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      There're a couple of things about Red vs Blue that have always confused me a bit:
      At the very beginning of the series, is Church possessing a human body, if not then how does he pee?
      Does Church remember a childhood or joining the army?
      When Caboose kills him, wouldn't that send out a recovery beacon to Washington?
      At the end of season five, why is Church so upset when the ship blows up? Surely as a ghost/AI deely Tex can survive an explosion?
      Near the end of season eight, instead of chasing Tex down the rabbit hole, why doesn't Church (yes, I am obsessed with the guy) simply create a new Tex copy?

    • Maiden voyage of the SS AgentOffaly

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      Just joined Rooster Teeth!
      The sign in process was really straightforward, it didn't feel like I was signing away every scrap of personal information I have just to watch Red vs Blue a little earlier. And the legal statements were easy to follow, in fact this is probably the first time I've actually read one of those things from start to end! Really good job guys!

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