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    • Zmithe

      The Spartan Effect: Episode 7

      4 years ago

      We're quietly releasing Episode 7 for anyone who is still following us. It's taken a long to time to finish with obstacles of work, uni, etc. We hope you enjoy it.

      View it on Youtube or over at
      Also check out the teaser trailer for Ep7 here.

      We'll produce Episode 8 if we can, so keep a look out! Thanks.

    • Zmithe

      Back at uni

      5 years ago

      Another year of physics phun phor me!
      Sigh... The sooner I can finish this degree and start a film making course somewhere the better.

      ...And I know that Episode 7 isn't out yet... Our next best hope is Christmas.
      Watch this space.

      Or better yet, head over to

    • Zmithe

      Year 1 - DONE

      6 years ago

      Just finished my first year at Southampton Uni doing 'Physics with Astronomy'

      Those last exams were truly horrendous, but I'm beyond the point of caring. Just hope I pass and don't have to retake in the Summer.

      So know I've got a lovely few months lined up with drinking, shelf-stacking and machinimaing.

      Talking of machinima, we're picking up production of The Spartan Effect in July when I return home... but this time with a dedicated studio (thanks to the lovely Luke), so when I'm not working at Co-Op or drunk, I'll be locked away finishing stuff off, so we can roll out Chapter Two during the summer! It's gonna be good!

    • Zmithe

      Semester One - Passed

      6 years ago

      Whoop! Got my exam results for Semester One... 70.4% overall; which counts as a 1st! Maybe doing a degree in Physics wasn't a bad idea after all!... HA!

      Lots of drinkage will now ensue.

    • Zmithe

      There is no spoon

      6 years ago

      Just got back from seeing The Matrix in my Student Union's Cinema and now have a huge smile on my face. I've never since it on the big screen before (only TV and DVD), and my word: I'd forgotten how much of an awesome film it is.

      I found it so humorous: from Keanu Reeves's bad "acting" to the over top, cheesy and clichéd direction. I was quietly laughing to myself the whole way through. And loved it! The action was just as stunning as aways. I may not have watched the film recently, but I've watched it enough to pick up all the philosophical angles and the links to religion. Amazing film: makes me laugh, think, and kept me on the edge of my seat with good old male film appeal (explosions, guns and kung fu).

      Throughout the film I seemed to find Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) more and more attractive... Most people seem to think she's not; or that she's a man. But she slowly started to float me boat. Is that weird? Maybe I'm just overly horny/happy at the moment.


      Oh well. Back to work. Fucking Astrophysics. Why did I choose this course?

    • Zmithe


      6 years ago

      Not enough hours in the day...

      ...I've had so many little things to do that I've been putting off and now they have all snowballed into a huge mess. The Christmas holidays can't come quick enough.

      P.S. Relativity is a bitch. Really interesting, but still a bitch. Hurts my head.

    • Zmithe

      The New USS Enterprise

      6 years ago


      This better grow on me. Because right now I'm not liking it.

    • Zmithe

      Star Trek Films on Blu?

      6 years ago

      Looking at some info about the Star Trek feature films in Blu-Ray: - Trek Films coming to Blu-Ray?/

      If I'm honest, I prefer the Trek films to most of the TV shows... But that's just because I'm more of a film/movie person. I normally find it difficult to spend a lot of time churning through each season; even if I do enjoy it.

      I held off from buying the Trek films on DVD for ages, since my copies on VHS weren't completely worn out and still did me fine... Recently I did get the films as a set just before coming to uni... (all 10 for £35 isn't too bad - and I'm not lugging a VHS player to uni).

      I don't own a blu-ray player, but I do love all the HD content I can get my hands on... Do you think I should take the plunge for Trek?

      I'll probably just wait until it's cheaper, or to see if Paramount does good restoration jobs.

    • Zmithe


      6 years ago

      Haven't really paid much attention to things here. Sorry.
      From now on I'm going to use this as my personal blogging space where I'll bitch about life.

      To summarize my thoughts at the moment:

      Uni Life - Is amazing. Hangovers are not.

      Uni Course - Is overwhelming complex. I'll struggle to keep up with, and understand the work

      The Spartan Effect - Is continually making slow progess. Will return at Christmas hopefully. More info on our the Rookie Rabbit Blog.

      Star Trek - Is looking to have a major comeback. I can't wait for the new film. Bring on May. And the new trailer that'll arrive mid-November.

      Red vs Blue: Reconstruction - is the best series produced my RT so far. It felt like it was going there, and had built a brilliant story out of the run-away-train that was BGC. If you ignoring the minor continuaty errors, it is just pure brilliant writing.

      The only thing bad with Reconstruction is it makes every other machinima look ameture... which includes the Spartan Effect. It has rasies my standard, which means I'll never be satisfied with SparFect. But at least it will give me the drive to up the all round quailty. Hopefully we'll all see at Christmas.

      And is it me, or is the new Rooster Teeth website slow? I'm hoping it's just the internet here at uni. Some pages refuse to load, or look all messed up, or just take 5 minutes to show up. It's really annoying.

    • Zmithe

      A Level Results

      7 years ago

      Physics - A
      Chemistry - B
      Maths - C (0.3% away from a B - missed out by 2 marks!)

      Which means I got into my first choice Univertsity, because that C is practically a B.
      This now marks an end to the last 2 years of 6th Form.

      So for the next three years I'll be studying Astrophysics at Southampton University. Maybe even four years if I take the master's degree.

      And screw anyone who says that A Levels are getting easier.

      Also, in an attempt to seem less nerdy, I still have my B in Art at AS-Level from last year; which counts as half an A-level.

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