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      6 years ago


      I'm pretty excited for summer. With a handful of ideas of how to spend my time, I'm extremely happy for what's possible for this part of the year.

      Last summer, I attempted for the first part of two weeks to look for a job. I wasn't as motivated as I probably should have been. Even though it was a year ago, I do wish I had the hindsight to understand what it'd do for me and how I could best utilize the time that I could put into a job for the summer. Now? I've applied to a few places, have a part-time internship as of today hand-in-hand with a multitude of projects to do with friends, by myself (writing related), and even smaller writing jobs to do on the side-side of my full-time job and part-time internship.

      A lot going on?

      Too much?

      Doubtful. I'd rather be out there attempting to create a reputation for myself and making a bit of money so that I'm not spending money. If I'm not making money, I'm not doing anything. If I'm making money, I'm doing something and I'm not spending money which is saving me money. To add to that: The entire time I'm doing something else (be it working on a project or writing for someone), I'm expanding my expertise out and becoming better than I previously had been. To work on new stuff and hone my skills in different areas, I'm able to be more flexible and become a well-rounded worker (or freelance writer) when the time comes.

      Here are a few things that I have planned:

      - With a few friends, we're going to set up a podcast. The podcast will probably focus on gaming and we'll also shoot the breeze throughout the entire talk.I didn't want to make it seem like we're forcing the conversation onto gaming. If we're able to aim it in their area, let's do it. If not we're going to talk, laugh, and have a good time.

      - Having worked on throughout the school on a novella, I'd like to finish it up and have it edited. After that entire thing has come full circle, I'd like to go through and have it published on Amazon. It won't be something too expensive, I doubt I could afford for it to be put on paper. However, there is a way to raise my reputation and give it some life: E-books. E-books are excellent for start-up writers and I wouldn't mind starting there.

      - I love to read. I love to learn as well. I plan to take a bit of time and grab a few days to myself and immerse my time with developing my editing skill, working on C++ language, along with a few other programming languages.

      My summer is going to be packed with a handful of things to do. I'm looking forward to see how they're accomplished.

    • What To Be When I'm all Grown Up?

      6 years ago


      I had been asked that recently, "What did you want to be when you grew up?" I laughed at first. I had thought they meant right now. My first thought had been that I was grown up, mostly to say the least. Then they said that it was when you were little. I immediately said I had wanted to be a jedi.

      Why a Jedi? At the time they were my favorite characters known to my five-year old existence. On the other hand, they were heroes and guardians of the galaxy. Why wouldn't I try to be someone that protects others?

      Now, that I reassess my younger-self, I saw that I had always wanted to be a writer. What I would do most days is spend time watching TV in the morning. Somedays it would be your run-of-the-mill cartoons, other days they'd be movies that I was then re-watching for the 100th time. Even rarer, it would be something I had never seen before. Each time I watched something, anything at all, I would spend the rest of my afternoon and evenings writing (as best as I could, or playing 'pretend') about the hero, the protagonist of the story. I would spend those hours imagining being like them, going on different adventures and fighting all of these monsters, villains, and evil-doers that were attacking innocents.

      That had been my life when I was little. When I was younger.

      After my friend had walked away, I thought about things more. Those hours I spent imagining, writing, or creating those far-fetch stories had been my younger-self preparing my older-self wanting to be a writer. A creator of his own tale to share with the world and exhibit those desires to be the hero. To fight the villain, save the day and maybe even get a lovely girl at the end. That's always a plus.

      The writer in me wants to create a massive world for others to enjoy, to hear the adventures of dynamic characters that come to life on the pages. That come alive in their minds as they read or watch the on screen.

      When I had been growing up, I wanted to write. I wanted to be that person that talks about the beauties of being in that crazy, mind-boggling world.

      Even now, for I believe I am still growing up, I want to be that writer. If given the chance to spend my days writing, creating, destroying, protecting, harming my characters and the world, I would take it in a heartbeat.

      Above all else, I want to entertain and share with others. If I can't do that, what's the point of making all of these things if others cannot also enjoy these? While some writers will argue that it is never a good idea to write to the whim of your audiences / fans, you also have to hear them. Not in what they *want*, but of how they react to how you write. To how a character acts and how they are in this world. If they don't understand it, try to share your point-of-view. Attempt to reach out. If they don't like how something turned out, listen to how they react. What was their point of why this didn't make sense, why it's believed that it's not the correct route.

      When listening to the audience, to the people you're writing for, you both win. There's a balance that needs to be taught.

      When I grow up, I want to write to entertain people and have them share in my crazy, dramatic story and world.

    • The New 52 Comics

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      I didn't see a thread devoted to this topic so I figured it'd be a good addition for discussion.

      What have people's opinions regarding the newest addition to the DC universe? What has been read? A big favorite?

      From what I've read, they've done well with all of the revamping that's been negotiated by writers. So far my top favorites have been all revolving around the Batman comics. I also heard that Superman's origin story / the way his powers work have been fantastically done. Superman is not as indestructible as he previously has been lived up to be. There are several others as well that I'd like to read more of, such as the Aquaman series and the Deathstroke. Any suggestions from other DC fans?

      Nightwing is also pretty badass, too. :)

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    • The Proper Game

      6 years ago


      When you're a gamer, you learn to develop a gut feeling. That feeling becomes something of a natural instinct when you're looking through the amassing pile of games that you begin to develop over the course of your life. As you continue to play those games, you enter a time in your life (this time can come and go at its own whim) where you don't really want to buy any new games or you're unable to. Since you're unable to add to your pile you're looking through that pile to find something to rekindle your interest in games. What do you do to discover that drive for gaming again? Is there a particular game that always comes to you when you're bored and want to find something to kill some time?

      As of late mine has become either Dragon Age, or Mass Effect 3. As of today I'm attempting to discover a different game to play. Can't add to my pile of games, so what to do? Have to find a new game for me to play so that I can have a bit of fun on my Friday night. No one's here at the college and they've all gone home (I have decided to stay because of homework that I plan to work on during the weekend). Friday night has become my default rest night. If you can't take a break what do you become? Worn down.

      Now, I don't have a console. Why? I sold mine to buy a computer. I knew when I hit college a computer would be the best thing for me to use when taking notes / wanting to game. I can go anywhere on campus to take notes, and if I want to go to a friend's place to chill and game I have it. Looking through Steam, I don't have everything downloaded. They come and go when my feeling for that game arises in my gut. I switch back and forth quite a bit. With ME 3 and DA out of the way, I'm not feeling like going for an RPG. I believe either L4D2 could become an option, perhaps even Battlefront 2? Have to love the classics (especially when that's a Star Wars game).

      Haven't decided yet, but when that proper game is discovered you absolutely love it. Games can never be forced upon you. They have to have a feeling. It has to feel right to play. If they don't, they're not as enjoyable to go through and do everything that the game mechanics offer. Have to... Tease it.

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    • Music

      6 years ago


      I try to dabble into as many music genres as I am able to. Music truly drives me. Either to get something done, or enables me to focus on a certain subject that I'm doing right at that moment. Like writing, writing is one of the best outputs I can give myself when I input music as a fuel source for either inspiration or getting things done. Naturally, when you're attempting to arrive to that certain output there's that first question that begins: What sort of input should you consider?

      While music is a given, that breaks down to what sort of music. Happy? Sad? Uplifting? Inspirational? Rhythmic? Maybe there's a new song you recently discovered and would like to hear? To experiment, see what sort of output you get. Given a chance, I typically have an idea of what I'm about to write or what direction I'm desiring to have the story go. If I know that, the input becauses a process of elimination of what's going to sound good in the background if I were somehow, maybe even someday, have the story told in a movie form. What sort of music would be best to have playing in the background while a character says this, or does this? People get to different destinations at gradually abstract time frames or by means of a completely out-of-the-box thinking route. When it comes to getting to the input, I typically focus on the output so that I can backtrack and discover the correct means of creating it.

      Writing is the best output I get when listening to music. The worst part can be that I'll get a song stuck in my head for the rest of the day and I'll be unable to write things down that I'm thinking about. That's the worst pain that I have with music. There's always a good and a bad, correct?

    • Being Swamped with School

      6 years ago


      I believe college has misunderstood how the real world works. However much that I do understand why college attempts to throw all these hours of work at you, it piles up to incredible amounts and makes you wonder: Will these long hours of studying / working really pay up? I don't mind working eight hours a day. It's never bothered me to work that long in my life. I know when I get a job, I'll be on my ass for hours working on the same thing, over and over again. Yet, will it amount to what college has for me?

      More or less it's a time in our lives most people can't bare to live without. College is an essential tool to getting a job that you're going to want to have for most of your life. Why, most would ask? It teaches you if you want something hard enough, you're going to work for hours on end for it. You're going to go into your weekend, doing something out-of-this-world to get that one piece of paper at the end of it all that says "You did it". That's the breakdown of how I'm starting to tolerate the educational system. If there's a job out there that you want without a doubt in your mind, you're going to need to earn it. You're going to need to crawl your way to it and prove that you deserve it. If you can't, what are you left with? You're going to be crying to whatever sky you're under, saying you almost had it. That you were so close to the end. That you were about to get it. At the end of the day, getting what you want is earned and if you can't earn it, fight for it. If you can't fight for it, be creative. Creativity is what fueled this country years ago. It can still burn your drive into becoming someone that you want to be. You only need a few stepping stones to know what direction you're going.

      I also tolerate the educational system because I love learning new things. If I don't understand it, I want to know more.

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