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    • MrSquigles

      13 years ago

      Hello fellow Member,

      That’s a bad start. I am sending this to every person who is in the UK.
      There has been change. Please could you go straight to the UK Event thread as soon as possible to read the details? Tell you what; I will put in the link especially for you.


      The long story is Evoluan has decide that he is not the one for the event and has past on duties to Moderator Pixie. Now there is change and as we are doing things differently you need to confirm you place again, so I cannot stress how this has changed a lot of things.

      Thanks again

      Please do not reply in your own personal comments! No one will see it. PM Me, Little_Lee or Pixie if you want to say/ask anything (Or post it in the thread)

    • ChopThat07

      14 years ago

      dude, ace man? write something!!

    • GrapeJuice

      14 years ago

      Basketball...that movie hilarous! Definitely one of my favs too...

    • holpar

      14 years ago

      awesaome icon. I love TMNT.

    • ChopThat07

      14 years ago

      burnout 3 is fun, my friend corey stole my bf's copy of that for like 2 months and he just gave it back today

    • evilcherry

      14 years ago

      i like your fav T.V. shows (TMNT are just amazing, lol)

    • skitsofrenik

      14 years ago

      Donetellos my favourite

    • HomsarVille

      14 years ago

      Raph has the best accent. Reminds me of that dude in futurama. The fat slob guy who'ses alwayses talkings likes this.

    • shoeface FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      14 years ago

      Yeahrightbutnorightbutyeah cos i wasn't wiv Trinny at the time cos she's a slag and anyways I 'eard she'd ran off wiv 'er dad an' 'es a right shitbutyouwasn'teventhere....and relax

    • LtPopnfresh

      14 years ago

      Turtle power.

    • sroble84

      14 years ago

      I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! They're awesome!
      Anywayz, hey there!

    • lord_caboose

      14 years ago

      teenage mutant ninja turtles are lush iv got all the figers from when i was younger and iv just ordered the dvd box set with all 3 films im giving u some karma

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