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    • 3 years ago

    • Exactly four months from now...

      3 years ago


      I'll be in Austin, Texas. I have everything planned out and organized, and now I'm just trying to work on eating healthier and exercising.

      I've lost about 7 pounds in the last few weeks despite not being 100% into it. I think the fact that I'm mostly drinking water and pretty much completely cutting soda is helping a lot. I've also been way more aware of the calories and carbs I'm eating.

      As for exercise, I'm mostly hiking. Running/jogging is pretty much impossible on these gravel/dirt roads, but there are a few trails that are pretty good for moderate to intense hiking. And hopefully it'll warm up a bit more soon so I can start swimming somewhere.

      I'm hoping that for the next four months I can get really serious about it and make a big change! I'm moving (to civilization finally) about a month after RTX and starting film school a few weeks after that, and I'd love to finally have a little more self-confidence. I'm definitely not the least confident person in the world, but I feel like who I am on the inside doesn't match what I look like on the outside, if that makes any sense. I'd like to start living the life I've always wanted to live and all that cheesy stuff.

      Good luck to everyone trying to better themselves in one way or another. <3

    • I DID IT!

      3 years ago


      I GOT ALL A's.

      I've been struggling with grades pretty much since I started college but always managed to keep my GPA above a 3.0. When I changed my major to general studies in anticipation of transferring to film school, I thought it would only get easier. But taking all online classes can really screw you over if you don't keep up with them. And that's pretty much what happened.

      So my GPA has been below a 3.0 for the last two or three quarters, and I thought it was gonna be impossible to ever bring it back up before film school.

      But look at this.


      All A's, a 4.0 for the quarter, and a 3.0 cumulatively.

      I'm really proud of myself. As a senior in college I'm telling you, it's never to late to improve. You can do horribly (or even just averagely) for the first three and half years, but you can always get better. Hell, I failed a class last quarter because I didn't realize an essay was due until two weeks later. I felt like an idiot and I was really hard on myself. But I worked really hard and did something I thought was now impossible. :D

      Also, if you do have trouble keeping up with assignments, get the "iStudiez Pro" app. Yes, it has a dumb name, but it's helped me a lot.

    • *Wink*

      3 years ago


      Most winks make me uncomfortable, mainly because I don't know how to reply to a wink. I'm not gonna wink back, and I don't wanna smile because it's all just too sappy I guess. And winks usually come from old men which is weird.

      But Mark Ruffalo can wink at me any time.


      His wink says a lot. It says "Hey, you're a pretty cool human and you deserve nice things." It says "I'd take a bullet for you, just so you know." It says "I think there should be an Oscar for being you, because you're great!"

      So here's to you Mark Ruffalo. Thanks to you, maybe winks can be something other than creepy and awkward.

      Also, I cried and clapped when Leonardo DiCaprio won. I've been in awe of him since I saw Titanic in theaters when I was four. He really deserves it.

    • Facebook (and how I love my life without it)

      3 years ago


      No, I didn't delete my Facebook. But I deleted the app off my phone about a week ago, and it feels like a weight has been lifted. When I had the app, I would check it when I saw that I had more than one notification (because honestly those red numbered dots annoy the crap out of me). But I would also constantly get push notifications about stuff that literally had nothing to do with me. And messages mostly from people trying to sell stuff or from friends who's accounts had gotten hacked and they were "stuck in Venezuela in need of money." Nice try, Aunt Helen. I'd disable the notifications in every way possible, but they wouldn't stop.

      Now, when someone actually interacts with me, I get an email on my phone about it, but no notifications about ANYTHING else. So when my aunt from Florida tags me in a cute video of an owl, I see it, but when some random person posts in some random group that I never look at anyway, I never know the difference. HEAVENLY.

      Another thing I really like is that because most of my Facebook use was on mobile, I really don't even look at it on my computer anymore. I've gotten into the habit of going straight to the RT site when I get on, which is honestly something I'm proud of. I kinda like it here, after all. Much fewer minions than Facebook.

    • It gets better

      3 years ago


      Sometimes I don't like my face. It's gets kinda red and blotchy, and I still get a few breakouts here and there. But I just saw a picture of me from my freshman year in college, and I change my mind. My face is perfect and amazing and clear now. Just three years later.

      It gets better.

    • Let's talk about good things.

      3 years ago


      Life is rough, and mine seems to be getting worse before it gets better, BUT there are so many cool things in the world that we can talk about that make our problems seems really small.

      Space. Have you ever really though about it? How it literally never ends? If the universe was a human body, our milky way would be smaller than an atom. Like way smaller. There are so many stars out there. And probably aliens that think we're freaking weird.

      The ocean. Okay it's honestly kinda scary, but in a cool way. I went snorkeling once and was so scared the entire time. It was like... excited fear. Is that called adrenaline? Idk. I've always wanted to go scuba diving and swim with a whale shark. Like this.


      That literally makes my stomach wanna fall outta my butt. In a good way.

      New York City, or really any city. There are all these people living so close together in harmony (kinda), but somehow it still works (kinda). I'm an introvert, but I've always said that people are one of my favorite things. Sure, some of them can be turds. But they can also be amazing, even the turdy ones. Writers, actors, artists, doctors, nurses, mathematicians. People are great, and there's a whole lot of them in places like New York. Oh, and the pretty lights.

      Movies. Oh man. Here we go. My favorite things. I don't know if I could live in a world without movies. I've always had a giant imagination (probably because of movies) so getting to sit down and watch a story unfold before my eyes is amazing. I can't wait to start film school.

      Video games. Pretty much along the lines of movies, but more difficult and you gotta move your thumbs and stuff. Also, popcorn and video games do not mix. That controller will be greasy for weeks.

      And last but definitely not least (and really not even last because this list could go on forever), videos. Honestly without videos, I don't think I could've handled moving to this microscopic town. Without companies like Rooster Teeth and even some individuals on YouTube, I would've felt like the world was passing me by. You always see comments on YouTube saying things like "thanks to you I got through a really hard time in my life." Until now, I haven't really ever understood those comments.

      So from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Rooster Teeth. I owe you one, or like... a million.

      If you're going through some rough times, or even if you're living the freaking dream, I hope this cheered you up a little bit. After the day I had, all I wanted to do was come home and complain, but I'd say there's enough negative stuff on the internet. I think I might make it a habit to start listing good things when I'm having a hard time. I feel much better. <3

    • Confession:

      3 years ago


      I was never really that into RWBY until like 3 days ago. Don't get me wrong, I always love it when I watch it, and I kept up with it until about halfway through season two. I still wanted to watch it after that but other things just took priority.

      But as season three got closer and closer to ending, it seemed like everyone was talking about how good it was. So I caught all the way up and watched the finale a few days ago.

      And holy. crap.

      There are not very many animated shows that make me want to get up out of my seat and start fighting. You know, that mini adrenaline rush feeling. The fight scenes are AMAZING, the writing is really clever, and the voice acting is perfect.

      With my extensive history of adoring schools full of children with amazing abilities (Harry Potter, duh), I should've known I'd love RWBY. Not that they're really anything alike aside from that.

      Anyway, I'd just like to apologize to the RWBY crew. I did that thing again where I underestimate Rooster Teeth, and then got my mind blown. I will never not watch an episode of RWBY as soon as it comes out. I'm obsessed.

    • 3 years ago

    • Julia asked allieSchwims a question

      why you da best?

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      becuz you da best and get it from you

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