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    • I guess this is goodbye.

      14 years ago


      Hey, i just wanted everyone to know that I am leaving Red vs Blue forever.

      Due to recent events it has become clear that I am unwanted by most of the people here on the Forums.

      To those who were friendly to me: thank you very much for making what little time I have spent here fun and interesting. I hope we can still keep in touch.

      To those who have hurt me in some way: I dont care if it was a joke. It was a complete invasion of privacy and a total public embarrassment. Even if you know it was a joke and tell other people that they still insult me everywhere and harrass me.

      I am having a MOD freeze my account in about 15 minutes. And I plan on never coming back. Even to get the episodes.

      Well, its been real everyone. And I'm out.

    • Fuck him.

      14 years ago


      I have removed Swanson from my friends list. And put him on block.

      I may remove him from block. Probably not.

      I did this because that video was a total invasion of privacy, and he fucking tricked me.

      Dont say that I am taking Red vs Blue too seriously. I would have done the same thing anywhere else.

      Now people think I am a "fucking owned bitch." Well, you can all just go fuck yourself.

      After tomorrow. My account might be gone. I havent decided yet.

      If people on RvB cant learn to respect each other, then its no place I really want to be.

      You didnt have to make that video. But publically humilitaing me was just too hard to resist wasn't it?

    • Can you USB me now?

      14 years ago


      I FINALLY found my image disk reader, that means I can upload all the pics I take with my shitty digital camera!

      (Sorry abut the shitty quality, liek I said this is the worst digital camera ever...)

      The Chronicles of the Punk.

      While having the conversations with Leus and Swanson:

      Right after I found out it was all a joke:

      While watching the video:

      After watching the video:

      And excuse the incredibly retarded wallpaper. That is from when I was 5, and it hasn't changed since becuase I'm to fucking lazy to move all my shit.

    • SonuvaBITCH!

      14 years ago


      Yeah, yeah, yeah... I got fucking OWNED! I know...

      But Swanson makes me sound alot dumber than I am, I mean, if you read the comments like HE reads them, them I look like a fucking kiss-ass pansy.

      But if you read them if a sexy voice then I sound like Tom Cruise.

      ... I am so fucked....

      -EDIT- I know I sound like a retarded fanboy in that video. That is kind of true.... But know that I'm not some complete loser who jsut sits about on RvB all day waiting for one of these people to make a new video.

      ... Fuck, I wish I could say the above statement wasn't true >_<

    • I Got Punk'd!

      14 years ago


      Now, apparently this WAS a joke. Leus and Swanson have sent me friend requests, which I have accepted.

      But if they start doing anything like this again I will never accept one of their friend requests.

      You really had me going. I want to say just one thing.

      God Damnit. Dont ever do that again. :P

      And thank god that I can finally say [/drama]

    • What the fuck!?

      14 years ago




      I dont get this! I wanted to be their friends and they hate me for it.

      I dont know why this is so annoying to them, but I wasnt trying to be.

      Everyone seems to have started hating me.

      Fine. I dont need them to be happy. They dont like me, and I dont like them.

      -EDIT- O... k... I just got friend requests form both of them... And they still seem to hate me... what?!

    • 14 years ago


      I just took that quiz in Capt_Eds journal, and guess who it said I was?

      HAH! Love it...

    • I ordered a Pizza!

      14 years ago


      All for me and none for you :P

    • MSN Messenger

      14 years ago


      I just re-downloaded MSN Messenger.

      Feel free to start a convo with me anytime I'm on.

      ... I need a life.

      -EDIT- DUH! Maybe I should post muh friggin SN!

      Its Zeratul114. (Bethcya didnt see that coming now did ya?)

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    • jake_the_man

      14 years ago

      dude ur pictures or awesome i loved that movie

    • Zorse

      14 years ago

      Dude, your Dancing Ace rocks so hard. I love it.

    • Zeratul114

      14 years ago

      Thank you very much!

      And dont worry. I get on and post practically every day.

      (Espically in your stuffz ;))

    • 5atan

      14 years ago

      welcome 2 muh list dude,

      dont 4get the golden post rule though


    • bitten1ce

      14 years ago

      So, if I had a mod point I'd give it to you for having some of my favorite part from Ace Ventura on your profile....but I don't. PM me about it and when I get one, I'll hop back over and give it to you.

      Ditto bugdog. ^.^

    • Zeratul114

      14 years ago


      Well b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-er-shucks! (Go Porky Pig!)

    • bugdog

      14 years ago

      This guy is a credit to 13-year-olds everywhere, and I'm not being sarcastic.

      If we had more forum members like Zeratul114, this could be an ever better forum. Believe me, I know of what I speak.

    • yelnocp FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold TNETENNBA

      14 years ago

      Your favorite tv shows are most similar to mine! Awesome.
      *forgot to add mythbusters to fav shows*

    • Archinemnon

      14 years ago

      CTRL+ALT+DEL is a great comic, the Chef Brian ones are a little too random for me though... Nice profile, cute dog.

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