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      13 years ago


      first is the dog(Auzmot) and one of the cats(Jack)

      next is me and my sis(b/c she is a camera whore)

      then the picture hog wanted a "gansta'" pic. >.< the end

    • GO BUCKS!

      13 years ago


      Fuck Michagan!

      Go Red!
      Blue Blows!

      *dances touchdown dance*

    • Stupid Beanbag Shotgun....

      13 years ago


      -recent haps, English and Psych are going well, Chem is kicking ma' ass as expected.

      -Jack (the cat) is still eating/chiewing everything in site

      -Guild Wars is still fun, looking for a good healing rod for those who play

      -On XBox live the other day, I played a game with some really nice english dudes, we got a party going. I had no idea how much crap they put up with until we played a few games, EVERY GAME they were told to, "Go back to your country!" (WTF? they are, jerks). I apoligized, saying that all yanks aren't so bad. They then proceded to tell me that all americans are stupid, except for the occasional exception(like me), who really really should have been born British. -_-" I don't know wheter to be insulted or honored.

      -I've had season 3 of RvB on DVD for a while now, just got around to putting it in, Gus's best video ever was AWESOME!

      -I need money, but now that football season is almost over I'm picking up more hours. Plus a cute chick just started working there ; )

      -I REALLY REALLY want my own new computer

      -And here is a poll, it is campus tradition that everyone jumps in the local campus "lake" (read: duck pond) before the Michaigan game. I don't really see a point but friend *coughjoecough* is being a wanker about it. So, should I do it?
      looks like they talked me into it : (

      -Finally, I'm not asking for mods, just announcing that I'm saving up 100 mods for a tatical strike (not saying if good or bad)

    • AUGH! The cat is eating my face!

      13 years ago


      my kitten likes to chew my nose, and I have the scratches to prove it.

      Got a haircut today,
      the good = its not so long and I don't look like a hippy anymore
      the bad = its not so long and I don't look like A FREAKING HIPPY ANYMORE!

      I'm listening to the third Cowboy Bebop soundtrack, good shit.

      Classes are going well, next quarter is going to be tough, but productive

      and I think this was a actually journel from me, will wonders never cease?!

    • Mario Comic

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      The art is funny/gay as hell and techinally its called "Mali Man", this translation is really bad, I don't think the context fits whithin English at all, I still got a laugh out of it though. Anyone know if there is more?

      Mali Man

      28 replies

    • :'(

      13 years ago


      a friend of mine ran into a semi yesterday, she's in critical condition and isn't breathing on her own, please keep her in your prayers.

    • ; )

      13 years ago



      the cops pulled us over on the sidewalk, turns on spotlight
      "HEY! guys the ghostbusters?"
      "thats AWESOME!" *drives away"

      us = mouths open

      I can die happy now

    • I'm a fucking MO-Ron

      13 years ago


      I got my car towed :(
      but the parties were fun, costumes went over big


      13 years ago


      I'm on the right
      and now on the left (as stupid as he looks, chris wasn't drunk at this point kekeke)
      P.S. the camera was dying quick, thats why I wasn't ready for the second one

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