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      10 Evolving Boss'? Help me RvB Forum :)

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      Title almost says it, I'm looking pretty hard for a game that I fist got a link to in the RvB forums.
      The game is very/rather simple, it was just a series of 10 or so bosses that evolved each level to be more resilient against the type of playstyle you used.
      It was like an arcade style, futuristic shooter, with a faint-green grid like background over black. All the lines in the game were of the bright green variety. (if I remember right)
      I -think- the title was just 1 word in length...
      So far, I've been toying with google searches, and if you guys function anything like a google search, maybe what I was searching will help you: "evolving arcade boss battle ship -space -invader"

      Please brothers, help me. <3

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    • agp_ecko

      Hard Drive, A Failure.

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      I currently have 3 different hard drives in my computer.
      a 40GB Maxtor
      another 40GB forgot
      and a 320GB Seagate

      Now, the hard drive, that's company I forgot. Just seems to fail. It sounds to be more of a physical, hardware failure as opposed to a software or otherwise. But most time after about 2 hours or so of being turned on, it will just start doing a click, click, click, click, followed by the stopping and starting of the disk to spin. Just by listening of course. And if I try to access the drive in My computer (only after this has started happening) the computer locks up. And goes into a blue screen of death.

      Now, upon rebooting. It wail fail to boot saying it's missing some file called NPDR.exe (I think). I'll write down the exact error next time. Anyway, it tells me it can't boot up because it's evidently missing said file. And CTRL + ALT + DEL to reboot. And if I reboot, F11 to enter boot menu. Select the drive that it normally boots off of anyway, manually. All is well and it will boot correctly. The only problem is that one damn drive.

      I realise there is likely to not be a black and white answer to this. But any tips or suggestions as to what I can/should do would be great.

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    • agp_ecko

      Fine white dust cloud in my monitor?

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      I just bought an acer, 22" widescreen monitor. Umm, 5ms, 2500:1, running in 1680x1050...
      Any other information available at request.

      Well, I wouldn't really say that its quite a dust cloud. But I see a constant, repeating, series of little white dots fluttering about almost as if this monitor I just bought is firing off white pixels at all times. Just wondering, as I'm not the most monitorialy-inclined, if maybe the choice between the 2 different connection types would fix it or anything really.

      Umm, I do realise the question and description is quite vague, but I would gladly answer any refining questions.

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      Grey Boxes under Icon Name

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      Just quick, I'm wondering how to get rid of the following boxes that reside below the names of icons. Located on the desktop. Windows XP.


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      Laying your case on its side.

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      I know I havn't been around much, but when I am. It's for some more important questions. And well, here goes.

      I was wondering if laying your case on its side for extended periods of time has any effects on the computer or its components. From what I can gather, it wouldnt do any damage. But just in case it does, I'd rather ask you all first. I did do a little googling before posing my question on the forums. So dont smite me please.

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      System Crash, Memory Dump?

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      AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3200+, MMX, 3DNow, ~2.1GHz
      1024MB RAM
      Hard Drive:
      270 GB
      Video Card:
      GeCube RADEON 9600XT
      Plug and Play Monitor
      Sound Card:
      C-Media Wave Device
      Logitech Gxx
      Logitech Gxx
      Mouse Surface:
      Dell Mouse Pad
      Operating System:
      Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519)

      Computer crashes whenever playing a game, the error says something about "memory dump" and the system reboots I believe. More information to come, and any questions are not only appreciated but will be answered promptly.

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      Hard Drive Failure.

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      So I have this harddrive, a Maxtor, and I guess it's not utterly old. I bought it 2 summers ago. And recently. it has just been failing on me, completely normal day, and it will just kinda... stop working. Almost like it stopped recieving power. You can hear the sound diminish when it cuts out. And Normally I would jsut reset, but computer wont start... it stays stuck at the POST screen... and its not saying anything. Just tells me to press F11 for boot menu, or DEL for setup. Odd thing is... neither of the buttons wortl. The computer just kinda, locks up at that point. And it maybe for obvious reasons that the drive isnt actually spinning. And I have no idea what the hell to do...

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    • agp_ecko

      SATA Hard Drive

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      So im really sorry for potentially butting into someone else's question/answer here. But just recently I bought a hard drive that require the SATA connection. My understanding of computers isnt the best...but from what I think I know, its like, a really small red wire, and it has a extremely small connection in comparison to the "standard" IDE or EIDE connection. I have 2 hard drives that are both functioning and I have 1 Hard drive that is using the SATA connection. And so far, the computer is not detecting the new SATA hard drive. Any pointers?

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      Transfer Windows w/ Content.

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      So tonight I'm recieving a 320 GB HDD in the mail from and as it stands, I am using two seperate 40 GB HDD's.
      Im looking for a program or a way to transer the contents of both of theres 40's to the larger 320GB one. So it becomes my main drive and the 40's will either be un used or given to my brother. But is there any way I can safely transfer absolutely everything to my 320 drive and be able to boot off of it? I was thinking cpoy and paste everything on the drive. But I have a hunch thats not going to work... Please help.

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      PCI Express Ready?

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      So I'm just looking for a quick answer here. And I'm sorry for making a new useless thread, I really am.
      But sinse the quick technical questions thread is gone. Here I am.

      Is this AGP slot actually PCI Express ready? Heres a picture that may, or may not bring you to a conclusion.


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