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    • The viewfrom up here is great!

      12 years ago


      ... I hope.

      *installs Vista

    • Take off every zig!

      12 years ago


      Its confirmed: Bori is coming to KY in July!

      I am so excited!

      Now about this $3,000 phone bill...

    • RAGE FTW!

      12 years ago


      You have no idea how long I just spent typing a journal and then IE crashed randomly... This PC is overdue for a format.
      *wants Vista.

      Anyway.. *starts again*
      For those of you who wanted to "date" me I will start off with the facts: I AM A GUY.
      Deeper than this and some explaination is needed....

      This story is long but is hopefully somewhat interesting (hence I included it). If not.. Just skip it.
      It all started in the spring of 2002... I was young and in love...

      With a 26 year old.

      You see I was 14 and some friends of my mom were completely inept at child care so they did the only thing that made sense: They adopted 3 children!
      They very soon realized they would need some help so they hired some forgieners to help them (though an agency that did this kind of thing).
      The forgieners came from widely varied places and as it happened one of them came from Hungary (actually she came from down the street because she was being moved from a family that was simply to hard to get along with but thats another story). Bori was 26 at the time I met her and I felt instant attraction... Of course so did most people and I quickly assertained that Bori was 12 year my senior so I gave it no further thought... Or tried not to anyway.... But I always found myself chatting with her whenever I was at these people's house and often time I would think about her when I was not there... I regarded this as odd because I have never been particularily attracked (beyond the normal biological sense that is) to a perticular girl. But Bori was a strange exception... See she was actually fun to talk to, smart, not afraid to try new things and just generally loved a good time. Still I kept telling my self that she could not possibly think anything of me because she was much older and I wasn't exaclty Brad Pitt...
      So we were getting ready to move to KY... It was a big move from my home for the last 8 years (and the seat of my mothers family) in a nice subdevision to the a backwater state of KY. Also it was my sisters birthday around then... So my mom (normally the queen recluse) was throwing an honest to god party: Big tents were being erected, Food was being catered and literally hundereds were invited (I had not guess we KNEW that many people)... So I oh-so-casually made a point to ask Bori if she was coming to the party with the family she work for and imagine my suprise when she smiles and says "only if you will be there" I was totally like "WTF?!" I assured her I would be (um.. Yeah since kind of lived at home where ELSE would I be?).
      Anyway we had a great time at the party... We wre both sort of sad since I was leaving in just a few days and so was she (as it happened she was heading back to Hungary just a couple days before we left) but we exchanged numbers and promised to stay in touch. My mom can't have been please... Not because Bori was so much older (she liked her) but because I immediatly called and added international calling to our phone line... $.56 a minute. LOL Anyway... Long story short: we kept in touch for a year or so but it was not really the same over the phone and neither of us had the money to arrange a trip (she actually wanted to stay but her Visa was up). So we lost touch.. I had a cell phone number and nothing else (Not even a first name: Bori is a shortening of some longer name I can't pronounce).
      Now sometime later it so happened I got a job working as an engineer for a company that had an agreement with me to fund the development of some technology concepts I developed... Naturally Bori came to mind (since I had money now) but international calling was not permitted from my cell phone (yeah.. I am an idiot for letting something like that stop me.. WTF)... SOOOO.. Sometime later I got Vonage in addition to my cell and tried to give Bori a call... No dice (I got an error message in hungarian)...
      In that time i had moved out of my moms house and then moved again.. So fairly recently
      I got Cingular and even more recently I got a new phone.. I was bored one night so I decided to randomly text Bori.. Most of you have heard the story from here and those that havn't can put the pieces together.
      So after chatting with Bori a bit (and finding out to my great relief she was unmarried and unattached) I got some pictures via Email... I was thrilled so I decided to share the joy with all my E-friends... Now picture gallaries are not friend only so naturally a few people found pictures and could not be bothered to look at my profile (where the whole thing was expalined before turning off their brain and thinking with their dick... And its the only part of them smaller than their brain..
      So I did what the situation demanded and made the transformation slightly more complete... Slight because I did not want to ruin ALL the fun... Anyway... What follows is a list of the top 3 n00bs who contacted me when I was a girl.. Enjoy:


      First place: Lee55
      For your enjoyment, a transript (in part):
      All mistakes are his, my comments are in {}.

      ME: (after getting a random FR despite the NO RANDOM tag which was clearly displayed) Why do you want to be my "friend"?
      Lee55: so i can tolk to you and get to now you
      ME: Perhaps you can get to know me first... {like look in my fucking profile and notice I am a guy!}
      Lee55:ok how are you {or not..}
      ME: I am doing pretty well... Kind of tired because I had to get up early today. How are you?
      Lee55: ok {wow.. Way to chat it up!}
      Continued in comments

    • "Extreme" Home Makeover

      12 years ago


      Intro (cue the snazzy music)
      So.. Heres the idea: Imagine a hypothetical person who has a really shitty house which is an absolute dump. Now this hypothetical person is a single guy so he doesn't really mind: It has a bed, a shower, an HDTV and an Xbox 360 (in order of least important to most) and thats all that matters.
      No lets say this hypothetical person wants a chick and seems to have a very good one on the hook (though admitted there is a bit of "reeling in" still to do.. Just hypothetically there might be about 5,000 miles of "line"). Now this hypothetical chick kind of digs clean houses.
      Now imagine your to hypothetical dude: Would you clean and de-shitify the house?
      Of course you would.
      Now if you guessed I was going to bring this around to me at some point (who would have thought?!) you would be right: Thats right: The immovable object has met the unstoppable force and I am in major house cleaning/renovating mode!

      Episode 1
      Now that you get the concept here is the first installment:
      Things are just gettig started so this one will be a short and simple leasson in home computer networking showing how to (after cleaning) and how NOT to (before cleaning)

      How to:
      Everything seperated to allow ventilation, cable tucked and zip tied to avoid tripping and general chaos, everything right side up to allow easy checking of functioning.

      How NOT to:
      Is it just me or does this picture speak for itself? Answer: No and yes.

      Up next: Smashing furniture and other assorted bits of house. Hey you can't have rebirth without destruction right? Now to get these splitters out of various body parts.

    • OMFG *explodes*

      12 years ago


      ^Some of my ancient friends will remember this as a perennial favorite title of mine...

      Anyway: Basicly I have been told I have trouble with intimacy and should see a phycologist... This would probably be an understatement as you will see from this situation: As some of you know from reading my other journals I recently got back in touch with this chick from Hungary who I had known awhile ago... Now this girl is really something.. Smart, funny, hot as hell, super nice basicly all of the exact characteristics that make a woman atractive to me. Whats more is apparently she felt the same way about me (god knows why.. Most anyone who knows me will, while admiting I am smart will not have much else good to say as I am generally arrogant, distant, cold and just generally not a nice person... Normally though this suites me fine as most people don't like me and I don't like them any better). Anyway so I was staying up late to call her today (they are 6 hours ahead) and outright ask if she wanted to come here and visit.
      Now this may SEEM like a fairly easy thing to do given that she likes me and I like her and she is certainly forward (a character trait which I very much appriciate)... The problem comes in because if I ask if she wants to visit it means I want to see her and that I have missed her (both true) only the implicit admisson in asking her to come was just to much for me on a phone call.. SOOOO.. I did the next best thing: I typed a text message telling myself I would delete it when I was done and not actually send it... When I finished I kind of grited my teeth, close my eyes and just hit send... It took her pretty much exactly 7 minutes to reply. LONGEST. 7. MINUTES. EVER.

      Fortuately she confirmed (what I already guessed) that she was single and would love to come visit... But holy shit I almost broke my phone trying to get it out of the case and read the message when it came...

      I am so wierd sometimes...

      P.S On the the emotionally unloaded questions like WHEN she would like to come and the specific details: 22 minutes and still waiting.. It is now 10AM there... WTF... Oh well.. Now the hard part is done so I will go to bed..

    • I need to move to Australia

      12 years ago


      So: Time for some more MS whoring... I should probably noticed this along time ago but maybe it didn't happen along time ago:
      When you have the xbox 360 vision camera hooked up while playing music from a Zune in Full screen visualization mode if you dance (or move at all for that matter) it overlays the coolest looking white glowing outline of whatever is moving in front of the camera as well as disrupting to other parts of the visualization in the coolest ways ever.. Its not a big thing (though imagine: Parties... Hot chicks dancing in front of the bigscreen TV with music playing.. Um yeah) but it is the little thoughtful touches that make MS products like only the best stuff EVER.

      In other news: I have been chatting with Bori (the hungarian girl I met when I was 14 and just got back in touch with). She wants to visit and I think I can afford to buy her a plane ticket: $933.. Not bad at all.

      Also: I got my hair cut...

      Thats is all from my incredibly exciting life.

    • RAGE

      12 years ago



    • They should make prostitution legal...

      12 years ago


      ...Otherwise I will have to go to jail.

      Yeah I'll admit I have been a Microsoft fan for a long time but this is simply to awesome... (the link is a sharable view. For an active view you will have to install the free activex). Basicly Microsoft's map service (in an effort to trump mapquest and Google) now offers what can only be discribed as a web based 3d model of the entire earth... Obviously some areas are higher resolution than others but the level of detail is being imporved constantly. This thing is SOO fucking si-fi it not even funny. Note that the faster your connection the better it will work, a fast computer with lots of ram is also recommended... The system will set the level of detailed based on what it thinks your PC can handle.

      EDIT 1: If you install it press Ctrl then click and drag with the left mouse button to change the angle from which you view the earth, doulble clicking zooms in and left click and drag (without Ctrl) move around.

      EDIT 2: I talked to Bori on the phone.. W00t! (only briefly as I was leaving for work)... I might try to get her to move to the US seeing as I got my friend a job where I work a few days ago just by asking (they like me here... They interviewed him the next day before he even filled out the application) and I have a feeling getting someone else a decent job would be no trouble... She has been here and liked the US though mostly because I was here (she said it not me) so we shall see... I wonder how hard it is to get into the country these days...

    • Whoa...

      12 years ago


      Wow...So at the risk of sounding emo: I once knew this HYPER hot chick... She was smart, interesting funny and generally great to be around and she quite openly admitted to liking me... She told my mom (I am sure this was not designed to be repeated to me but oh well) that I would "make a great husband"... She was however 12 years older than me... This did not stop me but the fact that she moved back to Hungry (she was here for a year) kind of did... We kept in touch via phone but it was not the same and we talked less and less frequently (the $.56 a minute help with that process) and eventually did not talk anymore. The catch? The last time we talked was 5 years ago... I was 15... She promised to visit and told me in her typically straightforward way (that I think is a characteristic of hungarians in general) that she would like to "sleep with" me if she ever could afford to come here again... So recently (a year ago) I tried to get back in touch with her... Problem? I had a cell phone number and an incomplete first name. She was called "Bori" (a sexy name IMO) but her real name was much longer and I had no last name... Just a cell phone number which did not seem to work anymore (giving me an error message in hungarian). I called around people who knew her, people assosiated with her job in the staes even T-mobile Hungry (the largest cell carrier over there) with no luck... So tonight I randomly try txting her on my new RAZR (thanks spacemot for making me realize txt works internationally... Post here and I will mod you) and she replies in a couple of minutes:

      ME: Hi Bori this is Duncan... Remember me? I have been trying to reach you please reply if you get this.. I would like to talk.

      BORI: I remember! Call me!

      I was so suprised I felt like I had been shot... Unfortunatly my vonage phone still refuses to call... Tech support will receive a call in the morning.. So we are chatting by txt now... What a crazy (and crazy cool) sitation....

      UPDATE: She was working on a cruise ship and her phone did not work.. Hence not being able to call... She has promised to send me pictures so I will post them soon assuming, of course, that they are sfw smiley8.gif

      UPDATE 2: Wow... I stayed up late writing an email... Now I am desperatly deprived of sleep. Lamecakes. Hopefully I will here from her (and get pics) before I get off work... It is so wierd to hear from someone after that long via a normally causual method of communication like text messaging.

    • NEXT TRIP!

      12 years ago


      I am thinking of taking two vacations for pleasure intead of business... Now normally I am gaisnt vacations because they cost money and you don't get any lasting tangible asset in return but I have decided that some expiriences would be worth it... The first vacation because it is cheap and the second because it is awesome. So I have picked several canidates for each of the two trips.. Letme know which you think is coolest:

      The exspensive, long awesome trip
      Budget: $5-10K

      Option 1.
      Whitewater rafting below Victroia Falls.
      This trip appeals to me because while plane tickets are exspensive as hell political unrest in the area has created a precieved risk when in fact the risk is low outside urban areas. Much lower than running those rapids. The zimbizie river rapid system is considered some of the most brutal class 5+ rapids in the world... (see the end of the video).
      Additional links:
      A better video... Ishould have used this one for the fist link

      General information from and old guy

      another activity in which I would certainly partake

      Option 2.
      Whitewater rafting and other options in New Zealand. I could visit the set of LOTR (They built a few really massive sets that are still around). The whitewater rafting videos are short and not very good but they did have a fairly decent one of the worlds highest bungee jump HELLZ YEAH!. The downside is this trip would cost more and the whitewater rafting while impressive might not be QUITE as crazy.

      Potential Option 3
      A large cave was recently discovered in south america that was large enough to fly a fleet of helicopters into... I have only been able to find a single grainy photo from a press release because it was the result of an expidition into an extremely remote area.... Getting there would probably be to exspensive (assuming I can even FIND the damm thing again)

      Minor weekend/one week trip

      New York. This one does not need any explaining... Just hang out in NYC for a couple days and blow extreme quanities of money.

      Chicago. I have wanted to see Chicago for a few years now... I think I would try to tour the S&P floor while i was there if I could...

      Trip to remote western are. Probably beyond the budget/time contraints of this trip... But It would be cool to go backpacking in yellow stone or something... Maybe some other even more remote area (less tourists).

      So.. If you actually managed to read all of this you get a prize... Or a few mods or something... Anyway recommendations for both trips?

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