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    • I won ELR?

      2 years ago


      In between studying for finals tomorrow and resisting the urge to boot up Mass Effect Andromeda and playing for the next 100 hours, I decided to take a quick breather and write something up on the RT site, if only because I enjoy looking back at old posts from time to time, and this is as good a place as any that I know barely anybody reads.

      So I won Eleven Little Roosters. That's a thing that happened. There's still disbelief that nobody got it faster than me, but it's been a couple of days now and I'm pretty sure it's not some elaborate prank on me. It was a really fun ride, and one might say I got slightly obsessive with the clues and files. I may or may not have a color-coded excel spreadsheet which I update extensively with intense book keeping skills. It's kind of amazing that it all paid off with the wildest 7 minutes of my life as I raced through the final 5 files. It was almost surreal to type "I just won eleven little roosters" to my friends and sister when it was done. 

      I guess this'll be my RT claim to fame for the rest of my life, so thanks ELR for making me feel like I accomplished something pretty damn cool. (:

    • Quick 10 Question Survey about Lazer Team! (and a couple of interesting results!)

      in Forums > Quick 10 Question Survey about Lazer Team! (and a couple of interesting results!) | Follow this topic


      Hey there! I've been a huge fan of RT for about 3 years now, and I'm taking a class in college about New Technology and Social Communication. We have a final project, and naturally, I decided to write about RT, specifically crowdfunding and Lazer Team. For that, I need help from this great community. It would mean a lot to me if you guys helped fill out this quick 10 question survey regarding Lazer Team. It would mean a lot if you helped fill it in if you contributed in any way (indiegogo, merch, tugg) to Lazer Team!

      I've got a few results in, and it's pretty interesting to look at the reasons behind why people crowdfunded the project (overwhelmingly to support RT, I might add!), and I know some people were interested in seeing what people objectively thought of the movie, which appears to be sitting at a 6 or 7 right now. If you fill it up, there should also be a link that allows you to see the results, so feel free to check that out as well! (:

      Thanks guys! Keep being a great community (:

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    • Lazer Team!

      3 years ago


      Nobody reads this so this is really just for me to look back on in 5 years and be happy.

      I watched Lazer Team last night! One of the very many perks of being in LA for college was the ability to actually catch it in a cinema. Now at this point, I have no idea how much money I've put into this movie. I originally backed it at the Digital Backer perk, then added a shirt when I got my US address, then bought the ticket for the show (which was $24 but totally worth every cent). I had a ton of fun. Initially got kinda lost because I've never been there before, and I had to drive myself there and I don't think I've been out at night in LA alone before, but I ran into two really nice dudes who were wearing Lazer Team shirts too and we fumbled around for 10 mins together before finding the place.

      The movie was amazing. Obviously not a cinematic masterpiece - I never expected it to be, but I laughed so hard I cried, giggled at dumb immature jokes, and very nearly actually legit cried. Watching it in a cinema filled with RT fans who were just as excited as I was was pretty amazing. The story was passable, albeit very predictable, and the CGI was almost too campy, but the movie as a whole was just good fun. The subtle references, the cameos and all the non-referential humor, which still managed to have that RT brand of hilarity was fantastic. All I saw were smiles at the end of the movie, and I'm not surprised.

      I know I didn't put much money into this movie in the grand scheme of things, but it was kind of a lot for me personally. I don't regret anything. This movie and the whole experience was more than I could've asked for. The movie, in my opinion was a solid 8/10, and worth every moment/penny/millions of hours I've spent watching RT.

    • Marina Del Rey Screening?

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      Haven't seen anything about it, so I was wondering if anyone wanted to meet/do something after/hang out! I'm going alone, so I definitely wanna meet new people (:

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    • pretty exciting day

      4 years ago


      so today, the first AH community video I helped make was uploaded. Pretty exciting to see a video I recorded and edited on the Community channel. Hopefully this is the start of more in the future (:

    • 4 years ago


      Today is an incredibly sad day, one in which the community lost an amazing artist, an and incredible person. I think it's insane to think that I could be tearing up at my desk over the loss of someone I've never had the honor of meeting, but I feel like we've all kinda known Monty. Through his amazing work and his art and all these crazy stories about his unbelievable work ethic, Monty has absolutely brought me so much happiness and so much inspiration in my life. Though I've never seen him face to face, he's impacted me hugely.

      It's been 10 months since I properly joined the site, and longer since I've been a fan, and this is the first journal entry I've made. But I think it's appropriate, because I don't know who else to share this with, since many of my friends irl won't know who this incredible human being was, but I'll share it here, with the family that I know feel as saddened by the news as I am. Over these past few days, I've realized more than ever that this community is a family, and I love sharing in that with everyone. Even through the loss of an amazing person, we all still have the support of another thousand great people.

      I've just come from watching the podcast, and I know that Monty could've done so much more, if only he'd had the time. We have the time right now, and I don't want to waste another moment of it not working toward what I want to achieve in life. So to an amazing person who's been a blessing to all of our lives, thank you.

      "Keep Moving Forward"

    • 2019 years ago

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