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    • RT UK t shirt on the Last Leg

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      I saw ya, long haired bearded bloke. Just wondering if anyone else saw him, just before John Bishop came on, and if he's on the site.

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    • Rooster Teeth T shirt on the Last Leg?

      2 years ago


      Anyone else saw it? Just before John Bishop came on, a bloke with long hair was wearing an RT UK t shirt. Just thought it was cool, if anyone was interested.

    • Crunch Time questions

      2 years ago


      Hey all, just thought I'd ask if anyone has checked out Crunch Time yet, and if so, what do you think of it? I can't bring myself to watch it yet, being a bit sceptical and all, so I was wondering if anyone had some amazing praise to get me to watch it. 

    • BF1 Beta - Fuck yeah!

      2 years ago


      So as I'm sure many people will already know, the open beta for BF1 has arrived, and it is awesome.

      I've played BF before, and was really good at BF3 (the only game I've been close to MLG at), but something about this game feels different. The guns sound and handle amazing, and they're completely well balanced. I.e, a sniper is going to win any battle above 50m as long as they're aim's steady, if you spawn on a vehicle you have a different weapon, so a tank operator on a 20 kill streak will find it very difficult to jump out and continue this, and horses are a very viable vehicle as well. I was on an 8 kil streak on one yesterday, I just had to strafe and bide my time. Not to mention the fact that the planes, all 3 types of them, are awesome and all very good. Even if a fighter goes after a bomber, there's no guarantee that the fighter will win, as the machine guns the bomber has at the back will rip you apart.

      Yeah, go and get it if you haven't already, and if you don't like it, look at the pretty graphics instead, they're beautiful.

    • My curse is finally over

      2 years ago


      It's been 5 long years - just under a third of my life, but it's done. My curse has been abolished.

      No, I wasn't kissed my some random princess and turn into some other random prince from being a frog (and I think that story's weird anyway, chances are they're probably related). I can finally eat meat again!

      Let me paint the picture. It was the summer of 2011, and little 11 old me was stuffing his chubby little face with all the meat he could get his hands on - chicken, bacon, other pieces of dead animals smothered in grease and chock full of fat.

      As you can probably tell, this experience was very enjoyably for me, but then something happened. My dad came in. He asked me if I wanted another assorted meat product, and I declined, preferring my meal as it was. He then laughed aloud, and exclaimed 'But it dies for you, of course you want it!'. Not only was this a strange sort of encouragement for child obesity, but it also felt like a challenge, at least to me. My dad has been a veggie all his life, and I was as well until I was 8 years old. So the fairly innocent remark my dad just made told my over-competitive 11 year old brain that he was saying he was better than me. I said fine, no more meat for me, and slammed down my chicken leg, the fat and grease flying through the air like a mock explosion, which I of course, didn't look at.

      A few years into my endeavour, someone asked me when I was going to stop. Admitting that I hadn't thought about it, in an instant I had decided on 5 years, an arbitrary number that was probably because I was 2-3 years into it, I was half way there already.

      So now you know the story, you have arrivef at it's end. No, I'm not dying, put away the party hats, I've finally eaten meat again. And it was...

      A donna kebab. Not the most glamorous of dishes, but nice all the same. The meat made me want to throw up, and wonder what all the fuss was about, but it was nice all the same. More of a milestone than the food I'd most been craving.

      So yeah, story done. That took a while to write...

    • Lazer Team 2... Meh

      3 years ago


      Let me first clarify, I fully supported the first film getting made - I felt like it was the right direction for them to go in, and was only natural since they've been so heavily associated with film.

      However, does it really need a sequel?

      In my humble opinion, I think this is the worst thing to do. I've heard RT say in the past that films they've seen don't require sequels, and can't see why this isn't the case now. While I was initially inclined to say that it's the money that are encouraging them to make a sequel, but upon reflection I think it's the crowdfunding process that they can't seem to drop. First Lazer Team, then MDB, now a second film. And also, MDB was gonna have a film as well, again, probably to have that crowdfunding experience again.

      And so, unfortuantely, I can only see this film failing, making less money than the first (which didn't reach profitability from a box office stand point) and going down as a Gauntlet Season 1 in RT's history. From then, I hope they give the whole fillm thing a rest for a bit, and build themselves up a bit higher first. Why? Well, the Youtube - Film phenomena of course.

      Remember Fred? The first person on Youtube to get a million subscribers, who was essentially a juggernaut of internet video, started making films. And not just one, but 3 (I believe). And look what happened to him. He probably has loads of dosh and never has to think about working again, but he's dropped of the face of the earth pretty much. While this won't happen to RT, them being a whole company and not a single person and all that, but I can see them descending into a naff film company desperate to catch lightning in a bottle again. It's happened before, but no one thinks its gonna happen to them.

      In conclusion, to bring it all back around. Lazer Team 2... Meh.

    • Things to do in Minecraft - Loads of stuff

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      Hey guys, I've built around 4 maps in Minecraft, but I'm worried that they're missing something. Anyone mind jumping in with me and giving some pointers and maybe help me build as well?

      And also, anyone who wants to help by playing the maps in the future would be appreciated, I need a lot of people.

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    • Bloody appendix

      3 years ago


      I had to get mine taken out. Which was a bit naff, to be honest.

      While I love the NHS and the fact that it's free, it was a little frustrating at times. All I needed to get out was some medication, which took 6 hours for me to get. 6 hours of me sitting in a bed doing diddly squat, making awkward conversation with the patient next to me.

      But to be fair, if the NHS wasn't a thing, I probably wouldn't've even gone to hospital, it would've vost too much.

      I should stop complaining, is what i'm trying to say.

      Now that I can't exercise for the next few weeks, I'm gonna be here a lot, which I know I keep saying, but it's true this time. But first, I've been missing my Xbox,

    • Last Leg Tonight

      3 years ago


      Turn it on. Right. Now.

      Boris Johnson's dad is currently showing where Boris gets it from, and it is amazing. I turned off my Xbox to watch, it's that good.

    • Day 5: Episode 1 - Thoughts and feelings

      3 years ago


      First off, I'd just like to say... wow. This started off with a bang, I'm sure the servers must be overloaded right now with so many people signing up ti be a sponsor, I know that's what I'm gonna do. Lovely first episode, acting was great, it felt like it should be on TV.

      But now, onto some critiques.

      Firstly, lets talk about some pacing and story issues.The most glaring issue I had with the episode was the jarring jumps from one feeling to another. One minute two people meet on the street, the next, they both found a car that worked (which meant leaving a bike behind), going to a random house that happened to have an awesome swimming pool and a hot tub that worked, then the pair both found swimming trunks (and Jake found a prefectly fitting jumper that was luckily lying around the house), a tonne of drugs and two naked girls etc etc.

      Ok, as a viewer I can make a few conclusions in my head. Sam was out finding drugs, but did so on a bike, but we find out later in the episode that he knows how to drive perfectly well, and the house is evidently far from the city shown by the trees, so it wouldn't be a great idea to send him on a bike. The girls not going with him is also a bit strange, as shown later in the episode at least one of them has the will to survive, but its not strong enough to get life saving medicine, instead, leave it up to someone smarter than her (cheeky podcast reference). It also appeared like they all knew each other for some time, but no introductions were shown, in fact, the creators seem to want to get straight t the action, as one of the girls die as soon as you meet her. I guess seeing her naked was supposed to make you feel attached to her in some way, and the breakdown just before her death as well, but I didn't feel sad when she died, and I doubt a lot of other people did either. And the excuse by the other girl (they were so insignificant to me, I didn't even learn their names) was that they were playing, and then she fell asleep. I'm sorry to break it to you, blonde chick, but you must have a strange idea of what'playing is like'.

      Getting to the hospital, and subsequently leaving almost immediately was also jarring. The whole plot didn't have to be shown in the first episode, little methods of survival and the deseration of day to day life gave a very intriguing and relatable story which I enjoyed watching, dropping a massive plot twist thing wasn't necessary. In fact, it took away from the whole survival aspect for me.

      It's understandable that the writers wanted to make a fast paced plot, especially given the few episodes they have, and they don't want to fall into the same trap that the second season of the Walking Dead did, making it to day to day, but I want to learn more about each character, specifically Ally and her friend, before diving into an action oacked adventure. Sometimes, less is more.

      Lens flare and the like was a bit over used at times, the blueberry muffin scene especially comes to mind, but overall the shots flowed well, effects were used subtly and only when needed, and make up was spot on. So the practical side of the production went well in my eyes - if you don't notice its their, they did a good job.

      Eventhough I just wrote a massive paragraph of what went wrong in my eyes, there were definitely more positives than negatives.

      Acting was perfect. Sam had a one or two stilted lines, but he's a kid, and they went away as soon as they began. Great casting, great performance. Him being a genius and all annoyed me a bit, of course he has to be special in some way, but I guess it didn't hurt really.

      Jake was also played to perfection, the witty but down on his luck, good guy who's made one to many wrong choices is a bit of a cliche character, but executed well and fit amazingly.

      Ellis, with his sexy voice and leather jacket to match, is every bit the rough and tumble bad arse the group needs, but showed enough character in such little time that you still felt attached to him. His plane flying skills should be questioned though, and if he flies a commercial jet, where did he get a leisure plane from? And the fuel?

      No other characters really struck me, so no need to comment on the others.

      Long shots were used very well, making the show less an action packed thrill ride and more about a mundane group of people in an extroadinary circumstance. Conversations were also shown well, not always looking at who was talking made you feel like you were really there, feeling what haracters were feeling, the shark conversation especially showed this.

      So all in all, great show, few grievances, but nothing that can't be looked past. It may not seem like it, but I thoroughly enjoyed the episode, even though I went in sceptical, and I think RT needs to take my money right now so I can watch more.

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