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    • So Uhh... Awkward Personal Update Time, and 2552 Explanations

      1 year ago


      No such thing as ghosts, I guess. Might as well get started.

      First of all, I'd just like to say I absolutely hate having to communicate through text, despite how convenient it is a lot of the time. Mostly because, well, if there's a voice you're reading this in, it's probably way off, and this is kind of something that tone of voice would be very useful for. It's why, when I did this for my Youtube audience, I did it over livestream, and I think that was still easier to do despite how incredibly cringy it ended up being.

      (though, it is hard to take listening to my voice on playback, I really thought I was making better progress than that...)

      So I've been acting a bit weird lately. I don't know if anyone is paying enough attention to notice, but in my thread posts, I feel like I'm suddenly able to talk about some topics that I was very uncomfortable with before, or that you wouldn't really expect me to know much about. And my journal posts... I can absolutely see I've been getting overly emotional sometimes. Sorry if that was a bit of a shock.

      I've kind of been keeping this quiet for a while, I just... felt like I needed to get to a certain point before I could talk about it. It's not really something I could just come out with without something to point to. I've been on HRT for the past 10 months, and I've known I was trans for over a year, almost the entire time I've been working on 2552. There were plenty of signs and questioning stages before that, I've had dysphoria for years and years without really knowing what I was going through, it was just one late night in February 2017 that I finally made the connection.

      I can kinda see why I ended up loving Red vs. Blue so much. At first I hated the adult humor, but despite that I could get into the show immediately just because the machinima style and fully-armored characters bypassed the weirdness I had always felt towards having to look at human faces/bodies. It was a universe where I could explore human beings as characters without their depiction making me shy away, and that was incredibly important. The fact that I ended up with two female characters in my main cast of OCs way back in 2008 definitely stands out for the time, given I usually felt so uncomfortable with enforced sexuality that I had to avoid the subject entirely, but RVB's setting completely erased any of the discomfort that stemmed from aversion to stereotypes or fears of what others might think. When everyone was just a suit of armor to anyone but me, I could make the characters I wanted to without caring what anyone thought.

      So with 2552 I decided I would actually start working on those story arcs, since whether I fully knew it at the time or not, I ended up with a cast full of LGBT+ characters. To go into the history of a few and their significance:

      Oregon: I absolutely wrote the character based on my own experience with dysphoria. Pretty much my default character to write was "guy who acts like a robot" for years. Being ace in a straight-enforced world meant it took me a very long time to even look at anything feminine out of dread for the "are they chasing you yet?" comments from family, but I certainly didn't feel represented by any character that expressed masculine characteristics. Oregon being nonbinary and aro/ace is pretty obvious in hindsight, kind of my way of reconciling what aspects of myself I did write into the character, separate from the things I couldn't have been drawing from at the time since I hadn't started experiencing them yet.

      Throughout the series, Oregon has expressed a desire to be stronger than anyone else in the room, but it's always been more about heroics than anything inherent in the strength itself. Oregon's arc in 2552 starts out with them confronting two enemies that hold strength as an inherent value: first, the Imperator, who claims this as something they have in common, and second, Antullus, who is in denial that Oregon can be an equal but clearly recognizes this same similarity. Oregon has a brief moment where they let slip self-conflict ("if you're anything like me, all the more reason to take you down"), but ultimately rejects strength in the prideful sense, recognizing that they see it as a tool or skill and have no desire to have a tough/"macho" reputation. The fight in the training room is the polar opposite of the Tex fight in episode 6, Oregon doesn't care if they can beat the Imperator, and instead relies on strategy and teamwork in a way that takes advantage of the Imperator's priorities.

      2552 also pits Oregon against the flood, with plenty of hints that Oregon is resistant to the frequent sights of body-horror, having had the same reaction to their own body for years. But when the harbinger compares humanity to a disease, Oregon's doublethink mechanism to separate humanity in the metaphorical sense from humanity in the biological sense is thrown into chaos. The nightmare sequence is... toned down since I still needed to be able to make/watch it myself, but it's a fairly accurate representation of my experience with dysphoria. I don't really feel like going into specifics, but... there's a lot there. And all that stuff about Oregon's armor was pretty accurate to how I designed the character. I kinda thought yelling "Noah, you made a mistake" in front of what is almost the exact nonbinary flag, after a whole bit where Basilisk uses they/them pronouns in a motivational speech, would be a bit over-the-top. Should I make it more obvious next time?

      Basilisk: Core to the idea of the character of Basilisk was always this inherent need to plan for the worst, to survive against persecution, and the idea of something to live for. Her being trans was something I decided on relatively recently, but still before I figured it out for myself. She was this character that I actually gave a sense of self-preservation rather than only selfless heroics, and that was very distinct and enough to make me take a second look at why. I've been very worried though, about whether Basilisk is even decent representation, given that she was an anti-hero for most of Season 4, and while it's made clear the gang leader persona is a ruse, we don't really see a different side of her. I made it a point in 2552 to show her in a different context, the "force of habit" bit instilling the idea that she's very not the person we saw in S4. For her speech to the Imperator, she lets loose a bit, since it's obviously in anger, but she immediately shifts to a more upbeat tone when she calls Oregon afterwards.

      And in the end, she's there for Oregon. Having gone through a similar experience with dysphoria, she knows exactly how to snap them out of the nightmare. What I kind of want to make sure I get right, is that she's a different person underneath, and though she might be adjusting her personality in a more violent or intimidating manner out of necessity, she's not truly like that inherently (or, to put it a different way, "It's not red, it's darkish pink").

      Nevada and Alabama: So yes, Nevada and Alabama are an official couple, and they sort of have been for years. Nevada is bisexual and Alabama is a lesbian. I've tried romance in the series before. That arc in Season 2 with the AIs was kinda supposed to be a love triangle between California, Vermont, and Nevada, and can still sort of read that way if you know this, but I was just too uncomfortable to ever go through with it. I only really wrote it that way because I felt like that was what I was supposed to do in a series. With Nevada and Alabama... it took a while. Until I realized I was trans, any romantic feelings I did have I just felt guilty about, since they didn't make any sense to me, dysphoria switched them instantly to repulsion, and I just felt like a creep. So I just kind of tried to avoid it for a long time. I know it seems like an afterthought at best and evidence against at worst, but not really understanding love for most of my life, thinking it was just something I would never really feel as a good thing, and then seeing f/f relationships depicted in modern media and getting a whole new set of emotions I've never felt before is kind of a big deal for me.

      It was as early as the Convergence crossover event in 2014 that I started putting them in scenes together and dropping subtle hints, but It would still take a long time before I could ever get over that hesitation. But over the last year, I've tried building it up slowly and seeing how the audience reacts. I got positive reactions to the emotional moment in Volume 1 where Nevada tries to apologize to Alabama, and gave myself the go-ahead to rewrite some later scenes to get them together for real by the end of the arc. When I'm writing their scenes... I'm writing from the heart, and I hope that makes it authentic.

      I initially fell victim to the "oh, they can have a past relationship but eventually she will end up with a guy" stereotype for Nevada, and always had the idea that their relationship was something before Freelancer. Even if I didn't mention it before, them being together in the past was part of how I wrote the characters, so I did introduce it into canon this arc, then started taking steps to have it turn out differently this time. Alabama died in the original version of my RVB: Response series that takes place early in Reconstruction (after 2552), but I'd always left her armor enhancement as a wild-card, and revealed in Volume 3 that it's basically a way to fake her own death. Even if I don't change the on-screen events when I remake that arc, Nevada and Alabama are absolutely endgame.

      So that was a long post, I'm sorry if I slipped too much into lab report mode when I got into detail, it's kind of been my coping mechanism for how I deal with the written voice. I've been doing a lot of research over the last year, LGBT+ representation in the media has become my passion in life, and I'm really trying to get it right even though I don't have that big of a voice in the grand scheme of things. Anyway, I hope I make a bit more sense now, and I can stop being so weird about things.

    • 2552: Absolution - Volume 3: This Time it's 30 Minutes

      1 year ago


      Okay so... this is a thing. It's bound to be confusing at parts (or blatantly obvious, I'm not really sure which. Is it still subtext if it's in a bigger font size than the text?), and I'm not really sure where this conversation goes from here but I guess it has to start somewhere, right? Anyway I hope this makes sense, and I probably have a lot to explain later, but for now, here it is:

    • Origin Stories, Anyone?

      1 year ago


      Yet another 3am post brought to you by "can't fall asleep until I write this down."

      A glimpse into Nevada and Alabama's backstory (most of which probably won't be relevant in the actual series until maybe 2 or 3 seasons from now, but it's kind of set up to be its own story).

      I’ll never forget how she looked that night.


      We’d basically just met, and there I was, sitting alone in a car I’d taken out by myself exactly six times prior, with all the lights out, parked in the grass beside the road in some backwater countryside, at midnight. What was I thinking?


      She hadn’t told me much, just when and where she needed me to be and to keep the lights and engine off until the last possible second. It was something in her eyes that made me agree to it, like I was the first person in the whole world she felt she could count on, and I just couldn’t let her down. But staring at that haunting treeline, with nothing but the moonlight to sort out the darkness, I got the sinking feeling I was either the most gullible girl in town or I was running blind into something I was absolutely not prepared for. In the dim light I could just make out the elastic band on my left wrist and the array of coins I kept on the dash. Woefully underprepared.

      I caught movement in my peripheral vision, and suddenly I was focusing so intently on the trees I could tell it was her, making a beeline toward the clearing. She was looking over her shoulder every hundred yards or so, and as absolutely terrified as I felt in that moment, I knew I couldn’t even imagine anything close to what she must have been feeling. I switched on the ignition and powered up the lights just as she broke through the treeline.

      And there she was. Eyes wide with horror, her face cut up from running through the woods, her jet-black hair short and jagged, like she’d cut it herself. She had bruises on her wrists, but also on her knuckles, and she was holding a nail gun, of all things.

      She bolted across the clearing and the next thing I knew we were out of there.

      I was pushing that car as fast as it could go for miles. Most of the road was a single stretch bordered by forest all the way into town, and we were dead silent the whole way. I had no Idea what was happening, or when we would be far enough away to stop being scared for our lives, if ever. I kept expecting one of those methane-breathing aliens from the war broadcasts to leap out of the trees and onto the hood of the car. I could picture its frenzied, gas-masked face, staring at us as it pounded and cracked the windshield with its chimpanzee-like arms.

      But it wasn’t to be, and we ultimately had an uneventful trip back to civilization. I finally breathed a sigh of relief when we were among streetlights and illuminated windows once more, and I could tell my passenger had calmed down as well.




      We waited in that station for hours without a word. She’d whispered something in the ear of the police chief, and one phone call later there were far more armed guards patrolling the station than normal, or at least I assumed they didn’t usually bust out the riot gear in the middle of an otherwise calm night. We were both staring out the windows anyway, unable to turn our backs on whatever might be out there looking for us.

      After a while, everyone in the station hurried to look as hard at work as possible, as three M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicles pulled into the lot – Warthogs. The passenger from the second vehicle in line – a high-ranking officer of some kind, at least by his uniform – started toward the station doors as the other passengers and drivers formed around him in defensive positions. The three gunners stayed put, scanning the surrounding area on their rotating anti-aircraft guns. It suddenly occurred to me that whatever was happening, it was real, high-grade military stuff, probably classified. Yet, it was somehow comforting. There were people here who knew what they were doing, who obviously dealt with this kind of thing all the time. And I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. The shivering hand that had been tight around my wrist since we’d arrived finally started to relax.


      It was another hour waiting for her to answer all the man’s questions. I couldn’t hear anything they were saying in the back room, but I could tell she’d at least started talking again, and that made it all feel a bit more normal. One of the marines sat next to me. She caught me staring at her armor a few times, and once I thought I saw her smile a bit. She looked a lot like me. And she helped people, made them feel safe. I looked at my wristband and wondered why I was really wearing it.

      When it was over, the man walked back out, somehow looking both stern and delighted as he made a call over his radio. The room shuffled to life as the marines began to move out. The only words I managed to pick up from the man’s conversation were “haven’t had a tip on this lot since trebuchet.” I started to wonder what an ancient form of artillery had to do with anything but didn’t have time to dwell on it, as something else suddenly had my full attention.

      She was slowly making her way down the hallway, still in shock, and warily trying to avoid the police and marines moving about the room. Then her eyes locked with mine, and she started forward at a somewhat faster pace. I could tell she was exhausted. I stood up to meet her, and she stumbled and fell into my arms then and there.

      I stayed with her the whole night. I heard vehicles moving about, and after a while, distant sounds of gunfire. As the first light of dawn started pouring in through the windows, a police officer walked up to us and told us it was all over.

      She never told me what happened, and I never asked.

    • And I was worried this would be the short one...

      1 year ago


      Okay so it took a bit longer than I thought, but here's Volume 2:

      Imagine those scenes on the Covenant Battlecruiser in Volume 1, but like, for 20 whole minutes.

    • Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review (SPOILERS)

      1 year ago


      A few years ago I gave my thoughts on rebooting Star Wars, and wished the new creators luck making something that could live up to the original canon. Now, I can safely say that rebooting Star Wars was absolutely a worthwhile effort. I give Episode 8 a perfect score.

      The Last Jedi is a great film, and one that shatters expectations. While I loved The Force Awakens, I do realize it played it safe, retreading a lot of ground from the original trilogy. The Last Jedi, by comparison, offers a new, unique experience that fits right in with the originals, not by falling within expectations, but by providing incredible moments of equal mind-bending scope to the now well-known twists in the classic films. In many ways, the film follows up on saga-spanning concepts in ways that might fool you into thinking this new trilogy was always intended to accompany the others.

      spoilers begin here.

      Now, to clarify, I'm not a huge fan of the classic films to the point of blindness. I love them for what they are, but the new characters introduced in The Force Awakens are who I showed up for, and they certainly delivered. While the classic characters continue to play a role proportionally larger than to-be prequel veterans like Obi-Wan and Yoda did in the original trilogy, they aren't the main focus, and I don't have a problem with that at all. The TFA characters, and some amazing new ones introduced in this film, drive the story and give the film heart and hope even though the plot itself is a very bleak one.

      I'm not going to lie, this film had me in tears in the first five minutes. The bombing run in the opening is a moving depiction of courage and heroism that made me break down crying for a character we only know for a few seconds and only learn about later. This is the beginning of several characters' arcs, and of one of the main themes throughout the film: how do we measure victory? I might not cover everything major in the movie, since so much happens in this film, but that theme is beautifully executed across multiple character arcs and is the main reason I feel this film is so important to me.

      Plotwise, there's definitely a moment where you start to think "huh, they're really dragging out this opening sequ--oh wait this is the whole movie." The First Order can track the Raddus (and just it being named that is heartwarming) through hyperspace, so jumping would only prolong the inevitable. Due to this stalemate, most of the film is a long, slow, chase scene in normal space that creates a sense of urgency, even if you might momentarily forget about it when the film cuts away to Rey and Luke, or to Finn, Rose, and BB-8's plotline. From start to finish, there's a tally of just how much of the Rebel Alliance/Resistance is left, and there are a lot of casualties in this movie. At least one classic fan-favorite bites the dust without much fanfare. The sheer danger represented by the First Order is somehow more real in this film, even when the previous movie had them blow up a whole planetary system. That said, things aren't looking too bright for the First Order either. This film is not Empire, in the end nobody really wins in the classic sense.

      Finn and newcomer Rose (IMO the best character in the film, fight me) have a minor sidestep plot that might have been annoying if not for the fact that it is near-perfectly paced. It starts and ends without wasting much time. Just enough of the casino-city is shown to tell as much as is needed about it, and then it's right to the escape scene that wraps it all up beautifully. Ultimately, it ends up all being for nothing in the more direct sense of what they were trying to accomplish, but the adventure ends up being worth it in other ways, both in the release of the captive creatures and at the very end of the film, where the lingering inspiration from Finn and Rose's actions and stories of the climactic battle are shown to be the main hope for the future.

      Rey and Luke's plot also does some really interesting things. It finally calls out the failings of the Jedi Order. In the prequels, we were supposed to think of them as the heroes, but while individual Jedi were heroic, the order was cold and controlling, and at least partially responsible for creating Darth Vader. Luke Skywalker wants to end the Jedi, for their misuse of the force, but also for his own failings, since it is revealed that he himself created Kylo Ren in his attempt to continue the Jedi's ways (and the three versions of this story we are presented with are excellently executed in the way the final version points out that the others are true from different points of view). The film has a theme about letting old things die, showing both the good and the bad. In the end, the main takeaway is that the Jedi will survive, but they won't be the same as they were before.

      The climax takes place on Snoke's ship, and that's where everything goes off the rails, if it hadn't before. It can be best summed up with:

      "hmm, what would be really cool is if they did this thing here, but of course they wouldn't do that because it would derail the plot for the rest of the trilog--HOLY SHIT THEY DID IT!"

      Supreme Leader Snoke never really got any attention in TFA besides being the generic evil overlord, and that's exactly the point of his character. He's a Palpatine wannabe, an old fool who thinks all his plans will work out, and he gets sliced into four pieces for his troubles. He was never supposed to be important, just another reminder that the days of leaders like him are over.

      Likewise, Rey's parents are no one important. She's not part of any fated family line in the way the Skywalkers dominated the story of the first six films. The only thing important about her is how important she ends up being through her own choices.

      That charming Han Solo-esque codebreaker? He's just in it for the money, a full-circle Felix expy. He screws up everything for the Resistance and disappears from the film with his First Order paycheck.

      Poe, Finn, Rose, and the other rebels' plan to infiltrate the giant evil structure to save the day, it fails because of said greedy codebreaker. His betrayal gets the boarding party captured before they can do the thing they spent the whole film trying to do, and all they can do then is escape when other things happen that make everyone's plans pointless.

      Vice Admiral Holdo's plan to save everyone unheroically but effectively? It also fails because of said greedy codebreaker. Most of the Resistance is discovered and wiped out, and she can only watch helplessly--wait, no, she's alone in a massive hyperspace-capable ship, only a short distance away from the main flagship of the First Order and dozens of tightly-packed Star Destroyers. She does the thing. It's beautiful.

      Then, after the climax, there's an entire other act tacked on, with what remains of the Resistance in an old bunker, with the First Order trying to break in. Yeah, Luke shows up, except he didn't, and fights Kylo Ren, except he doesn't, and there's an air chase with the Millenium Falcon (they really hate that ship), but we also get the best line of dialogue in the entire film, and the defining scene. The part that sums up the main theme of the movie and ties the rest of it together, and truly defines the Resistance and why they keep going.

      When Poe risks everything to take out the Dreadnaught, and Leia can only look at how many ships didn't come back.

      When Holdo foregoes heroism for an effective plan, then gives her life when it all falls apart, to save as many rebels as she can.

      When Rose want's to make the people on that planet hurt, but it isn't worth it to her until she frees the last of the captive animals.

      When Poe finally realizes that Luke is buying them time to escape, and makes a tactical retreat instead of trying to fight.

      When Finn keeps going while the other speeders break off, and almost dies trying to take out the First Order's laser...


      That's how we win this. Not by fighting what we hate, by saving what we love.

    • Surprise 20-Minute Video

      1 year ago


      Okay so THIS is the big project I've been teasing. Well, the first part of it anyway. Another big crossover, but this time with an actual plot and limited to the main Halo/RVB timeline. It takes place in late 2552 adjacent to the events of Halo 2 and 3, and a few months to a year before Reconstruction (by anyone's best guess).

      There will be four parts in total, and I will do my best to keep them all at least 15 minutes. No idea when the others will be out, but for reference I'm almost completely wrapped on filming for the first three parts, barring re-shoots. Best guess would be a 1-2 month wait each (like normal TMWYH episodes, but with more content per-drop).

    • I Did my Best for You

      1 year ago


      *Spoilers for Heroes and Halfwits Episode 34*

      What do you wanna be?

      Yakshashamu stood over the fallen kenku, the desperate pleading of Albus Cumberbatch echoing throughout his mind. The warlock's telepathic connection was unshakable, yet the yaksha could see the stern purpose in the eyes of Bor Ealis as the paladin trudged forward, tightening his grip on Desever. Yakshashamu drew his rapier and lined its gilded blade over the prone form of Cork, eager to finally put the question to rest.

      As he was about to land the killing blow, the yaksha spotted a glimmer in the air to his left, and turned as the form of Albus's sprite familiar appeared. The sprite darted swiftly back and forth through the air, stopping inches from Yakshashamu's face, forming a mischievous grin as is it held out an emptied potion bottle.

      Yakshashamu stared confusedly at the object for a few moments, when his eyes suddenly went wide. He quickly turned back to Cork, only to discover that the kenku had risen to his feet and was now slowly backing away. Cork's eyes darted back and forth between the shapeshifter and the recovering Father Dori. The wingless bird let out a screech, and Yakshashamu was bathed in a stunning blue light. The shapeshifter reeled as the radiant moonbeam found its target.

      Albus was still pleading.

      Yaksh... are you sure, man? We had a lot of good times! You can... You don't have to be this... what he made you. Think of the times in the Ribcage, when we...

      "What do you think the chances are that the rest of these idiots are gonna agree with you?" Yakshahamu shot back.

      I can be persuasive! I could... I can...

      "I spent the last, how many hours with you morons? I'm not f... I'm not stupid." Yakshashamu turned again to Bor Ealis, who appeared to only be angered further by the insult.

      I'm s... I'm... Okay I mean I... I did my best for you...

      Shaking, Albus conjured a lightning bolt. It struck Yakshashamu, slamming him back. Amid the burning shock, the yaksha felt an attack on his life force as the warlock's hex took effect. Bor Ealis continued his march forward

      Really, we could turn this around at any point, man. Just say the word! Just... just... all you gotta do is be like, "hey, we're cool!"

      In a flash, Bor Ealis was directly in front of the shapeshifter.

      I'd say it like, now, though!

      "Don't do this, man. You don't have to be evil! You could just be a dick!" Mogar shouted.

      Bor Ealis hefted Desever, ready to swing. Yakshashamu stood motionless.

      I mean, like, real quick!

      The sword's still coming down!



      The axe split the shapeshifter's chest. What had once professed to be Bo Jingles, World Famous Bard, lay still in the light of the moon.

      "Albus... Albus... I..." began Yakshashamu, taking his last breath, "I always hated you the most." 

      Albus Cumberbatch forced a smile, casting one final silent image, but the shenanigans of old only felt empty. "I did my best.. for you... I tried," he whispered. The room fell silent.

      Mogar Jones stood over the yaksha's body as the moonlight faded. "I feel like, he wasn't that evil, he was just kind of an asshole," the dragonborn paladin began.

      "If we got attached to anyone, we got attached to Yakshashamu," Orma declared. She looked dejectedly at the empty potion bottle that was still in one of her hands.

      "Bo Jingles was dead forever ago," Bor Ealis added sternly.

      As they argued, Cork stared on in confusion. The kenku hadn't gown too fond of Bo Jingles, but a betrayal like this was unexpected. Cork looked warily to each of his friends, before finally deciding that no one else was going to attack him. He'd fought a few shapeshifters during the long quest, but only now did he seem to understand how frightening they could be.

      Father Dori was unsettled by the revelation. He'd expressed disappointment in the bard's behavior, but had hoped Bo Jingles could someday change. To know that the task had been beyond even his power from the beginning left him unable to make sense of what he should be feeling.

      Na mourned silently, and as the group's discussion narrowed down when the switch had occurred, she faced the horrifying realization that her intervention had been what had caused Bo Jingles to flee into the jungle, never to be seen again. She began to feel like an outsider, that all she'd ever done was mess up, that maybe she didn't belong and never had. Bor Ealis seemed to notice, breaking from the group to give her a health potion. Na calmed herself and managed a smile.

      Stoneykill Sam was dumbfounded. As he shrunk back down to size, he thought back to all the years he'd spent with Bo Jingles before time had been altered, and wondered whether he'd ever actually known the real Bo Jingles. And more importantly, did it even matter? Stoneykill couldn't shake the feeling that he'd just witnessed one of his lifelong friends murder another without a second thought.

      "We need to look in the holes for all the loot!" Bor Ealis declared, walking off away from the party. He sheathed Desever, using the motion as his hand returned to his side to wipe away a single tear. Convinced that the action had been hidden well enough, he soldiered on to the chasms furthest away from the gathering. For a moment, Bor Ealis was back in Ribcage, hiding under the stage in the dead of night.


      "You have to come see this," the constable shouted, bursting into the mayor's office.

      "Eyyy, what is it this time?" Akshay slurred, poorly attempting to hide his beer stein behind the many framed paintings on and around his desk. He stumbled out of the room after the constable.

      The streets of Ribcage were lined with people. Officer and thief, paladin and devil, they all stood motionless, silently listening.

      The songs of Bo Jingles, World Famous Bard, echoed on the winds of the Outlands.

      For eternity.

    • Ooh, Continuity!

      1 year ago


      So in case you were wondering what I was going to do now that two of my OCs have been contradicted by official sources...

    • Two More Shorts

      2 years ago


      Just updating with two more entries in my Tales from 2552 project. Both focus on introducing new Covenant characters (I need to catch up on that a bit since very few of mine have survived long enough to become important).

    • Two New Shorts

      2 years ago


      I have a larger project in the works, and I had originally planned a series of shorts to lead up to the main event, but decided that would take time away from the main video and delay it even longer. Then things happened, and now it seems more logical to at least get some content out while I can, so the shorts are back on.

      The first short was filmed over the summer and I was waiting to use it as a teaser for the main project. I've been focused more on human stories and have avoided tackling the Covenant for some time, but I couldn't very well bring my timeline into the year 2552 without bringing them back to the fore. This is pretty much a condensed taste of how I'm planning on making alien plots and characters entertaining and interesting.

      The second short is a spotlight story for Basilisk, with some backstory and what I thought would be a major reveal. It was pretty important to me to get this one out, and I was fully prepared for some backlash, but so far the hints I dropped seem to have gone over everyone's heads.

      I have a few ideas for more episodes, but I expect some of them will be more spur-of-the moment. I'm trying to focus mainly on characters that don't usually get the spotlight or haven't been in it for a while, while introducing a few new ones (like Jek, Dek, Zek, and SnailfaceRiker). If anyone wants to chime in with some characters you'd like to see more of, I'll think about it.

      (And yes, I've considered a Conrad episode. It will be glorious)

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