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    • jerriashley

      12 years ago


    • MetalicAxel

      13 years ago

      hey im going to school for training to become a police officer, but in the course u take firefighting, EMS, and law enforcement. Plus im a local volunteer firefighter

    • coober

      14 years ago

      Haha, "hot". Abraves rocks.

    • jro_19

      14 years ago

      Thanks for doing what you do!

    • HoboBrigade

      14 years ago

      How long have u been a firefighter... ive been doing explorers for two years...

    • FieryPhoenix

      14 years ago

      No no, fire fighters are HOT in uniform..... *giggles*

    • halosdestiny

      14 years ago

      Fire Fighters are sexy in uniform. : )

    • sroble84

      14 years ago

      You be careful now Mister FireFighter.

    • Natalyaold

      14 years ago

      Hey there fellow (volunteer) firefighter.

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