noel into unconsciousness and then processed to absorb her into himself and in doing so renders Terumi completely immune to Phenomenon Intervention, rendering him almost completely invincible.

      But you could ask yourself "Could anything kill Noel?" actually yes but only by special means because she's immortal after getting the power of the Eye and because normal weapons could just go right though her as in Central Fiction, Hibiki and Hakumen tried to cut her down but it didn't work even though Hibiki kept trying to do it even after Kokonoe told him that he could not be able to do it which I kinda question Hibiki's sanity. There's only two things that can fully kill her. The first thing that can kill Noel would have to be....The Zero-Type: Izayoi and it's ability to use the Immortal Breaker which of course can kill any being outside of Logic so you could say that the Sword is like a Kryptonite weapon that Lex Luthor can use in his Warsuit when he battles Superman but the second thing is destroying her vessel with Kushinada's Lynchpin, which is a large nail that is able to shut the entrance to the Boundary.


      Well even with all of her tragic moments in the BlazBlue series, Noel has accomplished a lot of impressive feats on her own.

      1. Having the highest of synchronization rates with Armagus ever recorded at her entrance exam to the Military Academy.

      2. She fought against Nu-13 to a standstill

      3. She saved Ragna from being killed by Nu at the climax of Calamity Trigger thus shattering the endless time loops.

      4. She saved Tsubaki with the help of Makoto and Jin.

      5. She even fought against the Nox Nyctores Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi with the help of both Ragna and Jin in the climax of Chrono Phantasma.

      6. She managed to fight off both Hakumen and Jin when she was Mu-12 in the climax of Continuum Shift.

      7. She also managed to survive a fight against Ragna when he was turned into a Black Beast-like state by Hades Izanami only escaping with minor wounds when she transformed into Mu-12.

      8. Also managed to not die when she was swallowed by the Black Beast when she was in her Mu-12 state and Jin fought against Berserk Ragna between Chrono Phantasma and Central Fiction.

      9. Killed Hades Izanami as Mu-12 during the events of Central Fiction.

      10. Absorbed the Souls of Mu-12, Hades Izanami and The Origin to be fully reborn as Saya.

      11. Is fast enough to react to Take-Mikazuchi's attacks

      12. Is able to keep up with Tsubaki and Nu-13

      13. Has fought against and defeated her true self, Mu-12, in a battle for dominance within The Realm prior to gaining the latter's powers to use at her own will. 

      14. Kicked Tsubaki so hard that she gets sent flying backwards a few meters away only to reappeared behind Tsubaki to do her Assault Though just seconds later (Watch at around 1:26 into this video)

      But if that's not crazy enough for you, she's even helped saved the multiverse with previous Death Battle combatants Mai Shiranui and Ivy Valentine in the Japanese only RPG for the PSP, Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos and all the experiences that Noel has gone though with her life even after accepting Mu-12 as herself, she has developed a new level of self-confidence and determination to protect her friends.

      Potential Opponents

      Aigis (Persona 3 and Persona 4 Arena)

      Fiora (Xenoblade Chronicles)

      Well I hope you enjoy my first Death Battle blog and I hope I can make another one in the future.

    • DEATH ANALYSIS: The Fat CEO of a Company and Rival to Mario!

      9 months ago



      • Birthday: October 21, 1982
      • Age: 33 Years Old
      • Height: 170 cm (5'7")
      • Weight: 140 kg (308 lbs)
      • Owner and Founder of Warioware, Inc
      • One of the Seven Star Children
      • Like Collection Treasure and Money
      • Partner to Waluigi
      • Known as Purple Wind


      Now Mario has got a lot of rivals thoughout the years like Donkey Kong and Bowser but what would happen if there was a rival that looks a lot like our red capped hero? Well there is in the form of a fat and greedy man who goes by the name of Wario!

      Born as one of the Seven Star Children destined for greatness, Wario's rivalry with Mario goes way back to the days after they defeated Bowser (who traveled from the future) with a group of Yoshis but in the years that followed after that event, Wario wanted take over Mario's Castle but failed every single time but a stroke of luck happened when an alien named Tatanga invaded Sarasaland and Mario had to go there to stop him and save Princess Daisy and her kingdom from the evil alien. But that gave Wario enough time to takeover Mario's Castle and renamed it "Wario's Castle", brainwashed all of the citizens with a magic spell into thinking Mario is their enemy and Wario is their ruler and he even scattered the Six Golden Coins which were the keys to the castle across the land.

      Everything was working well for Wario until Mario collected the Golden Coins and while he put up a good fight, Wario was defeated by Mario and he jumped out the balcony crying but he wasn't going to give up with owning his own Castle which leads to his treasure hunting career and show up Mario for defeating him. But while Wario has enjoyed his treasure hunting and collecting money, he also wanted to make games as well and that lead to him founding his own company in Diamond City called Warioware, Inc and he even hire his friends to work for him to create games in which he calls Microgames.


      Now despite his appearance of being an fat man, Wario is a lot stronger than you think as like Mario and Luigi, he's got Superhuman Strength and he's quite Athletic and it equals that to Mario's other rivals, Bowser and Donkey Kong. But the downside to it is that while powerful in strength, Wario isn't very fast unlike Yoshi and he has the lowest jump unlike the Mario Bros. Wario's trademark move is his Dash Attack which allows him to charge shouder first and he really like his grappling moves like his Piledriver, Corkscrew Conk and Wild Swing-Ding. Wario also can do a Ground Pound which can cause small earthquakes, also he can cause tremors with his Earthquake Punch. Wario also like to blow things up with Bob-ombs and he has a way of getting coins into his mouth with his Coin Vacuum.

      Also like Mario, Wario also has his own power ups in the form of Power Up Pots like his Bull Pot which allows him to become Bull Wario which let's him break blocks and sticks to the ceilings with the horns on his helmet, the Jet Pot allows him to become Jet Wario which lets him fly in the air for a limited time and his Dragon Pot turns Wario into Dragon Wario which allows him to breath fireballs out of his hat but only for a short time. Wario also can use the Fire Flower and Metal Power Flower which turns him into Fire Wario and Metal Wario.


      Wario also can fight with his attacks like he can bite on his foes with his Chomp. He can use the Corkscrew to recover and hit his opponents in the air. Wario can even use the Wario Bike to ride in style to runover his opponents and it was built by Dr. Crygor for Wario to ride Diamond City to get to places and he can even eat the bike for even I don't know how he can just do that. But when Wario wants to stink up a fight, his Wario Waft lets loose a fart so powerful it can damage foes and he can even charge up this move to fart himself up in the air and creates a huge explosion.


      Wario has a lot of his transformations to access over the years but his most popular one is when he eats his favorite food being a Garlic but there's one piece of Garlic called the Nasty Garlic and once Wario ate it, he transforms into Wario-Man. The Wario-Man form increases his strength and speed plus his moves get powerful and it makes him invincible but he can still take damage from eating explosions.


      • Defeated Captain Syrup and the Brown Sugar Pirates, Ruby The Clown, The Shake King, Black Jewel and Tiaramisu
      • He survived every single Mario Party
      • He has succeeded in building his own castle
      • He built the TELMENT in order to steal Goodstyle from Count Cannoli who is a master theft
      • He built and founded his own company
      • He has tanked castle sized explosions
      • He tanked a country level attack
      • Destroyed a Volcano
      • He apparently scaled a guy who ran around the earth in 5 minutes
      • Survived the Shake King detonating

      Potential Opponents

      Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic the Hedgehog)

      Now much like the past Mario VS Sonic themed Death Battles that I've seen, Knuckles looks like the prefect opponent that Wario can face and while both are even in strength and power this makes a good match up to see happen as a Death Battle. But who I think would win well I like both characters and unlike Mario VS Sonic and Luigi VS Tails (since I knew that Sonic and Tails have won their fights against the Mario Bros) this one is going to be a wild card for me.

      Donkey Kong (Mario and Donkey Kong Country)

      Well we have had our share of characters fight each other that from the same company with examples being Beast VS Goliath and Ragna VS Sol Badguy. (Still love that one to death since if you knew me for a while I'm a major fan of Arc System Works along with the BlazBlue series) Anyway back to my point, DK and Wario are two of the most powerful characters in the Mario series but it`s time to see which one of them is the strongest out of them both.

      Negaduck (Darkwing Duck)

      Umm yeah this is going to take a lot of explaining but I`ll try and make it short as humanly possible. Now what do Wario and Negaduck have in common? Well they both look like the main hero of their series (Wario - Mario and Negaduck - Darkwing Duck) and despite not knowing too much of Darkwing Duck to be brutally honest I am willing to watch the cartoon if this does become a thing but who knows right.

      Well I didn`t think I would take a long time to do another blog but I got it done and that`s all that matters right? But with that said I leave you guys with a quote for my next blog. Hahahahaha! Ragnaaaaa! Ragna! Ragna! It's impossible, Ragna! Nothing will change! You can't change anything! Hahahahahaha! Now if you knew me for a long time then you guys should know that I`m a major fan of this fighting game series and believe me, she`s crazy as she only thinks about a previous Death Battle combatant. But with that said I catch you guys later... Yoshi Out!!!

    • DEATH ANALYSIS: The Red-Eyed Assassin of Night Raid!

      1 year ago



      • Age: Somewhere in her Teen Years
      • Height: 164 cm (5"4")
      • Weight: Unknown
      • Blood Type: A
      • Trained by Gonzuki
      • Name means "Red Eye" in Japanese
      • Member of Night Raid
      • A really big eater (not joking)
      • B\W\H: 81"/56"/83"


      In a world ruled by The Empire, there was a long black haired girl with red eyes carrying a poisonous katana killing anything that gets in her way and her name was simply known as Akame. But Akame's backstory is not for the faint of heart since her story is kinda tragic and very dark... you've been warned.

      When Akame was just a child, her parents sold her and her younger sister, Kurome to The Empire and they were forced to go though a very cruel exam by being placed into the forest inhabited by monsters known as the Danger Beasts. But out of the 100 children that were placed into this exam, Akame and Kurome were among the few that survived the test and that's a good thing right? Well not really because both of them were separated because Gonzuki just refused to let siblings join the same group because he noted that they would just depend on each other and as the strongest of the two sisters, Akame was accepted into Gonzuki's Assassin Squad called Elite Seven and she was trained in the arts of espionage and combat becoming a highly effective killer.

      Akame and the Elite Seven were later given a Shingu, which were weapons that were created 400 years ago by the Emperor in order to surpass the Teigu but failed to do so. Akame's Shingu was called Kiriichimonji which was a kitana that if a person gets cut by this weapon, it will cause wounds that will never heal. When her training was complete, Akame was giving the mission of killing Martha, who was a spy in the Revolutionary Army and also her closest friend. As she took Martha into the graveyard in order to prove Martha's innocent but Martha denies the claims and Akame tries to leave to prove that her information was incorrect but when her back was turned, Martha tried to attack Akame and she realized the truth of the information that she was given, Akame then killed Martha and this brought tears to her eyes.

      Later Akame and Tsukushi disguised themselves as members of a traveling entertainer group and were soon attacked by bandits so Akame and Tsukushi helped killed them and impressed by their skills, the entertainer's group tried to get the two to join them as they revealed themselves as Rebels plotting to overthrow the Empire but Akame and Tsukushi signaled their comrades from the Imperial Assassin Squad as their mission was to kill the Rebels. After killing the entire group and the mission complete, Gonzuki praised the two for their mission's completion.

      But at some point after the deaths of her comrades because the Revolutionary Army started to hire assassins to kill them, Akame was getting dissaisfied and resentful towards the government and it was after that she was sent to kill former general, Najenda that Akame defected to the Rebels after being swayed by Najenda's words but that also sparked a intense rivaly with fellow assassin and sister, Kurome along with a mutual desire to end the other's live.

      Now Akame became a member of Najenda's Assassin Group called Night Raid and with them, she now helps them to overthrow the corrupt monarchy that the Empire has become.


      Akame wields the Teigu known as the One Cut Killer: Murasame, a katana that was once wielded by Gonzuki but while it looks like a deadly blade that Akame carries with her all the time, the Murasame also has a deadly effect in which if you get cut by this weapon then the blade's poison will affect the victim's body and will quickly kill them within seconds so you better hope that she kills you with a quick slash with her blade otherwise the poison will probably kill you first but only downside is that the blade will not work on anyone who wears armor and Biological- Type Teigu as well as machines plus the corpse dolls created by Yatsufusa are inaffected as well. But here's a good question, how does someone clean her sword if they are going to accidently cut themselves on the blade and they get killed by the sword's poison? Probably very carefully and gentle.


      Now Akame is one of the strongest members of Night Raid as she is able to slay the strongest of enemies with little effort and her hellish assassination training allows her combat ability to be on par with those as powerful as the General Rank within the military levels of the Empire. It has also shown that she doesn't rely on her Murasame alone since she's a capable fighter with remarkable speed and reflexes, being able to dodge and counter-attack with deadly results and she's skilled at hand to hand combat. Akame also doesn't give off no killing intent at all when she fights making it difficult for her enemy to sense her presence and according to Wave, Akame can run at 340 meters per second which is equal to 1224 kilometers per hour meaning she is almost fast enough to break the speed of sound.

      Trump Card

      Now this is going to be really fun, as Akame battled Esdeath in the final episode of the anime series or Chapter 76 of the manga, she sliced her neck open using her Murasame to infect her own body with it's poison which is pretty crazy but hey it's the world of anime after all and normally that would kill her right? Well she manages to resist the poison and accepted all the lives that she has taken using her sword or in the manga's case she has to take the life of a friend as her eyes are black and her pupils become black as well with red markings appearing on her body making Akame more demonic. The Little War Horn makes her speed and strength become even more powerful than she is normally as she is able to create afterimages and make her striking strength deal more powerful blows for a limited time which is kinda like Raiden's Ripper Mode now that I think about it.


      • Sliced 17 guards into multiple pieces
      • Defeated Zanku the Beheader, Toby, Kurome (Anime only), Saikyuu (Manga only), Taeko and Esdeath
      • Can dodge bullets using her speed
      • Survived being in the forest inhabited by Danger Beasts when she was a child with Kurome
      • Survived the effects of Murasame's poison
      • Managed to create an afterimage before Esdeath used her Trump Card which allows the latter to completely freeze time
      • According to Wave, she can move faster than the speed of sound
      • Took hits from Wave's Grand Chariot
      • Can cut stone pillars with a single slice
      • Almost broke through Grand Chariot's armour with repeated attacks
      • Strong enough to shatter Esdeath's ice
      • Is able to keep fighting despite being injured
      • Survived a storm out at sea between the events of Akame Ga Kill and Hinowa ga Crush

      Potential Opponents

      Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)

      Well not the brightest match I can think of but even though I only saw like the first episode of Kill la Kill and don't know much about Matoi but hey if it comes up then I'm willing to watch the show to get to know her a bit more but all and all this could be a pretty close matchup if I do say so myself.

      Yuichiro Hyakuya (Seraph of the End)

      Well what would happen if a vampire hunter came across an assassin as she kills a few vampires that he was going to kill? Why a fight to the death is what would happen and just like Ryuko, I don't know a whole lot about Yuichiro and the series that he's from but hey like I've said before, I'm willing to watch his series to get to know him a lot more before the fight happens.

      Well I didn't think that this would take me a short time considering I sometimes put things off for a while but this time I'll be going full force with making more of these and counting this one, this makes 21 blogs considering that my blog on The Joker was my 20th blog that I've done and didn't relize it until now but before I go here's a quote for next time.... ''How foolish. One does not sit long on the throne with a dull blade!" Well looks like my next blog relates to a character that I know will fight a character that I previously did as blog sometime ago. Well that's all from me and I'll catch you guys later for my next blog so until then..... Yoshi Out!

    • DEATH ANALYSIS: The Shadow Murdering Robot With a Heart!

      1 year ago


      Starting Note

      Before you guys start reading this, when it comes to Aigis's Personas, I am only going to be focusing on the main two Personas that Aigis has in the Persona 4 Arena fighting series since that is considered to be Aigis's maximum potential since that is where her story is right now so if you don't see any other Personas aside from the two that you see, this was because this is more of a challenge for me since I had never did a RPG character as a blog before that wasn't related to the Pokémon blogs I've made in the past and plus I am fully aware of the Player Influence rule but I am open to adding more to this blog so if you guys have more notes for me that I didn't cover, feel free to leave a comment since I do read them. So with that said, on with the show.



      1. Birthday: September 10th, 1999

      2. Age: 12

      3. Height: 162 cm (5'4")

      4. Weight: N/A

      5. Aliases: Ai-Chan, 7th Generation Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon, The Heartless Armed Angel

      6. Arcana: The Chariot, The Aeon and The Fool

      7: Member of SEES and The Shadow Operatives



      On September 10th, 1999, the turn of the new millennium was just a few months away but with everyone being happy, there has been times in which negativity can run amok resulting in dark beings known as Shadows, basically beings born from humans and they have emotions like one but they are mostly negative. In order to combat these Shadows, the organization known as the Kirijo Group began creating weapons known as the Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapons basically robots with human emotions but are able to wield a Persona, which are like Shadows but they are a manifestation of a person's feelings and it has been tamed and trained to protect that person from harm. But while Generations 1-4 were based on people, they weren't allowed to do so after the 5th Generation, so after creating the 6th Generation, the Kirijo Group got to work building the 7th and final Generation which included the most powerful model of the Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapons and it's name was Aigis.

      Aigis was created to combat a rouge Shadow known as the 13th Arcana, Death as he was involved with an accident that ended up creating The Dark Hour, an event in which it happens only at midnight by adding an extra 25th hour on the clock but it only lasts an hour only specified people are impervious to the effects from it and if it's not handled within the hour, it could mean the end of the world. Now while incomplete, Death managed to escape the lab and Aigis was tasked to eliminate him as she confronted him on the Moonlight Bridge so while both of them battled to the best of their abilities, Aigis realized that she couldn't defeat Death so she decided to seal him away and it just so happens that there was a witness nearby, a young human boy named Minato Arisato, who had just recently lost his parents in a car crash in the middle of the fight so Aigis succeeded sealing Death inside the child but she took too much damage sealing him away and so the scientists began trying tirelessly to rebuild her.

      10 years later, Aigis reappeared at Yakushima looking at the sea as she was discovered by Junpei Iori, Akihiko Sanada and the older Minato as part of an operation known as "Operation Babe Hunt" but while Junpei and Akhiko tried to hit on her,  Aigis tells them that she wasn't looking for either of them and basically turns them both down much to Junpei's and Akhiko's disappointment but when Minato tried to do it, Aigis tells him that she has found him and parts of her memories are restored but Aigis immediately runs away forcing Minato to chase after her into the forest. Later that evening, Aigis introduces herself and she was assigned to SEES as a member by Shuji Ikutsuki and to enroll at Gekkoukan High School to act as Minato's bodyguard.



      Now Aigis may be a really good robo-waifu for anyone to have but she comes packing with a lot of weapons ranging from Sub Machine Guns in her fingertips as well as Grenades both normal and Flashbangs. She's also got more guns such as a Missile Launcher as well as a Radical Cannon, a Vulcan Cannon, and even a Minigun. But wait there's more, Aigis also has a Gatling Gun as well as a Grenade Launcher and different kinds of Rifles as well a ton more weapons as well she keeps on her person like a swiss army knife except with guns instead of knifes.



      Now aside from the different kinds of guns she has, Aigis has a lot of different abilities such as Super Endurance, Automatic Targeting and she can even Scan her target's whereabouts. She also has an Indomitable Will and she can talk to animals like Koromaru for example like how the hell can she do that, I don't know but I don't think I can question it. She's also skilled at Hand to Hand Combat and is also an Expert Strategist in combat as well

      But while Aigis is really powerful, she has one special trick in her sleeve that is unique to her, by disabling her limiters, she can access a super form called Orgia Mode, in this form, Aigis's abilities are increased to their utmost limit but if she wants to go all out then she can access the Extreme Orgia Mode and in this form, Aigis has to discard her self-control over her body but the only downside to using these forms is that Aigis can only maintain it for a short while otherwise Aigis will overheat and she has to cool down afterwards which could be pretty hard to do if it ends in the middle of an attack.


      Now being an Anti-Shadow Weapon, Aigis has the ability to summon a Persona or multiple Personas thanks to the ability of the Wild Card but for this blog in general and to save time for myself, I'm only going to be focusing more on the ones that Aigis has in the Persona 4 Arena fighting series just so I don't get lost and make it easier on myself.



      Aigis's first Persona which she has originally. Palladion's skill set consists of physical attacks and status enhancements but Aigis can even use her best weapon in her arsenal, a giant cannon known as the Heritage Liberator Palladion Cannon and with this, Aigis can charge up this beam as she fires it at her opponents and kills them on the spot.



      After Aigis understands her purpose in life of being a human despite being a machine, Palladion evolved into Aigis's Ultimate Persona, Pallas Athena.  As Athena, She is a well-balanced and versatile Persona whose real potential lies in her exceptionally High Endurance and her plethora of supportive spells, though she is also highly capable of offense whenever needed like launching her spear whenever Aigis prepares to use the Heritage Liberator Palladion Cannon or to bash opponents with her Goddess Shield.



      Now while Aigis is the strongest Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon ever created, she does have her downfalls such as an weakness to Electricity plus as mentioned before Orgia Mode can suddenly end right in the middle of her final attack and once that happens, Aigis is completely defenseless to other enemy attacks as she's forced to cool down after overheating. Also Aigis is also an Multitasker as she has to maintain her Limited Ammo, Persona and Orgia Mode in a fight which can be a problem if she runs out. Also like all Personas and their summoners, they are the same being as they share everything including Pain and if Athena or Palladion get hit by a powerful attack, Aigis will feel that very same pain as well.



      But even with her downfalls, Aigis has accomplished a ton of feats that is deserving the title of being the strongest Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon.

      1. Defeated every member of SEES with the help of Metis and limited help from Fuuka.

      2. Sealed Death away inside a young Minato Arisato.

      3. Lead SEES into a battle with Erebus and defeated him.

      4. Successfully fought against the members of Persona 4's Investigation Team.

      5. Temporarily neutralized Yu Narukami's Wild Card powers.

      6. Aided in the defeat of the God of Time, Chronos.

      7. Capable of fighting on par with and defeating Elizabeth, who has been shown to be capable of downing Erebus in a single hit.

      Potential Opponents

      Noel Vermillion (BlazBlue)


      If you knew me by now for the past 2 years, I'm a huge fan of the BlazBlue series, especially the main heroine of the series herself and heck I really love that DBX to death and I wonder, what would happen if there was research going into that fight? Well who knows and possibly we might see these two robo-waifus duke it out once more like around the same time that BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle comes out next year? Who knows right?

      Alisa Bosconovitch (Tekken)


      Now when thinking of opponents for Aigis aside from Noel Vermillion, I see requests for Alisa come up a few times don't get me wrong the matchup is a really good idea and I am open for ideas at this point as a back up match but I may have to dive into Tekken to learn more about Alisa because you know what they say, "Never underestimate your opponent" which is I tend to follow it a lot.

      Now that just about covers it and considering that massive gap between this one and my last blog, I have to say that this is pretty good but if you guys notice anything that I missed like considering the Personas, I really hope you read the starting note before reading this one but I am willing to add more in this one if you find anymore feats, weaknesses or weapons that I didn't get on my first run and I do read my comments and your responses. So with that said, I hope you had fun reading this and I'll catch you guys later....Yoshi Out!

    • Noel Vermillion VS Aigis - DEATH BATTLE!

      1 year ago




      Boomstick: Hey Wiz, what do you call someone who is next in line for a kingdom or a company if someone were to retire and they needed someone to take their place?

      Wiz: That would be known as a successor and today's combatants were artificially created to do just that.

      Boomstick: Noel Vermillion, BlazBlue's Eye of the Azure.

      Wiz: And Aigis, Persona 3's Heartless Armed Angel.

      Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

      Wiz: And it's our job to analysis their weapons, armor and skills to find who would win.... a Death Battle.

      Noel Vermillion

      (Cues: Stardust Memory - BlazBlue Calamity Trigger)

      Wiz: In the year of 2194 on December 25th, the organization known as Sector Seven were busy doing experiments on the Boundary Interface Prime Field Device called Mu-12.

      Boomstick: What the hell were they thinking, Taking Christmas Day for working on an experiment! They should be with their families, opening and giving presents or stuff like that!

      Wiz: Well they should be with the people they care about but with the Second War of Ars Magus going on at the moment, I guess that's a pretty good excuse for them.

      Boomstick: Oh well as these guys were working on their experiment, the Novus Orbis Librarium launched a powerful beam that came from the Nox Nyctores: Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi, a giant satellite that makes the Space Colony Ark's Eclipse Cannon look like a joke.

      Wiz: But in the mist of the chaos that just happened, Mu somehow survived that attack but at a price, she doesn't remember anything that has happened during her creation.

      Boomstick: Well yeah so pretty much she's a lost child at the moment.

      Wiz: But fortunately for Mu, she was discovered by Edgar and Claire Vermillion who then adopted and renamed her, Noel Vermillion.

      Boomstick: Hey she's kind of like Goku and Superman but they're aliens born on dying worlds and not artificial humans.

      (Cues: Bullet Dance - BlazBlue Calamity Trigger)

      Wiz: Two years after they adopted Noel, the Vermillion household was going to be banished by the NOL and it's that point that Noel decided to enter the Military Academy in order to help out her parents and keep them within the NOL.

      Boomstick: Yeah just go sign up for a school being run by the same people whose planning on banishing your family in the first place. That's a smart plan for anyone to do.

      Wiz: When Noel arrived at the academy, she became fast friends with Tsubaki Yayoi, Makoto Nanaya and Carl Clover and after graduating 6 months before her fellow classmates Noel was listed in the NOL as a First Lieutenant to Major Jin Kisaragi. But Jin didn't like Noel that much or he treated her like dirt because of her resemblance to his own sister, Saya.

      Boomstick: Gee what a dick for how he treated her like that.

      Wiz: But that all changed on New Years Eve in the year of 2199 and Jin heard rumors that the Grim Reaper or otherwise known as Ragna the Bloodedge was last seen heading to 13th Hierarchical City of Kagatsuchi and Jin abandon his post just to go after him.

      Boomstick: Now why would you leave your job just to catch a criminal when he should be out partying until midnight because I know I would do that.

      Wiz: With her heart heavy with worry Noel was assigned by the NOL to return Jin back to his post.

      Boomstick: Noel is a speedy fighter in the BlazBlue universe and she can get around the battlefield using her trademark guns, the Nox Nyctores, Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk and with them she can shoot right though a solid wall and I mean shoot though the wall without even damaging it. Also she can see the memories of a person just by touching them.

      Wiz: That's right Boomstick as the Eye of the Azure, Noel can see recent or past memories of a person if they touch her or if she touches that person just like she did with Carl, Tsubaki, Hazama and Lambda-11. Also Bolverk can also change forms like Thor which is a missile launcher that has a shark's face on it and Fenrir which is a powerful mini-gun.

      Boomstick: Damn a missile launcher and a mini-gun and they're wielded by a badass chick. Now I would wonder if I can have them?

      Wiz: Actually Bolverk can only be wielded by Noel as they appeared right to her as she was being attacked by a monster in the forest she always played in. Also if they're taken away from her, Noel will break down and she'll be completely helpless.

      (Cues: Awakening the Chaos - BlazBlue Calamity Trigger)

      Boomstick: Oh come on when do I get the cool weapons for once? But I guess that's fair as she can use her Drive, the Chain Revolver aka The Extremely Spamable Attack In The History of Fighting Games!

      Wiz: Noel can also crank her power up a bit with her Overdrive, The Chain Quasar which can boost the speed of her attacks.

      Boomstick: Noel's attacks are powerful like her famous Optic Barrel which can shoot though a solid wall. Her Revolver Blast shoots four bullets as she twirls in

      midair. The Silencer can shoot a downed opponent and can be repeated and the Spring Raid allows her to kick her opponent into the air.

      Wiz: She can even cross over her opponents with Assault Though, the Muzzle Filler allows her to flip forward and catch a standing opponent with her legs and she can use a large energy blast from Bolverk with the Bloom Trigger plus she can use her Chamber Shot which transforms Bolverk into a shotgun that's really good at delivering knockbacks to her foes.

      Boomstick: She's even got a shotgun as well!? Why the hell does she get cool weapons and I don't? But anyway if you though those are impressive, Noel can also use her Distortion Drives as well. Her Bullet Storm shoots a storm of bullets down on her foe before firing Thor onto them and she can use Fenrir to damage her opponent as well by shooting them up in the air and if she hits them she can activate a second attack with a charged shot from Nemesis Stabilizer.

      Wiz: Also when her foe's time grows short, Noel can use her Astral Heat called Valkyrie Veil, a finisher in which she can make a counter and if the foe hits her during it she can finish them off.

      Boomstick: But Noel's life took a very dark turn as she encountered Hazama aka Yūki Terumi and he told her that she wasn't human to begin with and he also called her a puppet and inhuman. This caused Noel's emotions to run wild and in turn broke Bolverk thus she descended as Mu-12 aka The Sword Of The Godslayer, Kusanagi.

      Mu-12: I've arrived. Reborn as Kusanagi. The destroyer of all living creatures. I am death...

      (Cues: Sword of Doom - BlazBlue Continuum Shift)

      Wiz: As a Murakumo Unit, Mu-12 has eight telepathic blades that she can use to attack and defend herself from her opponents and she can summon gunners by using her Drive, Steins Gunner and place them on the field so she can plan out her moves as she fights. She can also make the laser from the gunners stronger with her Overdrive, Steins Geiser.

      Boomstick: As Noel transforms into her Murakumo form, her attacks change from when she was in her human form as she's able to use Sword of Decimation which she can do a downward slash on the foe with all eight of her blades or she can create a beam with her Totsuka Blade and if she has her gunners out she can use them to bounce off of them and hit her opponents.

      Wiz: Mu can form a powerful barrier with her Origins and can knock back an opponent. She can create a speedy projectile with Arrows of Heaven.

      Boomstick: Mu can use Ikutachi Blade which she does a forward diagonal leap and slashes behind her with her eight blades and can even kick her opponent into the air vertically skyward and she can even make her gunners self-destruct with Divine Wrath of the Heavens.

      Wiz: But that's not the only thing that she can do as her Distortion Drives are very powerful like her Blessed Mirror which can draw power from the Totsuka Blade and it can be amplified depending on how many Steins have been placed.

      Boomstick: Her Wisdom of the Divines can bind her opponent as she gets above then to launch 8 swords to strike down at her foe at once sort of like if you were in a box and had swords stabbing into the box and there's a good chance you're not going to live from that.

      Wiz: But Mu's ultimate attack is her Astral Heat, Sword of the Godslayer which she can trap her opponent in a barrier as she flies up and transforms her eight blades into eight giant swords as they strike down into the ground and makes a huge explosion that engulfs the opponent or she can transform into a giant sword and can slash at her opponent.

      Boomstick: But Wizard I've another question?

      Wiz: What is it now Boomstick?

      Boomstick: It's nothing too big I'm just wondering what the fuck happened to her clothes?!

      Wiz: Well it has appeared that unlike her sister units, Mu's clothes somehow disintegrated only leaving behind a little of Noel's NOL uniform plus her armor is made out of Hihīrokane which in Japanese legend was used in the era of Japan's first emperor, Jimmu. This metal is able to bring water to a boil without heat which violates the Law of Conservation of Energy and while it's lighter than gold, it's harder than a diamond.

      (Cues: Memory of Tears II - BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma)

      Boomstick: And yet she can still jump around with it on her body but anyway putting Noel's clothes aside after when Ragna reawaken her mind thus losing his left arm in the process, Noel created the Realm in her sleep like how the hell did she do that? Anyway Noel met with Rachel Alucard and she showed her on how to control her true self thus Noel's granted the ability to transform into Mu-12 at her own will.

      Wiz: Even with all that Noel has fought Nu-13 to a standstill, She saved Ragna from Nu which also shattered the endless timeloops, she held her own against Hakumen and Jin, two of the most powerful characters in the BlazBlue universe when she was Mu-12 and she even saved the multiverse with previous Death Battle combatants, Mai Shiranui and Ivy Valentine in the crossover game, Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos.

      Boomstick: But Mai and Ivy both have huge racks and Noel's are well they're flat as a cutting board or something like that.

      Wiz: Hey show some respect although I kinda don't blame her since she's been called a boy or a young man by Bang Shishigami and she's been called Lacking Lady by Taokaka and she doesn't like that very much as if she reaches her boiling point she will get very angry at them and puts aside her shame and forlorn as she builds up the confidence to abuse her title of position to call it, "Obstruction of Justice!"

      Noel: I am Lieutenant Noel Vermillion, NOL Praetorian Guard, Fourth Division! You are under arrest for obstruction of justice and the public slandering of an officer!

      Bang: Wh-Wha-!?

      Boomstick: It was at this moment that Bang knew, he fucked up.

      Wiz: But even with her small chest size, Noel's experiences even after Terumi forced her to transform into her Original Form have caused her to develop a new level of self-confidence and determination to protect those she cares about.

      Boomstick: But I guess not really anyone cares that she's lacking around her chest but once you set her off with that insult prepare to get your ass shot at by Bolverk or sliced in half by her swords when she transforms into Mu-12.

      Noel: ...Ugh! Seriously, what is wrong with that man! I can't believe the nerve of him...!


      (Cues: Burn My Dread - Persona 3)

      Wiz: On September 10th in the year of 1999, the organization known as the Kirijo Group were busy creating special androids called the Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapons which were build to combat dark beings known as Shadows.

      Boomstick: You mean like Shadow the Hedgehog?

      Wiz: No not Shadow, Shadows are dark beings that are born from humans and they have emotions like a normal human but they are mostly negative.

      Boomstick: Damn but anyway after an experiment with a Shadow, it went crazy and caused a horrible incident that created something called the Dark Hour and Tartarus.

      Wiz: The Dark Hour was an event that happens only at midnight adding a 25th hour to the clock. It lasts an hour and only specified people are impervious to the effects from it. If it's not handled within the hour it could mean the end of the world.

      Boomstick: Fearing that the Dark Hour will end the world, the Krijio Group put together the Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapons but after they weren't allowed to based them on real people after the 5th Generation and after they built the 6th Generation, they worked on the last generation which included the powerful model, Aigis.

      (Cues: Heartful Cry - Persona 3 FES)

      Wiz: Aigis was created to stop the rogue Shadow known as Death but this version of Death was incomplete and was created before the lab incident. But then Aigis realized that she couldn't defeat Death and she had no choice but to seal him away in a human boy that was nearby.

      Boomstick: But Aigis took too much damage from sealing Death away so the scientists in charge of the project began trying tirelessly to rebuild her.

      Wiz: A few years later, Aigis appeared at Yakushima looking at the sea as she was discovered by the members of the "Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad" or S.E.E.S for short and they learn that Aigis was assigned to assist them from now on.

      Boomstick: Being an android, Aigis was made of metallic alloys and special strong polymers. Although not specified, Aigis is likely made lightweight, strong metallic alloys and carbonized polymers to keep her weight around a normal human. Also for Aigis's weaponry, she has a lot of guns and I'm talking about Sub Machine Guns that she has on her wrists so she can shoot out of her fingertips. Plus she also can switch out her right arm for two more weapons like Rifles which can she trades rate of fire for higher accuracy and stopping power and as her second weapon she has a Grenade Launcher, she trades rate of fire even more for an even higher increased amount of damage and she also has access to a minigun and a missile launcher.

      Wiz: As a Anti-Shadow Weapon, Aigis also has the ability to summon a Persona.

      Boomstick: You mean she has a Personally!

      Wiz: No Boomstick, a Persona is a manifestation of a person's feelings and it has been tamed and trained to protect that person from harm. Aigis's initial Persona is named Palladion but it later evolved into Athena.

      Boomstick: But that's not the only thing that Aigis has got as a android, she has got Super Endurance, Automatic Targeting, Scanning, Has an Indomitable Will and she can talk to animals. Holy crap and that's not even what's she got a huge cannon called the Heritage Liberator Palladion

      Wiz: The Heritage Liberator Palladion Cannon is her most powerful weapon as after Athena launches a spear at her opponent and she can charge up this beam as she fires it at them and kills them on the spot.

      Boomstick: But the only downside is that after Aigis finishes using it she will be force to cool down afterwards.

      (Cues: Mass Destruction - Persona 3)

      Wiz: She is an expert strategist and she is skilled in hand to hand combat despite not her way to fight but she also has the Orgia Mode which can drastically increases Aigis's abilities to their utmost limit. But once she exits out of the form she'll be forced to cool down leaving her vulnerable but will use it once if she has no other choice against stronger enemies. Also Aigis has the Wild Card in which gained after the Protagonist of Persona 3 placed his finger onto her Papillion Heart and with it she can change Personas in combat but she cannot rapidly change Personas but she can change them at a respectable pace and she can use this to switch between Athena and Palladion when she uses her Instant Kill.

      Boomstick: But while Aigis is a powerful android, she does have her flaws as she is weak to electric attacks and as mentioned previously once she exits Orgia Mode, Aigis will be forced to cool down leaving her defenseless. Also Aigis is a multitasker as she has to maintain her ammo, Orgia Mode and her Persona in a fight.

      Wiz: But with her flaws Aigis has help save the world from being destroyed, She lead S.E.E.S against Erebus and was able to defeat him, Aigis has at one point defeated every member of S.E.E.S with the help of her sister and limited help from Fukka. But her biggest accomplishment was when she achieved a state close to being human.

      Boomstick: Aigis is one android you don't want to run into in a dark alley.

      Aigis: Don't worry. I will always be by your side, protecting you...

      Death Battle

      Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's end this debate, once and for all!



      It was a normal day in Tatsumi Port Island and a girl with short blonde hair walks out of Gekkouukan High School and looks at the sky.

      ???: I will not fail my mission Mitsuru-san.

      Cuts to a flashback with Mitsuru Kirijo showing her a picture of another blonde haired girl with twin guns and blue hairclips in her hair.

      ???: So is she a threat Mitsuru-san?

      Mitsuru: That I can't be sure of since this girl is unlike anything we've seen before.

      ???: Hmmm I see but she doesn't look like a Shadow.

      Mitsuru: I know that but she's got some weird kind of power to her. Hmm perhaps she's not human? But she looks good enough to pass as a normal human.

      ???: So what is my mission Mitsuru-san?

      Mitsuru: Locate and bring her in but if things get out of hand I may not be able to help you.

      ???: I understand and I'll be careful.

      Mitsuru: Good luck Aigis.

      The flashback ends as Aigis tracks her target down on her radar and finds her location.

      Aigis: Target located. Now heading to apprehend her.

      Aigis then walks to the location of the target.

      Meanwhile another blonde haired girl is seen running down the streets as she stops in an quiet location and looks around.

      ???: Huh I could have swore that I located the Major being right here in this city? Now what do I do?

      She sighs as she looks around some more but in the same area, Aigis spots her target and walks up behind her.

      Aigis: Stand right where you are!

      The girl turns around and sees Aigis walking up to her.

      ???: Huh, who are you?

      Aigis: I am the 7th Generation Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon, Aigis. Now come with me.

      ???: Did Terumi sent you to kill me? Because I'm not going to let him hurt me.

      She pulls out Bolverk and gets into a battle stance.

      Aigis: Please don't make this any harder for yourself, Miss?

      (Cues: Bullet Dance II - BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma)

      ???: My name is Noel Vermillion and I'll show you what I'm made of.


      Aigis starts shooting at Noel as she runs up to her and gets Aigis in a combo by using the Chain Revolver.

      Noel: Spring Raid!

      Noel kicks Aigis into the air with her legs as Aigis recovers as she floats in the air and starts shooting at Noel again with her Machine Guns in her fingertips and Noel get hit by the bullets that come at her so she decides to run to avoid the bullets.

      Noel: I have to get her out of the air!

      Noel keeps running as Aigis runs out of bullets as she pulls out a Grenade Launcher.

      Aigis: Open fire!

      She launches the grenade at Noel as it creates a huge explosion.

      Aigis: Got her!

      Aigis looks at what the explosion did and she sees no trace of Noel anywhere.

      Aigis: Did I do it but I'll check my radar just to be sure.

      Aigis checks her radar but out of nowhere a bullet hits her leg as she spins out of control and lands on the ground.

      Aigis: Ouch where did that come from?!

      As Aigis looks around she sees Noel come out from hiding.

      Noel: That would be me.

      Noel runs up to Aigis.

      Aigis: My other self!

      Athena appears as it knocks Noel backward and crashes into a wall but she gets up.

      Noel: What is that?

      Aigis: This is my Persona, Athena and she'll always be protecting me when ever I'm in trouble.

      Noel: Well that's going to be a problem for me.

      (Cues: Theme of Aigis - Persona 4 Arena)

      Athena goes after Noel again in order to crush her as Noel runs in order to get away from Aigis's Persona.

      Noel: I have to stop her before she crushes me.

      Noel shoots at Athena as she disappears.

      Noel: {Huh I just shot it and it just disappeared that's new.}

      Aigis: Orgia Drive Activated!

      Aigis has entered her Orgia Mode and she uses a Missile Launcher at Noel but she gets out of the way before it has a chance to connect as Noel retaliates with the Chain Quasar.

      Noel: Activating Overdrive!

      Both Noel and Aigis collided with their attacks as Aigis gets a few good hits on Noel but it get reversed as Noel gains the upper hand and starts going all out on Aigis as she trapped her in a combo and Noel finishes with her passing though Aigis.

      Noel: Assault Though!!

      Aigis gets sent flying towards the wall as Noel exits the Chain Quasar and Aigis being injured exiting her out of the Orgia Mode as she was forced to cool down after using it.

      Aigis: Cooling down.

      Noel runs up to Aigis to finish her off but Aigis quickly jumps up and shoots at Noel in a storm of bullets and Athena appears and launches a spear at her and Aigis gets her Heritage Liberator Palladion Cannon out and prepares to fire it.

      Aigis: This is farewell! Ready! Final Break!

      Aigis launches the beam that was fired by her Heritage Liberator Palladion Cannon at Noel as she crashes into some rubble as she gets covered by it.

      Aigis: Is she done?

      Aigis gets up as she walks over to the rubble where Noel landed.

      Aigis: I guess she's done now.

      Then just as Aigis walks away, she notices a bright blue light come from the rubble as she covers her eyes at the binding light.

      Aigis: What's this power?

      (Cues: Sword of Doom II - BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma)

      When the light dies down, Aigis notices that Noel's changed appearances as Mu-12 stares down at Aigis with eight telepathic blades surrounding her.

      Mu-12: Summoning Lux Sanctus, Murakumo Unit Activated! I will not lose to you!

      Aigis: {I can see why Mitsuru-san wanted me to take this girl to her.}

      Mu summons her gunners and places them on the field and they all shoot at Aigis.

      Aigis: My other self!

      Athena appears to protect Aigis but Mu jumps up and uses her blades to slash at Athena while her gunners shoot at Aigis.

      Aigis: My Armor!

      Athena is slashed some more as Mu deals with one more attack that completely destroys her as Aigis falls to her knees.

      Aigis: Just what are you?

      Mu-12: I am Kusanagi... The destroyer of all!

      Mu then slashes Aigis and traps her in a barrier that she can't escape from as she flies up in the air above her.

      Mu-12: The world must be safe! Blades forged from the pits of destruction…

      As Mu says this the eight blades that surround her transforms into eight giant swords and they point downward around Aigis.

      Mu-12: guilt past, in the chasm of despair!

      Mu's swords all come down at once as they stab the ground around Aigis and it causes a giant explosion that destroyed the entire arena as she comes down and looks around for Aigis but sees that her head has survived as Mu walks over to look at it.

      Mu-12: Your role is over.


      Mu transforms back into Noel as she goes to look for Jin again while Aigis's head lies there in the destroyed ruins of the arena.


      (Cues: BlazBlue "Bullet Dance" Remix)

      Boomstick: Holy Shit and now that's why you shouldn't mess with the Godslayer!

      Wiz: Aigis's heavy weaponry and Persona did put up tough fight but Noel's skills with Bolverk proved too much for her to handle.

      Boomstick: Also Noel's Drive and Overdrive meant she can keep her attacks going with powerful combos and comparing the weapons, Bolverk is a lot more advanced than Aigis' weaponry considering that her weaponry will eventually have to run out of bullets while Bolverk pretty much never runs out of bullets considering that the Nox Nyctores were created by Konoe A. Mercury, who is also a member of the Six Heroes.

      Wiz: While Aigis has fought her teammates at Tartarus but it was when she was reprogramed by Shuji Ikutsuki in order to summon the thirdteen arcana after he revealed his plans for succeeding Mitsuru's grandfather's wish. Noel on the other hand after when Terumi forced her to transform into Mu-12 in order to kill the Master Unit, Mu fought against Hakumen and Jin who are two of the most powerful characters in the BlazBlue series until Ragna showed up and saved Noel by giving up his left arm in order to reawaken her mind.

      Boomstick: And while Aigis did have the Wild Card which allowed her to switch Personas at will whenever she wanted but with Noel trapping her in a combo that Aigis couldn't break out of she had a hard time switching Personas and when she did get to summon Athena to attack, Noel could just quickly shoot past Athena's shield using her Optic Barrel and temporally make it disappear for a moment.

      Wiz: But once Noel transformed into Mu-12, it was all over for Aigis and Athena since Mu can bring upon the end of the world for any living being like gods or any immortal beings like as what Hades Izanami said in the end of Chrono Phantasma knowing that Mu is the Sword of the Godslayer, Izanami must put up a fight against her plus while Aigis' armor is made up of metallic alloys and special strong polymers, Mu-12's armor is made up of Hihīrokane which as previously stated is lighter than gold but harder than diamonds and can bring water to a boil without heat.

      Boomstick: Looks like Aigis just couldn't stand up against Kusanagi.

      Wiz: The winner is Noel Vermillion.


      Ending Note

      Thank you guys for reading this blog for my number one most requested fight and as for my next blog, I'll be working on Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear and I know that I should've worked on that blog a while back but I wanted to do this just for fun and I would like to give shoutouts to Grand Blazer and Electrocole for inspiring me to do this. So until my next blog, I'm Yoshirocks92 and I'll catch you guys later.... Yoshi Out!

    • My review for Noel VS Aigis (DBX Version)

      1 year ago


      Well this is a first for me since I had never did a review for a DBX or a Death Battle before but my opportunity has just opened with the newest episode of DBX featuring Aigis from Persona 3 and Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue to see who is the deadliest Robo-Successor but before you read my review, you might want to watch it first which there's spoilers if you read this right away.

      Catch Aigis VS Noel right here

      Now with that said on to my review and I'll go with what the ending pun that I used for the Fanon version of this fight in the way of how Boomstick does his ending quotes for each episode;

      Boomstick: Looks like Aigis just couldn't stand up against Kusanagi.

      Well I have to say the animation is great since it was done by one of my favorite 2D animators, AquilaHarukaze, (Her notable works include the Death Battle episode, Mega Man VS Astro Boy and the One Minute Melee episodes, Sakuya VS Dio, Naruto VS Luffy, Jotaro VS Kenshiro, Asuna VS Orie and Rock Lee VS Sanji). As for the music for this fight, it was really amazing but I feel like I know it from somewhere since it feels like it's from Kingdom Valley from Sonic 06 but I feel like it's something else that I'm not familiar of to be honest with you guys so if you know what it is, let me know in the comments down below.

      As for the sprites, Arc System Works has surprised me in a ton of ways especially since I wanted Noel's sprite to come from BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma since it showed that Noel doesn't work at the NOL anymore due to the events of Continuum Shift and Kokonoe gives her a new outfit which I find it a lot better than Noel's NOL uniform to be honest with you guys.

      But the battle itself was awesome and I am very surprised that Aigis in her Orgia Mode could go toe to toe with Mu-12 and that's where the real fight was picking up but either way I am very happy about the outcome for it.

      As for it becoming a Death Battle, I hope it does become one since going from what Ben said on the recent DB Cast, if today's DBX does really well and everyone likes it, then it's becoming an official episode of Death Battle which has me very excited since Noel VS Aigis is my most wanted Death Battle episode and seeing it come true makes me very happy and excited.

      But with that done, I'm going to take my leave and I'll maybe do a review for the Death Battle version to Noel VS Aigis probably when it airs and after I watch the episode but I hope I'm a First Member again when I get to see it. 

      So with that said, I'll catch you guys later...Yoshi Out!!

      Edit: I found the song that was used for the fight and I have to say it's a pretty good theme from a mobile game.

    • Yoshi's Update Blog: Who's Next?

      1 year ago


      Hey there guys it's Yoshi and I've got an announce who I'm doing next. So here's the quote.

      How dare you ask me who I am?! I'm ten... No, a HUNDRED times more famous than you! I've won countless tournaments AND have a infinite combo... I've been in the game for a decade now! And you ask me who I am?! I weep for what rookies have become...

      So there's the quote and the hint is that she is a guest fighter from another fighting game.

      So with that said I'll catch you guys later....Yoshi Out!

    • My Hype For a BlazBlue Crossover Has Just Exploded!

      2 years ago


      Oh man, now this was an unexpected announcement from Evo 2017 and do you want to know why? Well we just got an announcement trailer for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!

      Now I had been waiting for a BlazBlue crossover for a long time and this has just exploded but even though we only got Ragna and Jin from BlazBlue but we also got Yu Narukami from Persona 4 Arena, Hyde from Under Night In-Birth and Ruby Rose from RWBY all joining the battle but going from that I hope Noel and Aigis are both playable in this game since I could have my team set already or even have them fight each other. But the real question is that will this game be commemorating the Death Battle for Noel and Aigis? Well I guess we'll have to find out once this game gets released sometime next year.

      So with that said, I'm Yoshi and I'll catch you guys later......Yoshi Out!!

    • Update: Current Situation and Good News.

      2 years ago


      Hey guys it's me, and I'm making this update blog to say that my blog on Shana would be pushed back for maybe a while mainly because of I've been pretty busy lately with life but I do have some good news is that I have planned on a blog on a character that I have got to know recently so here's the quote for this character:

      I'm telling you, my arm is not the Azure Grimoire. What is it with you people? ...Mission? That's got nothing to do with me! And no, you can't have it!

      Now this is going to be very interesting since this is one BlazBlue character that not a lot of people would know too much on so I hope you have a lot of fun trying to guess who this is...Yoshi Out!

    • DEATH BATTLE Connections: Noel Vermillion VS Aigis (BlazBlue VS Persona)

      2 years ago


      ‪Hey guys, it's me again and today, I'm going to be doing something different that I normally don't do on here and I'm going to do a blog by going over the connections for my most wanted matchup for Death Battle, Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue and Aigis from Persona 3 that I was recently told on the DB Wiki and never actually though about beforehand.

      ‪So from what I know already is that Noel and Aigis are both Female Androids that wield firearms of any kind but I recently learned that they are both the best in their lines with Aigis being the Strongest Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon and Noel is the Perfect Murakumo Unit. They also both possess a power that's based on mythology which in Noel's case, her True Form as Mu-12 is known as the Godslayer Sword, Kusanagi which is based on Japan's Three Scared Treasures which included a Mirror, a Jewel and a Sword, which the sword is known as Kusanagi while Aigis's Persona, Athena is based on the Goddess of Wisdom, Craft and War of the same name in Greek Mythology. ‬

      ‪Now the next point which that I've learned myself, at one point Noel and Aigis had separated a part of themselves from each other which ultimately became separate characters which in Noel's case after she saw the Azure Gate after being devoured by Ragna during the ending of Chronophantasma's Story Mode, she wanted to forget she saw it and resulted in Noel cutting off her memories and Mu as well in which the latter became a separate person but eventually later in the story mode of Central Fiction after a failed attempt to fuse Noel back together with Mu, the former accepted the latter back into her and Noel regained all her memories back while in Aigis's case, she and the other members of SEES were confronted by Aigis's sister, Metis in the playable epilogue of Persona 3 and at the end of it, it was revealed that Metis is the manifestation of Aigis's emotions which happened because Aigis wished to go back to being a machine again all because she couldn't bare the burden of the P3 Protagonist's death which also explains why Metis could use Orgia Mode while Aigis was unable to use it. So finally learning the truth with Metis's existence, both sisters reconcile with each other and Metis went back into Aigis.

      ‪But last but not least and here's the kicker, Noel and Aigis are both Successors to a great power which in Aigis's case, she became the next person to be able to use the Wild Card after the P3 Hero died and passed it to her as his successor while in Noel's case, she became the next Eye of the Azure as she had succeeded The Origin aka the girl who first contacted The Master Unit, Amaterasu since she was also an Eye of the Azure as well.‬

      ‪So I guess that pretty much sums up the connections between Noel and Aigis and man that's a lot to go through but it's good for my standards. So with that done and this just came to me when I put this together just out of boredom in a very long tweet on Twitter so until my next blog and I don't know when that'll be since I'm planning on getting a new computer sometime next year so until then...Yoshi Out!!‬

      Note: If you like this blog, let me know in the comments on what you think and if I should do more of these in the future at least maybe one near the end of next year since at that point I should know more connections for my most wanted Death Battles. :D 

      Edit: I just realized that there's another connection that Noel and Aigis both have, they have both at one point sealed a incarnation of "Death" in their franchises since Aigis sealed the 13th Arcana known as Death inside the P3 Protagonist and Noel as Mu-12 killed Hades Izanami, the Goddess of Death by sealing her within Noel since Izanami had half of Saya's soul just like Noel does during the events of BlazBlue Central Fiction.

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      Hello again Yoshirocks92, if your reading this, I have managed to finish up the Death Battle Fanon for Sir Arthur from Ghosts 'n Goblins vs Kuros from Wizards & Warriors, not sure if it'll spark your interest but it actually has with various people back on Death Battle Fanon and its becoming a quick hit as we speak, you can see for yourself here: http://deathbattlefanon.wikia.com/wiki/Sir_Arthur_...

      I knew it had to be done since RyukyuDragon13 was the first one to suggest it back in 2011 and hasn't been heard from since 2012, I have reason to believe something must of happened to him as he haven't been heard from since.

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      Well we are less than a week away for Act III for BlazBlue Central Fiction and I'm getting pretty excited for it but the one thing that's on my mind right now is what's Noel going to do now since she's been revealed to be the Enemy of all the Entitled and that everyone who wants their wishes granted shall come after Noel's life because of this reason? Man when the Console version comes out, I just hope Noel will still be alive at the end of all this because she's the main heroine of BlazBlue and I'm pretty sure that Toshimichi Mori wouldn't kill her off from the series.

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      To answer your question. On the far right of a comment tab is a button that will say "link" when you hover over it. Highlight the text in your comment and then press that button. Then past in the link to the page you want, with the insert link option.

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        Well I'm able to do it but strangely enough it works on my iPad but not on my computer of all things.

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      Hello Yoshirocks, if your reading this, I completed the Death Battle Fanon Script for Master Chief from Halo vs Bren McGuire from Turrican, you can see it here: http://www.screwattack.com/post/51257733

      Not sure about your personal thoughts but it took me awhile to figure out Bren McGuire and I feel more people should know about this.

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      the btw I think this is the Yoshi's you're looking for: Ground_Pound_Yoshi.png

      just save it onto whatever you're using, upload it to the site, and set it as a profile picture.

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