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    • Alan Rickman

      3 years ago


      One of the greats. Clever, funny, driest sense of humor out there, and one of my all time favorites. Gone way too soon.

    • 5 Things I Love About Myself

      3 years ago


      I was tagged by @SailorTweek, who tagged everyone, so consider yourself tagged too. :D

      1. I'm aware of my problems, and I'm working on them. Just before New Years, I wrote down everything about myself and my life that needed to be changed, and I was proud that I could be so honest with myself and face my challenges head-on.
      2. I'm a hard worker. Don't get me wrong, there are days when I literally don't feel like moving a single muscle in my body. And I've even had a few times in my life when I realized I was slacking a bit in the job department, but that led to me being very diligent at my jobs now. Hard work pays off, I promise, whether it's at McDonald's or at your dream job (or if McDonald's is your dream job).
      3. I'm very empathetic. For most of my life, I thought it was a bad thing. I thought it meant I was weak or over-sensitive, because I would so easily be swayed by other people's emotions. But now I realize that it's a gift. A little humanity goes a long way.
      4. I LOVE MOVIES. And I love that about myself. My passion that started when I was little has turned into a passion that I can pour into a career one day. I am so thankful to be this passionate about something. (This inspires me to make a whole other post about how much I love movies hehe.)
      5. I'm kind of an introvert. I used to not want to call myself that because I thought it meant I "hated" people. But I love people. I couldn't live without people. People are what make life worth living, but you know what? People wear me out sometimes so that I have to go recharge and be alone for a while. And that's perfectly okay. :)


    • 2015 Review/2016 Goals

      3 years ago


      Where do I even begin? 2015 has been a year of major ups and downs for everyone, and I was no exception. I think the biggest change I made this year was finally deciding to pursue a career in film despite always being told that it's "unrealistic, difficult, you're already a junior in college you idiot, blah blah blah." Monty Oum had a major part in my decision, and he continuously pushes me every day to follow my dreams without hesitation.

      I also met some AMAZING people, fell in love with a city, and had probably one of the best weeks of my year at RTX. I cannot wait for next year!

      All in all, 2015 was an insane year filled with change and challenges, but I'm proud of myself for getting through it and growing from it. I'm proud of everyone, honestly, because it seemed like there was often more bad news than good.

      As for 2016, I just have a good feeling. I usually don't put much investment in resolutions, but I feel like it's time to make some changes in my life, changes that only I can make.

      Most of my resolutions are pretty standard: Eat healthier, exercise more, drink more water, etc. I'm really excited to finally dive in with getting fit or whatever you wanna call it. I'm not even worried so much about my looks as I am about being healthy so I can live longer/more comfortably. Wow, that's such an adult thing to say. On the subject of looks, though, I would like to start spending more time on my appearance. I really don't go on many social outings since I live in the middle of nowhere, but I've noticed that in the past, the more often I dressed up, the better I felt about myself. So here's to dressing up just to go to the grocery store, lolz.

      In terms of mental stuff, I'd also like to work on my patience, or lack their of, when it comes to people, traffic, everything in general. I'd also like to work on my guilt. I feel guilty for stupid things that I have no control over/saying 'no'/not being able to do everything for everyone, and that's no way to live. I'd like to live by the term "Do no harm, take no shit." Be kind, but don't be a doormat.

      In August, I'll be moving to an actual city (CIVILIZATION, THANK YOU GOD) and starting film school (if I get in). I can't wait, and I keep getting angry at how far away it is, but I'm glad I'll have time to work on myself before then.

      Thanks for always being there for me. This site has been a blessing to me ever since I joined, and I can't wait to spend more time getting to know other RT *family* members. Good luck in 2016. We're gonna do just fine. <3


      Also, sorry for the long post. It's either a short paragraph or a short novel with me.

    • Merry Christmas!

      3 years ago


      There's nothing to really update on, so for now, Merry Christmas and happy holidays! I hope everyone's having a great time, whether they celebrate or not. I'm planning on posting a New Years updatey thingy, so I'll see you then!


    • Exciting Things

      3 years ago


      Although these general studies classes and the same 3 shifts every week are kind of boring me to death, I have some exciting things planned.

      First of all, I'm going to the Star Wars premiere on Thursday and I'm really excited! I mean I always enjoy seeing movies but this is going to be a great one.

      Next, I'm going to New Orleans ComicCon in January. I don't know if I'll have to budget to meet as many people as I'd like to meet, but I'll at least be meeting Chris Evans, which is awesome. I might actually die.


      Last but not least, my friend and I are going to try to get tickets to see Adele in concert in Austin next November. Fingers crossed!

      Oh and RTX is a given. My life revolves around it. :D

      Peace and blessin's <3

    • Little Updatey Thingy

      3 years ago


      Hello there! Since my last journal, a new quarter of classes started for me (we have 3 quarters instead of 2 semesters). At the beginning of last quarter, I was having some trouble keeping track of all the assignments. Never let anyone tell you that online classes are easier than others. Anyway, after a few weeks I got myself on track, but my grade in one of the the classes still suffered.

      It's really hard being stuck taking general studies classes when all I want to do is start film school. My motivation is kind of all over the place, but luckily my one bad grade kind of served as a wake up call. I know I'm not doing what I want to do now, but the the better I do now, I think the better I'll do in film school. If I can do well in classes that don't interest me at all, I can surely succeed in classes that I love. It's also possible that I could get a scholarship to the film school if I raise my GPA a little bit.

      So yeah, school kind of sucks sometimes, but I have to stay focused. I HAVE to do my best even though I feel stuck. I have to stop feeling stuck because I'm actually just "climbing the ladder to success" or some cheesy thing like that.

      Now that the new quarter has started, I'm thinking about making weekly trips to the local library. Well technically it's like 30 minutes away, but they have really nice computers and I feel like I could focus much better in an environment like that. Most of my assignments will be due on Friday and Sunday nights, so I might try to go the library maybe every Monday or Tuesday. That'll give me one good day a week that I can devote my full attention to classes. There's just too much going on at home sometimes.

      Anyway, at this point I'm just rambling to myself. Thanks for reading! You're pretty cool. :3

    • Thank you.

      3 years ago


      It's Thanksgiving here in America, so I thought I'd share what I'm thankful for.

      I've been watching Rooster Teeth casually for about 5 years, but obsessively (for lack of a better word) since January of 2013. I was really into Minecraft and saw gifs of these random guys playing it, so I went and watched their latest episode (which was Let's Play Minecraft Ep 33), and the rest is history. Now I watch pretty much every series Rooster Teeth has offer. My only regret is not getting into it sooner.

      Especially in the last year, Rooster Teeth and the community have had a major impact on my life. I became more active on the site, went to RTX, got to be a guardian, and met some of my best friends. I realized that I was doing the wrong thing with my life, and the passion of this community and the Rooster Teeth staff helped me to do that.

      Basically, I just want to say THANK YOU to the friends I've made, the friends I'll meet, and amazing people at RT that work so hard to make us smile. I never would have known that the let's play I watched a few years ago would lead to so much happiness in my life.

      Happy Thanksgiving and/or have a great random Thursday!


    • 3 Comments a Day?

      3 years ago


      So I've really been wanting to get more into the community lately. I was really active in the RTX forums last year and I'm sure I will be again this year. I also have my eye on a few community group I might be joining soon. But I'd love to talk to people more one-on-one also.

      I'm thinking about setting a little daily goal. Go on the "everyone" dashboard feed once a day and comment on three journals I find interesting. I'm really guilty of thinking "oh that's really cool!" but not saying anything. THE WORLD NEEDS MORE COMPLIMENTS, and just positive communication in general. The worst thing people can do is not comment back.

      I really enjoy doing journals, but with the somewhat limited "audience" I have, it kinda feels like a one-sided conversation sometimes. So hopefully this will open up some more opportunities for conversations and all that good stuff.


      Okay, time to catch up on some Funhaus.


    • Wow..

      3 years ago


      I have more fun browsing the "everyone" feed on this site than I do on most social media sites. This community is so diverse and creative. Just wow.

    • My college story.

      3 years ago


      I just finished what is supposed to be my third-to-last quarter of college. Instead of graduating in May of 2016, I'll transfer to a different school to get a degree in film. I just thought I'd share my college story for anyone who feels like college isn't turning out to be all they'd hoped. Things change fast, and you just have to learn to trust yourself.

      What a journey it's been. I started in veterinary medicine and went to LSU my freshman year. I was on Accutane for 9 of those months. It's honestly a great drug for people with really bad acne, but the side effects can be vicious. My skin was so dry it would crack no matter how much lotion I used. My joints would pop and hurt if I was still for too long. And worst of all, it caused a mild case of depression. I don't really know how mild or not-so-mild it was, but I never got diagnosed or anything, so I can't say for sure. I never wanted to leave my dorm room, I had zero motivation to go to class and my grades really suffered. I probably slept more than I was awake. And the fact that my skin was constantly peeling and my bones hurt didn't help any of this. I hated pretty everything about college at that point. I felt lost and without purpose.

      I was so relieved once I got off Accutane that the depression subsided. I've always been a pretty happy and positive person, so seeing that side of things was scary for me. I decided to transfer after my freshman year to a school that was much closer to my parents. After the year I'd had, I was no longer worried about "being out on my own in a big city." I just wanted to take the classes and be done.

      I transferred to Louisiana Tech University and changed my major to kinesiology. I had always thought physical therapy wouldn't be so bad if I'm just looking to make money, because I thought money was the first thing you need to consider when deciding on a career (it's not, I promise). Early 2015, I was really struggling with school. Not really in the grades department, but in the "what the hell am I doing" department. I liked my kinesiology classes well enough, but I just couldn't shake the feeling that I was doing the wrong thing.

      Now don't get me wrong, I've always known I wanted to work in the film industry. I just always thought it was one of those unattainable goals, so I always settled for something practical. In January of this year, I think I had been in denial so long it finally just slapped me in the face. One day in one of my kinesiology classes, a guest speaker came by to talk to us. She was a physical therapist, so I knew she was just going to be talking about how great her job was the whole time. And she basically did, but she was so passionate about it, it was fun to listen to. Towards the end of her talk, she said "You know, I hate it when people ask college students what they want to do when they graduate. That usually means 'tell me something practical so I don't make fun of you.' What really matters is what students are passionate about." Cue me literally crying (I'm good at hiding it, thank God).

      After that, and many other obvious hints from God or the universe or whatever you believe, I knew things would be changing, like a lot. The day Monty died, I changed my major. He was one of the many people that made this decision easier. He did was he loved without hesitation. I was only able to change it to general studies because my school didn't offer anything related to film, but it was still a baby step in the right direction. At LaTech, if you major in general studies, you can take only online classes, so I opted to do that for a while so I could work more. After drowning in bills for a little too long, I decided to move to Arkansas to live with my parents while I get my online degree.

      That's where I am now. I just finished fall quarter, and I only have two quarters left until I should be graduating. But since you can't get grants for a second undergrad degree (and I've already used WAY to many student loans), I have no choice but to just transfer next fall without graduating. While I'm stuck here, I'm just trying to get my GPA up so the film school I'm going to won't think I'm completely useless. It's still a challenge to stay motivated because I have absolutely zero interest in most of the things I'm studying, but I keep reminding myself that it'll be worth it in the end. I plan on going to University of Central Arkansas. It actually has a really cool film program with its own studio, and even a TV station on campus that students can intern for. And it's also in a town that's like 100 times the size of the one I live in now (I wish I was exaggerating). Shout out to civilization.

      Anyway, thanks for reading if you did. College, like most "adult" things, can be a struggle. But let me tell you a way to make it as easy as possible. Follow your heart. Do not listen to the people who will tell you to settle for something that will just be "good money." You only have one life to live. Do you realize that?! Do what you love and tell everyone else to kiss it. If you do what you love, things will start falling into place.

      I love you,


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