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    • App Removed

      3 years ago


      So recently my Rooster Teeth app was removed from the Google Play store and the thread about it on the forums was also removed. I assume that this is because the new website has good mobile support and they have announced that they are going to make an actual Android app finally. But it would have been nice to be told nicely to take it down. Instead I get an email from Google that it has been removed and the thread in the forum deleted.

    • FanExpo 2015

      3 years ago


      Hey there everyone.

      So planning on going to FanExpo in Toronto this year. It's only two weeks away and getting excited.

      Going with a couple people and have a couple cosplays to do, going as Krieger with my girlfriend and going as TJ from Recess with my friends.

      Is anyone else going? Would love to meet up with some RT people.

    • Roosterteeth App finally has embedded video

      4 years ago


      After adding in The Know support last week, I finally got around to adding embedded video for my Rooster Teeth app.

      This has to be the number one requested feature and I'm happy to have it finally implemented. It took some fiddling to get it right, but I am pleased with the results.

      Please check it out and upvote.

      Next on my to do list is to look into adding podcasts and fixing some bugs. After that is done, I will be focusing more on doing some development for my game. When the game is a little further on, I will make some journal entries showing outlining my goals and showing what we have done so far.

    • Subscription Gifting

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      Anyone want a subscription? Just got mine from the LazerTeam campaign.

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    • New Android App

      5 years ago


      The idea from the last post did not work out.With work and everything I could not get videos out fast enough for the to be relevant so I went to my backup plan, make an app!

      So my app has been out for a week now and in that time I have been working hard on making it better. Today I released a new version that has video support.

      I hope to keep adding more functionality and fixing bugs as they come up. The big thing though is having an app that will be updated when the new website comes out. When the new site comes out, I am hoping to have enough free time to be able to get the app back up and working (because it will break) in a couple days.

      But for now, check out the app, enjoy and let me know of any suggestions or bugs.

    • New Android App

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      Hey guys and gals,

      I've just released a new Rooster Teeth android app.

      I know there are a couple of these our there already and they are pretty good. But they haven't been updated recently and with the new website around the corner, I'm sure an up to date app will be nice.

      What is it this app?
      Right now I have news and video pages for both Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter.
      News for the Know.
      Videos for Funhaus.
      The Rooster Teeth Podcast, The Patch, and Dude Soup!

      Check it out and give me some feedback.

      The link is here

      Thanks all.

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    • Let's get this started

      5 years ago


      So I have wanted to do something with this profile for a while and never have. So might as well start now.
      A quick introduction to me, I am a gamer, have been for as long as I can remember. My first system was a Sega Genesis, got to love that old school sonic. Since then I have never bought the same brand console more than once, went from Genesis to N64 to PS2 and now the Xbox 360 and always the PC.

      I am currently a student, going to University for Computer Science. I love programming, keeps me busy and is always a challenge.

      Going to start a new Let's Play channel in 2014, The Humble Gamer. The idea is to play games that have been part of the Humble Bundle. Going to try a couple games today, see how it works out.

      Well that is all for now, hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year.

    • 2019 years ago

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