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            I just want to preface this by saying that you, Miles and Kerry, and the work you've done to craft the compelling world of Remnant and the characters that inhabit it, have been a massive inspiration to me. Just as much, if not more than Monty Oum himself.

           This show has been a joy to me and my close friends, filling our heads with theories, our hearts with laughter, and our eyes with tears (Still haven't forgiven you two for V3) since the days of the pre volume 2 hype. 

           After only a month of waiting for Volume 4 I was already getting impatient. I have always loved fiction and dabbled in writing, so I used that opportunity (And all the crazy ideas I had about the RWBY story I concocted in my head) to begin my first real attempt at writing an ongoing story. Too put it shortly, I tried to write the rest of the RWBY story line myself starting at Volume 3's ending. (Yes, All of it, I'm just that insane.)

          So after having written 20 and a half chapters and having posted them on both Fanfiction.net and the RWBY Amino, and having gotten great reviews. I wanted to ask if you two, two incredible inspirations to me, would read some of it and tell me your thoughts. 

           It's not kinky smut (Sorry Barbra if your reading this) but I am proud of it and constantly wonder what your opinions on it would be. If you don't want to or simply don't have the time, I understand. I am by no means pressuring you, this is just a crazed fan hoping to get noticed by a show's creators. 

      Here is the link: >https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11862636/1/RWBY-The-Path-We-Walk

      Goodbye and have a nice day you couple of Penny ripping, Roman killing, Yang mutilating, Phyrra shooting, tear drinking mad men!

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    • RWBY Fanfiction

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      so I am already tired of waiting for volume 4 so I am beginning to write it myself. I'm calling this fic "RWBY the ties that bind" the first chapter is going up on Fanfiction.net on Saturday. I was wondering if there is a large audience for this type of fic

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