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    • Life, The Universe and Gaming!

      10 years ago


      So, it's been a while... a long while since I last updated. Nothing really interesting has been going on around my life here in VA.

      Digital Overload was back in March. That was a hell of a lot of fun! Tony and I road tripped up there, it was great to see all of our friends again this year. Although... due to no practice and getting stuck with a teammate who couldn't play for crap... The Lone Rangers were eliminated in the 1st Round of the Gears Of War 2 tourney. But regardless of that, we had fun and that was the important thing.

      The Virginia Renaissance Faire is getting ready to start rehearsals. I auditioned for scripted cast and have been given the Understudy for the Main Hero Character. That is fine by me, as I am more looking forward to being a part of the Fight Cast. One thing I always loved about the Renaissance Faire was the sword fights and once I had my first taste of on stage sword fighting, I was hooked. There is nothing quite like dance across the stage, live steel ringing out as the blades collide. It is exhilarating!

      And I'm getting new boots made for Faire this year. Uber comfortably leather moccasins. The guy makes them custom fit to your foot and leg.

      So, I'll be starting that up soon and I'm looking forward to it.

      On the gaming front... I've been playing a lot more Gears of War 2 lately as my friends and I worked on Horde Mode and the new achievements. Yes... I am an achievement whore. It's not so much about the points though as it is about completion.

      I bought and finished Halo Wars too. I really enjoyed the game, more so than I thought I would! I have always been a die hard RTS fan. I love RTS games because of the amount of control you have. Until Halo Wars, I had not ever played an RTS on the 360 that I liked. The control scheme never worked out very well so I always played the games on the PC. I am still hoping Halo Wars will come to the PC so I can see if it will be as good there. We shall see!

      PC Games... I bought, played and beat the Campaign mode of Dawn of War 2. Got to play some Co-Op campaign with my friend RJ, which was fun. The game dynamics of campaign mode really hooked me, but the repetitious missions were meh... But all in all the game was a lot of fun to play.

      I just recently got accepted into the Beta for Battlefield Heroes! w00t! I only played a little bit of it, but I love it so far! Its Cartoony, and a little goofy, but its fun! And as I understand it, it'll be free when it comes out! The only paid part is if you want to upgrade your character with clothing or items. Some are permanent and some are only temporary. And you have to pay for them with real money, which is kinda dumb... but hey, they need to make money on it somehow!

      Well, that's all for now. I'll update again when I have something to say!

    • A life more ordinary

      10 years ago


      It's been one of those weeks. The kind where you look back and wonder how the hell you got here in the first place. If decisions you made in your past had been made differently would make your life any different.

      I sit at a desk for 8 hours answering phone calls from the compay's most PC inept users. And on some of those days I truly feel the desire to cause someone bodily harm because of how frustratingly idiotic they are! How can one person possibly be THAT dumb. I mean... how do some of these people remember to breathe, eat and care for themselves in day to day life?

      And don't even get me started on the pricks who think they know more than you. Like the guy who says "I worked in IT before, so I know how this should work". Oh... please die in a god damn fire. Seriously.

      *sigh* Anyway... I think I need to go to the gun range this week and blow off some steam. I can't seem to find a good outlet for my frustrations anymore. That's a major part of my problem. I need an something effective to get rid of this stress and gaming just isn't cutting it anymore.

      Sometimes I just feel trapped where I am and I hate that feeling. Like my life is nothing but a routine. One that I desperately need to break out of and run away from. Maybe move to another country for a year and just get away from everything I know around here. Something... anything to change what I'm going if even for a little while.

      Blargh... maybe I just need a very long vacation.

    • Hammer Conf. Div 9 "I CAN HAS!"

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      Didn't see a thread for our division yet, so I thought I'd put one up.


      Spartan IV Project
      Cinci Legends
      UEG Grifters
      Team E=mc²
      Team Shizno
      The Beasts

      If memory serves me right, I think we're all new to the league this season. I personally cannot wait for the season to start for us. I know UEG Grifters is looking forward to some action packed Grifball games with all of you guys! Good luck!

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    • GBSL08

      11 years ago


      In a surprise turn of events, I have gained a spot with a team for the Grifball Spring League for 2008! I had spoken with Jester of UEG Grifters a month or so ago about joining up with the team but nothing had really come of it until last week. I got a surprise message from him on XBL inviting me to a practice if I was still interested. Of course I was! So, I am not officially a member o the UEG Grifters.

      I'm excited about the coming season. I have a really good feeling about this team and our division. I think it's going to be fun and exciting. Personally, I was never a huge fan of H3 in multiplayer(mainly because of the Timmys) and have stuck with Gears of War and CoD 4 for my forms of online multiplayer entertainment. That was, of course, until Grifball came long. Admittedly, I was a little put off when I was unable to get people to join up with The Lone Rangers for Grifball this season. But there will be plenty of chances in the future to try and put it together. For now, I'll play my ass off with UEG Grifters and see if we can win ourselves a Grifball Championship!

    • Digital Overload Quick Recap

      11 years ago


      Well, Digital Overload ended on Sunday night and it was a blast. I got to see friends whom I have not seen since I lived in MA 8 months ago and I also got to see friends I had not seen in 2 years! We talked about life and life changes during our serious moments and in the not so serious moments, RJ tried to pawn his ex off on my friend Tony, who seemed not to mind so much. But then again, Tony embarrassed the hell out of RJ an hour later at Dave and Busters over a lost "Promise" Mood Ring from 2 years ago. Ahhh... the power of 5 dollars.

      Bought Army of Two over the weekend to play with my friends, only to find out that the stupid game doesn't have a System Link!!!! WTF. How can you have a game like this and NOT include that?!? The game itself is fun, I'm really enjoying it. But no system link is a real bummer.

      In gaming news, on Saturday, my team for the Gears of War tournament at Digital Overload took 2nd place. Sure, we didn't get anything for it but we made it so much farther than we expected to! It was a bit of a rag tag team and we weren't sure how far we'd get considering 2 of our players had never played with in months! So, The Lone Rangers took second place and we are proud of ourselves!

      Funny enough... we actually had someone say this to us upon learning our team name:

      "The Lone Rangers... But there's 4 of you."

      And dude had never seen the movie Airheads before. It made my night.

      I didn't take place in any other tourneys, but I did get to play some pretty fun games of Munchkin Cthulu whilst there.

      Well, I did enter the Texas Hold'em Tourney, but went out on the 2nd hand with just about every other person at my table because they were betting like douchebags and not normal, intelligent poker players. What I wouldn't have given to sit at Tony and Alaina's table. I would have had more fun there.

      But the whole weekend was a blast. I'd post pics, but my camera died on the trip up so now I need to buy a new one... yay...

      Next year I expect more RvB people to come to Digital Overload!

    • Digital Overload 2008 is here!

      11 years ago


      This weekend, up in Rhode Island, I'll be attending Digital Overload for the 3rd year in a row. I've posted about this before, but I thought it should bear mentioning. I'm looking forward to the event, mainly because I get to see friends that I haven't seen in years. But also because it's a chance to get in some hardcore gaming. 3 days of non stop console and PC gaming. This is gonna be fantastic!

      I'll be entering into the Gears of War tournament on Saturday. My team, returning from last year, The Lone Rangers. We made it into the 2nd round last year, we are hoping to go futher this year. I think we have what it takes to pull out a win, to at least the Semi Finals this year. We have lost a couple of players, but the new people replacing them are pretty good. Hopefully, on Friday ro Saturday our whole team will be able to get together and practice for a bit.

      I'll have my laptop with me in the room so I should have wireless access to internet. So, I'll be posting updates as I can.

      Wish me luck!

    • Fantastic news!

      11 years ago


      For those who do not know me, for the past 7 years I have been involved with the Virginia Renaissance Faire( that is held at the Lake Anna Winery. I was gone from the Faire last year as I was living in Massachusetts, but missed performing something fierce.

      Well, this year I decided to take a different route with the Faire. I auditioned as an Entertainer instead of a standard performer. This means I would be performing a set show on stage at certain times of the day for an audience. In the past I was simply a part of the cast. For 3 years running I was part of their scripted cast. I did this mainly because I wanted to do sword fighting. There is nothing quite like being up on a stage and clashing blades with someone else. Sure, it's staged and safe, but it's sooo much fun.

      So, this year I'll be performing interactive storytelling on stage. I basically take fairy tales and other stories and tell them to the audience while a selected group of volunteers from said audience helps me to act them out. I've found that nothing entertains a crowd more than actually being involved in the show itself. So... wish me luck! smiley0.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley0.gif

    • New pics

      11 years ago


      I've thrown up some new pics besides my Admiral Ackbar picture.

    • New Job blues...

      11 years ago


      Well, I recently applied to a new job. It's a government contractor at a military base here where I live. But I just found out that they just lost their contract for the Help Desk where I was supposed to work. So now they have a basic hiring freeze going on at this location. Even though I've been through their background check and everything needed to get the job and all they have to do is give me a start date, I'm stuck. The manager said there might be good news later on in the week that could lead to me getting the job. So I've got my fingers crossed. But at this point, I'm not hopeful. Oh well... smiley5.gif

    • Juno

      11 years ago


      So, I saw Juno last night. It wasn't half bad. Even if they made Jason Bateman's character out to be douchebag trying to hook up with a pregnant 16 year old. This movie was an excellent mix of drama and comedy. Although, I have to say, the soundtrack left much to be desired, but I guess when you make an indie film, you're not exactly going to have top name groups lining up to do your soundtrack.

      Everyone who was cast in their roles were perfect right down to the minor characters that were only on screen for a few minutes. They really brought the movie together. I would recommend this, but it might be better for DVD rental.

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    • MunkyBox

      11 years ago

      I'll have to check that out! I love looking at good steam punk mods

    • monkeysteak

      11 years ago

      Oh! I Love Grifball!

    • monkeysteak

      11 years ago

      Holy shit ballz.

      We haven't played in forever.

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