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    • A funloving knowledge addict.

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      I value honor, intelligence, kindness, understanding, and honesty

      highly in all people and have no use for people with small minds or

      a cruel personality in my life.

      The way to deal with me is by being direct. My hobbies include

      reading, brewing beer, building plastic models (planes, tanks,

      etc.), hiking, going to the driving range, playing boardgames,

      playing table top role playing games, and playing video games. An

      invitation to to hang with people always makes me stop these

      activities for the time being. Thought i do do like to go out with

      a group of friends several times a week.

      My sense of humor is odd. Often i have a very morbid sense of

      humor. When its not morbid it comes in remarks so crazy that one

      would think i belong in a straitjacket. My academic interests

      include history, science, social activism and politics.

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