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    • Hard drive data recovery

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      I took my external HDD into work, and hooked it up to a Mac. Somehow the partition table got overwritten, so now when I hook it up my computer tells me that the drive is not formatted.

      does anyone know of any programs(preferably free) that will let me go back and re-write my partition table?

      I have been trying to use testdisk 6.2, and I can get the partition information for the drive, and see all the files, but I can't figure out how to write the partition table to the disk. If anyone has some experience with testdisk, that would be good too.

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    • I'm famous

      13 years ago


      something I submitted to was posted.

      Unfortunately I'm in charge of rewriting that program, and the entire thing is like that

    • Liquid Generation and Roller Derby Girls

      13 years ago


      So, after leaving anime reactor early last year, and allowing my friend to have bragging rights about meeting Gus I was bound and determined to make it this year. So on friday on Friday, a coworker invited me to a party that he was throwing where the liquid generation crew would be in attendance. I was torn. On one hand I could go to Reactor and possibly if I was lucky meet Gus, on the other I could meet most of the people responsible for a site which I've been a fan of since before RvB even existed. Chris had to then sweeten the deal by telling me that a number of the Windy City Roller Girls were going to be there, and then he had to go and offer free booze, so sorry Gus, you lost out. There's always next year.

      here's a picture for your viewing pleasure

    • My last post continued

      13 years ago


      First, an update about the lawsuit, She says she's going to drop it, of course this came about when I said I'd counter sue for what she owes me. I still haven't decided whether or not I'm going to sue her. Without a doubt I'd win, the only problem is that I'd have to take the time to do it, consult a lawyer, and miss at least a day of work. I'm just as happy putting the whole thing behind me and moving on. Plus I really don't want to have any contact with her again.

      no, on to the rest on much less interesting part of my life.

      This summer has pretty much sucked ass. I was workign my ass off in June, then I started my new 9-5 job. On top of that since my car blew-up in may It was difficult for me to get anywhere. So the most entertaining thing I did was go to Venetian Night and the Air and Water show.

      My girlfriend has also been witout a job the whole summer. She quit her job at the same time school ended for her saying that she had an offer for an even better job. Of course that offer never panned out and she spent 2 weeks waiting for the call doing nothing. Since then she's been "looking" for a job all summer. I really don't know what his has involved since she's gone 3 months without one. She finally got one when I walked into a dunkin donuts with her saw that they were hiring and made her put in an application. At least it's better than her leaching off me. So I've been paying her half of the rent and bills all summer. This has defiantely put a wedge between us. and I've come this close *holds up fingers close together* to breaking up with her several times this summer, but haven't for a number of reasons. Mostly because I'd feel guilty if I did because she'd have no where to go (she's broke, family lives in AZ, has no friends here other than me).

      My mom also finally moved down to FL, it's odd with her not being around, but I'm living, and I'm actually talking to her more now than I did when she lived up here.

      I also had one of my best friends move to CA to work for Lockheed Martin and another friend is movig to Hammond Indiana, be he's actually going to be closer to me now than he was before.

      That's about it. I have such an exciting life I know.

    • What I've been up to for the past month

      14 years ago


      So as many of you may have noticed, I kind of fell off the face of the earth for the last month. Never fear, I'm back.

      So to catch you all up on what is happening.

      First and formost, I lost my job, well, I kind of quit, it's a long story, but to sum it up: I was working for a company making as their only webmaster. When I started I signed a contract saying that I would be payed $25/hour for work done and I'd be able to work from home. Now when I first started working for them, the previous developer said that it shouldn't take me more than a month, I hadn't taken a look an indepth look at anything, so I said "a month seems kindof short, I'd guess more like two or three before the final product" So after 5 weeks my boss comes to my house with a couple lawyers and demands that I repay her everything she's payed me because she site wasn't done in one month like I promised. I point out that 1) for the past two week all the core functionality is done it has been ready for some beta testing which she refused to do 2) the money she wanted me to refund her was for work which was already completed and 3) in its present state the site was 90% complete.

      She tells me to work on it for another week and she was finding a replacement. Knowing that I wouldn't have the job much longer I started looking for a new place to work. while still working on her site. At the end of the week I send her my weekly invoice for work done, about 5 minutes later I recieve a phone call from her says she won't pay me until it's complete. I tell her ok, and I'm not doing any more work on it.

      The next monday I have a job interview with (A local webdevelopment company) and start immediately with them. On Friday my previous employer comes into the office(ironically and unknown to both of us she hired them to finish her site). She sees me and starts yelling at me "why are you here? you should be working on my site"," you owe me money" and other ecteras. Security is called and she is escorded out of out building.

      She makes several threatening calls to me over the next week and my new employer drops her because she's out of control. They were on my side and I've shown them the contract and told them the whole story.

      a couple weeks later, she sues both of us. more to come

    • Moving day

      14 years ago


      My mom's moving down to florida this week so I'm spenign this weekend helping her go through shit. In return for my efforts I get anything I want. I came home today with enough liquor that I actually need a liquor cabinet. On top of that we have a ton of expensive good suff, most of it has never been opened.

      Aside from the alcohol I also got the very very nice stereo system, and the 32 inch tv which is a whole hell of alot bigger than the 12 inch I'm currently using.

      Plus I took home 4 old computers which I'm currently going through and saving all the data for my mom, then I get to canablaize them weeee!

    • I don't get women

      14 years ago


      MY girlfriend was trying to do one of those personality assement/get inside my head type things so she asked me the if you were stuck on an island with any three things what would they be?
      the conversation went something like this:

      Dyanna: If you were stranded on an island and could have any three things whould you you want?
      Dan:A liferaft, an outboard motor and gasoline.
      Dyanna: Ok, anything but those three things.
      Dan: A seaplane, someone who knows how to fly said seaplane, and gasoline for the seaplane
      Dyanna: You're not playing along. You're flying a plane and are the only one onboard who knows how to fly, the only fuel is that which was in the gastank of the plane, and you're crashing because you ran out. What three things do you save?
      Dan: The teleporter, the solar generators, and the capacitor banks.

      At which point she got really mad saying that the point of being stranded on an island was that I couldn't get off. And I kept telling her that I don't want to be stranded so I'd bring things to change the situation. She then stormed off. I don't get women.

    • Redesigning my website.

      14 years ago


      I'm in the process of redesigning my website. So for the only thing I really have done is the journal feature, but I'm still very happy with it.

      The main things left for me to incorporate are forums and a photogallery, as well as some user administration stuff. Before anyone tells me to go out and use phpbb or something else, I am coding everything myself because I want to.

      If any of you should visit, you'll notice alot a similarities to a site that we all know and love. since I'm using this and several other sites as inspiration.

      If anyone has any ideas for things I should add let me know. I still have the previous version of the site available at if you wish to see the evolution.

      ** I feel like an idiot for not realizing I could edit journal entries

    • this is pretty awesome

      14 years ago


      the first steps towards suspended animation:,10117,15739502-13762,00.html

      I just know I wouldn't want to be one of the first test patients.

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      sometimes I worry about him though. What if he falls into my cup of milk, how would I know he was there?

      I love them, I own every CD they've released, and see them when ever they're in concert nearby. The coolest concert though was when they came and played at IIT (that's where I went to college). Tickets were cheap as free and they played in a small auditorium, and they stuck around afterwards and chatted with us.

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      They Might be Giants? Didn't think I would see that one. Partical man rocks.

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      I agree with ImROCKZILLA . Yea! Weezer!


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      Where did you get a pirate? I want a pet pirate too!

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      I sure hope your not a Cubs fan.

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      Hi there allhailme I am mojomasta. Welcome to the site!

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