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    • Mexican ninjas

      12 years ago


      I wish there was such a thing as mexican ninjas, they could do so many crazy things, they'd have weapons like throwind nachos and smoke quesadillas.

      these are the top ten ideas i had for mexican ninja powers
      10. stealth ponchos- impress all your friends!
      9.the ability to unlock things with their mustaches
      7.the ability to instantly grow a new mustache within seconds
      6.Chili pepper smoke bombs
      5.stir fry chicken
      3.DINOSAUR MOUNTS!!!!!
      1.The ability to be mexican

      unfortunately this is my random pic, it was an accident, I swear

    • purple monkey dishwasher

      12 years ago


      Myfriend told me to find a picture of a purple monkey washing dishes, and i found one


      and now for a semi random picvigilante-action42.JPG

    • Gears of War!!!!!

      12 years ago


      i just bought and played gears of war, and i tell you, it is as good as halo 2 (even a little better in some respects). onlne gameplay cannot be beaten, this game combines the best of Counter-strike, The suffering, and halo (and a little bit of doom).

      This game is for those of us who enjoy the slash-n-dash of zombie movies with the tactical combat of socom. It has a little bit of everything in this game for everyone. The high point in this game is when you manage to sneak up behing someone and cut the shit out of em with your chainsaw/machine gun (i dont remember the actual name, maybe someone could post it in the comments for me). online gameplay leaves you shaking after every round, the fights are rarely one-sided because of the infinite opportunities for flanking and outright slaughter. Every kill i got in this game was satisfying, not a "Oh, i sniped Dante9900 from accross the level" kind of halo kill but a "OH YES PLEASE!! OH YES, OH YES!!! MORE! MORE!" kind of kill where you realize what you have done could be the turning point in the battle.

      The only real problem i had with the game is how every character moves exactly alike, bu that is just a minor annoyance to me. The AI in the real gme is sharp and acts almost as though it were a real online opponent and worth of the laser thingy from space (once again, i cannot remember the name of the gun)

      Everyone should buy this game, it has inspired me, i am now going to go look for more tactical style games instead of the halo FPS system, i used to think FPS was the only way to go, but now, i think not.gears-of-war-website-live-20060428014811

      I also noticed the distinct lack of chainsaw kill photos on google, if anyone can take a picture of one, send it to me, i love them chainsaw kills, post on this if you have feelings to share about the game

    • Apocalptica

      12 years ago


      Apocalyptica, say it with me, Ah-pok-ah-lyp-tic-uh, best post rock metal band ever, (side from deathmole) the grinding cellos and the soaring rosin make for one truly amazing display of showmanship and talent, their latest album is Apocalyptica: a decade of reinventing the cello. it is their greatest hits release, featuring their new single repressed (feat matt tuck and max cavalera). repressed is a striking vocal accompanied by a dark, death-metal cello that sounds like the devil himself wrote it.
      Highlights of the album are: Nothing Else Matters (metallica cover, best cover EVER) Hall of the mountain king, Harmageddon (arguably the best song), Repressed and Seeman.
      please, sample their music and spread the love, i swear that this is the only apocalyptica post i will ever do
      If you like bands like Rammstein, metallica or have heard the song "Winters wolves" (by the Sword) you will love apocalyptica, im sorry, i only just recently bought the album and am so in love with it i cant stop thinking about it.


      And now for a RANDOM IMAGE!!!!eyegasmlicorice_1280.jpg

      I dont know what the fuck that is, but it is creeping me out, i need a different image to go with it...FJWEB2003.png

    • Old episodes

      12 years ago


      I wish we had more moments of random unnecessary violence like in episode 39 of RvB (first capture the flag round between the extremist red and blue teams), because we need more violence that makes zero sense. we also need mor4e caboose monologues, like his ulegy: "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here, to-day, to witness the joining of tex and church in eternalness, speak now or, forever, hold your peace, with liberty, and justice, for...ALL"

      best monologue evercaboose_sniper.jpg

      and now time for a roandom image... ummmparatroopers%20plastic%204in.jpeg

    • Five minutes to go

      12 years ago


      Lets go, fve minutes, no more time, i need a new picture

      oh, ive been loking at some old episodes, episode 51 is my favorite on, cabooses ulegy is amaizing


      lets also hope that episode 82 is non-sponsor soon,

      (shameless plug no#1


      12 years ago


      Yes, it is here, hallowe'en, and i am dressed as a time warp dancer from rocky horror picture show!!!!!3823-3-large.jpg

      This is the one time of year it is okay to dress as a transvestite frome transexual, transylvania.visit this link to the fansite I think is best

    • Working in CPT Class

      12 years ago


      This is me in the middle of my computers class not working. this is possibly the easiest class i have ever had to be in. There is virtually no work necessary and i have a 100% for the shitty quality of my work so far.
      I wrote my last journal entry on a psp, which took me about forty-five minutes to do, writing with PSPs is not an easy task, i had to
      use the directional buttuns to highlight a letter (one letter equals around five seconds on one of those bad boys), and then i had to insert spaces, commas, and periods all with the aid of the symbol buttons. I tell you, my thumbs had never been so sore in all my life, and all i wrote was a few measly lines wih links and an underlined section. getting to the underline and link selections required a fair bit of fancy manoevering by me, everytime i tried to get to them it would jump to submit and skip them outtright.
      i had tou youse the dinky joystick in conjunction with the directional pads in order to get to the god-damned bloody "u" symbol
      and then i accidentally closed the internet, but luckily the psp occasionally remembers the last site you visited, allowing me to finish the entry and enjoy playing Socom.
      Clos Mtinezpsp.jpg

      Ps. Please check out my brothers videos on my journal page, you dont even have to watch them, just visit the link and wait for the video to load

    • Mt little bro on youtube doing his,um...

      12 years ago


      My little brother asked me to put this up cuz he wants all the views he can even though the video sucks and is poor quality

      watch this video and his other one please, that way he can reach is goal of 200 each video

      neither video is particularly good, but theyll give you a couple laughs i hope.
      Well, thats all for now, im outttie
      Clos Mtinez

      ps, tell people about this so he can get more views

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