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    • Loved that "Fan Appreciation" week that Jeremy suggested.

      2 years ago


      I'm really greatful to have had it, made my crappy week of being sick a lot better. 

    • Linkle vs. Link

      3 years ago


      How I feel about Nintendo's introduction of the female Link character, Linkle.

      I am so excited to have a playable female character that isn't Zelda in the Legend of Zelda franchise. My younger self is screaming ecstatically about this, we've loved Link since we could first get our grubby hands on those games.

      My only real problem with Linkle is her name, damn Nintendo you couldn't have picked something that doesn't remind me of a pickle or twinkle? If you haven't seen her character design Nintendo America on twitter tweeted the first image of her today and she'll be ready for the new game, "Hyrule Warriors Legends". Link to that is here. She looks adorable with two blonde braids and classic green cape. Her weapon of choice however isn't your typical bow and arrow, it's two crossbows that are holstered on her thigh-high boots. She almost looks like a young child which raises some questions about her back story but i'm sure more details of that are to come. What I really like about her is the lack of over-sexualization about her. It's refreshing for a female character. Honestly the more I stare at her the more I wonder if she could easily be Zelda and Link's daughter- this is probably not the case however as she has been classified as "female Link".

      I'm excited for this, I may just have to go out and buy a 3DS in order to join in on this when the game is finally released.

    • Nerdblock

      4 years ago


      Thanks to Meg I ordered my first nerdblock subscription that runs for 6 months and got my baby brother three months worth as well. Here's hoping that it turns out great. I got for myself the first month arcade block and the second block just the vanilla nerd block and my brother got the junior boys block cause he's not really into my little pony and all that other weird stuff in the junior girls one.

      Actually can we talk about that for a second, why is the girls one all so cutesy and pink, as much as i'd love a kirby and grumpy cat plushy (believe me I really would I love kirby) as a child I played a lot of pokemon and classic arcade games and wasn't ever really into the barbie doll type stuff. Also a lot of the stuff in the girls block isn't really "nerdy" it looks more like a bunch of random toys. The preview picture even includes an Elsa doll... since when is Disney nerdy? It's also got a carebear which wasn't even around when my brother and sister were young. There's also monster high stuff in there. I'm just genuinely confused.

      I love nerdblock, don't get me wrong but if I were a young girl I'd probably prefer the boys jr. as opposed to the girl's junior. I really expected more video game related things, that's kind of disappointing.

      I just pray they don't send me anything Big Bang Theory related.

    • *Is Very Confused*

      4 years ago


      So it's tuesday, way past 11AM but no video podcast? what happened??

    • Academic Advisors

      4 years ago


      I've been struggling lately on getting clear answers from the people at school who are supposed to help me. It's really frustrating but I know I'll get through it.

      Anyways, happy tuesday!

    • Goodbye Old Websiite

      4 years ago


      This is my commemorative goodbye to the old format and hello the sexy new one. As a sponsor I have seen the new website and I have to say it looks pretty top. No one should be too sad to see this one go, I know the guys at Rooster Teeth have been talking about upgrading the website for a while now and i'm excited to finally see this project coming to completion. It warms my heart. Thank you to everyone who worked on the new website, I know you all put in a lot of time to make this happen and we all as Rooster Teeth fans appreciate it, dearly.

    • Xray & Vav Season 2

      4 years ago


      I'm in love with the new season it's amazing!

    • 4 years ago


      So excited for July 18! New X-Ray & Vav, my boyfriend's coming to visit, NEW X-RAY AND VAV. smiley0.gif

    • New Website

      4 years ago


      The new website is BEAUTIFUL!

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