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    • Turning Over the Leaf

      5 years ago


      For the past few days I've found myself starting anew towards a lot of subjects. School, friends, and especially my writing spaces such as creating ab rand new blog. I had almost forgot about this excellent place to post content. I'm may attempt a new direction and try sharing lighter, much more amusing content here than other places because that the sort of community that I've felt lives here.

      Hope many of you enjoy the brand new year - be well, and keep to those goals!

      Also, this was shared by @jakehcoker earlier and I had to reshare it. I've been a DBZ fan for years!


    • Movember Donations

      5 years ago


      For the final few days of Movember, I decided that I should present what's conspired to take over a strong majority of my face. These past few weeks have been entertaining in several ways, but it's not over quite yet.

      For the next few days (after Thanksgiving has wrapped up), I'll be promoting the charity event that should be highlighted as the main event of Movember. I'm looking to create a stronger presence in the team that I've roped myself in with headed by the fantastic Martin Shervington. I'm hoping to raise an additional 300 dollars to the charity, which supports the mental health and research for men who have developed prostate or testicular cancer. I'm hoping to give a sizable push for the 'ª#'Žplustachios'¬ group

      To donate to the cause, here's where you can go:

      Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


    • Day to Day

      5 years ago


      Been spending quite a bit of time working around my new home. That can divide either into school, work, or cleaning. Rarely do I find myself relaxing in the way that I use to. Do I enjoy that? Perhaps. Although, I miss the days of playing games with friends while we had Star Wars in the background. One of the best background noises we ever had. They were fantastic times. Are they gone? Highly unlikely. As much as they are missed, friends never fade away. Worst part is finding myself without adding to my list friends. That's unlike me. I'm usually rather active with new people around, especially with the new term having started two months ago.

      It's never over, though, always new people to meet.

      I haven't spoken to quite a few people on my friends list. Why not say a quick hello? I'd love to meet more people. =)

    • Extensively busy..

      6 years ago


      For the past month, I've begun work. It's exactly how I imagined it to be: Busy, excellent way to keep my time filled, and I find myself drifting away from people I had planned to see during this summer. While I regret being unable to connect with them I'm pleased with the work. It's physically demanding which had been the biggest thing that I've been looking for.

      Although, the obvious fact remains that I find myself talking to fewer and fewer people. Even though my best friend and I communicate on a daily basis it'd be a nice change to talk with other people. That's one of the harder parts about summer, finding others to talk to who are willing to let themselves go from their groups that they've glued themselves. Time will tell?

      Communication and being social is key for a healthy life!

    • Time Passes

      6 years ago


      Having investigated the site thoroughly, one of my favorite things to do is to listen to the podcast. It adds quite a bit of lovely commentary in the background while I'm playing a game, or doing something else that's otherwise trivial and boring. I'm sure plenty of people do this quite often. The podcast is a fantastic thing to have if you want to listen to your favorite online group laugh, make fun of each other, and sometimes talk about the world around us. Mainly, talking about dicks and how it's publicly offensive to do most of the things that they do.

      Thank you, Rooster Teeth Crew. For everyone behind the scenes keeping the podcast running. For everyone in the podcast who make us laugh and to return to this fantastic place. Thank you, the community in general for finding a place of common ground that we all adore to be at. The community is the life blood of the company. The ones behind the scenes keep the company standing. The ones who we see in all of those videos / hear on the podcasts are the ones that help us return to this place.

    • Dragon Age: Inquisition

      6 years ago


      Having seen the latest trailer of the newest Dragon Age, I am excited for the story to unfold. What Bioware has set up is going to be massive. While it's not massive in the terms of Mass Effect's war, Dragon Age is going to have it's own gigantic war that I'm ecstatic to take part in.

      Although, I am disheartened to hear of the delay. That doesn't bother me, however. This is due to the fact that while it is delayed, it only means they're truly understanding that they're going to take their time and make it right. I know Dragon Age: 2 wasn't the best, I am glad to see that they're willing to tap on the brakes and look at their work.

      Giving the latest DA some support. Here's their latest trailer!

      Dragon Age 3: Inquisition

    • Sony

      6 years ago


      I was lead to believe that being destroyed was frowned upon. Sony has proved several viewers otherwise.

      Dear <insert Deity of personal choice>.

      Sony took out the Xbox one. It was horrific.

      This is their way to rub it in. Does Microsoft deserve it?:

      Going to require ice, Microsoft. Tons of it.

    • Battlefront

      6 years ago


      Finally, they have it out in the open. EA has officially confirmed that have DICE creating their newest updated franchise: Star Wars Battlefront.

      While that has been the only game that was announced, besides Dragon Age Inquisition, that I care about that is being published by EA. I'm glad they have it have it out in the open. What they have for us is going to be spectacular and the fact that DICE is working on it is even better.

      So far it's been a great year to be a Star Wars fan.

      For those who have yet to see the trailer:

    • Star Wars (cont.)

      6 years ago


      While I did make a Star Wars related journal entry last Saturday evening late at night, I had completely forgotten to share a link to my blog which featured a bit of my writing. This had been one of my projects that I had worked on from time to time. It allowed me to hone a few of my writing skills when I was bored, along with entice the side of me that really looked forward to writing a Star Wars novel some day.

      Be forewarned: The writing is unedited. I wrote the story and then threw it up. There will be grammatical errors along with spelling problems that would be easy to notice if I had glanced through it. However, while writing the blog I had always enjoyed throwing something together and seeing how people enjoy the raw nature that was my writing.

      Please, enjoy the Star Wars fan fiction. It's to be enjoyed by all. Geeking out.

      Star Wars Stories.

    • Star Wars

      6 years ago


      I'm a huge Star Wars fan. As I write this, I have in front of me the best of the best inside the most fantastic series: Empire Strikes Back.

      I grew up watching Star Wars when I was little. My parents never knew it would have this large of an impact on my development as a child or as I grew older. I'd like to think that Star Wars has motivated me to be a better person, to allow my inner geek out to share with the world. Have to represent what you believe in and love, or else what is it for? It doesn't hold anything in your heart, it's only saying you "love" something. Have to show it. Even when you know no one important is looking.

      My top goal in life: Write a Star Wars novel.

      Doing that would complete my existence (at first).

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