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      12 years ago


      This is a poem i found on, im making it into a song wit ma band

      The Midnight Avocado

      rides into the night on his glass chariot,
      ?pulled, by the carrots.. of PAIN!
      I hear the weeping willows!

      ???I scream NO you luscious fool,
      ?and I cover my enemies in molasses.
      ?Whenfore art thou kitchen?
      ?It speaks, yet does not know.

      ???I hear the weeping willows!

      ???Meaning is lost upon the unyeiling FIST of furtune,
      driven into the very skull of ignorance or is it, humanity?
      ?The both seem the same.
      ?I know not, much has been forgotten.

      ???I hear the weeping willows!???

      The bathroom stall is the bearer of wisdom,
      ?yet noone bothers to thank it,
      ?for all it has seen yet is better off forgotten.?
      Supposedly inanimate objects...

      ???I hear the weeping willows!

      ???There is no sour cream in my shorts,?
      nay nor cauliflower, nor broccoli,
      ?nay not even a raddish.
      ?Salad is lost upon my life,

      ?I am.. without, vegetables.

      ???It ends, on a tuesday.

    • >>>

      12 years ago


      I just got back from the TMNT movie (it kicked some serious shell), and am currently writing some new riffs n' shit for my band before we finalize what songs were gonna perform at our concert on the fourteenth. Writing lyrics is the hardest part, if you write lyrics and THEN the music, you get a trendy mix of crap. When you start with a solid and UNIQUE drumline you get good foundation for layering on the rest of your stuff. What I am doing now is starting with a guitar riff (difficult to get layers sometimes, but not a bad foundation) and am currently working on lyrics. Thats all I wanted to get off my chest, and if you happen to be ANYWHERE near a small city called lloydminster in the provinces of alberta and saskatchewan (in canada, for those of you who dont know) during the fourteenth of april, come check out my band at our concert in the lakeland college.

      peace and love and whatnot.
      Carlos *the Rattlesnake* Martinez

      p.s. I forgot to mention my bands name, for those interested. My Band is called SEX APPEAL OVERDRIVE and I sing in the band. cheers.


      12 years ago


      !!!!!!!@UNRELATED CONTENT IS FUN@!!!!!!!

      this is a new thing im doing, dont know why...

      and i now have all of 1 mod, weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!


      12 years ago


      The penny arcade game is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      HOLYSHIHOLYSHITHOLYSHIT!!!!!!LINKLINKLINKLINKLINKLINKLINKLINKLINKLINKKL!!!!!! it will change the world!!!!!!!!! hjoly jehova allah and mohammed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      just wait for the ad to pass and you will get the trailer to heaven

    • My Dad is going to fucking kill me

      12 years ago


      i just found out that i got a 60 in english, so when my dad hears, hes going to flip.
      some people woll say that thats not a big deal, but you dont know my dad, he thinks i should be honours and distinction like my sister, but im just not as smart as she is. im not going to be on this for a while, so i apologize to my friends who are watching me, fro i will most likely be unable to watch you in return.


      Carlos "rattlesnake" Martinez

    • i wish...

      12 years ago


      i wish i had a gibson ems 350
      i wish i was a sponsor
      i wish my friends would watch me back, (you know who you are, but then, youre prolly not seeing this if you do)
      i wish my band could get signed to that ever elusive local label
      i wish i could get the girl
      i wish i could play guitar better
      i qwish i had better grades
      i wish i wasnt so easy-going

      feel free to add to the list your own wishes


    • news

      12 years ago


      wow, in the last two news posts i have been either first or second person to post. i am now officially awesome

    • blarg

      12 years ago


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    • song ideas for SAO

      12 years ago


      i need new ideas for songs... we already have songs like "og the eater of emos" and "waste of my mind"

      both are fucking awesome, but now we have no ideas, it is a collective brain fart, no brain a shit

      person wiht the best idea gets five (5) measly mods. or six (6) even

      and be sure to check out the latest news post, geuss who got the first post.
      yep, this guy

    • im back

      12 years ago



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