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      7 years ago


      In Honor of Diablo 3 being out, admittedly having some log in issues. I thought this little concoction would help pass the time a bit while both playing and trying to log in.

      Diablo – Health Potion

      Difficulty - 1

      The red health potion, stored in a mystical apothecary vessel, is incredibly iconic in gaming and is found in many a dungeon crawler. Since I’m so excited for Diablo III I thought I’d focus on the most famous and original version as found in the series (though I’m aware that health potions are not being used in Diablo III – boo!). So in the spirit of Christmas and New Year being a time for relaxation and recuperation I thought this surprisingly sweet and refreshing health potion is just what most of us are looking for.

      This recipe makes 1 drink.


      1 Measure Cranberry Gin

      0.5 Measure Żubrówka (Buffalo/Bison Grass Vodka)

      0.5 Measure Amaretto

      Squeeze of Lime Juice

      Top Up Tonic

      Gourmet Gaming Diablo - Health Potion

      This is from a site on Tumblr called Gourmet Gaming it has a bunch of foods based off games. It shows you each item and how to make it, and even how difficult it would be to make them so give them a look, I know it is a old post but still fits.

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