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      10 years ago


      Watchin all the episodes over and over has passed my time here at college. I wonder if i can trick Geoff and Burnie to be my friends on here. I'd have my 2 favorite characters from the origional RvB series as my friernds!

    • ME...thanks to Luke

      10 years ago


      Full Name: Robert Hyatt
      Birthday: September 6, 1989
      Age: 19
      Age You Act: between 14-35
      Height: 6'2" or 188 cm
      Weight: 185 lbs or something in kg
      Eye Color: brown
      Hair Color: light brown
      Have You Ever Died Your Hair? no
      Hometown: Westminster, CA
      Current Town: Lubbock, TX
      Do You Have a Significant Other? will someday
      Do You Have a Secret That No One Can Know About? nope.
      Have You Ever Been in Love: couple love now.
      Do You Play a Musical Instrument: learning guitar
      Can You Sing: some say i can. i dont think i can.

      Favorite Color: Red (since 5), Black (since HS), and Blue (Since college)
      Favorite Place for a Date: resteraunt and beach
      Favorite Place to Hang Out: in the house
      Favorite Place to Relax and Do Nothing: bed
      Favorite Place to Party: someone elses house
      Favorite Part of Your Day: late night
      Favorite Movie: The Sandlot (i love baseball)
      Favorite Song: Rearranged-Limp Bizkit (even i dont know y)
      Favorite Band: Metallica and Rush
      Favorite Website: either or
      Favorite Body Part (on yourself!): My legs. they actually have muscle on them.
      Favorite Season: Baseball or Football (Summer)
      Favorite Book: 1984-George Orwell
      Favorite Kind of Weather: raining

      This or That
      Diet or Regular Soda: regular (IBC Root Beer)
      Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate (Hershey)
      Coffee or Tea: neither. i get my caffene from synthetic sodas
      Advil or Tylenol: both is crap. straight up Ibprophen.
      Burger King or McDonalds: Burger Fling
      Makeup or Au Natural: au nateral
      Ashlee or Jessica: neither. both cant sing, one is fake and the other sleeps around.
      Sun or Tanning Bed: sun. go cali!
      Tanning Bed or Spray Tan: neither
      Spray Tan or Instant Tanner: see above
      Gay or Straight: straight.
      Rock or Classical: yes
      Tall or Short: tall
      Home-Cooked Meal or Fancy Restaurant: home cooked
      Truck or Car: truck
      Blonde or Brunette: brunette
      Porche or Corvette: Corvette
      BMW or Mercedes: mercedes
      Cheerleading or Dance: support the cheerleaders!
      Football or Basketball: Football
      Math or Science: yes!
      ACT or SAT: ACT. (32 in math, 27 English, 30 total)
      Heaven or Hell: heaven (duh!)
      Mom or Dad: momma!
      Automatic or Manual: either way!
      Dog or Cat: dog
      TV or Radio: tv!
      Featherbed or Waterbed: waterbed!
      Harvard or Yale: screw the ivy league!
      Pacific or Atlantic: Pacific! go Pac-10

      anything else ask me!

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      11 years ago


      AIM me up if you're bored too. AceHyatt.

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