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    • RWBY 3 End

      3 years ago


      I was just having some thoughts about RWBY Vol. 3's ending and I'm sure others have shared their thoughts. In a much more timely manner, but hey, better late than never... I don't know if anyone will see this (I hope so, regardless I thought about this just now and I want to get it off my chest.)... But... The way that Penny and Pyrrha both died is rather frightening. I mean, think about it! There was no blood, no gore, nothing to show for the life that they lost. Sure, Penny is a robot, but she was still a living sentient being. And yet, seeing Penny, lifeless, lying there in pieces... It wrenched all of the valves from my heart open, allowed my heart to just bleed out! Even though there was plenty of foreshadowing to tell us, "Hey! The RWBY Crew is about to literally fuck your shit up! And by shit, I mean your feelings!" There was still the biggest amount of shock that resulted. Once said event had transpired... The realization that: "Holy shit. Gray, Kerry and EVERYONE involved with making RWBY continue to happen... They are NOT fuckin' around!" When Gray posted that RWBY 3 was going to be hitting darker concepts. He was not kidding. There was that atmosphere of, 'Hey, they're not gonna kill main characters off. They're not gonna kill anyone off in front of us! This is RWBY, a kid friendly show!' And then, BOOM! They did.... I was glad they did it now though, I want to show my niece this, she's 10, and she'd love to give it a try. But I told her I want her to wait a year or two, maybe three more. THEN. I'll introduce her to RWBY!

      I apologize now if my thoughts seem scattered... Like I'm rambling, I kind of am.

      Now to hit on Pyrrha, who's death shook me to my core. I was in tears when Penny died... But when Pyrrha? SHE was the LAST HOPE. The last hope they had to replace the Fall Maiden and to keep those powers from Cinder! So when Cinder shot that arrow through Pyrrha's chest and Ruby watched without being able to help. Seeing the red little particles floating up and then Pyrrha's form becoming encased i a golden light... Then her being just shattering and floating away in the breeze leaving only her head piece left... There's no body left, there's nothing that would ever physically note to the world that Pyrrha Nikos had ever lived. Ya know? I mean sure by word of mouth and of course that terribly bad for you cereal! But she won't be buried. The physical evidence of her is just gone with the wind. It's almost a scary metaphor for how close we are to just not being here one day... How, even if you manage to leave your mark on this world, it too will one day fade. Time will march on and it stops for no one. Whether you're the heroine, a protagonist, an antagonist or the like. Once you've been removed, you're removed.

      So, I'm hoping and praying that the only way we see Pyrrha again is through a characters dream, or she appears as a vision to someone (so, still kind of a dream). I think her death, her sacrifice (Penny's too and any other characters from here on out), was and are so necessary to the story. I don't know for what, but time will tell...

      Also as a side note, they literally sailed the PyrrahXJaune ship and then almost immediately crushed it right before our very eyes...

      How dare you...

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      3 years ago


      Finally can hold onto my sponsorship, wish I'd have done it before i bought stuff, but hey, just how my cookie crumbled!

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    • Thank you, Jeff <3

      6 years ago


      I know I replied (twice) to you're latest journal, but I felt the need to make my own for you.

      I truly can't tell you just how happy I am that you apologized to me. I've been a big fan of Red vs Blue since about 8th grade, and I'm a rising Junior! Just got my restricted drivers license, trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. And I've basically figured it out. I'm young, so when you said that telling someone they're stupid or to "fuck off" that it hurts, you were right. I feel like when you're younger you're a little more easily hurt since you've not had too much practice at ignoring other's. And you're right. It did. It really bummed me out. It didn't make me cry, but I kept a cool head and told myself, "Hey, maybe if I stay calm and just explained to him why I posted the comment, maybe he'll understand and be cool about it." And hallelujah, it worked! The apology for it after a bit of a rough day was amazing, like a splash of ice cold water down my throat on hot southern summer day!

      The point: I've been a big fan for so long, so when you started to make music, I fell even more in love with Red Vs Blue. And finally I started to watch other things of RT, like RT Animated Adventures and I'm very ready for RWBY to be out, and not just the intros to the girls. I'm ready for a full on episode!

      But, for me. The apology was more than enough. Like iWes said in a comment to your journal: Your an awesome guy for being able to admit you fucked up. That you were wrong. And that you cared enough to listen to a fan and to apologize to one.

      I absolutly <3 Forever. It's so sad, yet it says SO much. And a song like that is VERY deep and VERY emotional! I love it! You can tell that you put your soul into it, you didn't just jot it down, you thought it through and made sure it made sense to the scene. And it did since CT did want to be with him forever.

      Your apology is excepted FULLY! :) You've made this fan very happy to read it.

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        Thanks :)

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      I apologize for my harsh and stupid comments to you. I hope we can be friends.

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