Go ahead and make your own character inspired by RWBY theories, Trailers, and/or Story line! Don't be afraid to intertwine before, during, or after the main story. Hope you enjoy this topic! We accept positive feedback about our character(s).

P.S. Stories are welcome and, With the creators permission, you can intercept with 1 or multiple OC's. Have Fun!

And for an example, Here's mine:

Character name: 

Daken Ookami  

Preferred Name: 


Character type

Half Grimm, Half Human


6' 1"


Dressed in all black with small white tribal designs

Long, Straight, black hair

Pale complexion

(From Salem) Black veins under the the skin and in the eyes

Tall and skinny

Armor type:

Flexible light metal armor

Weapon name(s):

Sutoraika and Defenda (Split blades) (Changes into Gladio et arcu for bow form)

Dakuurufu no ha (Claymore)

Okami no kiba (Dagger)

Weapon type:

   Sutoraika and Defenda (Split blades): 

      Split-Blade type, can add a small handle extension to make into a dual headed Staff.

   Dakuurufu no ha:

      Standard Claymore

   Okami no kiba:

      Standard dagger

   Gladio et arcu:

      Bladed Bow

Ranged weapon: 

Bow and arrow (From the split-blade Sword)


Immortality* (Grimm side), Detect Negative Emotions (Grimm side), More keen sight, smell, and hearing than a regular human (Grimm side), Fast learning (Human side), Impressionable (Human side), Flexible (Human side)

*Character can live forever, but can die of an unnatural death (Stabbed with a sword, shot with a gun, etc).


Soft-step (Stealthily walk so quietly no human or faunus can detect him. Only animals have a chance to detect him) 

Aura amount:

Very little (Grimm side) (Drawback)


Very blank expressions and emotionless at first. Overtime, Daken starts to develop a personality, sense of humor, and becomes more emotional. But still very conserved. Likes to experience things firsthand. Scorpio-type personality (won't show emotion unless pushed/forced to, Very loyal, Persuasive if desired). 

Believes in negotiation, not in fighting. Fights if he has no option unless if he has to fight Grimm. 

Fighting Skills:

Somewhat mastery of Martial Arts and Mastered Sword wielding of his own style. Depending how desperate Daken gets, he prefers to mainly use Sutoraika (Striker) and Defenda (Defender) in open combat, Then will add the handle extension for the Small Dual headed Staff, After that, he will use his Claymore (Dākuurufu no ha) strapped on his back. But will use his Grimm (Beowulf) form if extremely desperate. Stealthy tactical type of fighter. Tries to use the element of surprise to favor him as much as possible. Uses his dagger, Okami no kiba (Wolf fang), as a quick draw weapon to fight and win against surprise attacks.

Fighting style:

Daken uses stealth to take out as many enemies as he can without losing the element of surprise and tries to remain hidden and uses Okami no Kiba as melee stealth attacks and uses Gladio et Arcu for ranged stealth attacks. In open combat, Daken doesn't use Gladio et Arcu. However, he dual wields Sutoraika and Defenda in one hand in single-blade mode for offence and Okami no Kiba as defense under normal circumstances.


Father was very active in the ¨Noctem Aurora¨ Cult that worshiped the Grimm and Salem. 

Mother was killed and her body is being used by Salem.

No siblings


Lost his Mother when he was 8, Father used Daken´s Mother and Daken himself as a sacrifice. Daken was able to escape, but was scarred for life with the curse of Grimmanthropy (Lycanthropy, but Grimm Version). 

After a few weeks of running, a man named Christoff found Daken and took him in. Christoff decided to raise him as his only son and train him as his only pupil to pass on his knowledge to become a mercenary and, if necessary, a Hunter.

At the age of 18, Daken was found by Salem and she tried to kill him. However, Christoff saved Daken´s life by sacrificing his. Daken decides to fight the Grimm for the better of Remnant.

Daken wandered for 450 years as a mercenary and a crusader to end the tyranny of the Noctem Aurora. However, he runs into Ashley Fall, an Assassin from Salem, and frees her of her bonds. They decide to help bring an end to the Grimm and, eventually, Salem. 

(Go to https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12950354/1/Daken-s-Chronicles-A-RWBY-Spinoff to read the unfolding of Dakens Chronicles)

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Can only change into his Grimm form if absolutely necessary for 15 minutes every 2 weeks. But, If not transformed in the 2 weeks, 15 minutes are folded over, per se. 

Maximum time capability: 30 minutes to 2 hours.

If transformation time exceeds 2 hours, Grimm form will force its way out, and Daku will have a hard time controlling it. 

Transforming into Grimm form drains his strength, sanity, and could kill him if done too much and/or too long. 

Every time he uses his transformation ability and exposure of negative human emotion, His Grimm form gets stronger and unfortunately, closer to his Grimm side. Positive human emotion make him more human. He is an unstable being.


"Bad beginning to your story? Well, good thing you can always change the end of it."

"Train like you never won a battle, Fight like you never lost a battle."

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