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    • What is too much to ask ?

      13 years ago


      Hello everyone, please give feed back on this, im am open to all opinions on this, this is not a "What If " scenario this is a personal experiance that i have gone through and have decided to share with you all. My girlfreind that was with me for 4 years broke up with me this last christmas, she had gone off to university and i was following the next year, we talked everyday and we had both bought web cams, there we some problems we had run into problems over the years but who hasnt ? and we always made it through stronger then we were befor. Anyways one day i get an e-mail that basically said " i cheated on you, i cant be with you anymore " to answer this question now, it was a one night stand not she was dumping my for somone else. I called her up and i said " what if i told you i didnt care and just wanted to be with you ? " i should have mentioned this earlier but we had been planing on my visiting her that christmas, 38 days befor we broke up, i had already spent $300 on the train ticket and put a $600 deposit on an engadgment ring for her, i was proposing on christmas eve, she had even said if i asked she would say yes. I was supposed to meet all her family and everything, we were going all out with this christmas. She even called me and said she was sorry and i asked for one last date to change her mind and she agreed, the next day i find out she was drunk and didnt even remeber talking to me. Is this my fault ? Do i deserve this for not asking her to stay for a year ? Is it too mush to ask for somone to wait for you even if they say they will wait until they can be togeather again ? She had always told me that i had saved her life, befor she met me she had major problems, drugs,suicide,family etc she had told me i saved her. Is it too much to ask for somone who loves you ? who is willing to forgive and forget ? i wasnt sure if i wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, so i flew to my cousins wedding to see what it was like, after that i had no doubt in my mind she was the one i wanted to spend my life with. i just want an opinion, was this my fault ? was i asking for this to happen from not asking her to stay ? im now going to leave a little description of what i am looking for : I am looking for somone who dosnt have drug or alchohal problems ( going drinking now and then or on the weekends is not a problem) who dosnt have problems with there family that involve outside forces (so im ok with any fighting unless a layer has to be called in, the less the better but no one is perfect and little arguments will always happen) somone who dosnt need the world handed to them. I want someone who has some adventure in them, dosnt have to be a life style but even a spark, i want to travel the world i want a partner, somone special to travel with me. There is nothing more inspiring then a girl with a goal, somone who has a place that she is detremined to get too. i want somone with a dream, and who is not afraid to speak her mind, there is nothing i hate more then to feel i am being controlling of another. But going back to the topic of this, is all that too much to ask ?

    • Records Of FATE

      14 years ago


      "What was the start of all this?
      When did the cogs of fate begin to turn?
      Perhaps it is impossible to grasp that answer now,
      From deep within the flow of time...
      But, for a certainty, back then,
      We loved so many, yet hated so much,
      We hurt others and were hurt ourselves...
      Yet even then, we ran like the wind,
      Whilst our laughter echoed,
      Under cerulean skies..."

    • 2019 years ago

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    • Heidi_07

      13 years ago

      long time no see!
      how have you been?

    • Zotan

      13 years ago

      Hello everyone, I am back from my one year of not posting stuff, so i am adding alot of new people to my list, if you are one of these new people dont think im doing this just to get lots of people on my list to seem popular, i would like to talk and get to know all of you, im always trying to make new friends anywhere in the world - Zotan Besaid

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