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    • Hey!

      12 years ago


      Check out my web page.

      It is 100% lame.

      Suggestions on what to use it for will be rewarded with bitter scorn.. Or mods depending on the suggestion.

      Also: Need hosting for anything? I have 900Gbs a month...

      Oh yeah: 131072.com

    • Anything dangerous in these woods?

      12 years ago


      Just vipers.


      Last night my friend and I went caving. I prepared in the most professional style possible (short of being a professional which becomes VERY obvious as you will see later). I have two different types of rope (small rope for lowering packs and large for people). Nylon not the cheap cotton shit, caribieners for climbing, two flashlights, a headlamp and a 3 million candlepower spotlight (cause ya know.. Those cheap 1 million candlepower devices just don't cut it), water, a camcorder (keep this one in mind) and my cell phone with a still camera in a waterproof box. My friend was similarily "well prepared".

      The trip there
      First off: There is snow on the ground. Snow is not so uncommon and there is only a little so no problem (besides hes from MI and I am from OH so we didn't give a crap). But it will become a big problem later so keep it in mind. It was about 22 degrees... We drove to the location, parked the car hiked half mile to the enterance. The enterance is fenced off and surrounded by many "Danger" signs. I wonder why?

      The place where we entered the cave is on reletively flat ground and is essentially a hole in the ground descending vertically. No problem we thought... We will tie out rope to one of these convinient fences (made of thick steel beams welded together) and slide down the rope (we both had gloves for this very purpose). We even had the forethought to tie knots in the rope to facilitate climbing OUT. The stuff went first: we tied it off with our smaller rope and lowered it slowely down. About 45 feet down its resting on the ground. No problems. Then we set up other rope and I begin down... Damm climbing down rope dangling above jagged rocks is harder than it looks in movies.. But its fun and I get down no problem.. So does my friend (though I like to think I was more elegant about it).

      The cave
      We have desended into what is a roughly dome shaped chamber 150-200 feet from roof to floor. The enterance is in the very peak of the dome and the "landing" spot is in a pile of mud topping a larger pile of house sized boulder strewn like gravel from the distant past when the must have fallen with earth shattering force from the ceiling. On two sides of the "dome" there are large passages heading off in each direction. We take the right one first. This entry is just an overview to what will be several other entries later (including photos and video) so I will be brief: We climbed around for awhile, were amazed by many differenet things, nearly died several times, made plenty of video complete with HIGHLY crude humor and disturbed the endangered bats that lived there (they actually did not seem bothered by us). Oh yeah.. We forgot ot get some Cave crickets for LITTLE IRRATE PIMP TERMINATOR!.
      The left passage was by FAR more impressive:
      Complete with rock flows, stalagtites, stalagmights, "popcorn" (A type of limestone formation in pools of water) and crystal clear pools of water (naturally: We drank heartily).
      On the way back to the enterance I applied some of my old rock climbing training and freestyled it a couple hundered feet into a crack in the ceiling. Bad idea I am sure as it was the most (er.... Second most.. as we shall see in a minute) difficult climb I had ever made... And with no gear. Also Micheal almost got hit with some falling rock.. After a couple of really hairy spots I made my way back to solid "ground". All things considered it was great fun and I got lots of exersise... We began heading for the enterance.

      Exit Attempted Exit
      Exuasted already we clammered up the pile of rocks (this is an understatement as mony of the "rocks" were bigger than my house. and the mud (I wound up sliding 30 feet down when I was almost at the top but yeah..). At the top we climbed out.. Or tried to anyway... You see in "The Chronicals of Riddick" he makes climbing a dangling rope looks easy... No to our credit neither of us a massive muscled dudes and we were pretty beat by then anyway. Also our rope was thinner and wet and muddy. Never the less we could not get out to save out lives (which was essentially the stakes anyway). We tried an old ladder we found (form the last guys.. I think their skeletons are still rotting away down there somewhere... LOL) but it wasnt tall enough... We tried swinging, grabbing onto the rock lip at the top and ever possible manner of making our way up a rope we could think of. No dice.

      Exit: REDO!
      FINALLY I came up with the idea of propping and old rotten tree that had fallen in on a rock so the tip of it would JUST touch the top (the bottom of where the rock started). I clamered up the tree/stick while Micheal held it putting my weight on the rope and just using the tree for bracing... I made it!

      Kind of. Now I was sitting (facing AWAY from the rock face with my as wedged in a crevice and a buldge of rock above me threatening to puch me off... I was literally holding onto the rock with my butt cheeks and leaning outward on the rope... After many false starts I was begining to think I would sit here until my strength gave out and then crash down onto the rocks... With one final heave, shove, swing, grasp and claw I managed to scabble along SIDEWAYS by shear will power. I got out from under the overhang and (now shaking from exertion) made my way up to the top. Just one problem: Micheal was still down there with no one to hold the log, no rock climbing training and (by his own admission) not as agile as me (not to mention 20 pound heavier). Ooops.

      Exit: Take 3
      What followed was absolute HELL.. It was now 9pm. The temature was a bitter 15 degrees (remember it is always 56 degrees in caves so that wasn't a problem but now I was OUTSIDE). We tried EVERYTHING for Micheal just climbing the knoted rope (FAIL!) to making the knots in the rope bigger (FAIL!) to making foot loops in the rope (FAIL!) continued...

    • Cars!

      12 years ago


      I sill hanv't bought the game.. But it rules..

      I have gotten 12200 points!

    • Anyone want a wii?

      12 years ago


      The Wal-Mart here is getting 9 tommorow.
      6 of them are not spoken for... let me know if you want one (I could get you one fo just a few buck above retail to pay me for spending all night in Wal mart... if I like you well enough I might even do it for free

      EDIT: the next 10 people to comment get 10 mods each because.. um.. Because I feel like it.

    • Stuff and lame titles also.

      12 years ago


      I have given out two sponsorships for mods (see my latest thread for an explaination of this seemingly odd behavor) the first one was for 103 mods and got me into a spot as 29th most modded. The second was earlier today and I have not changed at all. Anyone know why? Does it updaye at midnight or something?...

      I don't really care it is just strange.

      Now for something else:
      I have a pet(!). I am really a dog person (or a cat person for that matter) but I cannot have pets where I live and I am lazy and not especially motivated so it would probably startve to death. However certain types of creatures eat so infequently they are even ok for me to own. I give you LITTLE IRRATE PIMP TERMINATOR!


      Also: Why does everyone hate my new account? I not get many journal comments... Watch me folks.. I am cool.. srsly.

    • Updates!

      12 years ago


      I am now at level 28 in case you didn't notice.

      I have received a bunch of mods to get me started with my new account.. I honestly was hoping to shoot up to my old levels within a few days but I suppose that is unrealistic and greedy. So a big thanks to everyone that has helped.. I know it is not as if I got banned or even had any real REASON to delete my account hence you didn't really hve to help at all so you guys are all pretty awesome. With regards to this new account it is working as perdicted: All new photos, All new stats, all new journal entries.. Like spring fall cleaning for my online persona.. Very nice especially since it is not as if I ever clean anything else.. Like my house or car.

      Speaking of fall: The holidays are coming up and that means it was time for the company christmas party: Normally I hate such events requiring smoozing and socialization (Why the HELL would I want to talk to other people and not get anything out of it?) but the folks that run it make it awesome. I mean despite the obvious need to NOT get shitfaced and act like an asshole and the fact that everyone is CLOSE to twice my age there it is a lot of fun: Great food (all free), great music, a reasonably priced wetbar (where they never check IDs) and a couple of hot chicks one of whom managed to force me to dance with her (which is quite an achievement: She was putting everyone to shame and I was one of only two MALE parteners she had all night because all the guys would have looked like idiots next to her.. I looked even more like one than some. The difference being: I didn't give a fuck). Of course she was 36.. Crap.. Just a little to old.

      Anyway... So I drank a bit and broke my hard and fast rules of never drinking and driving but I did not drink MUCH and I got home just fine (the fact the one of my two drinks was an 8 once rocks glass of barcardi 151.. 4 shots on the rocks has NO relevence to this discussion.. Really.).

      My roommate just arrived with cheesestick so I am going go eat them and terminate this dscussion earlier than expected... So how was your Friday?

      Also give me more mods FTW!

    • Free sponsorship!

      in Forums > Free sponsorship! | Follow this topic


      Well Not quite anyway... You see technically this isn't even a game its more of an expiriment:

      I am trying to figure out exactly how much money mods are worth. i.e a convesion for mods to american dollars. So I am GIVING away a sponsorship... To be paid for in mods. I am going to place the sponsorship on AUCTION. Post in this thread to tell how many mods YOU would give for a sponsorship. If you win you give me the mods and I sponsor you.. Easy.

      I will leave this open until it gets 50 offers or a few days (whichever comes first). After which I will do it again so that I can get a better average.. If the ultimate sale "price" of the two sponsorships differ a lot I will consider doing a 3rd to get a better average.

      BTW: If this is agaisnt the rules (and you are a mod) just lock it.. I just figured it would be sort of cool to see how the two "currencies" compare...

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    • New journal!

      12 years ago


      Just wanted to let those of you who did not get an FR YET: I have decided to FR a lot more former friends than I expected because it was easier than I thought. However I must sleep and will be pretty busy tomorrow.. Don't feel slighted though: FRs so far went on a basis of who shows up first on my friends list.. So if you don't get one right away it doesn't mean I hate you.

      Thanks ro all the help so far: I have recieved 55 mods! If I could get back up to level 42 I would totally love you guys... Also if you watched me before don't forget to watch me now but this time TELL me and I will watch you back: I had 38 watchers before and had no idea who most of them were.

      EDIT: I now watch 10 users... I only have 9 friends.. LOL (I used to watch many fewer people then I had friends.. I am sure it will get that way again so if you don't want to be removed from watch don't post boring shit!). The Sad thing? Only 4 users watch me... *cries*

    • Its so dangerous...

      12 years ago


      ...you'll have to sign a waver

      Seriosuly folks:
      This is my new account (like the creative name?). Send me an F/R if you were my friend on my old account.

      I gave out all 250+ mods from my old account before making it inactive (it was level 42 for those of you just joining us). If you did not get any sorry (they went to the peoples the commented in my second last journal)

      You should all give me mods to help my new account.. Get me into the most modded (not to mention up to thread creation level... God I am a n00b again!).

      To all the people that did not get FRs and wanted them: I still love you I am just amazingly lazy.. Send me and FR.. I certainly will not deny anyone who was on before and I am hoping to recieve them.. I will be disappointed if I dont.
      In fact I hope to see at LEAST 15 friends requests by noon tomorrow.

      Now for whoring out my profile: What sort of content should I post now that I have a black slate? (protagonist: No I will not post p0rn... Sorry).

      Jonus: Sorry but Rachele's point about the b00bs WAS hard to refute.. Also she WANTED the mods so very much.

      Protagonist: Although I didn't use one I seriosuly considered some of your names.

      Everyone who got an FR: Please accept. This is my new account and it will be AT LEAST 110% as awesome as the old one.

      My title: As I do from time to time it is a crappy contest: In this case I will be giving out 1/10 of the mods I get on this entry to the person who can tell me where it came from. 1/10th isn't much but I am hopeful for this entry so yeah...

      Watch list: Watch me. That is all.

      A pic for those just joining us:

      EDIT: I had to sponsor because my inability to edit was annoying.. Oh well.. Its only $10 and that goes to supporting RvB so its cool. Expect genuine deletation of my old account soon.. For now? Bed time!

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